25 Coolest Medieval Hairstyles for the Modern Era

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Faux Crown Braid with Flowers

Explore the possibilities of a faux crown braid adorned with flowers. If your hair is either naturally short or fine, you may be wondering what type of braids you can attempt. Don’t worry. You can opt for pre-made faux braids. These braids can be styled into a crown shape, and they will perfectly match your hair color. As another option, you can purchase additional hair, braid it, and then shape it into a circle. You could also style it onto a wire form. Lastly, pin it into your hair using bobby pins, creating the illusion of thicker, longer locks.

#2: Inverted Loose Braid Updo

An updo with an inverted loose braid will not only add texture but also make your hair appear fuller. Your hair stays neat all day with the bubble-shaped braid. You could try using a small crimper in the braid for additional fullness.

Modern Medieval Braided Headband Updo
Instagram @kerrs.hair

#3: Braided Headband Updo

A braided headband updo is a beautiful and intricate style perfect for warmer months as it will keep hair off your neck while allowing you to still look stylish.

#4: Easy Half Updo with Three Strand Braid

This half updo with a three-strand braid is surprisingly easy to recreate at home! You only need a little hairspray, a few bobby pins, and a little patience.

Medieval Half Pull-Through Braid for Long Hair
Instagram @winterhair

#5: Half Pull-Through Braid for Long Hair

A half pull-through braid is perfect for making long hair look more stylish. Long-haired updos can often be heavy on the head, but a braid is a great alternative.

#6: Halo Braid with Face-Framing Layers

Looking for an up style that looks good with tendrils? Try a halo braid with face-framing layers!

Romantic Coiled Low Pony with Medieval Braid for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @p.p.m_hair

#7: Coiled Low Pony with Braid

A coiled low pony with a braid is a stunning way to amplify your everyday ponytail.

Medieval Low Bun and Side Braids with Hair Comb
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#8: Low Bun and Side Braids with Hair Comb

Look like royalty with a low bun and side braids with a hair comb! The added embellishments on the comb take this look to the next level.

Medium Half-Up Medieval Triple Braids with Beach Waves
Instagram @sweetvjewelry

#9: Half-Up Triple Braids with Beach Waves

Half-up triple braids with beach waves are a gorgeous way to incorporate a more medieval vibe into your look.

Medieval Halo-Style Jumbo French Braids
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

#10: Halo-Style Jumbo French Braids

Halo-style jumbo French braids give off “angelic vibes” perfect for a visit to a fair!

Medieval Romantic Bronde Low Bun with Side Braid
Instagram @beyond.the.updo

#11: Bronde Low Bun with Side Braid

A bronde low bun with a side braid is a stunning style for any special event or occasion. This refined, sleek hairstyle merges the elegance of a low bun with the bohemian allure of a delicate side braid. Note that multi-colored hair is vital to highlight the intricate details of the braid. Incorporating small details like flowers or hairpieces adds a finishing touch to the style, perfect for special occasions.

#12: Sleek Low Bun and Braid

A sleek low bun and braid is a polished hairstyle with multiple woven braids. This hairstyle is perfect for people with thick or coarse hair types. The detailed braiding makes it facile to hide or tuck long lengths of hair. If you struggle with keeping your hair neat throughout the day, the sleek low bun and braid are an excellent choice. I suggest adding braids to all hairstyles to suit thick hair types.

#13: Blonde Twisted Bun with Hair Accessory

If you’re looking for a sleek medieval hairstyle, try a blonde twisted bun adorned with a delicate hair accessory. The elegant hairstyle with the twisted bun presents a perfect blend of simple beauty and intricate details. Detailed hair pieces can enhance your chosen hairstyle and make it more interesting. Striking a balance between sleekness and volume is key to complementing your face shape. I suggest keeping a few strands of hair around your face for a softer appearance.

Modern Braid Updo with Rhinostone Leaves Medieval hairstyles
Instagram @sweetvjewelry

#14: Braid Updo with Rhinestone Leaves

A braid updo with rhinestone leaves and a boho vibe is a stunning mix of soft lived-in style with a bit of glamour. This softly braided updo features woven braids along the side that connect with a soft bun. This style creates an organic feel. This whimsical hairstyle can combine by adding a hairpiece like these rhinestone leaves.

Low Boho Ponytail Braid for Long Medieval Tresses
Instagram @sweetvjewelry

#15: Low Boho Ponytail Braid

A low braid styled in a boho ponytail is a great way to show off an effortless Bohemian chic look. This style works well for women with long hair and few layers. The ponytail rests neatly at the base of the neck with little volume, making it an ideal hairstyle for all-day wear. For a more romantic and elegant look, you can add soft loose curls around the face. This versatile style is perfect for any wedding guest or bridesmaid.

#16: Textured Twist Bun with Floral Pins

A textured twist bun adorned with floral pins is the most detailed and intricate upstyle. To make your hair smooth but full, and enhance the twists and turns, set your hair on hot rollers before you do this.

Medieval Low Brunette Braided Bun on Dark Hair
Instagram @beyond.the.updo

#17: Low Brunette Braided Bun

A braided bun low on the neck is a sophisticated and stylish hairstyle ideal for important events, like a black tie occasion. For a fuller bun, you can add some clip-in hair extensions. The number of extensions used will depend on the desired look for your hairstyle. Complete the look with a strong-hold hairspray.

Medieval-Style Halo Crown Braid with Zig-Zag Part
Instagram @thsy.k

#18: Halo Crown Braid with Zig-Zag Part

A zig-zag part and a braid wrapped like a halo is a great boho style. Adding a unique part to your updo hairstyle will make it more dynamic and trendy. You need to smooth your hair before starting this look to make it easier to section your hair for the braids.

#19: Soft and Low Twisted Ballerina Bun

This simple yet popular hairstyle is achieved with a twist. Create a classic hairstyle by twisting your hair from the far side of your head and forming it into a low bun. This style is super easy and can be worn all day. Prepare your hair with a small amount of styling cream for better hold and smoothness.

#20: Brunette Textured Bun

In medieval hair culture, there were numerous styles, including wrapped-up, braided, and twisted styles. To honor this style for festivals, first, curl your hair with a one-inch iron. Then pull your hair back into a bun. To finish, pin back any twisted sections and loop these through the bun.

Medieval Modern Chignon with Face Frame and Braid
Instagram @missysueblog

#21: Modern Chignon with Face Frame and Braid

Go for a modern Chignon hairstyle with a face-framing style and a braid. Your stylist can find the best placement for your Chignon by considering the shape of your head. The Chignon can be styled in a horizontal French twist style, which curves upwards toward the back of your head. The face can be framed with a crown braid and loose tendrils.

Five-Strand Wrap-Around Braided Medieval Hairstyle
Instagram @missysueblog

#22: Five-Strand Wrap-Around Braids

Try a five-strand wrap-around braid. Are you trying to create an interesting low bun? Use five strands of braids. Then, wrap these braids to suit your head shape. Finally, this princess style creates a perfect spot for a crown.

#23: Loose French Braid Updo

Consider an updo that features a loose French braid. A simple pull-through braid on each side of the head will look like a French braid. The tail of the braid can be wrapped around the crown of the head and secured with bobby pins. Adding accessories can make your hairstyle look extra fancy and match your outfit choice.

#24: Brown-Blonde Romantic Half Updo

In medieval times, royalty would wear beautiful hairstyles that easily accommodated crowns. The half-updo style, which is romantic, combines twists and braids to create texture and dimension. The remaining hair not included in the updo is curled.

#25: Blonde Crown Braid and Low Bun

A blonde crown braid paired with a low bun creates a beautiful style suitable for medieval occasions. To achieve this look, first, curl all of your hair to create waves. Next, separate the hair in front of your ears vertically. Pull the rest of the hair back into a low bun. Braid the front crown and integrate it into the bun using bobby pins. For a finishing touch, leave a few strands out in front to softly frame the face.

Embark on the journey back in time with the swooping braids and ornate looks of medieval hairstyles. Guiding our trip is hairstylist guru, Brianna James. Let’s unravel her notable wisdom and tips throughout this article.

Meet The Expert

Brianna James
Brianna James
Brianna is a hairstylist with over 13 years of experience.
You can find her at Gypsy Rose Salon in Round Rock, TX

Medieval Styles for Your Unique Hair

Brianna’s first tip is to think about your hair type. Each type works with a different style. For thin or older hair, small braids work best. “One good look is a braided crown,” Brianna says. The goal here is to keep the hair looking full.

For curly or wavy hair, natural texture plays a big part. Let your hair hang loose, and add a braided style on top. Or you could pin your curls up at the back of your head.

But what about straight hair? “You can wear your hair straight with braids over it,” she advises. To switch things up, why not curl your hair and see how it holds up?

Considerations for Hair Length

Brianna goes on to explain the role of hair length. Short bobs can take a hint from fantasy with tousled curls and a flower crown. Longer bobs can manage a loose updo or half-and-half braids.

For long hair, there are almost no limits. Wear it up or down as you wish. The only catch? “Very long, heavy hair might struggle to hold curls when down,” Brianna says.

Medieval Styling Tips

To style your hair, Brianna suggests a few things. First, make sure your hair is slightly dirty. This will give it a bit of grit so it can hold the style. To prep, use a dry shampoo or dry texture spray before you start.

Next, protect your hair from heat if you’re going to curl it. Choose a medium to large barreled curling iron or wand for a looser curl. If you’re going to braid your hair, use a light pomade or paste first. This will help tame any flyaways.

And the final touch? A light spray of hairspray or shine spray! You can also add a flower crown, braid ribbons into your hair, or use medieval-inspired hair jewels.

Photos of the Most Beautiful Medieval Hairstyles