Vintage Glam: The Top 23 Roaring 1920s Hairstyles

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Whether you’re inspired by Boardwalk Empire’s forever beautiful cast of prohibitionist-era women, films like Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby or icons of vintage classics such as Dorothy Parker, Gilda Gray, or Clara Bow, one fact remains true: women wearing 1920s hairstyles were worthy of admiration.

Not just on a fashion and beauty level, but on political and social levels, too. The ’20s represented a surge in “girl power” — it’s when women gained the right to vote, weren’t afraid to cut their hair, play with makeup, or even (gasp!) drink and dance.

The most popular hairstyles in the 1920s include different versions of a bob, pin curls, and Hollywood waves. Today we pay homage to women of the 1920s.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring pictures of 1920s hairstyles.


#1: Gorgeous Flapper Hair

Go all out with an avant-garde platinum blonde pixie fit for that iconic missy girl attitude. That flapper style of hair makes a striking result. Women with a natural glam personality are sure to suit such a crop and waved hairstyle.

Fluffy curly hairstyle for women with tight, voluminous curls

#2 Fluffy Curly Hair for Women with Tight Curls

This fluffy curly hairstyle is perfect for women with tight curls looking to embrace volume and definition. The curls are meticulously defined, creating a voluminous, fluffy look that enhances natural texture. This style is ideal for high-density hair and is low-maintenance with the right curl-enhancing products. It’s a modern take on vintage glam, suitable for various occasions.

Platinum blonde textured bob with blunt bangs inspired by 1920s fashion

#3 Trendy Platinum Textured Bob

Embrace a modern twist on the 1920s with this trendy platinum textured bob. This cut is perfect for fine, straight hair, offering a neat, low-maintenance style that’s easy to manage. Its blunt bangs frame the face beautifully, making it ideal for those with oval or heart-shaped faces. While this bob is chic and eye-catching, frequent trims are required to maintain its sharp, clean lines.

#4: Elegant & Luxury Bobbed Hair

When I think of this 20s hairstyle, I think of elegance and luxury. You can adjust the length of this bobbed hair, add more volume, or take away the victory rolls for a less dramatic look. It’s completely customizable. It’s important to blow-dry your hair first to give it some volume and to smooth it out. It’s also vital to apply a hair product that will help mold your hair and give it durability. If your hair is too thin, use the Full Volume line from Living Proof.

Classic retro updo roaring twenties hairstyle
Instagram @missrubeeanne

#5: Classic Retro Updo

Here’s a classic retro updo with victory rolls to make it stand out a bit more. My favorite thing about this style would have to be the waves. I’ve always been a sucker for a vintage wave. Long-haired ladies have no fear, this model had hair halfway down her back! Just roll up the underneath, pin it in place, and it becomes the perfect cushion to secure your waves!

#6: Glam, Modern-Day Pin Curls

Glam curls are perfectly polished curls that are not only timeless but also a modern take on the 1920s flapper finger-wave hair.

#7: Sleek Marcel Waves

Try sleek marcel waves. To add volume, apply curls directly at your root and let set. When styling, gently set your curls on top by spritzing Vicious by R+Co.

Instagram @radicalbeyouty

#8: The Side-Parted Curled Bob

The side-parted curled bob is an easy yet iconic glamour look that is making a comeback. Style using finger waving and a 1” inch curling iron alternating curls and pinning your hair to set them. Finish with Glass Hair by L’ange shine serum.

Afro Style on Natural Hair for African-American Ladies
Instagram @petite.jhen

#9: Afro Style on Natural Hair for African-American Ladies

Consider an afro style on natural hair for African-American ladies. Ask for a trained hairstylist that can assist with the proper cut and products to achieve such beautiful curls. To give your curls definition, try Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie to damp curls and air dry. For volume, gently pick your hair from the root and puff it up and out.

#10: Sophisticated Updo with Kiss Curls

Wear a sophisticated updo with kiss curls if you’re always battling baby hair. Baby hair has a different growth pattern compared to the rest of your hair. They can feel fluffy when wearing your hair up in a classy updo. So, try adding kiss curls or spit curls to sleek this hair down with a bit of gel and flattening them down into a “J” shape. This keeps fluffy hair at bay and works beautifully with sleek updos.

Glam Pin Curls
Instagram @alya.buti

#11: Glam Pin Curls

I have a strong love for European old hairstyles. This curly style is a special and classic style. It has a spirit of romantic sensations and it fits with all generations (renewed and continuous style).

Gatsby Inspired 'Do
Instagram @_neenz

#12: Gatsby Inspired ‘Do

This look is a Gatsby or 20s-inspired chignon. I love the softness of a brushed-out 20s pin curl or finger wave. The way the curl opens up your face at the eye, cheekbone, and jawline is so romantic!

#13: Vintage Long Faux Bob

This look is a vintage faux lob (long bob).  To create the look, which was the vision of a shorter style, I pinned up the underneath back section and styled the top sections of the hair into a 20s wave with a modern twist.

Glamorous Hollywood Deep Wave

#14: Glamorous Hollywood Deep Wave

I would describe this formal look as a glamorous Hollywood deep wave or a vintage Great Gatsby hairstyle. If you are considering this style, my advice for achieving a deep wave like this is to take the foundation of styling hair from the past and add a modern twist. In the 20s to 40s, setting hair with pin curls and curlers/rollers on wet hair was the key to creating beautiful waves. Today, however, we can use the heat from our wands or curling irons on dry hair. I recommend using Kevin Murphy’s Anti.Gravity is a product to help this wavy hair last all evening.

Modern 20s Look
Instagram @pin_up_curl

#15: Modern 20s Look

This 20s-inspired look comes with a more modern, softer feel. A large, sharp wave flows down into a curl-covered Gibson roll at the back. True authentic styles from that period could be quite flat to the head, sometimes a little harsh, so making this hairstyle a bit fuller keeps it more up-to-date and flattering. Roaring 20’s hairstyles like this one work perfectly on medium to thicker hair, as well as on finer hair, providing it’s longer than the shoulder blades. Remember, the more hair you have, the more volume and curls you get!

#16: Elegant 20s Updo

This look is simple and its elegance brings out the 20s inspiration. It’s perfect for all hair lengths. My favorite thing about this look is that it will last all night long. The hair is wound around the headband, allowing you the freedom to dance the night away.

Timeless Faux Bob hairstyle
Instagram @lanielaneee

#17: Timeless Faux Bob

This roaring 20s-inspired faux bob style is timeless. This is sure to work best on ladies with a slick straight hair type. My advice to women considering this look is not to be afraid of bobby pins or hairspray! You couldn’t possibly have enough of either to keep the faux bob rolled up into place.

Stunning Mid-Length Hollywood Glamour hairstyle
Instagram @dollylockssalon

#18: Stunning Mid-Length Hollywood Glamour

This mid-length Hollywood glamour style is inspiring. When going to a special event, the hairstyle dominates the look.  Curl your hair in horizontal sections and set the curls with pins. Let your curls cool for a solid 20 minutes, then brush your hair into the waves and pin them up. Finish off this curly hair with Balmain Strong Hold Hairspray.

Dramatic Finger Wave
Instagram @jennababani

#19: Dramatic Finger Wave

This roaring 20s-inspired finger wave is definitely more of a dramatic play off of a traditional finger wave. We decided to pin it up and create more of an upstyle with it. My favorite thing about this waved hair is the feminine quality it has overall. I especially love the waves framing the face.

Glamorous Finger Waves On Short Hair
Instagram @publichairhouse

#20: Glamorous Finger Waves On Short Hair

Finger waves are a glamorous and timeless sculpted look that works well with a slicked style. This gentle way to style a crop cut requires low heat and patience for a dry finish.

Soft Finger Wave Styles
Instagram @jenmchair

#21: Soft Finger Wave Styles

Consider a soft yet structured finger wave style. Whenever I want to be able to comb through curls to manipulate them and keep them soft without losing their integrity, I use Kenra Thermal Styling Spray 19. To make sure the waves stay consistent and form together for the finished look, take small horizontal sections, spray Kenra Thermal Styling Spray from roots to ends on each section, comb through, wrap on the iron, and clip to cool. When you remove the clip, comb through again and reform with your fingers. It’s a tedious process, but the end result is worth it!

#22. Finger Waves on Dry Hair

YouTube user MakeupWearables teaches another method for recreating those classic, 1920s finger waves. This one still requires some time and patience, but definitely not as much as the traditional finger wave method. Additionally, you’ll be left with soft and touchable hair instead of helmet head (a common side effect of 1920s glam). This method works best for medium to long hair.

Gibson Girls Tuck Hairstyle
Instagram @elleaanorr

#23: Gibson Girls Tuck Hairstyle

Who said messy is chaotic? This divine messy updo style is long hair in a bun that easily brings out the lovely look you’re looking for! Amp up your hair’s 1920s style, and it’ll be ideal for weddings, romantic dates, or days when you wanna look extra.