29 Punk Hairstyles for Women (Trending in 2024)

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Nowadays, it seems that anything goes when it comes to hair. Punk hairstyles that used to be deemed too extreme are now commonplace. They can be seen on the runway, in fashion magazines, and on brave souls with daring street style. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a part of a punk group or punk subculture to rock one of these hairdos.

If your personal style is a bit eccentric, or if you simply like to be different, take a peek at these edgy punk hairstyles for females. You’ll find candy-colored creations, great undercuts, and twisted, disconnected hair looks for the pop punk in all of us. Show off your twisted style and declare your independence from mediocrity. Be bold, be brilliant, be YOU, and make a bold statement with one of these edgy looks!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of punk hairstyles.

Lived-In Blonde Curls with a V-Shape Taper and shaved for Punk Rock Women
Instagram @cococurlss

#1: Lived-In Blonde Curls with a V-Shape Taper

Have you wanted to level up your style? Try this edgy and cool haircut – a v-shape taper, shaved in for a bold finish. This look is perfect for making a fashion-forward yet chic punk rock haircut. Be sure to use a volumizing product to get the most out of the curls, and use a lightweight wax to keep them in place. Work the wax through the curls using your fingers to give your hair separation and texture.

Punk Emerald Mullet with Shaved Designs Hairstyle
Instagram @titan_barber

#2: Emerald Mullet with Shaved Designs

The bold emerald mullet gives your look an edge. It shows confidence and rebellion. The haircut is unique. It has longer hair in the back and shorter on the sides. This creates a dynamic, uneven shape. The mullet style adds volume and movement, making it suitable for those with thick or textured hair. For a stronger punk vibe, opt for vibrant hair color ideas. Try emerald green or other bold shades. The hairstyle lets you show your creativity. You can design unique shaved patterns. This is a great way to add a personal touch and make a statement.

Punk Edgy Green Mullet with a Skin Fade Hairstyle for Women
Instagram @titan_barber

#3: Edgy Green Mullet with a Skin Fade

This haircut includes a unique green mullet and sleek skin fade. These elements add an unconventional, edgy touch. The green hue adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the style, making it ideal for those seeking to make a bold statement. This haircut suits women who value individuality and wish to defy traditional hairstyles. Skillfully done, the skin fade creates a sharp contrast to the green mullet, enhancing the edginess of the haircut. Use a firm hold gel or wax to style this haircut for added texture and definition. To maintain a clean look of this haircut, you should get it trimmed every 3-4 weeks.

Undercut Purple Spiked Pixie Cut Punk Hairstyles
Instagram @titan_barber

#4: Undercut Purple Spiked Pixie Cut

The undercut purple spiked pixie cut is a bold and unique haircut that can take your look to the next level. This style is all about emphasizing your rebellious and daring side. The undercut adds structure to the cut. While the bright purple hue adds a pop of color to make your overall look stand out. Use a texture wax or spray to show off your inner rocker when styling!

Punk Hair Textured Blood Red Pixie Mullet for women with an edgy side
Instagram @inawesalon

#5: Textured Blood Red Pixie Mullet

Try a blood-red color on a textured pixie mullet if you want a trendy hairstyle. The fun, multi-colored fringe is great for edgy women looking to spice up their hair. I suggest your hairstylist do block color placements with red and black to make the color pop. This look is high maintenance, so be prepared to visit the salon often.

Two-Toned Long Wolf Cut with Short Fringe Punk Hairstyle for women with an edgy style
Instagram @heavy.metal.hairdresser

#6: Two-Toned Long Wolf Cut with Short Fringe

This two-toned wolf cut with a short fringe is a great color and cut if you want a new trendy look! Try and opt for consulting with your stylist first. Avoid using non-professional maintenance care at home. This will help to ensure your color lasts as long as possible.

Dark Short Punk Hair with Dark Red Highlights
Instagram @cindyhstyles

#7: Dark Short Hair with Dark Red Highlights

Fiery highlights steal the show on this short punk hairstyle. Contrasting dark colors compliment each other, leaving a wonderful red and black canvas for those layered textures to arise in the bob.

Punk Orange and Teal Spiky Pixie Cut
Instagram @titan_barber

#8: Orange and Teal Spiky Pixie Cut

Some like to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, and this orange and teal spiky pixie cut fits the bill. The side has been disconnected from the top with a line design allowing the color to be separate. Ask your stylist for advice if your hair needs a decent product to keep the style. They will often either be able to direct you or have the best product to sell you.

Medium length afro for black punk girls
Instagram @curlfactor

#9: Medium-Length Afro

Give extra bounce to medium-length afro for extra height and a sleek silhouette. Lifting the hair away from the sides into a mohawk with curly hair adds a versatile look without too much effort, giving an abundance of life to the curls and an edgy vibe to your style.

#10: Platinum Mullet

An edgy yet chic style can be the only way to describe a platinum mullet. One of the best ways to get the mullet is to avoid removing too much on the sides. That way your density on top can still conceal or reveal, on demand.

Short hair mohawk with dreadlocks
Instagram @vonsbraids

#11: Short Hair Mohawk with Dreadlocks

Add a super cool vibe to your short hair mohawk with dreadlocks to get height and faux bangs to completely overhaul your style. Play around with the bangs – make them sit to the side or go for full on.

Shoulder length punk hair with a side part
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#12: Shoulder-Length Hair with a Side Part

Shoulder-length hair with a side part just shouts attitude. The over-swept bangs are where it really shines. Create this look with a round brush, some volumizer, and a blow dryer. Try using the nozzle on the dryer to direct the heat right at the roots, to get lift.

#13: Edgy Blue Hairstyle

Anyone who’s brave enough to rock this super funky hairstyle deserves to be crowned an eternal blue goddess. Pair with an undercut hairstyle and some waves for added style and you’ll achieve some serious punk rock mermaid vibes.

Fab Faux Hawk for Curly Punk Girls
Instagram @bevy_studio6a

#14: Fab Faux Hawk for Curly Girls

This faux hawk for punk girls is edgy! The patterns are so different but go perfectly together. All women can pull off punk girl hairstyles like this.

#15: A Super Edgy Hairstyle

Consider a super edgy hairstyle that’s buzzed all around. The top was razored for texture to give it an effortless punk style that can be achieved at home.

Picture of a hot pink a-line punk hairstyle
Instagram @themarciek

#16: Hot Pink A-line Hairstyle

This a-line punk hairstyle is edgy, youthful, and fun.  The color used in this photo is from the new Manic Panic Professional line. Punk rock is making a comeback, and Manic Panic, which was one of the first punk hair color companies has evolved as well. The placement of the hot pink dye is offset by the natural gray hairs on her head. It’s a fun blending of those three colors using slices and weaving techniques.

Picture of a 70s punk blue mohawk
Instagram @missvintage82

#17: 70’s Punk Blue Mohawk

This 70’s punk blue mohawk is edgy, alternative, and not for the faint-hearted. The color works amazingly with alt girl hairstyles like this one.

#18: Pinky Bob Haircut

This soft punk bob has different shades of pink hair color and the soft layers, with the blunt perimeter, make this punk look the perfect transitional step to going full punk.

Punk Rock for Straight Hair
Instagram @amber.cuttinup

#19: Punk Rock for Straight Hair

Attitude meets style as you wear rock ‘n roll on your mane. Stylist Amber partnered a dark ginger hue to liven up straight hair with a skin shave.

#20: Disconnected Mullet Hairstyle

This modern mullet is very disconnected with tons of texture. It is a playful take on one of the most popular punk rock hairstyles from the 80s.

#21: Wild Thang Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

The wild thing hairstyle is a disconnected haircut with shaved sides. It features a deep violet against the yellow, and of course, a hand-painted leopard pattern!

The Undercut Pixie Punk Hairstyle
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#22: The Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

This undercut pixie is one of the best hairstyles. It features strong lines and texture, and the dark color makes it all pop. To pull off alt hairstyles, there’s a lot of maintenance to keep the cut looking its best. This means changing it up. Keeping it sharp is essential!

Awesome Spiky Hair for Punk Rock Girls
Instagram @staygold31

#23: Awesome Spiky Hair for Punk Rock Girls

Not as dangerous as it looks, spikes on your punk hair are exhilarating cool. Pair your spiky short hair with bold hair color and some visual undercut.

Pompadour Mohawk Punk hairstyle
Instagram @studio_wolf

#24: Pompadour Mohawk Hairstyle

The style features lots of height built up from the front all the way to the nape of the neck, with each side buzzed. If you’re considering hairstyles like this, it’s ideal for women with a strong bone structure and an oval face shape.

#25: Dope Short Hair with a Long Emo Top

Mohawk and bold hair color just scream punk, doesn’t it? This emo hair pairs well with shaved sides and a longer top.

messy Joan Jett shag for modern day punks
Instagram @joeprofita

#26: Messy Joan Jett Shag

This is a classic Joan Jett shag that can be worn in many ways. The versatility of this cut can be worn super messy and textured and styled very dramatically, or it can be kept simple and toned down while still having an edge. You definitely have to be bold to rock alternative hairstyles.

recreated mullet with bangs punk hairstyle
Instagram @hirohair

#27: Recreated Mullet with Bangs

This is a statement hairstyle that is not for the faint-hearted! The recreated mullet is back with more dramatic angles and texture in all the right places.

Deathhawk hairstyle for Punk Girls
Instagram @daveyterror

#28: Deathhawk Hairstyle for Girls

Opt for a teased punk mohawk called “Deathhawk” hairstyle for punk girls. Punk hairstyles for long hair like this, aren’t just a fashion statement, they’re super punk rock.

Blonde Punk with Style on Top
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#29: Blonde Punk With Style on Top

A blonde cut could be described as punk with style, the grungy answer to a precision haircut. It’s got a triangular shape with very choppy short layers. It looks great on naturally straight hair.