Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

Admittedly, I have a fair number of pet peeves. But do you want to know what one of my greatest frustrations is? That little damp spot that shows up on the nape of your neck from sweating — even when you haven’t been exerting yourself much at all! And don’t get me started on the little dew drops that make an appearance around your hairline.

It must be said, though, dear hair lovers: a little sweat is the price we pay for glorious spring and summer weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t take action to keep cool during the hot months, though. For the next five months or so, I suggest wearing hairstyles that minimize heat overload (and consequently sweat deluge). You can start with the six hot weather hairstyles I’ve highlighted below.

The Five Strand Braid

Okay, so we all know that a quick side braid is like, the easiest solution to the frantic, “What do I do with my hair?!” dilemma you’re faced with when you have 10 minutes to get ready. Whether you’re running around the house like a crazy lady trying to beat the clock or you simply don’t want to mess with your mane, I propose the side braid. But not just any side braid. Oh no. I propose the five-strand side braid, which looks a million times cooler and doesn’t require much more effort. (Plus it keeps the hair off your neck.) Bobbyglam walks you through the steps in her video.

French Braided Ponytail

What screams summer more than a high ponytail? Ice cream and beach balls, perhaps, but you get what I’m saying. Again, though, you don’t want to throw your hair into just any old pony tail and run out the door. You have a hair reputation to uphold, after all. For an easy ponytail style that’ll garner oohs and ahhs, I suggest you try Lilith Moon’s “French Braided Ponytail.” J’adore! I’m seriously in love with this style. If I see any of you wearing it on the street, I may have to stop and give you a high five. Check out her video tutorial for all the deets.

French braided ponytail hot weather hairstyle

Twist Braid

Mmk, so nothing’s quite as unflattering as sweaty hair matted to your forehead. Not to mention, that can cause an acne outbreak which is the last thing any woman wants. The solution to the “sweaty, matted hair effect” is to sweep hair off your face/forehead. With this “Twist Braid” hair style, not only will you keep cooler, you’ll look darn cute, to boot! The tutorial comes to you from Alejandra Amador Vidal (or Ale), who runs the “Imagine Ale” blog. The style keeps most of your hair down, but sweeps up your bangs/face-framing layers into a sweet, off-center, twisted braid.

hot weather hairstyles twist braid

Twist Braid Hair Tutorial from Ale Vidal on Vimeo.

Summertime Hair Wrap

This one’s perfect for hot days working in the garden or cleaning the house. It keeps hair up and out of your face/off your neck, but you still look positively darling. I can also see this one outside of the house, as well. So many possibilities! This particular “summertime hair wrap” tutorial is featured on the More Design Please blog, which provides a thorough, picture tutorial that outlines everything you need to know. I suggest wearing your wrap/scarf with hair secured in a claw or quick French twist.

hot weather head wrap tutorialhair wrap tutorial

Lazy Girl’s Milkmaid Braid

Anytime the word “lazy” is in a tutorial description I’m all over it. And I assume you are, as well, if this subtitle title caught your attention read this far. “M” at the Tongue in Chic blog is one of us, too. “Sometimes, I just don’t have the time to fix my hair,” she says. “Cue the milkmaid braid, which for me is the perfect quick fix for (gasp) dirty hair.” This abbreviated version of your standard milkmaid braid takes no more than 10 minutes to complete and works on various hair textures. Win!

hot weather hairstyles milkmaid braid

Triple Braided Cinnamon Bun

Okay, so I’ve covered the side braid, the pony tail and the hair wrap. How can I not include a bun? While I love the ease of a sock bun or a top knot, I propose something less expected this summer. Ladies, meet the Cinnamon Roll Bun. Mmm…cinnamon rolls. Ahem.  This one comes to you from The Freckled Fox’s Emily, who creates three of the cinnamon roll buns at the nape of her neck. You can stick to just one if you prefer.

cinnamon roll bun hot weather hairstyle

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