28 Hottest Ways to Get The Hime Haircut Trend

hime haircut
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The trendy Hime haircut features sleek front bangs and face-framing locks. It’s a royal princess-inspired hairstyle that emerged from Japan’s Heian period.

Mariah Garza, a stylist from Los Angeles, CA, approves of an exceptional cut. “It’s a chic option if you wish to add a little edge to your appearance without going through a drastic change. It won’t require you to lose too much length.”

To recreate the look, get a section of hair from the front to establish the lip-length fringe and frame. “Start by slightly over-directing the cut towards the face. This way, the hair swoops forward rather than laying flat down,” Garza states.

A hime cut was once deemed as a status symbol in which only a noble woman could wear. In the present times, anyone can wear a hime haircut and keep its shape by trimming every three-four weeks.

When styling, it’s best to invest in salon-grade products. “Spritz a medium-hold hairspray to the front pieces for a sharp, precision look,” says Garza. She urges ladies to refuse to get a Hime cut if they can’t devote time for styling.

Thanks to anime and K-pop idols, the hair trend is back into the limelight. Show your stylist these inspiring photos of Hime haircuts on your next salon appointment.

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#1: Bright Red Long Hime

If you are hoping for a shocking change, a bright red long hime cut can surely live up to that! Bright red hair has always been a show stopper, but does require proper hair care in order to keep the color bright and vibrant. Additionally, because of the varying lengths of the hime haircut, it too requires proper maintenance in order to keep the shape on point. Paired together with the proper care, a bright red long hime should be your next jaw-dropping look.

Modern Hime with Visible Layers for fine hair
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#2: Modern Hime with Visible Layers

Trying a modern Hime haircut with visible layers is a bold and stylish choice that lets you wear your hair in a new and edgy way. The Hime haircut, inspired by traditional Japanese hairstyles, has distinct layers for texture and movement. With a modern twist on this classic style, your hair can catch eyes with its bold and dynamic look. Use a texturizing spray to highlight the visible layers in your Hime haircut.

Cute Layered Hime Haircut
Instagram @danieljianing

#3: Cute Layered Hime Haircut

Similar to a mullet, a layered hime haircut is perfect for women with finer hair. The layers in the hime haircut bring body to the classic hime.

Chic Face-Framing Hime Cut
Instagram @f.stop_hair

#4: Chic Face-Framing Hime Cut

A face-framing hime cut is an absolutely gorgeous hairstyle to maintain length. The face-framing at your chin creates an elongated vibe.

Gorgeous Hime for Thick Hair
Instagram @leco_amane

#5: Gorgeous Hime for Thick Hair

A hime for thick hair is perfect if you are wanting to remove weight in your hair. Choosing princess cuts for your next hairstyle will remove unwanted heaviness around your face.

Long Straight Hime
Instagram @karina.cabelos

#6: Long Straight Hime

A long straight hime is a bold and chic hairstyle. The blunt fringe and sides make a statement. To achieve better results, skip the layers. It will give you the most dramatic shape. A hime cut looks best on women with shiny hair, so oil or a spray oil like Shine flash by Redken would help you achieve hair glow.

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Beautiful Hime with Thin Bangs
Instagram @wonhair

#7: Beautiful Hime with Thin Bangs

Try a hime with thin bangs for your next hairdo. A hime is seen on straight hair with chin-length side locks and a frontal fringe. The shape is coming in hot on the runways and the internet. Ease into the bangs by starting with a thin section, which is easy to grow out of if you don’t love it. The princess hairstyle was popularized by Japanese royalty.

On-Trend Hime Lob
Instagram @tonytony1226

#8: On-Trend Hime Lob

A hime lob is a beautiful choice, especially if you want to skip the fringe. Ask your stylist to cut your sides bluntly to the level of your cheekbone with no blending at the back. You will get the disconnected shape you desire. Keep in mind that if you have curly hair, you will need to blow out a hime cut extensively. When styling interesting haircuts, try using an extra-large round brush or a flat iron.

#9: Short Hime Bob Cut

A short hime bob cut is a beautiful and precisely cut style. Keep in mind, if you have wavy hair, a hime cut probably is not for you. Even if you blow it out fabulously it is still likely to move and will take away from the lines of the style. If you have straight short hair go for a hime hair cut, and make sure you go to a stylist who is great at precision cuts. Adding some funky highlights can make punk cuts even more fabulous.

#10: Trendy Hime Katto

A hime katto is a beautiful cut if you are wanting a new style. If you have thin hair, it’s a perfect style for you because the blunt lines in the cut create an illusion of thick hair.

Classic Hime Hairstyle
Instagram @weiwesleywei

#11: Classic Hime Hairstyle

A classic hime hairstyle is a beautiful style. The layering around your lips and cheekbones brings attention to your face while the length keeps your style soft and sexy.

Trendsetting Hime Ponytail
Instagram @yuunauzuki

#12: Trendsetting Hime Ponytail

A hime ponytail is a perfect style if you have long hair. The princess-style hime hair cut frames your face to give you movement and style.

Cosplay Hime Cut
Instagram @rainyreenie

#13: Cosplay Hime Cut

A cosplay hime cut will enhance your natural texture and bring life into your fashion colors. Consider princess styles if you are looking to get a hime haircut.

Double Sidelocks Hime
Instagram @leco_amane

#14: Double Sidelocks Hime

A double sidelocks hime is perfect for women wanting to update their style. The symmetrical balance in a hime hairstyle is a beautiful way to showcase your natural beauty.

Modern Hime Haircut
Instagram @hairbysroth

#15: Modern Hime Haircut

A modern hime haircut will freshen up your look. Rock princess haircuts when looking for something new to add to your long hair.

Black Hime Cut
Instagram @nao_kawakubo

#16: Black Hime Cut

A black hime cut gives you a beautiful silhouette. Rock a hime haircut and keep your length at the same time.

Amazing Hime Cut for an Oval Face
Instagram @sofiageideby

#17: Amazing Hime Cut for an Oval Face

A hime haircut for an oval face can make you feel beautiful. Hime haircuts are customized to your face shape and contours. Your hime cut is designed specifically for you.

Inspiring Shoulder-Length Hime
Instagram @nao_kawakubo

#18: Inspiring Shoulder-Length Hime

A shoulder-length hime is perfect for keeping length when wanting to go shorter. Hime styles are paving the way in fashion and hairstyle trends across the world.

Princess Hime Cut
Instagram @reyhairstylist

#19: Princess Hime Cut

A princess cut frames your face beautifully. Consider a princess haircut the next time you are wanting an iconic cut to compliment your style.

Vivid Hime for a Round Face
Instagram @joeydevivre

#20: Vivid Hime for a Round Face

A hime for a round face brings attention to your eyes. The framing layers around your cheekbones break up your face shape and draw attention to your eyes.

Tapered Hime Haircut
Instagram @weiwesleywei

#21: Tapered Hime Haircut

A tapered hime haircut is perfect if you’re looking to keep your length but add some flair to your hair. Hime cuts are perfect for young, fun, and artistic individuals wanting to express their style and creativity through their hair.

Curtain Hime Hairstyle
Instagram @weiwesleywei

#22: Curtain Hime Hairstyle

Try a curtain hime hairstyle if you’re looking to bring attention to your cheekbones. When looking for a trendy style to update your look ask for a hime style or a hairstyle with curtain bangs at your next hair appointment.

Hime Pigtails
Instagram @weiwesleywei

#23: Hime Pigtails

Hime pigtails are a cute style choice for young women. Pulling the length into pigtails shows off the dramatic face frame. Zigzag the part with your comb to add even more interest. Colored bobby pins can be added as decoration and can also help pin in pieces that don’t fit into your pigtail. Add even more visual interest to princess hairstyles by blousing out some of the pigtails.

Long Hime Cut
Instagram @drethings

#24: Long Hime Cut

A long hime cut contains the blunt bangs and side locks but gives you options on the longer lengths. Ask your stylist for long layers that should be disconnected from the sides locks. This will give you the option to create waves in the lengthy parts and blow-dry your bangs and sides straight. A long hime hairstyle is a great choice to change up your style and still keep your hair long.

Trendy Anime Hime
Instagram @weiwesleywei

#25: Trendy Anime Hime

Try an anime hime and show the world your unique haircut. Hime hairstyles are best suited on straight hair because it’s worn flat and dramatic. The side locks can be cut into for a chunky face frame that can be personalized to distinguish you from others. A bold hairstyle is best suited for younger women.

Baby Doll Hime Cut
Instagram @kokorene_hair

#26: Baby Doll Hime Cut

A babydoll hime cut is a softer shape with a bit of movement. Ask your stylist not to cut the side locks too deep and try a bit of layers to create a feminine face frame. The baby doll sides look pretty coming towards your face and can be blow-dried that way with a medium round brush. The hime cut will work well on women who have slightly wavy hair textures and is less dramatic than a traditional hime.

#27: Amasogi + Binsogi Cut

The hime is basically a mixture of the Amasogi + Binsogi cut. The Amasogi is a blunt long cut and the Binsogi is cut at ear-length. Mix them together and you get a cool hairstyle that is being rocked by many k-pop stars. To achieve a beautiful blow-dry, try clipping your top hair out of the way and concentrating on one small section at a time. Blow-dry the underneath section then bring the next section down and this will give you more control of your hair and a beautiful sleek finish.

Hime with Cheek-Length Sidelocks
Instagram @tonytony1226

#28: Hime with Cheek-Length Sidelocks

Cheek-length side locks can be added to any long hairstyle to create a new shape. Side locks can be straight across or longer towards the front depending on your face shape. Rounder face shapes would benefit from the line being longer in the front for balance. Style your side locks with smoothing cream and a large round brush for a flat dramatic finish. Or for a softer look, they can be fluffed up with a light hair spray.

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