The Mermaid Haircut Is Trending and These 25 Examples Prove Why

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Chest-Length Wavy Mermaid Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @gracedbygabs

#1: Wavy Mermaid Hair with Curtain Bangs

If you want to incorporate bangs into your style, consider this wavy mermaid hair with curtain bangs. Curtain bangs can add shape to long hair and frame your face perfectly. This length also showcases long, healthy hair. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, the curtain bangs style is versatile and requires low maintenance.

Long-Length Layered Mermaid Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @albertoopontes

#2: Layered Mermaid Hair with Blonde Highlights

Here’s a hairstyle featuring layered mermaid-style hair with blonde highlights. Long hair with flowing layers allows movement and texture, giving you all those flowing mermaid vibes. Picture your hair floating in the water layers can create this effect. Golden highlights accent warm skin tones and brunette hair and suit any year’s season.

Rich Auburn Red on Very Long Wavy Mermaid Hair
Instagram @cheekystrut

#3: Rich Auburn Red Wavy Hair

The style is a rich, auburn-red wavy hairstyle. Deep and dimensional red shades are currently popular. A colorist specializing in red hues can enhance your skin tone and incorporate highlights of red to create a striking, glossy finish. Nothing says mermaid more than long, wavy red hair.

#4: Mermaid Long Hair with Loose Curls

Imagine yourself as a mermaid with long, loose curls. Flowing wavy curls that elegantly drape over your body conjure a sensual, mystical mermaid essence. With your natural hair length or added extensions, try for a loose curl with a one-inch wand for a segmented wavy look. Finish by combing your hair and shaking it out to enhance the waves.

#5: Bright Blonde Mermaid Waves

Try this classic yet stylish bright blonde with mermaid waves for high-impact hair color. Bright blondes are not ashy or warm. This hair color perfectly balances all tones, creating bold, bright highlights. The combination of this high-impact color and a soft-rooted aesthetic creates a great contrast. My favorite way to style blondes is with soft, beachy waves. You can create such waves using a small curling iron and a sea salt spray.

Long Brunette Mermaid Hair with Loose Waves
Instagram @chloe.saltstrands

#6: Long Brunette Hair with Loose Waves

Perfect for fall, long, wavy brunette hair with soft highlights frames the face beautifully! The gentle sun-kissed highlights add depth, and the loose waves emphasize the subtle contrast. This rich color combo adapts well to weather changes, blending soft, warm, golden tones while maintaining its dark, moody feel.

#7: Side Flipped Blonde Mermaid Hair

To achieve beautiful mermaid locks, go for a natural, soft, and well-nourished blonde with many tones. Style it with loose waves and use a deep side parting method to add volume. Try using a large tong, then allow it to cool. Afterward, brush it out for a subtle texture and complete the look with a medium-hold hairspray.

#8: Dark Mermaid Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

If you want glossy, healthy-looking hair, a dark raven tone is a great choice. Dark hair reflects light and always looks well cared for. Pair the dark tone with trendy, feminine mermaid waves for a beautiful look. If you prefer a softer look around your face, ask for side-swept bangs.

Side-Parted Mermaid Cut Shag with Soft Layers
Instagram @hairbydesi__

#9: Side-Parted Mermaid Shag

Maintaining the health of long hair is simple by using a hairstyle like side-parted mermaid shag. The side-parted mermaid shag hairstyle gives more volume to finer, flatter hair, while it also thins out thicker, dense hair.

Mermaid Wavy Long Hair with Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#10: Mermaid Wavy Long Hair with Bangs

Wavy long hair with bangs, or mermaid hair, is the best way to add volume and frame your face. This stylish haircut suits women with medium to thick hair who want to keep their hair sleek yet trendy.

#11: Rich Copper Red Mermaid Hair

An elegant, soft rich copper gives new life to mermaid hair. An edgy cropped haircut enhances beachy blondes. On the other hand, wavy mermaid hair pairs perfectly with a distinct Ariel-inspired red.

Golden Bronde Mermaid Cut with Long Beachy Waves
Instagram @gracec.hairsalon

#12: Golden Bronde Beachy Waves

You can infuse summer into your style with golden-bronde beachy waves! The cut and color of these bronde beachy waves look incredible on almost any face shape and are perfect for brightening up your skin and overall style.

Chest-Length Mermaid Grungy Waves and Face-Framing Pieces

#13: Grungy Waves and Face-Framing Pieces

If you want to try a new hairstyle and need inspiration, this could be for you. These grungy waves with face-framing pieces are a simple way to alter your look. Working in a blended money piece is simple to maintain. Also, a mermaid haircut grows out well between salon visits. The mix of the two creates an effortless, tousled style you must try!

Waist-Length Mermaid Hair with Blonde Balayage
Instagram @julesmondalak

#14: Waist-Length Mermaid Hair with Balayage

Try adding balayage to your waist-length mermaid hair! This color technique pairs perfectly with beachy haircuts for a natural, sunkissed glow.

Long-Length Purple and Green Ombre Mermaid Hair
Instagram @ddcohair

#15: Long-Length Purple and Green Ombre Hair

This long ombre hair, dyed purple and green, mirrors sea colors. If you want this hue, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your sea-like mane vibrant.

Long Mermaid Wavy Haircut with Soft Layers
Instagram @benjaaa_94

#16: Long Wavy Haircut with Soft Layers

Many find a long, wavy haircut with soft layers very attractive. For growing long hair, focus on good care, use protein treatments, and trim it every 8-10 weeks. The mentioned care steps will support hair growth and maintain healthy ends. Super long layers and soft face-framing strands are often appreciated. Use a large round brush to add volume and a 1-inch iron to curl your hair for appealing waves.

Long Purple Mermaid Hair with Soft Waves
Instagram @emma.t.paints

#17: Purple Mermaid Hair with Soft Waves

This purple mermaid hairstyle with soft waves combines the best parts of multiple trends. Mermaid waves, curtain bangs, and a bombastic Barbie hue combine to create the ultimate look!

#18: Beach Blonde Natural Waves

A mermaid chop hairstyle looks great on naturally wavy hair! For instance, added layers can give beach-blonde, naturally wavy hair a refreshed and voluminous appearance.

#19: Long Shag with Shorter Layers

Adding a long shag and shorter layers is a trendy way to give your hair more volume and motion. The long shag with shorter layers, also known as a piecey crop, is very popular and quickly becoming a timeless style.

Long Mermaid Waves with Choppy Ends
Instagram @made.bymakynna

#20: Long Mermaid Waves with Choppy Ends

Style long hair into a mermaid-like wave pattern with a choppy texture. Try a strawberry copper red color for your long, mermaid-style hair. Give your long hair some movement with textured ends, achieved by razor and slide cutting. Add some internal layering to augment the texture. This trending long hairstyle works best with medium to thick textures. Finer hair textures may require less texturing and more blunt cuts for fullness.

Long Mermaid-Style Layered Cut with Blowout
Instagram @kelceyoverton

#21: Long Layered Cut with Blowout

Get a long layered cut with a blowout. This style is popular for those with long hair. Long layers on thick hair highlight your natural beauty by creating movement and enhancing your hair’s natural texture. Use a round brush to style your hair into soft waves for a gorgeous mermaid look.

Long Textured Mermaid Haircut
Instagram @euflaviotelles

#22: Long Textured Mermaid Haircut

Give your hair some big movement with a long textured mermaid haircut. Get your hair cut in flowing and blended layers for added texture and volume. Use a curling iron to make some loose waves in your hair. These waves will show off all the beautiful layers.

Center-Parted Razor Cut with Mermaid Long Layers

#23: Center-Parted Razor Cut with Long Layers

For a trendy look, try a center-parted razor cut with long layers. The middle-parted razor cut gives your fine hair more texture. Adding long layers adds more body to your hair. When these layers are styled in waves, your hair looks fuller.

#24: Very Long Wavy Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Enhance your very long hair with layers that frame your face. Add face-framing layers to your long, flat hair to give it more body. Adding layers to your hair can give the effect of a facelift and will give your hair lots of volume.

#25: Voluminous Mermaid Layered Cut

This viral haircut has become very popular! The much-loved layered cut that resembles a mermaid’s hair has grown in popularity due to its clever design: it keeps hair long but adds layers for extra volume and a beach-inspired, wavy look.

Ever been awestruck by a mermaid’s flowing locks in a fairytale book? Now, the mermaid haircut can make your hair as magical as their story. This whimsical, free-spirited style works for all hair types and textures. Let’s dive in with stylist Erika Hawkins, who shares her expert tips on making the most of this enchanting haircut.

Meet The Expert

Erika Hawkins
Erika Hawkins
Erika is a haircutting specialist with over 12 years of experience.
You can find her at Feverfew Hair Salon in Los Angeles, CA

The Right Hair Type

So, what hair works best for a mermaid haircut? Hawkins says, “This cut is best for normal to dense hair. It brings out more texture and can enhance natural movement – curly, wavy, or straight.” This would suit someone who loves lots of flow in their hair shape. However, for those with thin hair who want it to look thicker, Hawkins advises against a mermaid cut. “A lot of layers remove hair weight,” she explains. As such, a cut with fewer layers might be best.

Matching Your Face Shape

Ready to match your facial shape? Great news – any shape works for a mermaid haircut. “You should decide with your stylist where shorter layers and pieces frame your face. It’s all about details,” explains Hawkins. The key aim is to accentuate your best features. “A good stylist will help frame your face in a nice way,” she says.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Hawkins also shares her go-to products for maintaining a mermaid haircut. “Salt sprays and texture sprays help bring out hair texture,” she explains. She also suggests using a light cream. “It helps add a ‘piecey’ texture to hair ends,” says Hawkins. In essence, the right products help show off your mermaid haircut in full glory. So, find what works for your hair and shine on!

Photos of the Most Popular Mermaid Haircuts