15 Cute Ponytails with Bangs to Copy for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A ponytail with bangs is a hairstyle where the hair is pulled back from the face, gathered at the back of the head, secured with a tie or any hair accessory, and styled with a fringe in front. With this totally edgy hairstyle, you’ll make a very casual look catch everyone’s eyes!

There are those days when you feel like tying all your hair up into a classic pony – whether it be a day in the gym, under the sun, or when you wanna look extra sharp and neat – but that doesn’t mean you gotta do it with less style.

Take inspiration from the ponytail princess Ariana Grande and models Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham, and note how fresh they look with this style. That’s because of the versatility that this look possesses.

The key is to complement your face shape and features by either framing it with your bangs, varying the height of your ponytail, or playing with your mane’s volume and texture. Products are also necessary to help you achieve the perfect look.

You can make a good hair day easily possible with ponytails and bangs! Browse through this updated collection to learn the different styles of wearing this glamorous look!

High Ponytail with Fringe
Instagram @wiatremczesane

#1: High Ponytail

Go for a high ponytail that’s fun and vibrant! It keeps you feeling sassy, and you can stand out from the crowd. It’s not your everyday hair color or style, too. It’s not something everyone can pull off, and it takes hard work and time to achieve this color with the style, which is classy looking.

Sleek side ponytail with smooth swoop bangs for straight hair

#2 Side Ponytail

Show off a sleek side ponytail paired with swoop bangs that gracefully frames the face, ideal for straight, medium-density hair. This style enhances facial symmetry, making it a great choice for those with oval or long face shapes. It offers a polished look with minimal effort, though achieving the perfect sleekness might require some product to tame flyaways and maintain smoothness throughout the day.

Sleek high quick weave ponytail with clean wrap for African women, perfect for formal settings

#3 Quick Weave Ponytail

Opt for a high ponytail with a neat wrap at the base for a refined and chic look, ideal for thick and straight hair. This style elongates the face, making it a good fit for rounder face shapes. It’s a versatile look for formal events but requires some skill to wrap the hair neatly around the pony base. Using a strong hold gel or pomade will keep it sleek and prevent flyaways for an impeccable appearance all day.

#4: Ponytail with Blunt Bangs

A high pony with long bangs creates an illusion of a smaller forehead for a more petite look.

#5: Long Ponytail

A common style but one that’s for keeps, for all occasions, for all women. This one definitely doesn’t discriminate.

#6: Extended Ponytail with Loose Bangs

Body up extensions and add to a ponytail for fuller ends. Curl ends and bangs and accessorize for an elegant look.

#7: Sleek Ponytail

For the lady on the move, ponytails like these show a primmed look but waves and hair accessories add an exciting twist to the look.

Ponytail with long bangs
Instagram @frankandco

#8: Ponytail with Long Bangs

Ponytails are highly underrated; they are one of the easiest styles to do yet they present a vast range of stylish appearances. Long fringes and bangs on ponytails provide a softer look for any wearer.

#9: Braided Ponytail

A timeless look for the modern girl. Crown braids ending loose waves give the ponytails with bangs some nice form.

#10: Cornrow Ponytail

Come through with small braids in a loop. Add the beads and some colorful ties and you’ve got everyone’s wigs snatched

Messy Ponytail
Instagram @chrystaldhair

#11: Messy Ponytail

This look is a beachy ponytail with fringe. I love textured hair with body, and a low ponytail suits everyone, especially if you don’t have a heap of hair to work with. It’s great for second or third-day hair!

Pony with Side Bangs
Instagram @aki_carmineco_

#12: Pony with Side Swept Bangs

This is a messy ponytail hairstyle with bangs. It has a soft-looking texture yet is still under control for people on the go. It suits any hair but you need to make a soft look with waves or curls by heat tools. Suitable products are a powder or a super flexible spray.

High Genie Ponytail
Instagram @shayslaydit

#13: High Genie Ponytail

This ponytail hairstyle is ideal for prom, birthdays, weddings, or a fun night out. A simple day at the beach or just lounging around. I love this hairstyle because it is versatile and can be worn with style and grace at any event. Ask Ariana Grande as this is one of her favorite looks as well!

#14: Side Pony

This side ponytail with bangs is classy but not so ordinary. You don’t see ponytails much at all on brides. It does take having thicker hair and not wanting to be so traditional, but you stand out so much more. Your look is more memorable. I always hear people say, “I can’t pull that off,” and I love playing the other side and getting people out of their comfort zones. Yes, it’s a ponytail, but it still has elements and details that make it plain and not so basic.

Curly Natural Hair Ponytail
Instagram @coralraeart

#15: Curly Natural Hair Ponytail

I love her natural curls enhanced by strategically placed highlights, adding depth and dimension to her long curly hair. I love how easy it is to comb through the curls with your fingers. These bangs with a ponytail can be great for any occasion!