Top 9 Medium Short Haircuts for Women

Short to medium haircuts

Medium short haircuts generally fall between neck length and shoulder length. If you’re having a Goldilocks moment, then you must be having a hard time choosing a length, which is what makes this one so great! Perhaps you just know you don’t want something too short or too long. If so, then you’re in the right place!

Whether your hair density is thick, thin or fine, this popular length will work for you. Fortunately, you have lots of cut options with this length. Below, I’ll show you some trendy bobs, shags, layered cuts and bangs that could work perfectly for you. Check out these pictures below and hopefully, you’ll find a medium short haircut that you’ll love!

Cute Shoulder Length Haircut for Wavy Hair

Cute Shoulder Length Haircut for Wavy Hair

This style features a super versatile hair length with which you can easily change your style from cute to sexy with just a few waves. The cool icy blonde hue gives this classic cut a modern and trendy finish.

Modern Short to Medium Angled Bob

Modern Short to Medium Angled Bob
Instagram @sarah.grace.jones

This natural-looking redhead is a real eye-catcher! Keep your bob angled and straight with a subtle waved end if you want to put attention on this bold color that perfectly suits fair skins.

Sassy Stacked Bob with Layers

Sassy Stacked Bob with Layers
Instagram @mandicolorshair

This on-point short stacked bob is layered to create volume and styled wavy for a messy finish. If you want a unique funky look, go for a purple balayage that gives amazing contrast on black hair.

The Best Chin Length Shaggy Haircut

The Best Chin Length Shaggy Haircut
Instagram @penny_bmhair

Make your straight blonde hair more fashionable by getting this blunt shag with cute side bangs. This chin-length cut looks fantastic if you wanna soften a sharp jawline and add volume to the side of your head.

Trendy Medium Length Haircut for Thick Hair

Q&A with style creator, Mary Aikoroje Stylist @ Nature Blossom Beauty and Spa in Abuja, Nigeria

How would you describe this look? I absolutely adore this look and would confidently wear it. The undone, deep, loose waves give it a simple yet classy and elegant look. Depending on the time of day and outfit, this hair will go well on a corporate look as well as on a tight-fitting evening dress with heels. The mix of colors is a subtle blend, which will suit just any skin tone. Personally, I would like to include a one-inch strip of mahogany to the right side of the hair. This would be my way to own it and make it a signature style. Any advice for someone considering it? Whether you have oval, square, rectangle, round, or heart shaped face, this hairstyle will suit you because of its loose look. I would suggest focusing on highlighting the cheeks when applying makeup as this will enhance the richness of the hair. Do remember to tone down or increase makeup contouring to suit the occasion. Because it’s an undone look, you’d probably be able to get away creating this style on most hair texture. Finally, since the focus is on the hair, I will suggest that the jewelry is minimal.

Edgy Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Edgy Pixie Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @prymebeauty

Q&A with style creator, Kiana Borth Salon Owner @ Pryme Beauty in Sugar Land, TX

How would you describe this look? This look is a modern versatile and sexy pixie cut for the person who wants to be able to transition between sleek, edgy, sultry, or cute styles! For the cut, everything from the parietal ridge down was tapered softly for shape and style, while everything in the crown was over-directed to the parietal ridge for versatility between straight curly, left right, sleek, or tousled! I used a mixture of point and slide cutting to create a lot of texture and softness! The color was a customized copper to both neutralize the underlying pigment revealed during lightening and also to complement a neutral to fair skin tone. Any advice for someone considering it? The ideal client for this look will be someone who either has naturally straight hair with minimal cowlicks or curly/wavy hair but either must be willing to style as needed based on the look desired for the day/occasion! I would recommend the following styling products: mousse, heat protectant, hairspray, dry texture spray, shine spray, and a texturizing powder to achieve various styles. I would recommend the following tools: smoothing iron and 1″ or less curling iron to achieve various styles in conjunction with the styling products!

Chic A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

Q&A with style creator, Diondria Marie Scott Stylist @ Salon Red Brookhaven in Atlanta, GA

How would you describe this look? This look is a super chic, edgy, yet sophisticated style. It is universal and can complement many women and their lifestyles, whether they are fashion forward, edgy, in the corporate world, a nurse, etc. What I like about this particular cut is how it allows me to be able to completely transform the shape of my client’s hair, and it even makes her “natural” hair color look so rich and vibrant. Any advice for someone considering it? It will require a little maintenance from the salon and at home, especially keeping up on getting your hair cut every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape of the cut which is the most important. As for home maintenance, depending on the time that you like to take styling your hair, the texture, and the amount of hair you have, these styling options can help: If you want to keep a sleek look but your hair is frizzy, then you will want to make sure that you have a smoothing product that combats frizz/humidity. If your hair is fine and you want your bob to have a body to it then you would want to consider using a product that has thickening agents. Bumble and Bumble is a recommended product line and these products can be used prior to blow drying. The use of a flat iron can be optional. Also, this particular cut and length fit all face shapes.

Popular Ear Length Choppy Cut

Q&A with style creator, Lindsay Levine Stylist @ Crescent Salon in Nashville, TN

How would you describe this look? This look is somewhere in between an A-line bob and a pixie with bangs. Janelle (my client) had a bob when she came in for her appointment, but wanted something that was more cut out around the hairline, that she could swoop from side to side, and that was very wispy and piecey to remove the bulk from her thick hair. I love that it has interest. She could tuck it behind her ears, slick it all back, or part it on either side of her head, and she’d get a totally different look. I love all the little pieces around her hairline that will continue to make this cut look current and shaggy. Any advice for someone considering it? You’ll feel exposed at first! If you’ve never had short hair, it takes some getting used to! Your neck, chin, and jawline are exposed which are things that women often feel most self-conscious about. However, the right cut can accentuate those features in all the right ways making you feel confident, empowered, and more beautiful than ever. Play around with different shapes that complement the structure of your own face and head shape, and take into consideration how much time and money you are willing to put in. Shorter doesn’t always mean easier, so ask yourself (and your stylist) if a shorter haircut will work for your structure and your lifestyle. Besides, if you’re pulling your hair up into a ponytail every day – it might be time for a shorter haircut! I say live your best life and try something new. Chop chop!

Stylish Short Haircut for Curly Hair

Q&A with style creator, Christine Diaz Hairstylist @ To Dye For Hair Studio in Whittier, CA

How would you describe this look? For this style, I started with her color. She has virgin hair and wanted to keep the integrity intact. So I gave her a very natural balayage throughout the whole head using Rusk’s permanent color in a level 8nc with 30 volume (no need to use bleach if not necessary). I also would suggest a protective additive such as B3, Olaplex, or Wellaplex for protection and longevity. For her signature haircut, she wanted to utilize her own natural texture to work into a daily routine that was low maintenance yet stylish. Any advice for someone considering it? We started by cutting one inch in length to refresh her ends proceeding to cut her nape as if to simulate an A-line bob. Then cut at a vertical line and then almost like a “C” pattern along the shape of the head. To avoid the “triangle” or “bell” shape, I gathered hair at the top of the crown area sectioning a U and cut about an inch. Letting it fall naturally, I then gathered about an inch width of hair along her part line (in this case the middle) and point cut. Bangs were cut at cheek level and lightly textured. The goal was to keep the shape as round as possible, taking weight from the crown to allow lengths to appear loose and effortless. For styling, I educated her on the importance of keeping her locks hydrated. This means leave-in conditioner such as “It’s a 10” or Enjoy leave-in conditioner. Also, the use of an emollient such as argon oil to condition, control frizz, and add shine. My go-to for styling curls is a lotion based product such as Deva Curl or Enjoy Shaping Lotion. It’s easy to apply and the results are more natural than that of the traditional foams or gels. Evenly distributed throughout the hair by hands or wide tooth comb, I suggest to my client to wait about 5 minutes and then diffuse hair upside down drying roots first, mid-shaft, and ends. A gentle “scrunch” ensures tighter curls but careful not to separate or disturb curl’s unison form. Once completely dry, flip! Shake out with hands lightly spray and voila! The cutest cut for a free spirit girl on the go!