25 Absolutely Gorgeous Ways to Get “Hollywood Waves” for Your Next Event

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Classic Wedding Wavy Hairstyle

Consider a vintage wavy curl if you’re looking for a classic wedding hairstyle! Brides appreciate vintage waves for their lasting power and ability to maintain the desired shape throughout the day. Consider adding extensions if you have fine or thin hair. Clip-in extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your style. Extensions also add instant drama to the vintage wavy look.

Long-Length Hollywood Dark Brown Waves
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#2: Hollywood Dark Brown Waves

The dark brown wave adds Hollywood glam to any appearance. A soft wave, like a water ripple, is a classic Hollywood red carpet style. This style is often brushed out to create a soft, blended wave. This style is curled towards the floor and pinned around the hairline. This method gives a straight style closer to the head, with waves starting below.

#3: Loose Retro Waves

The vintage look is achieved through loose Hollywood waves resembling classic finger waves.

Big Hollywood Finger Waves Hairstyle for Long Tresses
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#4: Big Finger Waves Hairstyle

Classic Hollywood finger waves create a timeless look. When styling your hair, it’s important to use a good product to hold the waves.

#5: Classic Ash Ombre Wavy Hair

An ombré color will showcase a gradient of color from root to tip of the hair, which goes hand in hand with a beautiful Hollywood glam wave, showcasing all the beautiful tones. With an ombré transitioning from a brown base into an ashy blonde, you will want to blend these colors with a gloss of brown, brown gold, and gold blonde into a violet ash blonde. Maintain this gorgeous color with glossing treatments every 6-8 weeks to keep it all blended.

Long Warm Blonde Hair with Old Hollywood Waves
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#6: Warm Blonde Hair with Old Waves

The warm blonde tone looks great with classic waves. Professionals use a small curling iron and a special product to create these long-lasting waves.

#7: Hollywood-Style Big Waves

Hollywood-styled waves with an intense S shape help define the wave and give an overall classic finish.

#8: Center-Parted Luscious Black Waves

Go for voluminous waves on shiny black hair. This style was done with a center part for symmetry and to execute the perfect curtain bang.

#9: V-Shaped Cut with Soft Big Waves

Go super chic with a v-shaped cut with soft, big waves. The v-shape perimeter makes the hair look longer and not so blunt on the ends, while the soft waves add extra texture.

Waist-Length Hollywood Waves with Blonde Highlights
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#10: Waist-Length Waves with Blonde Highlights

You can add extra dimension to waist-length hair with soft blonde highlights. The color variations show off the waves and soft layering throughout this look.

#11: Bright Blonde Vintage Wavy Hair

Go ultra classic with bright blonde vintage wavy hair. Setting the hair in curls going in the same direction will create this look once brushed out with a soft brush. Finish with shine serum and hair spray.

#12: Super Long Hollywood Wavy Hair

Super long Hollywood wavy hair shows off glamour and elegance, offering a stunning look that exudes sophistication and allure. This style is versatile and suits various hair types, making it achievable for anyone seeking to channel old Hollywood glamour.

#13: Sleek Hollywood Waves on Long Dark Hair

For long dark hair, sleek waves are a classic, timeless hairstyle that gives a bold, glamorous look. Vintage waves add dimension and elevate all long hairstyles. For loose waves, using a bigger curling iron is important. A curling iron of 1.25 inches is ideal for a softer wave pattern.

Bouncy Voluminous Hollywood Wavy Style for Long Thick Hair
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#14: Bouncy Voluminous Wavy Style

If you desire a wavy style, a classic, bouncy, full look is ideal for bridal hair. You need a curling iron of the right size and style to create a 1920s-inspired wave. I recommend a 1-inch wand for this type of curl and technique. To keep the curls all day, curl your hair in one direction and layer with a strong hairspray. My favorite strong-hold hairspray is the Got 2 B glued freeze spray.

Long Hollywood Thin Waves with Deep Side Part
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#15: Thin Waves with Deep Side Part

You can achieve bold vintage waves even if your hair is thin or fine. To create an illusion of volume, include a deep side part. Vintage waves are a gorgeous and timeless way to showcase your features. For a softer wave, using a 1.25-inch curling iron is the best. Make sure you curl the entire head first and let the hair cool down, as this is an important step before proceeding. A boar bristle brush is a specific tool to help smooth the hair and create shine. Ensure you use gentle brushing strokes and add layers of hairspray. This is done while lightly brushing the waves with your boar bristle brush. This will ensure a frizz-free result.

#16: Vintage Waves with Hair Bow

Embrace elegance with vintage waves paired with a charming hair bow. This classic hairstyle is perfect for adding a touch of retro glamour to any look.

Mid-Length Glam Hollywood Waves
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#17: Mid-Length Glam Hollywood Waves

The hairstyle known as mid-length glam waves works well with many hair types, such as straight, wavy, or loosely curled. But people with naturally straight hair might need to put in more effort. They may also need extra styling products or hairspray to get and keep these waves. In the end, this is a flexible hairstyle that can be suited to varied hair textures using proper styling methods.

Longer Hollywood Bouncy Red Waves
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#18: Hollywood Bouncy Red Waves

Hollywood bouncy red waves are stunning on women with medium to long hair, though they can also be adapted for shorter lengths. This style complements a variety of hair textures, including straight, wavy, and loosely curled hair, allowing for a glamorous look regardless of hair type.

Easy Medium Hairstyle with Subtle Hollywood Waves
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#19: Easy Medium Hairstyle with Subtle Waves

Get an easy medium hairstyle with subtle waves. The Hollywood wave works well on medium to wavy hair. Start by defining your parting line. Then, section your hair horizontally using a 1.5-inch curling iron. Keep the curl in place with a duckbill clip. After forming the curl, slide it gently off the curling iron. Do this for the entire head, apply makeup, and let the curls cool and set. For a natural wavy style, remove the clips and smooth the hair with a paddle brush for a glam look.

#20: High Ponytail with Sleek Waves

Capture vintage beauty with a high ponytail featuring sleek waves. This classic yet beautiful style effortlessly combines retro charm with modern sophistication, perfect for any occasion.

#21: Medium-Length Soft Polished Waves

Medium-length, soft, polished waves are the epitome of timeless elegance. Remember to apply a heat protectant spray before styling for healthy, glossy locks.

Long Blonde Glam Hollywood Waves with Barrette
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#22: Blonde Glam Waves with Barrette

Create an elegant look with blonde glam waves, styling with a classic barrette. This iconic hairstyle evokes a sense of timeless beauty that never goes out of style. Perfect for any occasion, it’s a stunning choice that effortlessly captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Long Retro Romantic Brown Hollywood Waves
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#23: Retro Romantic Brown Waves

When visiting your stylist, ask for a retro romantic brown waves hairstyle. Specify that you desire soft, cascading waves with a vintage-inspired feel, complemented by a rich brown hue.

Long and Soft Hollywood Waves with Pearl Hair Pins
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#24: Soft Waves with Pearl Hair Pins

Enhance your style with soft waves delicately pinned with pearl hair accessories. This elegant look has a timeless beauty. Perfect for adding a hint of luxury to any occasion.

#25: Bridal Hairstyle with Old Hollywood Waves

For bridal hairstyles, lasting longevity and beautiful results are key. The perfect style that embodies this is the old Hollywood wave. The correct products and techniques are crucial to creating these glamorous waves. Use a 1-inch curling iron to create the wave. Cool the hair, then gently brush it to create soft, bold waves. For hold and shine, set the hair with a strong hairspray and a shine spray.

Hollywood waves are a timeless hairdo that bring elegance to any look. Kim Maychszak, a seasoned stylist, shares her expertise on how to nail this style across various hair types and face shapes. Her insights and product recommendations will help you achieve flawless waves.

Meet The Expert

Kim Maychszak
Kim Maychszak
Kim is a wedding hair specialist with over 17 years of experience.
You can find Kim at her own studio in Chicago, IL

Hair Types and Hollywood Waves

“Each hair type can rock Hollywood waves,” says Maychszak. For those with smooth hair, styling is a breeze. Yet, all types can achieve stunning waves with the right approach. Keeping ends trim is key for a polished look. Extensions can elevate your waves by adding volume and length, ensuring your style lasts longer. “Invest in extensions for unbeatable waves,” she advises.

Waves for Every Face

Choosing the right wave style can highlight your best features. For round faces, Maychszak suggests letting hair frame your face to slim cheeks. If you have a long face, aim to add volume on the sides rather than height on top. “Photos from different angles during your trial run will show you the best style for your face shape,” she recommends.

Styling Tips and Must-Have Products

Preparation is crucial for perfect Hollywood waves. Maychszak highlights the importance of tackling frizz and adding volume. She swears by the CHI Texture Iron for smoothing hair and the Aquage Texture Paste for sleek waves. For holding styles in place, Kenra 14 Working Spray and Kenra 30 Ultra Freeze Spray are her go-tos. “These products are essential for achieving and maintaining gorgeous waves,” Maychszak shares.

Pictures of the Most Popular Hollywood Waves