25 Electric Hairstyles for a Rave Party

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Long Middle Part Wavy Hair with Mini Bubble Braids and Twists for Party
Instagram @vrkoce

#1: Middle Part Wavy Hair with Mini Bubble Braids and Twists

Use a middle part to balance your wavy hair by creating mini bubble braids. This look would be a great festival style with fun texture and volume.

#2: Colored Pull-Through Braids and Bubble Plaits

Try the colored-pull through braid and bubble plaits for a fun and easy rave hairdo. Start by splitting the hair into two sections vertically. Next, make tiny ponytails using rubber bands. Flip each ponytail under and through itself in a topsy-tail fashion. Merge each section with the next, continuing to the back of your neck. Complete the style by placing rubber bands around the ponytail strands. Then, slightly tug at each strand to puff it up, making it resemble a bubble.

#3: Purple, Green and Blue Rave Braids

Rave braids in purple, green, and blue colors can give a fun mermaid vibe. These braids work well, regardless of whether your hair is thick or fine. I recommend a good shine spray to keep the rave braids ultra-shiny. Keeping the braids shiny is key to maintaining the bright colors.

Long Pastel Rave Braids with Strings and Chain
Instagram @getbraidified

#4: Pastel Braids with Strings and Chain

Prepare your hair for raves with pastel braids accented with strings and a chain. The pastel braid hair adds playful magic to your hair. Enhance your self-expression by adding little details to your hairstyle. For example, you can add details like strings, chains, charms, or jewels to your hair. Ask your stylist to add various types of braids to your hairstyle to add personality.

#5: Rainbow Hair with Half-Up Double Buns

Rainbow-colored hair styled in bubble buns is perfect for the ultimate festival vibes. To maintain the freshness and brightness of these rainbow colors inspired by Rainbow Bright, you must visit the salon more often. Also, I recommend applying shine wax when styling your hair into buns to retain a shiny and well-defined look.

Long Hair with Green and Pink Rave Festival Pigtail Braids
Instagram @tashatripphair

#6: Green and Pink Pigtail Braids

Show off your different styles with green and pink pigtail braids before heading out to your rave party. Pigtails may be known as a sweet, cute hairstyle. But with bright colors and braids, you can make this an edgy hairstyle. Ask your stylist to add various types of braids to your pigtails for added texture, definition, and detail. Use hair jewelry or press on gems to add some sparkle to your hair.

Long Side-Swept Style with Boho Braids and Chains for Raves
Instagram @getbraidified

#7: Side-Swept Style with Boho Braids and Chains

A style with side-swept hair, boho braids, and chains is perfect for concerts or festivals. Adding chains as hair accessories pulls the look together and adds texture to the braids.

Very Long Rave Pink Dutch Braids with Freestyle Ends
Instagram @beautyby_jasz

#8: Pink Dutch Braids with Freestyle Ends

To keep your face clear of flyaways, consider using a linked Dutch braid style that has freestyle ends. This intricate hairstyle is not only fashionable, but it’s also functional too!

#9: Glittery Braided Space Buns

If you are looking for a rave hairstyle, consider glittery braided space buns. Braiding the hair from the base to the scalp is a fun way to style it. You can use temporary hair colors such as colored paste, spray or chalk to help you get purple hair. You can either sprinkle glitter into your hair or use a glitter hair spray. This not only adds sparkle but also helps keep your style in place all day.

Long-Length Vivid Peach Chunky Braids for Rave festivals
Instagram @getbraidified

#10: Vivid Peach Chunky Braids

If you’re a fan of vivid hues, you should try these chunky braids in peach tones. The peach color is a must-try for anyone with fair skin, as it enhances warm undertones.

Half-Up Rave Bubble Braids with Mid-Length Loose Curls
Instagram @beauty.bychristine

#11: Half-Up Bubble Braids

Try half-up bubble braids if you’re looking for a more glamorous, festive look for your next event. This y2k-inspired style is all the rage!

#12: Pink Bubble Pigtails

Pink bubble pigtail braids make a great choice for a rave or a fun night out. The brightness of the pink braids against her darker natural hair adds extra depth and texture to this look.

Black to Teal Rave Braids on Long Hair
Instagram @tashatripphair

#13: Black to Teal Rave Braids

The rave braids in this style transition from black to teal. Rave braids are colorful extensions added to your hair for a colorful festive style. You can experiment with the number and color of the braids you add. One possible style includes four cornrows and two braided fringe pieces. The shape of your face can guide you in choosing the most flattering braid style.

Strawberry Lemonade Hair Color with Half-Up Style for Rave Parties
Instagram @liz.colors

#14: Strawberry Lemonade Hair Color with Half-Up Style

This half-up hairstyle with strawberry lemonade hair color is a gorgeous way to incorporate fantasy colors into your look. The pink and yellow hues blend perfectly into natural blondes and highlighted roots.

#15: Braided High Pony with Colored Strands

A braided high pony with colored strands is a great way to enhance your rave hairstyle. You can easily incorporate colored strands into your braids. Do this by adding colored extensions when you are creating the braided style. These corn-rowed braids are worked into a high ponytail, a look that will last you all weekend.

#16: Medium Hair with Pastel Rainbow Hues

Wear this rainbow-colored medium hair style and shine like a disco ball! You will surely stand out at any event with this bright look.

Dark to Light Pink Ombre for Long Rave Braids
Instagram @hair.by.demetria

#17: Dark to Light Pink Ombre Braids

For a fun festival vibe, try dark to light pink ombré with braids. I would recommend using a shiny wax when pulling this look together to help the color and texture pop.

#18: Sunset Mermaid Hair

Adding a layer of platinum blonde to sunset mermaid-colored hair makes the top colors more vibrant! Add a braid similar to a fishtail braid to enhance focus and texture.

#19: Blonde Hair with Colorful Underlights

The vibrant colors underneath give the ultimate contrast to your blonde hair. Wash your hair in two parts, keeping the vibrant colors apart from the blonde to ensure they do not mix.

#20: Baby Braids with Bangs

Try mini baby braids with bangs for a fun boho style. These baby braids with colorful strings add texture to the boho style. Using wax helps make these mini braids with bangs easy to create, as it keeps your sections clean and in control.

Mid-Length Wavy Rainbow Neon Hair for Rave Festivals
Instagram @shell.vega

#21: Wavy Rainbow Neon Hair

Try wavy rainbow neon hair to prepare your hair for a rave. Ask your stylist for semi-permanent neon hair colors if you want hair that glows under blacklights. Neon colors will glow and shine bright under the light and create a unique look for your hair. Keep your hair color looking fresh and intense. Wash your hair in cold water and use sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo.

Rave High Ponytail with Silver Braids for Long Brown Hair
Instagram @tashatripphair

#22: High Ponytail with Silver Braids

A high ponytail with silver braids is a super cuter rock n roll hairstyle for your next dance event. The best part? This rave hairstyle will keep hair out of your face while the beat drops.

Rave Very Long Braided Low Pigtails with Purple and Pink Hair Tinsels
Instagram @tk.colorss

#23: Braided Low Pigtails with Purple and Pink Hair Tinsels

These beautiful braided low pigtails with purple and pink hair tinsel give off a major festy girl vibe.

Blue and Violet Rave Braids for Long Black Hair
Instagram @tashatripphair

#24: Blue and Violet Festival Braids

A popular cool-toned rave style is blue and violet festival braids. If you are a fan of cooler hues, then this is the look for you!

Rave Long Sunset-Colored Festival Bubble and Dutch Braids
Instagram @tashatripphair

#25: Sunset-Colored Bubble and Dutch Braids

Try these sunset-colored bubble and Dutch braids if you love adding chic accessories to your hair. You can easily dangle small charms or wraps from these braids for an extra oomph.

Are you gearing up for an electrifying rave experience? As you plan your outfit and gear, don’t forget to give some serious thought to your hairstyle. To help you unlock the secrets of ravishing rave hairstyles, we turn to the expertise of none other than Tatum Mahoney, a renowned hairstylist with a wealth of experience in creating dazzling looks for ravers. Get ready to make a bold statement and leave everyone in awe of your fabulous hairdo!

Meet The Expert

Tatum Mahoney
Tatum Mahoney
Tatum is a freelance hairstylist with over 6 years of experience.
You can find her in Coachella Valley, CA

Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle

When preparing for a rave, it’s essential to have a plan in mind. Consider the rave location, weather, theme, and your desired look. Braids are the most versatile option, suitable for all ages and most hair types. They can last for several days and work well with medium to thick hair. For fine/thin and aging hair, opt for looser styles like messy braids, space buns, or half updos.

Flattering Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

To find a flattering rave hairstyle, focus on your favorite and least favorite facial features. Emphasize the ones you love and minimize others. You don’t need to know your face shape; this approach works for everyone. For an elongated and sculpted look, try sleek updos like high ponytails or tight braids. Leave some face-framing pieces out to soften features or choose a half up half down style for a hair-down option. When selecting a hairstylist, review their portfolio to ensure they can achieve your desired look.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Embrace hair accessories and jewelry to elevate your rave hairstyle. Experiment with hair rings, tinsel, ribbons, chains, hair clips, and glitter. For flyaways, use a strong hold hairspray like Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Freeze Spray. Create a hair touch-up kit with bobby pins, hair ties, and accessories for quick fixes during the rave.

Pictures of the Most Iconic Hairstyles for Rave