The Top 35 Professional Hairstyles For Women for the Office

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re looking for ideas for professional hairstyles for your next job interview or want to change your look at your current job, then you’re in the right place. Below, I’ve put together some cute and easy hairstyles for professional women in the marketplace.

But before you get going, know that the best business hairstyles are the sleek ponytail for long hair or a short haircut where you can tuck your hair behind your ears. So look out for those in the photos below.

Before your next hair appointment, here are the best professional hairstyles women love!

Professional Short & Textured Pixie Hairstyle
Instagram @paula.visona
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#1: Short & Textured Pixie Hairstyle

This short, textured pixie cut has a top that easily falls into place while still retaining a great deal of movement. I recommend using a dry shampoo to maximize the texture of this haircut and shaping wax to create a soft, piecey hold. Try Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo and Aveda Light Elements Shaping Wax. I suggest these hair styles for women with medium to thick hair who can commit to regular salon visits to keep up the short cut. It would be a great fit for a woman who wants a fun, chic, easily styled-look.

Professional Bob Cut with Brushlight Hair Color
Instagram @leventkilic0
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#2: Bob Cut with Brushlight Hair Color

Get a bob cut with brushlight hair color. If you are a professional woman wanting to make a statement, opt for a bob with solid, blunt textures and light facial framing. To give your hair an elegant color, try the brush light technique. It keeps your hair looking natural. It creates a sun-kissed effect with a shade or two of lightness, adding shine and light reflection.

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#3: Mid-Length Blunt Peach Hair

You must try a mid-length cut with peach tones on your hair. Light peach tones give a unique touch to traditional blonde hair and require little extra care. You should buy a color-enhancing treatment to keep the hair color fresh at home between salon visits.

Rose Gold Hair Color for Professional Women
Instagram @studio_mostton
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#4: Rose Gold Hair Color for Professional Women

Rose gold hair color is a trendy choice for professional women, adding warmth and sophistication. This soft pink and gold hue gives a subtle and flattering look. It has gained popularity in recent years. If you have a warm complexion, consider rose gold. It works beautifully to enhance skin tone and add a youthful glow. Consult a professional colorist to achieve this color. They can create a blend that suits your features. Once you get the rose gold shade, use quality hair care products for colored hair to keep it vibrant.

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#5: Side-Parted Collarbone-Length Blonde Cut

Go for this professional side-parted collarbone-length blonde cut if you’re a woman aiming for a chic and timeless appearance. Ask for a side part, as it gives a gracious and refined look. Also, having a length till the collarbone frames the face nicely. This hairstyle suits best those with straight or slightly wavy hair textures. If you have very straight hair, this style will need extra effort. Choose it only if you’re okay with stylizing frequently. The collarbone length provides different styling options, whether you like wearing your hair down or tying it up. To keep this sleek and polished look, I suggest using a heat protectant before using any heat styling tools and finishing off with a lightweight hairspray for hold and shine.

Professional Shoulder-Length Straight Blonde Bob Haircut
Instagram @vf_hair
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#6: Shoulder-Length Straight Blonde Bob

With its sleek and timeless appeal, the professional shoulder-length straight blonde bob is a versatile haircut that suits a wide range of women. This classic style exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a polished and put-together look. The shoulder-length cut allows easy styling and upkeep by balancing shorter and longer hair. The straight blonde bob accentuates facial contours, and it’s important to notice how well this hairstyle frames the face, thus effortlessly enhancing natural beauty. Whether you have thin or thick hair, this haircut can be tailored to suit your individual needs. The sleekness of the straight hair adds a touch of sophistication, while the shoulder length keeps it manageable.

Professional Honey Brown Balayage for Long Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe
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#7: Honey Brown Balayage for Long Hair

A honey-brown balayage for long hair is a stunning choice that will add depth and dimension to your locks. A balayage for straight hair and honey-brown tones create a warm and natural look. They are perfect for enhancing your features. It works best for those with long hair who want a subtle yet noticeable change. The honey-brown hue will complement various skin tones and enhance your natural beauty.

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#8: Side-Parted Shoulder-Length Straight Cut

Check out this side-parted shoulder-length straight cut. Try a blunt bob if you want to add a sophisticated look to your hair. This is great for fine, straight hair to add fullness and looks great sleek or added waves with a curling iron.

Professional Middle-Parted Rounded Bob Style
Instagram @jobosco
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#9: Middle-Parted Rounded Bob Style

This professional hairstyle features a middle-parted rounded bob style. It exudes elegance and versatility. The round shape of the cut gives the hair more volume, while the middle part adds a sophisticated touch. This style works best for those who prefer simple yet corporate hairstyles. To style, use a round brush while blow-drying to achieve a flawless finish. Add a touch of shine serum for added luster and smoothness.

Professional Long Curtain Fringe on a Long Bob Hairstyle for women with soft blonde hair
Instagram @studio_mostton
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#10: Long Curtain Fringe on a Long Bob

If you want to change up your long bob, try adding a long curtain fringe. This is a great option if you have thick hair and want to add face-framing to your look. Next time you see your stylist, ask for different curtain bang lengths options. You’ll want options as to what will accentuate your features.

Professional Loose Beach Waves on mid-length hair for women in their 40s
Instagram @tinabaybay
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#11: Loose Beach Waves

loose beachy waves style is gorgeous. This is a great hair cut style for women that gives sophistication to anyone’s professional life. And will also transition easily into an afternoon or evening after-work style. Using a 1 1/4 inch barrel, take 1-2 inch sections, and spray with heat protection. Then comb through, curl in the mid-shaft, and roll it up to the base. And then roll through the ends last, where you will need less heat. Finish off with O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray.

Wavy half up professional hairstyle
Instagram @jakelinejassoa
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#12: Wavy Half Up Hairstyle

Look picture-perfect with a wavy half-up hairstyle. A half-up wavy style will always look classic and always stay in style. For more height in your crown, always tease the top for extra lift and body for a fuller-looking style.

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#13: Classic and Simple Straight Lob Haircut for Medium Hair

I love this straight-lob professional hairstyle for women. It’s a classic shape, it’s feminine, and it’s silky and elegant! I used one of Aveda’s newest brunette shades. The haircut is a long angled bob with no layers. The lob is a popular hair cut style for girls and is easy to maintain and manage. You can wear it for occasions or casually. You can enrich this hairstyle with some products. I would recommend Aveda’s Smooth and Shine styling cream, Aveda’s nourishing oil treatment, Kevin Murphy’s Shine spray, and Moroccan Oil light-hold hairspray.

Professional Cute Side Braid for Long Hair
Instagram @boeshairmakeup
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#14: Cute Side Braid for Long Hair

This cute side braid for natural long hair has a fishtail braid to create a professional hairstyle for long hair. Because it’s casual, you can make it as nonchalant and big as possible!

Use a hair product that makes your hair a little rough. Don’t make your braid too tight. Ultimately, you should pull out the braid to make it big! You can use hair extensions to make the braid bigger, creating dramatic hairstyles for women.

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#15: Easy-to-Style Messy Low Ponytail

Opt for an easy-to-style messy low ponytail for go-to glam for shoulder-length hair or longer. The beauty of a ponytail is it can be worn in so many ways. Pull out some of your face-framing layers to fall around the face, loosen the hair from the hair tie at the center back to allow a little extra volume, and gently backcomb the pony to add texture. Remember, this is a low effort but a high impact.

Sleek Short Hair with a Side Part
Instagram @daisydidthat
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#16: Sleek Short Hair with a Side Part

Consider this a long bob, with the parting at the side for maximum elegance that works for straight hair. Stylist Daisy went all out, giving this stylish lady a proper look for the boardrooms. This is one of that easy corporate hairstyles female would love to try.

Sleek pixie crop professional hairstyle
Instagram @pamela_cabelos
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#17: Sleek Pixie Crop

A sleek pixie crop adds texture and fullness to fine straight hair. The sleek feel to the pixie ensures a low-maintenance style, although the choppy feel to the layers adds shape and life back into the hair.

High and sleek ponytail
Instagram @sleekedbyalis
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#18: High and Sleek Ponytail

Make an impact with a high and sleek ponytail, great for long hair wanting a sharp up-do. Wearing the ponytail high not only has a great lifting effect on the face but completely heightens your look. Brush your hair upside down and into a high pony, and keep smoothing the hair once you’ve raised your head, ensure you spray with some hairspray to slick down the baby hairs and secure your hair tie tight enough. If you need more security, add another hair tie over the top.

Professional Pixie Cut
Instagram @fonhairsalon
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#19: Professional Pixie Cut

“This cut is called an ‘undercut pixie‘ – the back and sides are quite a contrast from the length on top, which also gives versatility for styling,” explains stylist Alex Totani of South Australia.

You only need a few styling products for this haircut if the stylist has cut into the hair enough. Most hair types can go short like this, but the style will need to be altered by the stylist to sit in this shape.

Totani says to use Davine’s texture powder to create movement and finish with Davines no gas spray, which is the perfect end to short hairstyles.

“We believe if you enjoy a haircut, it doesn’t matter what face shape you have,” says Totani. “Short hair is easy to style and fun, and it should represent your style and personality. Maintenance will be every 4-6 weeks.”

Wavy Medium Length Hair with Side Part
Instagram @belximenes
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#20: Wavy Medium Length Hair with Side Part

This wavy hair with a side part has movement and volume. Soft surface layers were added for the fine texture, completing the undone look with beach waves.

Go for medium-length hair with a side part because it fits any face shape. It’s cost-effective, low maintenance, and takes no time to style. Also, have a hair regimen for such undone curls hairstyles.

Use a leave-in conditioner that fits your hair type, a heat protector, and a 1’1/4″ barrel curling iron. Finish styling this hair by adding sea salt or texture spray to give it that undone beachy look. This takes about 5-10 min to curl.

Easy High Bun Professional Hairstyle
Instagram @beauty_talia
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#21: Easy High Bun Professional Hairstyle

This chic hairstyle for women is perfect for anyone who loves their hair up – whether they’re heading to work or a party. From the front, it might look like your typical high bun, but from the back, it’s a different story. The high bun adds a sense of style and satisfaction when it comes to professional women’s hairstyles. However, it can be easily converted into a romantic, boho hairstyle.

The twisted bun shows off the highlights beautifully, and the braid creates texture and detail. The best part is that it can be done within 20 minutes, so it fits our busy lifestyles perfectly. In this case, I used an olive oil edge control gel that you can get from your local drugstore. The beauty of it is that it picks up all the hair and gives it incredible hold without going hard and flaky.

lob with loose waves for medium brown hair
Instagram @giboazhair
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#22: Lob with Loose Waves for Medium Brown Hair

The big trend in hair right now is lob haircuts.

For this medium hair, curl your hair with a 1″ barrel and finish your look by brushing it to get the soft wave effect. Spray the brush with some hairspray for a hold before brushing.

Versatile Blunt Lob
Instagram @romeufelipe
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#23: Versatile Blunt Lob

Trying out a versatile blunt lob is always the safest decision. Professional women’s hairstyles like this end up in such a beautiful transformation. Feel free to wear it sleek and straight to show off the sharp, blunt cut or in tousled waves for a softer vibe. Ask for some length to put it up in a lovely updo for an evening out.

Classy Pixie Cut
Instagram @nenannn
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#24: Classy Pixie Cut

What a classy pixie cut! Like this textured crop, hairstyles for the office give the hair a full-bodied outcome. Part of the style appears soft, making it suitable for office work and partying. Imagine it worn by ladies who are also managers. This professional haircut and style can look edgy and offer a strong, rebellious personality.

modernized bob
Instagram @ruteboazhair
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#25: Modernized Bob

This could be described as your classic bob but modernized. Bobs are a favorite style of haircuts because they are timeless and versatile. You can wear it professionally or add waves for a bit of sass.

This particular cut has invisible layering done in the interior of the cut. It allows easy maintenance and growth and gives the hair a smooth finish. There’s also a soft texture throughout the cut, allowing maximum movement and the hair to feel light and airy.

This cut is for women with fine to medium textured hair. Because of the blunt cut, women with thick/coarse hair would probably have to work harder to achieve the look, but it is not impossible. This look is perfect for any professional because you can still add wave/enhancing texture when needed.

Professional Super Layered Graduated Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @northwestsalon
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#26: Super Layered Graduated Bob

This super-layered graduated bob is layered to test the pixie boundaries. It can be tucked and tousled just right to expose your super feminine features like a pixie cut, or it can be smoothed and set in front of the ears to create a more structured and symmetric graduated bob for a more powerful statement. There is a short bob cut for anyone looking to show off their risky yet confident personality for work.

Asymmetrical Bob With Layering
Instagram @tanarosehair
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#27: Asymmetrical Bob With Layering

This is an asymmetrical bob with layering to revamp and enhance thin tresses. Its short and wavy style makes the hair seem bulkier, bolder, and packed with movement. It’s even wearable for women in a conservative professional setting. This cut is easy to style and gives women a sleek, put-together style.

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#28: Subtle Angle & Long Layers with a Middle Part

“This subtle angle and long layers are lightweight ‘swooshing’ hair cut with a razor,” says senior hairstylist Jenny Reilly of Dobbs Ferry, NY. “Pulling all hair to the front when layering created a great shape and movement.  It also allows the layers to get longer in the back,” she explains.

Reilly says to leave the salon with a great shampoo and conditioner. “Always focus on the overall health of your long locks and get good styling products.”

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#29: Lovely Side Low Bun With Braids

This low bun combines two braid techniques – the Dutch Braid and Fishtail. Hairstylist Jillian Allen of Tempe, AZ, created it. “It’s all created using only 4-5 bobby pins! My favorite thing about it is that she could wear it two ways – with the fishtail down or wrapped up as shown in the photo in a side bun,” explains Allen.

This is a great look for a woman with long hair and minimal layers. “You’ll need a smoothing cream to prep the hair before beginning the braids to ensure smoothness when you pull them out for fullness. It’s a great look for special events, bridesmaids, or if someone just wants a fun updo for a professional setting,” she adds.

Shiny Bouncy Layers with Soft Curls Professional Hair
Instagram @hair.by_h
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#30: Shiny Bouncy Layers with Soft Curls

These bouncy layers with soft curls are radiant, tousled, glossed, healthy, dimensional, light, and lifted. The best thing about this cut is the movement the hair has. The cut is light and layered.  Lastly, the style is bouncy, soft, and full.

Such hairstyles for ladies do require some preppin’ to create. I sectioned the hair, smoothed it with a round brush, and finished with a one-1/4-inch curling iron. If you don’t mind spending some time styling in the morning, this look would be great for you. It works for most face shapes, and with the right cut, it can be tailored to almost every hair texture.

The Classic Bob with Bangs
Instagram @ravenrowsalon
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#31: The Classic Bob with Bangs

Here’s the classic bob with bangs that always adds a wow factor to one’s appeal. This chop is so cute and looks flawless on straight, thick hair. It can suit most ladies as its length is customizable considering the face shape.

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#32: Textured Long Pixie Cut

This textured long pixie cut breathes firmness and grace! The tousled effect accentuates the layers of this short chop. A length like this is easy to manipulate, so it’s ideal for lovelies with busy schedules. If wanting a chic style at work, this is the right haircut. Just be mindful of its maintenance. Depending on how fast the hair grows, these hair cuts for women may require a trim every 4-6 weeks.

The Perfect Hairstyle for Professional Older Women
Instagram @hairolines
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#33: The Perfect Hairstyle for Professional Older Women

The perfect hairstyle for professional older women is right here! It features texture and waves to keep the finish in line with what’s trending. This style is ideal for a professional woman with thin tresses as it gives a fuller and livelier edge.

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#34: Modern Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

This look is a modern, wavy asymmetrical bob with blunt ends and textured layers. It was created by master stylist Brooke Korom of Athens, GA. The bob is a classic style that will never be dated, but adding asymmetric lines to the cut makes it more modern.

Korom says to use a volumizer at the root to style the asymmetrical bob because it’s crucial for movement. “We used Unite Expanda Volume and Unite Mousse on her wet hair. As a finisher on her dry hair, we used Unite Texturiza Finishing Spray to break up her layers to give her a lived-in look,” she explains.

“The beautiful thing about the modern asymmetrical bob is that it can be great for all hair types,” she adds. “The line of the cut naturally flatters the jawline and can hide or accentuate any hair texture depending on how you cut the layers. For this client, the longer layers around the face show off her natural S-shaped waves, and the shorter layers in the back control the weight of her naturally thick hair.”

These professional hair styles make a beautiful cut and style for both work and play.

Modern Shag for Professional Women
Instagram @salsalhair
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#35: Modern Shag for Professional Women

A modern shag is very feminine, which is appropriate to create a professional style for workdays. This cut works with a side or middle part hairstyle. Feel free to personalize the haircut to suit any face shape. Add some face-framing layers to define cheekbones and jawline.