Get The Look: Nashville’s Leading Ladies and Their Hairstyles

Returning to a TV near you tonight is Nashville, the hit television series centered on a fading country music star and her rival frenemy, a rising 20-something singer with some serious attitude. The show is jam-packed with boot-tapping tunes, juicy drama, tangled love stories and, most importantly, the kind of hair that makes you wish you had a hairstylist on speed dial to recreate the looks for your right then and there.

While an on-call hairstylist may not be financially feasible, we here at Latest-Hairstyles are like the next best thing. Today we’re dishing on the Nashville hairstyles worn by the TV show’s leading ladies. From Rayna Jaymes’ effortless mane to Juliette Barnes’ perfected ringlets to Scarlett O’Connor’s angelic coiffure, we’ve got you covered.

Nashville Hairstyles

Connie Britton/Rayna Jaymes Waves

Birchbox’s Ali shows you how to get Connie Britton’s enviable beachy waves, which are also worn frequently by Rayna Jaymes, the country music star played by Britton who’s dominated the Nashville country music stage for two decades. You’ll want to start by applying a volumizing spray to damp hair. This protects your locks from heating tools and prepares it for megawatt volume a la Rayna, queen of country music. Check out the full tutorial in the video.

Juliette Barnes’ Perfect Curls

Long and curly hair is definitely a recurring motif in Nashville — Juliette Barnes included. The blonde-haired country music star,who’s as hard to hate as she is to love, almost always wears perfectly manufactured curls.

To get the look, apply a heat protectant product throughout straight or wavy hair. Try Kerastase’s Resistance Fibre Architechte, a reconstructive serum that nourishes hair and protects it from thermal styling tools.

Next, use a tapered curling wand or iron — such as HerStyler’s Grande Curls curling wand — to curl 1-inch sections of hair. The thicker part of the barrel should be toward the crown with the thinner section at the ends.

After curling all your hair, apply a flexible hold hairspray. Don’t brush out, but do run your fingers through your hair to break up the curl a little bit. Lastly, take a section of hair just above the ear and gently twist it backwards. Secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins.

Scarlett O’Connor’s Fishtail Pigtails

Scarlett’s a long, curly-haired woman parading around the Nashville TV set, too. Today, though, we’re going to highlight her fishtail pigtails, which are oh-so-fitting on this innocent, doe-eyed darling. YouTube user Beth Jones walks you through the very easy hairstyle, so check out the full tutorial. Tip: You’ll want to start with either curly or wavy hair to get that textured, piece-y look.

Maddie and Daphne Conrad’s Hair

Sensational YouTubers Lennon and Maisy Stella are one of the best parts about Nashville. Fans of the TV series, including myself, lap up every performance they give on the show, so it’s only fair we include them in our hair roundup. Both of the hairstyles pictured here can be worn by women of any age, so don’t neglect yourself a perfectly suitable hairdo just because these ladies are under 20 years old.

For Maddie’s hair, apply a thick hair serum throughout straight or wavy hair. Try It’s a 10’s Miracle Styling Serum, which smells amazing and works wonders on any hair texture. Next, use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to curl 1-inch sections of hair, starting from half way down the shaft. When you release a curl, twist it in your fingers until it cools down. This will help set and lock in the curl. After curling, use a barrette to sweep up hair on either section of your head.

Daphne’s hair is ideal for straight-haired ladies. Start by creating a deep side part, then pull all your hair over to one side of your head and secure into a pony tail. Use a bristle brush, such as BrushLab’s Black Label Large Pure Boar Nylon Hair Brush,  to get that super smooth, refined look. Wrap the pony tail around a round brush and blow dry for 10 to 15 seconds. Release from the brush, twist the hair into one tendril and hold until it cools.

If you’re a fan of the Nashville vibe, check out these other long and curly hairstyles.