27 Examples of the Best High Ponytail Ideas You’ll Ever See

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Sleek High Ponytail
Instagram @ru_makeup

#1: Sleek High Ponytail

This super high ponytail is sleek and versatile, inspired by celebrity Ariana Grande! “It’s the perfect hairstyle and adds a fierce look to any outfit! It’s perfect with a wing liner or a statement red lip,” says freelance hairstylist Ru Blackwell of Australia.

Straightening the hair first is definitely the key!

“If you have shorter hair, this can easily be achieved with an extension ponytail,” explains Blackwell. “Silk of Morrocco just released some beautiful ones that are so easy to apply! If you have long hair, this style is easier to create with two sections of hair the front and the back. Then pull them together at the crown.”

For a perfect ponytail, Blackwell recommends you use a flexible hair spray to smooth baby hairs as you comb and trace the line from your ear to the crown. “This will help you find the perfect position for your ponytail. Wrap a small section of hair around the hair tie and pin with a bobby pin underneath, then you’re ready to go,” she adds.

High Ponytail Softball Hairstyle with Mini Bubble Braids for young girls
Instagram @made.by.babs

#2: Ponytail Softball Hairstyle with Mini Bubble Braids

A ponytail softball hairstyle with mini bubble braids can add fun and increase the cuteness. The bubble braids style is perfect for second-day hair and when you want to try something new. It’s visually interesting. Ask your stylist how to style your own hair!

High ponytail with soft waves and natural highlights on a woman

#3 Effortless High Pony with Cascading Waves

This high ponytail epitomizes grace with its soft, cascading waves, perfect for those with oval faces and long, wavy hair desiring a touch of elegance. It’s especially flattering for young women, adding a gentle lift to the face without overwhelming features. To achieve this look, gather the hair smoothly at the crown to emphasize the hair’s natural volume. The subtle highlights add depth, enhancing the waves and giving off a luminous effect. While this style radiates understated chic, it does require a bit of maintenance to keep the waves bouncy and the ponytail’s height in place throughout the day. It suits thicker hair types best, as fine hair may need additional support for the ponytail’s volume.

#4: Volleyball Ponytail Updo with Scalp Braids

The detailed scalp braids and volleyball ponytail updo form a beautiful hairstyle. The tight braids are great for keeping loose hair around the hairline in place. This look will hold in place all day, even during those high-impact games. You’ll want to use a good hairspray to keep everything in place.

High Ponytail Cheerleading Hairstyle with Bow and Textured Waves
Instagram @anm_.1023

#5: Ponytail Cheerleading Hairstyle with Bow

The classic ponytail cheerleading hairstyle with a bow is perfect for competitions. This hairstyle is not only eye-catching but also fun. It’s easy to secure hair accessories like bows and ribbons in it. To achieve this look, use a generous amount of gel for a tight, high ponytail. Curl the left-out hair. After you’ve secured your hairpiece, thoroughly spray with hairspray. You’re now ready for an action-packed day!

High Bubble Ponytail Style for ladies with large foreheads
Instagram @nbratzbraids

#6: High Bubble Ponytail Style

A high bubble ponytail style is a perfect choice for women with larger foreheads. This hairdo can help to draw attention away from the forehead, creating a more balanced look. The key to this style is in the bubbles. They are created by placing elastics at intervals along the ponytail. To keep the style secure, use plenty of bobby pins and hairspray. This look is versatile and works well for various occasions, from casual to formal.

High Ponytail with Bangs
Instagram @naanafurlan

#7: High Ponytail with Bangs

Only a Roman goddess could pull off this graceful hairstyle. Tousle up the hair leading to the knot and add some waves for a volumized ponytail with bangs.

High Ponytail with Swoop
Instagram @hairmeoutamira

#8: High Ponytail with Swoop

If precision is your preference, then a sleek and swooped high ponytail is your match. This high ponytail works great for women with a lot of baby hair. To fully achieve this look, be sure to ask your stylist to lay your edges at the end of your session.

The Best High Ponytail for Prom
Instagram @b.c.hair

#9: The Best High Ponytail for Prom

If you want to look your best at prom, go for gold with a high ponytail. This extra-voluminous style serves up high drama- something that every girl needs for the dance of a lifetime!

Ponytail Updo
Instagram @hairstylies_nl

#10: Ponytail Updo

A ponytail updo puts a sophisticated twist on the classic high pony. The addition of expertly placed curves and waves make this up-style truly unique. Also, this ponytail updo looks beautiful with all hair colors, making it the perfect style for any woman to try.

#11: High Ponytail for a Wedding

A high ponytail is an eye-catching and easy to achieve style for a wedding. Whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid, the soft curls and boost of volume pair nicely to give off an uber-romantic vibe. This style gets bonus points as it keeps hair out of your face while you get down on the dance floor!

#12: High Sleek Ponytail for Thin Hair

Women with thin hair should go sleek when wearing a high ponytail. A sleek and smooth finish will better compliment your natural texture and density as opposed to a curled or tousled finish. If your hair is on the shorter side, you can also add a few clip-in extensions to maximize the length of your pony.

Higher Ponytail for Long, Blonde Hair
Instagram @unite_hair

#13: Higher Ponytail for Long, Blonde Hair

Elevate your long, blonde hair (literally) with a higher ponytail! Often called a “Party Pony,” this fashionable take on the standard ponytail is perfect for any occasion. Pro Tip: When executing this style, reserve a small strand of hair from the underside of your pony to wrap around the base. This will hide the elastic and give you a fully finished look.

#14: Swingy Pony Hairstyle

Get festive for any occasion with a swingy pony hairstyle. This style is great for any occasion and is simple to do. If you have shorter hair buy a faux pony and secure over your hair for a glamorous and retro updo.

High Half-Up Ponytail
Instagram @quiquemagana

#15: High Half-Up Ponytail

This high ponytail creates the perfect illusion of fuller-bodied hair. Plus, you can do more styling in this half-up ponytail with loose hair for more versatility.

#16: High Pony with Volume

Ponytails often pass up for a decent hairstyle. But do you know that even this simple tied-up style can be used in many ways? Take this classy approach. Waves, colors, and body can definitely turn a normal ponytail into a sought-after style.

High Ponytail Braid
Instagram @braidedbynicks

#17: High Ponytail Braid

A unique way to flavor a normal tied-up ponytail! Use your braid as a hair tie for your ponytail, and jazz up your black hair.

Messy High Ponytail with Curls
Instagram @tannerkb

#18: Messy High Ponytail with Curls

A messy high ponytail with curls is elegant during the day and dramatic at night. Go from savvy to sultry by adding eye-catching jewelry for the extra shimmer.

#19: Formal High Ponytail with Face-Framing Strands

This formal ponytail with face-framing strands was created by hairdresser Tammy Skulander of Australia. “It’s just a dressier, elegant take on our everyday ponytails,” says Skulander. “This perfect high ponytail is very versatile and suits so many women.”

To have this high ponytail updo done, Skulander says you will need to have length and thickness to your hair. “If you don’t have enough length, get a great set of human hair clip-in hair extensions. In fact, this style also has a few clip-in hair extensions to add volume and a little more length,” she adds.

Curly High Ponytail hairstyle
Instagram @salonleah

#20: Curly High Ponytail

This curly ponytail that’s high is fun and natural, yet clean. It was created by hairstylist and wig specialist Leah Loksen of Crown Heights, NY.

To style, Loksen says to use your natural curls or diffuse your hair with curl cream. “You can touch up some curls with 3/4″ iron. Sleek up your high-up pony by making a double-stacked pony. This will make your hair appear longer if necessary.”

“Tease under each pony to make it appear bigger,” she explains. “Sleek back the top with boar bristle. Contain your baby hairs with hairspray on a small teasing brush or toothbrush. A high ponytail with curls is one of those must-try hairstyles for curly girls.”

High Ponytail in French Braid Design
Instagram @braidedbycj

#21: High Pony in French Braid Design

These Dutch braids in a higher ponytail were created by hair braider CJ of Australia. “Use braid extensions, which come in all sorts of colors,” says CJ. “Add hair rings as a little feature to complete your style. The best part about this high pony is the long colorful thick ponytail.”

“A lot of times, girls don’t know what type of braid style they want, but they want the ponytail,” CJ explains. “Ask your stylist to create anything you like and make it into a ponytail. – Go with braids underneath or some with both on top and underneath.”

Most women will leave a ponytail in for over a week. Maintenance isn’t too difficult. Just brush with a wide-tooth comb. You could put it into a bun, and you’ll have a whole different style, too.

The perfect high ponytail will not slip or come off easily, as it’s fixed within the braids. If you want them out, you take the whole style out.

Genie High Ponytail with Bangs
Instagram @miss.nae

#22: Genie High Ponytail with Bangs

Wrap everything up in well-combed hair and some attitude. Look like a fountain of beauty with this goddess-looking ponytail variation.

High Ponytail Weave
Instagram @vchairstudios

#23: High Ponytail Weave

This is a fun, flirty illusion high ponytail weave. “The best part of this super-sleek ponytail is the color of the extensions and the length of the extensions,” says hairstylist Valerie Castille of Los Angeles, CA.

When considering this high pony, Castille says to start with your hair type and length. “To achieve the perfect high ponytail, you will need shoulder-length hair.”

“Straighten your hair with a flat iron. Use a pomade/control, hairspray, needle and thread, and two rubber bands. Higher ponytails are for the girl who’s on the go. It’s a very low-maintenance ponytail that lasts about a week,” she adds.

#24: High Braided Ponytail

This perfect high ponytail is a mix of an edgy and bohemian style. This particular pony was created by hairstylist Shelby Weatherholtz of Reading, PA. “The cutest part about this high pony is the accent braids and hair rings on the side of the updo. Without these accessories, it would just be somewhat of a basic ponytail,” explains Weatherholtz.

“Make sure you have enough hair to mimic this ponytail with side braids or it definitely will translate differently,” she adds. The length allows a softer flow. This counteracts the edginess of the braids and accessories.”

Weatherholtz believes texture spray will be your go-to product to get that fuller high ponytail. “Volumizing hair powders will also help get height and fullness! Try Moroccan Oil dry texture spray and Puff Me.”

#25: Messy High Pony for Wavy Hair

This messy high pony is an effortless upstyle perfect for straight to wavy hair. It was handcrafted by cosmetology student Hannah Morris of Ohio.

“This high ponytail is a classic and wearable style,” says Morris. “Or it can be dressed down for a girl’s night out, or even just Sunday brunch with your besties.”

Morris wants you to think about how you’ll be styling yourself around this ponytail. Things to consider:

  1. How tight or loose you want your curls to be
  2. How high you want your ponytail placed on your head
  3. How much volume you’d like
  4. If you would like any loose pieces to frame your face.

The longer the hair, the higher the ponytail can go. For best results, go to the salon with dry hair.

As far as product selection, Morris suggests you start with a heat protectant before you curl the hair. “Then work with a texturizing hairspray to add volume and matte texture to the curls. Once the hair is in the higher ponytail, layer a medium to high hold hairspray that is matte. You do not want to add shine to this pony. This messy high ponytail is a versatile upstyle perfect for your special day,” she explains.

#26: Long High Ponytail

This long high ponytail is sharp and sleek. It was created by senior hairstylist Montana Reynolds of Australia.

“For high ponytail hairstyles that are slick, try Keune styling gel,” says Reynolds. “It gives you a sleek ponytail and shiny finish along the head, as well as micro braids to keep them in place and tight. Finish the pony with some texture dust to get a lift and hold.”

High Cornrow Ponytail hairstyle
Instagram @braidbar_skg

#27: High Cornrow Ponytail

This cornrow pink high ponytail was created by Eirini Terse, a professional braider from Greece. “It’s a fresh girly style and it looks good in almost all face shapes,” says Terse.

If you need a hairstyle that’s easy for a month, Terse believes it’s this high cornrow ponytail. “You can also add colors to your braided ponytail. As products, you can use olive oil edge control gel and shea butter for your scalp,” she adds.

A high ponytail is a hairstyle that has all the hair gathered and secured into a section on top of the head. Casual + sporty + elegant = it’s unbelievable how versatile this ponytail hairstyle is! Hollywood stars Alison Brie, Elle Fanning, and Zendaya rock their high-fashion high ponytails!

Going to a long gown event? Wear it sleek and straight! However, keep in mind that huge beach waves look just as stunning for your everyday fashion. Matching a high pony with bangs, braids, and cute hair accessories will make you look even more unique!

This quick updo is a handy choice to save you on your lazy days. With a bit of product for hold, shine, or volume, you’ll look fab and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the trendiest high ponytail ideas!