All New: 22 Modern Hairstyles That Made the Cut

We don’t have robots for servants, we’re not flying around in cars, and the wheel has not been re-invented. I know, I know, “modern” society sounds a bit disappointing doesn’t it? However, we do have machines that make us single cups of coffee, cars running purely electric and the wheel has been perfected over time for many different usages. So, where does that leave our coif in these modern times?

Classic cuts and styles are classic for a reason — they’re timeless. How have these “coif classics” been redefined over time to fit our futuristic, modern selves? One word – TEXTURE. It’s one of my favorite words! Whether it’s being written or spoken, even the word itself has texture. Regardless if we are using a Keratin treatment, color service or a perm, we are creating texture in our look. These modern hairstyles are stunning twists on classic looks by simply including, (you guessed it) texture!

Soft Platinum Bob

Q&A with style creator, Kalrissa Taylor
Owner @ Luxe Salon in Sycamore, IL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a cool, dimensional platinum blonde with a soft textured bob. I love the balance of edgy color and soft haircut. This style makes you stand out but in a conservative way, which I love!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would consider this color to be a slightly high maintenance color to maintain the bright, cool tones you see here. Once you achieve the desired level of blonde (be advised this will not safely happen in one sitting unless you are already blonde), I recommend a babylight every 12 weeks and a tone refresh every four weeks to ensure you never look dull.

A strengthening product wardrobe is a must to keep the blonde hair healthy! My recommendation is the Eufora Beautifying Elixirs line which heals and styles at the same time.

This haircut is perfect for all hair types! It will make fine hair look thicker and can be cut to make thick, bushy hair lay softer. A Root Lifter and Smoothing Cream are must-have products. My favorites are Eufora Boost and Behave!

Modern Tousled Bob

Q&A with style creator, Hannah
Hairstylist @ Virtue Vegan Salon in Columbus, OH

How would you describe this look?

This is a tousled bob. I love the piece-y fringe paired with the strong shape of the bob. Those elements work really well with her fine, wavy hair texture.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For this bob, we cut a line with no layers or graduation. This method works well for fine hair. If you have medium to thick density, I recommend texturizing or adding “internal layers”.

Styling is key to get the tousled look here, especially if you have naturally straight hair. Using a flat iron or curling iron to produce waves and finishing with a texture powder or spray is key.

This look is very low maintenance if you have naturally wavy hair. It works best on longer or more narrow faces due to the heaviness of the cut overall and the widening effect the fringe has on the face. Having said that, the right style and attitude always override the “shoulds” and “should nots” when it comes to face shape. In other words, if you own the cut, you can rock it!

Modern & Trendy Beach Waves

Modern & Trendy Beach Waves hairstyleInstagram @tg_hairstudio

Q&A with style creator, Tino Gabaldon
Owner / Hair Artist @ T.G. Hair Studio in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a modern twist on the mid-length haircut with the ever so trendy beach waves. I know a lot of clients say they don’t want the soccer mom look, so I always show my clients how to create the loose curls that can last a few days. I think it even looks very sleek flat ironed straight, just not air-dried straight if you want to avoid the soccer mom look.

I love the way her color shines and makes her hair look very healthy, as well as the lived-in look of her curls.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look pretty much works for anyone, regardless of their lifestyle. It especially works well for those who don’t wash their hair every day because all you do is throw is some texture spray or beach day spray (one of my favorites is by UNITE Hair) and curl away with a 1-inch curling iron or wand. The curls might be a little tighter the first day, but second-day curls always look the best because they are a little looser and more natural-looking.

As far as the color goes, we actually did a level 1 black which definitely does not look good on all skin tones, but it worked perfectly for her tone. Overall, the color, cut, and style worked perfectly for this specific client. The cut and styling could work for many different clientele.

Chic & Textured

Chic & Textured hairstyleInstagram @longhairswagg

Q&A with style creator, Reagan Kaalekahi
Educator & Senior Stylist @ Chromatique Salon in Bellevue, WA

How would you describe this look?

This haircut is chic and textured. If you haven’t had short hair, get ready to feel sexy and sassy because you will turn heads with this look!

It’s a very detailed style with a broken outline and very textured layers for maximum movement.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re used to having a ponytail, kick those hair bands to the curb because you won’t need them anymore. This a great length. Although it may feel a bit short in the beginning, it will quickly grow on you and you will love it.

Built-In Texture

Built-In Texture hairstyleInstagram @hairby_nicole

Q&A with style creator, Nicole Jansen
Stylist / Colorist @ Hair Theatre Salon in Kirkwood, MO

How would you describe this look?

My favorite thing about this look is all of the built-in texture and the diversity of it.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I really love this cut on clients with naturally straight or wavy hair because it instantly gives so much shape and texture to the hair. I think it is a great length for most people. It is short enough to complement and bring some attention to the face, but it still has enough length that clients can play with it and rock different styles.

Modern Textured Shag

Modern Textured Shag hairstyleInstagram @godiegogordon

Q&A with style creator, Diego Gordon
Hair Artist @ Chris McMillan Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this style as a modern textured shag. When performing the cut, I used a combination of point cutting, slide cutting, and texturizing shears. My client has very thick, coarse and straight hair, so I had to take out a lot of weight to create a cut that will work well straight or waved as the picture shows.

My favorite thing about this style is the bangs. They’re at that length where it looks like maybe you had short bangs and they kind of grew out to that perfect “around the eye” length.

Any advice for someone considering it?

When I styled this cut, I prepped wet hair with Unite Lazer Straight mixed with SachaJuan styling cream. I blow dried with a round brush, pulling the brush up around the crown area to create volume. I curled with a 1 1/2-inch barrel Marcel iron, alternating directions to create separation within the curls. After waving the hair, I ran my fingers through her hair to create a more unpolished look.

I prefer hair to look as if it’s the second day. I used Oribe texture spray to roughen up the texture all over, and Keving Murphy Powder.Puff along the roots. Together, these two products create tremendous volume, texture and grit so your client can walk out looking like she’s effortless yet wild.

This look is for a client who wants to keep some length while still having fun with volume, texture, and layers. It works well with straight to medium curly hair. If you’re going to rock this haircut with your natural texture and you have wavy hair to medium curly hair, products will be your best friend. On wet hair, apply SachaJuan Styling Cream, along with Unite Hair Mousse Medium Hold and L’Oréal Mythic Oil. It’s important not to comb out your curls or run your fingers through your hair.

I encourage clients to have fun and play around with the length of your bangs to add some style and personalize your look.

Modern & Stylish

Q&A with style creator, Zané Zvinkle
Freelance Hairdresser @ La Coco Beauty Salon in Ramsgate, UK

How would you describe this look?

This look is creative, fun, and definitely more modern and stylish. It really shows off the strong personality of the client.

My favorite thing about this look is that when your lifestyle gets so busy and active, it’s simple, quick and easy to style, and also gives you that celebrity look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This hairstyle would work for clients who live a busy lifestyle but still love to look stylish. The short framing fringe gives that chic look and works great for longer face shapes. It works great with fine and straight hair, as well as hair that has texture.

Starting with wet hair, blow dry it to lay the way you want it. Once dry, play with some texturizing paste and style.  Messy or smooth, anything goes!

Elegant A-Line

Q&A with style creator, Alexandra Grace Bellerby
Artistic Director @ Tara Rose Hair & Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi

How would you describe this look?

This easily achievable and pretty bob has been created with a longer cut at the front that tapers in sharply toward the back. It is, in not so many words, an elegantly long a-line bob with graduated side-swept bangs.

Cafe Au Lait blonde pieced with randomly placed Pastel Lilac slices creates a little more of an edgier look, yet it still has a neutral tone to it that can be worn by almost anyone. It is the perfect combination between cut and color, which is why I love this technique the most.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is great for those who have finer, naturally straight hair. When you have fine hair, darker roots can give the appearance of added fullness and volume. If you have a round face, you can use side bangs for adding sharpness to the face shape.

I would only recommend this color to clients who can commit to frequent visits to the salon for maintenance. I would also recommend this color to clients who have healthy hair because, in order to achieve the pastel tones, you must have a near white canvas to color over. The color is not designed to last all that long, but pastel dyes are usually mixed with a very low peroxide so they are safe to apply frequently.

In between appointments, use professional hair care products at home. A gentle sulfate-free shampoo will suffice. Redkin or Kevin Murphy are my absolute favorites!

Modern Squared Off Bob

Q&A with style creator, Ashley Geesaman
Hair Cutter @ Immortal Beloved in Washington, DC

How would you describe this look?

In the simplest terms, this is a very modern, squared off bob with slight texture. A hair concept like this is inspired by futuristic looks, basically anything space-related.

I always think of Scarjo’s pink bob in Lost in Translation or Mila’s bright orange bob from The Fifth Element in terms of shape. I love how every year there could be some version of this haircut and it would work.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Depending on hair texture, the products will definitely vary. This model just happens to have amazing hair and need just a bit of Oribe Straight Away. If someone has much finer hair, I would suggest a thickening product like Oribe Thickening Spray, as well as something with a smoothing quality.

This is definitely a statement look, but still quite versatile for a range of people. Depending on what you do with the color, it could be a bit more conservative. A squared off bob suits most face shapes as it’s not round so it doesn’t really create issues with someone feeling full in the face.

Obviously hair texture is the most critical with this shape as you want to avoid triangle hair, unless that’s what the client is wanting. That can be a cool look too!

Cool Boho Vibe

Cool Boho Vibe hairstyleInstagram @_hairbycara_

Q&A with style creator, Cara Curti
Hair Artist / Colorist @ Feathers II in Berkeley Heights, NJ

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I think this look has a cool boho vibe to it, but my favorite part is that it can be worn many ways. It’s a great, flirty festival style that can also be curled up tighter with some flowers or jewels for a gorgeous bridesmaid style.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

All you need to create and maintain this style is a little texturizing spray or some light hairspray like MoroccanOil medium finish.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This look works best on someone with longer, thicker hair, but you can really pancake that fishtail if you’ve got less hair to work with.

Bright Beachy Look

Bright Beachy Look hairstyleInstagram @hairbymand

Q&A with style creator, Amanda Yuhas
Manager / Stylist @ Anna’s Salon Elite in Pittsburgh, PA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this specific hairstyle as a lived-in, bright and beachy look. My favorite thing about this style is that it is very low maintenance, yet modern and chic! It is a great daily go-to no matter the occasion.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To maintain this look, I recommend the Unite Blonda (purple) shampoo to wash with once a week to maintain the bright, icey blonde color. To recreate the curls, I recommend using a 1 1/4-inch barrel iron. Use a texture spray to finish for the piecey, deconstructed look!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This type of color and style is for the client who loves an up-to-date, trendy style with very little upkeep. It is great for all face shapes. Anyone with a busy lifestyle would be a perfect fit!

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Hair hairstyleInstagram @hairbykaylavee

Q&A with style creator, Kayla Valerio
Hair Artist and Owner @ Studio V in Attleboro, MA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

There’s nothing I love more than colorful unicorn hair! I really wanted to play around with the Pulp Riot neons and then add a pop of silver toner.

I was teaching a class when I created this look and we decided it reminded us of Lisa Frank in the 90s, and let me tell you. I love the 90s!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

Recreating this exact look will be difficult because every strand of hair is a different color. I recommend being creative and creating your own masterpiece! I used all Pulp Riot color because they are so easy to blend and are so vibrant and beautiful. There is no wrong way when your experimenting with vivids!

As far as maintaining, I tell my clients to use a sulfate/paraben-free shampoo, rinse with cold water, and use lots of DRY SHAMPOO! The less you wash your hair, the more vibrant it will stay.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This look is for someone that really wants to stand out and probably someone with a more unconventional job and lifestyle. However, anyone can have unicorn hair or at least a touch of it with peekaboos instead of the whole head. I’m here to make the world a little more colorful one head at a time!

Classic Bob With a Swing Fringe

I love starting off with a classic we are all familiar with. This classic bob has been updated with hidden pops of color that scream texture. Even though the cut is smooth and sleek, the color adds texture and movement.

Classic Bob Modern Hairstyle with Fringe

How to Style:

  1. Apply a working styling product evenly to clean, damp hair.
  2. Use a paddle brush to wrap dry your hair moving from left to right. This will allow the hair to lay smoothly, creating light volume with its natural fall.
  3. Taking vertical sections, flat iron your hair forward. This creates a sleek movement, complementing your hair’s natural fall.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is perfect for those of us that have a slender face shape. The swing fringe and short weight line draw attention to areas you would like to highlight — beautiful cheekbones and a defined jawline. While really anyone can rock a bob, I suggest a relaxer or a Keratin treatment first if you have thick, curly hair. You would want to have the bulk collapsed to create such a sleek finish, and who wants to flat iron every morning?!

Recommended Products:

If you have curly or rough textured hair, use something strong, like gel mixed with an oil. This will keep the style smooth longer and the oil will smooth out the cuticle during the blow drying process. I love Alphaparf’s Semi di Lino Gel and Moroccan Oil. If you have finer hair, a simple detangler will do the trick. I prefer It’s A 10! It does so many fabulous things all in one.

Long Layers

This long layered style will rock the socks off your long, limp hair! The movement created by the layers give fullness and texture, giving this classic look a truly modern twist.

Long Layered Hairstyle with Fullness and Texture

How to Style:

  1. On clean, damp hair apply a volume product at the roots and work your way towards the ends of your hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair with your head flipped over for extra root lift and volume.
  3. Use a large round brush in horizontal sections to help create lift at the crown. When styling the fringe, use the wrap dry technique by brushing hair from left to right, holding the brush vertically.
  4. Spray liberal amounts of dry shampoo through roots and ends for the full and sexy rocker look.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is great for all face shapes and textures!

Recommended Products:

When it comes to volume I use one of two things: Kevin Murphy’s Anti.Gravity or Body.Builder. And, when it is dry shampoo we’re talking about, Kevin Murphy’s Fresh.Hair is the only product I’ll use. One word- AMAZING!

The Ombre

Nothing screams modern classic like ombre! If I were told to close my eyes and say the first thing to describe the most current hair trend, it would be ombre. This is a clear example of how color creates texture all on its own.

Long Modern Ombre Hairstyle with Waves

How to Style:

  1. Apply a small amount of oil to clean, damp hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush.
  3. With a large barrel iron, take vertical sections and start winding the iron away from your face. I always start curling at the root, working my way down the length of the hair. Also, allow the iron to set the hair longer on the roots than the ends. This will allow for the curl to gently open towards the ends so you don’t end up with ringlets!
  4. Shake out with your fingers to break up the uniform curl, unless that’s what you’d rather have. In that case, brush through hair with a paddle brush to lock the set together.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

Again, anyone can wear this look. It complements all of us gals!

Recommended Products:

I recommend Moroccan Oil for this as well. They have two formulas, regular and light. Now everyone can use the oil they need to polish their locks!

The Mohawk

Another trend that has swept the runways and won us all over is the “punk” movement. Nothing goes better with that new studded handbag than this bad boy! I love how the softly textured top is juxtaposed with the clean, edged lines on the side.

Modern Mohawk with Soft Textured Top - Modern Hairstyles

How To Style:

  1. Start with a volumizing product on clean, damp hair.
  2. Wrap dry your hair from left to right with a vent brush to create lift.
  3. With your flat iron, smooth horizontal sections, moving forward towards your face. When you reach the tips of your hair, give it a slight bend back to create that kick.
  4. Apply a finishing wax or pomade for separation and shine.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This cut is ideal for someone who has more of a square face shape. The length concentrated on the top of the head directing up and away elongates the shape of the face. Texture doesn’t really matter as each different type of texture will simply give this look its own character.

Recommended Products:

Depending on your hair texture, you would use a gel or volumizer as your working product. Gel for more unruly, thick hair and a mousse/blow foam for fine hair. When it comes to gel I like to use Alphaparf’s Semi di Lino Gel. For the finer haired ladies (like myself), Kevin Murphy’s Body.Builder is the way to go when it comes to a mousse/blow foam. As for wax, use Kevin Murphy’s Night.Rider for a stronger, matte hold or Osmos Shaper for a softer, shinier look.

The Pixie

Strong yet soft, the pixie has always swept me off my feet. The new spin on this model is the disconnection between the shorter sides and the longer top. We no longer want our pixies to lay flat, but to rise to occasion!

Soft Pixie Modern Hairstyle with Long Top

How To Style:

  1. Moving from left to right, wrap dry clean, damp hair with a vent brush.
  2. When hair starts to become dry, begin lifting the crown with the vent brush towards the ceiling.
  3. Apply a small amount of wax all over and direct hair to desired side. Then start piecing out sections to enhance movement.

Recommended Products:

Osmos Shaper is perfect for this soft, textured look.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

Oval face shapes can pull any look off, however they truly are best suited for the modern pixie. Typically medium to fine texture is recommended for this look as well. If you have curly hair, you might want to think about a texture treatment to relax those precious curls before cutting them this short.

The Shattered Bob

The classic bob has so many variations and this one is amazing. Just look at the movement and texture created here. A soft, sweeping fringe really sweetens up this tough, modern classic.

Shattered Bob Modern Hairstyle with Movement and Texture

 How To Style:

  1. Start with a working product on clean damp hair.
  2. Wrap dry from left to right with a vent brush.
  3. Use a round brush in vertical sections once hair is dry for more contour towards the face.
  4. Piece out the interior with a wax or pomade to create the shattered effect.

 Face Shape and Hair Type:

I feel like any face shape is complemented by this look. The soft lines diffuse any square or heart shaped faces while the fringe fills out any triangular shapes.

Recommended Products:

Osmos Shaper is perfect for this soft, textured look.

The Shag

Short, chunky layers sliding into soft ringlets of length — this look has it all! I feel like this style has so much to offer. One could pull the length up for a “short haircut” effect, or blow out the ends for a long, fuller look. There are two words for this modern haircut — texture and versatility!

Shag Hairstyle with Short Chunky Layers

How To Style:

  1. Apply a working product throughout hair.
  2. Wrap dry hair from left to right with a large round brush.
  3. When hair is dry, work vertically around the head towards the face.
  4. Pull your brush through the length and wind the hair around the brush vertically. Allow the hair to cool for a moment, then unwind the brush. Work away from your face on both sides and around the head.
  5. Polish hair with a light pomade.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

A medium to thick density of hair is required for this look. If the hair is too fine in density, it will not have a strong enough length. If you have a curly texture, you might consider a Keratin treatment to collapse the bulk.

Recommended Products:

According to the texture of your hair, use a gel with an oil cocktail for rougher textures and a volumizer for finer hair. Osmos Shaper is great as a polish on the ends for separation and shine.

The Graduated Bob

Here is another bob variation that redefines one of the classics. The graduated bob shows off so much texture. Accompanied by a trendy swing fringe, this haircut highlights so many focal points that it will compliment just about anyone!

Graduated Bob Hairstyle with Texture

How To Style:

  1. Apply a working product throughout the hair.
  2. Wrap dry hair from left to right with a paddle or vent brush.
  3. If your hair is a rougher texture, then flat iron vertical partings forward.
  4. Apply wax or pomade for separation and shine.

Face Shape & Hair Texture:

The graduated bob is better for triangular and oval face shapes. Unfortunately, for those who have square or heart shaped faces, this cut could widen the jawline. Typically the purpose of a graduated bob is to build weight in the back. For this reason I would suggest this cut for ladies with locks that lean towards the medium to finer side.

Recommended Products:

When your hair is on the finer side of things, I recommend the Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity. It’s not just a volumizer, but a styling lotion as well. The Osmos Shaper is perfect for lightweight separation and shine.

Super Short Layered Cut

This short, layered diddy packs a big punch in the texture department! There is so much movement accentuating all of the right features.

Short Layered Hairstyle with Texture

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing product from roots to lengths.
  2. Wrap dry the hair from left to right with a large round brush.
  3. As the hair dries, turn the brush vertically and start to style hair forward using vertical sections.
  4. In the crown, use horizontal sections for extra height.
  5. Use a light wax or pomade for separation and shine.

Face Shape & Hair Texture:

This style is great for oval, triangular and heart shaped faces. The heavier top balances out narrow foreheads and wide jawlines. Medium to fine densities works best for this style because thick hair can easily turn into the dreaded “mushroom” look.

Recommended Products: When your hair is on the finer side of things, I recommend Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity. It’s not just a volumizer, but a styling lotion as well. The Osmos Shaper is perfect for creating lightweight separation and shine.

The Natural State

Last but definitely not least, we have the natural state. These days it is refreshing to see more and more African American women embracing their natural texture. After years of relaxing, weaving and pressing their natural texture into a molded form, it is about time their curl has its day!

Short Hairstyle with Natural Texture

How To Style:

  1. Shampoo and condition with your favorite moisturizing set.
  2. Comb conditioner through with a wide tooth comb and rinse.
  3. Scrunch hair dry as wrapping with the “turban” method pulls too much on the curl structure, hindering its bounce.
  4. Apply ample amounts of a curl defining cream and oil cocktail.
  5. Scrunch through product and air dry.

Recommended Products:

When it comes to unruly locks, I prefer the Sarya Key line. It is made with a superior quality shea butter. Not only does it weigh down rough cuticles, but it actually “feeds” the hair as well. Their shampoo and conditioner are perfect for the fussiest of locks!

Face Shape & Hair Texture:

This is for all African American women. No matter the length of hair or face shape, it feels good to go “au natural”!

We all want to feel and look as current as our times fly to the future. Armed with new knowledge of modern techniques, you may get in your futuristic hybrid cars and fly to your stylist asking for one of these classic yet modern hairstyles.