22 Quinceanera Hairstyle Ideas for Her Special Day

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Quinceanera hairstyles are any hairdo worn on a girl’s 15th birthday, traditionally celebrated in Spanish and Latin American countries. On this important day, a girl’s entry into womanhood is celebrated by family and friends and introduced to society through a fancy party with gorgeous dresses and dances! Most girls want fancier quinceanera styles, but many easy-going hairstyle options exist, including some down dos, braids, and easy tucks.

The 15th birthday girl will be the center of attention, so it should be a top priority to style her hair perfectly – anything less than this would be unacceptable!

It might be overwhelming initially because the choices are overflowing, but a few basic things to consider are the hair type, gown and jewelry, and personality. You would want to showcase the best side of yourself with a fitting hairstyle that will give you the confidence to conquer your big event!

Curls are a common sight, but there are many ways to own this style uniquely – buns, accessories, braids, and up-dos are only some. IG-famous hairstylist Rosita Rodriguez displays several exclusive ways to wear your hair using crowns, waves, and other modern hairstyling techniques!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the best quinceanera hairstyles!

Side Braids for Quinceanera Hairstyles
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#1: Side Braids for Quinceanera Hairstyles

Braiding curly hair is nothing new, especially to gifted curl gals. Go glam in a few with splendid hairstyles for your quince that feature a side braid style.

#2: Modern Half Updo with Crown Quince Hair

Place your hair tied in a bun, and let the rest loose for coming-of-age quince hairstyles. Feel free to embellish it with a tiara for an added touch of glam. What’s great about half-up quinceanera hairstyles is they also make a splendid wedding hair idea.

Quinceanera Down Style for Short Hair

#3 Quinceanera Down Style for Short Hair

Maximize your chop by letting your tresses free. Add a vibrant color, and you’ll be sure to light up any room! Quince hairstyles for short hair like this are trendy when added with a statement pin as a hair accessory.

Lived-In Brunette Down Style for Quinceaneras
Instagram @anhcotran

#4: Lived-In Brunette Down Style

If you love a soft shape, try a lived-in brunette down style. One of the best ways to layer natural wavy hair is to leave them long and heavy to keep your hair from puffing out. Letting your lived-in curls dry naturally is the easiest way to achieve a flatter finish. You will find curl managing products helpful in separating and defining your waves.

Easy Bun Updo with Braids for a Big Quinceanera Day
Instagram @erinn_christie

#5: Easy Bun Updo with Braids for a Big Quinceanera Day

Wrap the twisted hair in a low knot, then loosen it up for more decorated hairstyles for a 15th birthday or a sweet 16. Let a few pieces in the front fall around the face to create a soft framing effect that accentuates your natural beauty and matches such a cute braided bun.

Damas Hairstyle for a Quince
Instagram @kiimmydoll

#6: Damas Hairstyle for a Quince

A Damas hairstyle for quince is a perfectly polished look for women who want to wear their hair down. Ask your stylist for a tight curls crown to get this style with a braided. Such curly hairstyles work well with medium to long-length cuts.

Simple Quince Hairstyle for Latinas
Instagram @lvhairdos

#7: Simple Quince Hairstyle for Latinas

A quince hairstyle for Latinas is great for women who want a simple, elegant look for their special events. Ask your stylist for a half-up, half-down style with soft beach waves.

Low-Maintenance Braided Bun
Instagram @hairbyjimena

#8: Low-Maintenance Braided Bun

A low-maintenance braided bun is a simple yet elegant updo. To get this look, ask your stylist for a braided crown bun.

#9: Sweet 15’s Blossoming Curls with a Flower Crown

The sweet 15’s blossoming curls with a flower crown are a simple style to achieve a super cute boho vibe. Use a large tong to loosely wave large sections of the hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Hair styles for quinceañera flower crowns are a nice touch to make any stand out without too much fuss.

#10: Side Pony with a Flowing Braid for Quinceneara

Opt for a side pony with a flowing braid for a quinceanera if you have long layered hair. Adding a braid to the side pony adds more intricacy to your style while letting the loose waves flow from the pony. This prevents layered hair from popping out of long braids, keeping your style intact all day.

Fishbone braid quinceanera hairstyle
Instagram @braidsbyjordan

#11: Fishbone Braid Quinceanera Hairstyle

Opt for an elegant fishbone braid quinceanera hairstyle for a beautifully detailed style that will stay in place all day. The intricate braids work best on long hair which isn’t overly layered. Even finer hair can be braided and pulled out to add a fuller feel to the style.

Elegant Quinceanera Loose Curls for Long Hair
Instagram @cindyzuleyma

#12: Elegant Quinceanera Loose Curls for Long Hair

A woke-up-like-this hair but for your special day? Then, this elegant 15th birthday style’s for you to try! Quince hairstyles on long hair look best with loose or cascading curls.

Cute Quinceanera Bouncy Curls with Headband for Thick Hair Updos
Instagram @cindyzuleyma

#13: Cute Quinceanera Bouncy Curls with Headband for Thick Hair Updos

Curling up thick hair and putting it in a full bun with a headband sound like the right way to wear volume! Great way to make anyone look your way at a party. Hairstyles for quinceanera with crown accessories and a high bun are head-turning, especially when you match them with a perfect dress!

#14: Gorgeous French Twist for a Quinceanera of a Teenage Girl

Elusively exquisite yet simple and easy. This proper updo is what you need for a special occasion you’ve waited a long time for. A French twist is favorable for quinceañera hairstyles because of the variety of styling available. Its messy texture can accentuate a hair color with blonde highlights. It can also work as one of the stunning wedding hairstyles a bride can wear.

Braided Bun Up Style with Tiara and Flowers for Quinceanera Parties
Instagram @a_rr.edondo

#15: Braided Bun Up Style with Tiara and Flowers for Quinceanera Parties

For 15 hairstyles, this braided bun updo is a classic royalty hairstyle. Glam up your fancy braided updo with floral accessories and a lovely crown to seal the look. Both flowers and tiaras have become popular hair accessories for quinceanera hairstyles, but an up style like this one meshes well.

Princess Quinceanera Hairstyle of Long Curls for Medium Length Hair
Instagram @oscarmakeupart

#16: Princess Quinceanera Hairstyle of Long Curls for Medium-Length Hair

Look like a princess for your big day! Mexican or not, you can rock such quinceanera hair styles. Big curls and chic makeup for a lady for any special event are delightful. This stunning hairstyle with soft spiral curls will work on those with medium hair.

Beautiful Down Quinceanera Hairstyle with Purple Hair Color for Younger Women
Instagram @detrashalee

#17: Beautiful Down Quinceanera Hairstyle with Purple Hair Color for Younger Women

Last-minute preparations may leave you looking stressed. Letting your hair down showcases your silky, soft locks. Quinceanera hairstyles for long hair such as this are effortlessly beautiful indeed!

#18: Romantic Curly Hair with Quinceanera Hair Down

A quince hair style so intricate deserves to be worn by any lady. Make a pattern across the head and curl the ends to achieve appealing sweet 15 hairstyles like this one.

#19: Quinceanera Hairstyle with Loose Braids

“This boho style with a criss-cross braid could be worn for an everyday look, as well as special events.,” says hairstylist Stephanie Rose of Catharines, ON. “If you consider quinceanera hairstyles half up, half down, a boho style might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but this one is chic and chill,” she adds.

Rose believes this quinceanera style with loose braids is meant to look effortless and tousled. “This is a style you can do on yourself using texturizing powder, one bobby pin, three elastics, and a hot tool whether you prefer a curling iron or flat iron to curl. Section your hair in 4 sections separating the top and creating two large braids,” she explains.

Place the texturizing powder on the braid to recreate such gorgeous quince hair styles and pull as loose as you would like. The more you pull, the more boho effect you will create. Secure the braids with an elastic on the end of both braids, intertwine them, and secure them with a bobby pin. Comb out the remaining curls with a wide-tooth comb to create a soft curls effect.

#20: Cute Half Up Half Down Quinceanera Hairstyle with Beach Waves

Half-up half-down quince hairstyles for long hair like this one can be described as a soft, modern romance that seems effortless with an overall bohemian feel. Master hairstylist Bella Wurtz of Queensland created this particular style. “With this quinceanera hairstyle, the twists offer detail while the overall vibe remains whimsical and unstructured,” said Wurtz.

“Luckily, this is one of those cute quinceanera styles that suit most hair types and lengths,” she adds. “It can even work wonders on naturally curly hair! Ask for layers cut into your hair to ensure volume and texture throughout the style and framed around the face for softness.”

Wurtz suggests that if your hair is particularly fine, install a set of clip-in hair extensions for extra volume for your quinceanera hairstyles and to hold the waves throughout the day. A sea salt spray and texture spray must be used to ensure the finish is separated and undone in nature.

#21: Updo for Quinceanera Hairstyles

“These messy braided updos are effortless but classy enough by adding a beautiful pulled-out braid. Hairstyles for quinceanera should have texture on the updo,” says traveling hairstylist Araceli Sierra of Dallas, TX.

“Leave out just a little bit of the fringe area, so you still feel comfortable by having some hair left out framing the face,” she notes. “This messy bun style is perfect for any hair since it is a versatile cut. Great for bridal parties, quinceaneras, or any special occasions.”

Simple Ponytail with Curls and Braid for Quinceanera and Prom
Instagram @ra_hairstyles

#22: Simple Ponytail with Curls and Braid for Quinceanera and Prom

This quinceanera hairstyle is versatile. Stylist Rayann Arevalo of Stockton, CA, created it. “You can wear this ponytail with large tight curls for all formal occasions – prom, wedding, and quince too. ” It’s a unique style that stands out and shows great detail,” says Arevalo.

“Make sure your hair is long enough,” she explains. “Yes, quinceanera hairstyles for short hair are possible. However,  when you start curling the hair and pinning, it can get thinner and not look as full. If your hair isn’t thick and long, try extensions for your quinceanera hairstyles.”