25 Hawaiian Hairstyles for the Cutest Island Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Moana-Inspired Long Textured Hair

This Moana-inspired long textured hairstyle is a traditional yet trendy take on the animated film. The traditional Hawaiian headpiece pairs perfectly with Moana-Inspired long textured hairstyle. If you have naturally thick, coarse hair and want to embrace your natural wave pattern, a good leave-in conditioner is necessary. It helps to tame frizz. My favorite is the All Soft Moisture Restore treatment by Redken.

Hawaiian-Style Long Layered Curls with Colorful Flowers
Instagram @samirasjewelry

#2: Long Layered Curls with Colorful Flowers

This hairstyle is a curly, long layered cut with colorful flowers. This hairstyle embodies the essence of Hawaii, which is characterized by natural beauty and vibrant colors. You can decorate your hair with bright-colored flowers and butterflies attached to clips or bobby pins. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, use a half-inch curling iron to create these gorgeous ringlets.

#3: Half-Up Boho Braid with Subtle Waves

Look at this stylish hairstyle, which features a half-up boho braid with subtle waves. This is a fashionable half-up, half-down style that showcases a natural yet elegant look. Your stylist will curl your hair and create a French braid from one side to the other while lightly loosening the braid for a more voluminous look. Feel free to choose a hairpiece that you like, and your stylist can attach it to your hairstyle for extra dazzle.

Effortless Side-Parted Short Hair for a Hawaiian Summer
Instagram @emily.makanix

#4: Effortless Side-Parted Short Hair

Try the simple short hair style with a side part for a new take on a usual bob cut. This haircut is ideal if you wish to dry your hair naturally without styling. If your hair is naturally wavy, use sea salt spray for a simple air-dry method.

#5: Medium Textured Waves with Floral Headband

A floral headband paired with medium-textured wavy hair is the perfect style for a beach vacation. The classic style of wavy locks combined with a custom-made floral headband is an excellent match. If your hair is naturally wavy, complementing it with a floral headband is a great idea for your next summer vacation.

Hawaiian Plaited Half Upstyle with Mini Flowers for Long-Length Hair
Instagram @lestrois.coiffure

#6: Plaited Half Upstyle with Mini Flowers

If planning a beach wedding, try a plaited hairstyle adorned with mini flowers. These floral elements enhance the bohemian feel of the plaited hairstyle, giving it an effortless beach vibe. If you want a half-up hairstyle, add an intricate twist to give it an extra touch of elegance.

#7: Voluminous Waves with Brown to Blonde Ombre

These voluminous waves show off a fun brown-to-blonde ombre. They are a nod to the 60’s, paired with floral details. A soft ombre can be a fun and low-maintenance way to add soft highlights to your hair. Partner this style with soft curls and adorned florals. It’s perfect for any festival or Hawaiian beach party.

Hawaiian Long Shag with Curtain Bangs and Flowers
Instagram @hair.priestess

#8: Long Shag with Curtain Bangs

For some time, the long shag with curtain bangs has remained one of the most popular haircuts. Their low maintenance and lasting appeal are the reasons behind their popularity. For a fun twist, adorn your shag with wildflowers and pair it with a red lipstick.

#9: Half-Up with Golden Bronde Soft Waves

The hairstyle is half-up with soft waves in golden bronde. It blends charm and elegance with ease. The delicate waves give the hairstyle a soft, vintage-inspired look. The half-up style brings a bit of chic to the look. It’s fitting for both chill outings and formal events. Adding traditional florals to this hairstyle can make a casual look more engaging.

Long Textured Wavy Half-Up with Hawaiian Flowers and Leaves
Instagram @hair.friend.tally

#10: Textured Wavy Half-Up with Flowers and Leaves

Ask for a textured wavy half-up style embellished with flowers and leaves. Brides in Hawaii love to enhance their style with bright flowers. Use the natural moisture in the air to enhance your hair’s texture. Create a half-up style by twisting each side of your hair. Complement this look with natural flowers you can find at a local shop. Pin the stems into your hair with a bobby pin. Extra greenery enhances the look. Experiment with various styles and lengths of leaves.

Hawaiian Half Up Half Down Style with Rope Braid for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @wb_upstyles

#11: Half Up Half Down Style with Rope Braid

Try including a rope braid in your half-up, half-down hairstyle. Including braids will add texture and detail, making the hairstyle more dressy. You can place a few delicate flowers to introduce color.

#12: Mid-Length Ponytail and Braids

To style your mid-length hair perfectly, consider a beautiful ponytail with braids. Secure this hairstyle using bobby pins that match your hair color, and add some hold hairspray for firmness. It’s suitable for both thick and thin hair types.

Hawaiian Low Side Pony with Intricate Braids for Medium to Long Hair
Instagram @britanybraids

#13: Low Side Pony with Intricate Braids

Intricate braids are a great way to add texture to a low pony upstyle. Use a shine wax when styling. This keeps your sections defined and clean for a neat result. Finish up your hairstyle with a medium-hold hairspray.

Hawaiian-Style Curly Long Hair with Flowers
Instagram @elodie.catherine_

#14: Curly Long Hair with Flowers

Curly hair with flowers is the ultimate tropical beach hair look. This style would be perfect for a beach wedding or even a fun luau party. I recommend using a curl gel to keep your curls controlled and small clips to keep your flowers in place.

Hawaiian-Style Deep Side Part Ponytail for Long Curls Perfect for Summer
Instagram @rizadasalpoder

#15: Deep Side Part Ponytail for Long Curls

Adding a deep side part to a long curly ponytail can increase fullness and balance weight. The side-parted long curly ponytail is perfect for a Hawaiian beach wedding. It can help retain the fullness of your curls and keep them under control fuss-free.

Hawaiian Big Bun Updo with Floral Accessories
Instagram @archanarautela

#16: Big Bun with Floral Accessories

Upgrade your big bun with floral accessories. Adding details like this to your style creates texture and adds a pop of color for some fun hair flair!

#17: Pull-Through Double Dutch Braids

Pull-through double Dutch braids are the current trend these days! This charming and chic hairstyle is perfect for any occasion – whether at the beach or attending a fancy event.

Hawaiian Medium Waves with Flower Crown
Instagram @mhm_styling

#18: Medium Waves with Flower Crown

A flower crown on top of medium waves is the perfect boho look. You could wear this to a tropical wedding or a fun beachy party. You can use bobby pins to hold your crown in place.

Loose Rope Twist Braid Half Hawaiian Updo on Long Tresses
Instagram @lesiabeautylab

#19: Loose Rope Twist Braid Half Updo

A loose rope-twist braid, styled half up and half down, is ideal for any wedding or formal event. In my professional opinion, this hairstyle is perfect for those who want their hair off their face but still showcase its length and texture. Try adding a loose wave for a more relaxed, natural look. I recommend using a 1-inch curling iron for these effortless waves.

Fluffy Mid-Length Afro Hawaiian Hair for Summer
Instagram @olovesuuu

#20: Fluffy Mid-Length Afro Hair

The style is fluffy mid-length Afro hair. Let the curls loose in the salty air. It’s feminine and soft, letting your hair exhibit its full beauty. Using a specific oil can tame some of the frizz, or try a hair balm by Hairstory. Ultimately, let your hair be free and natural when you’re at the beach.

Long Wavy Half Updo with Hawaiian Fishtail Side Braid
Instagram @kayy.hairstylist

#21: Wavy Half Updo with Fishtail Side Braid

A wavy half updo with a fishtail side braid is an easy way to make your tousled beach hair look more decorated.

Summer-Friendly Hawaiian Stitch Braids with High Buns
Instagram @theglowbartx

#22: Stitch Braids with High Buns

These stitch braids with high buns are SO stunning! This style will not only make you look cool, but also keep you cool.

#23: Jaw-Length Curly Bob

Keeping curly hair at jaw-length is a great option to showcase the shape of the cut. Keeping the hair short will help your curls bounce. This also adds volume! Be sure to use a soft curl gel or cream to keep these curls defined and shiny.

#24: Dimensional Bronde Hair with Braided Ponytail

Here’s a dimensional bronde hair color combined with a braided ponytail. A bright ribbon highlight for a brunette will attract attention as part of a Hawaiian summer hair look. Try a pull-through, braided ponytail. Use elastic bands throughout sections of your hair until you reach the end. Fluff out for added volume and finish with a little hairspray.

Hawaiian Brunette Beach Waves for Mid-Long Hair
Instagram @jilldoesmyhair

#25: Brunette Beach Waves

Style your hair into brunette beach waves. If you want noticeable texture, add some depth of color and some curls to your long hair. To achieve effortless waves, you’ll want seamless layers in your hair. Try applying a light hair spray, such as Pureology’s Style + Protect Soft Finish Hairspray, before and after you curl your hair with a 3/4-inch iron. Applying hair spray before and after curling your hair significantly increases the hold time. Don’t forget to comb through your ringlets to soften them up.

Unleash your inner island goddess with Hawaiian hairstyles. Embody the tropical spirit in your unmistakable waves or curls. Let the expert guidance of Kelsey VanderEnde transport you to hair’s paradise. Let’s dive into her wisdom and tips!

Meet The Expert

Kelsey VanderEnde
Kelsey VanderEnde
Kelsey is a hairstylist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find Kelsey at her studio in Fraser Valley, BC

Hair Type and Hawaiian Styles

“Consider this hairstyle for thick, naturally curly/coily, or wavy hair types,” she suggests. She believes these hair types will optimally show off the fullness of the Hawaiian look. For sure, those with naturally curly hair will find this an easy style to manage. It suits textured hair in a natural way. But don’t despair if you have fine or thin hair. VanderEnde recommends using extensions to achieve the fuller look that makes the Hawaiian style stand out. Plus, extensions will make the hairstyle last longer.

Face Shape and Hairstyling

VanderEnde offers some advice to keep in mind for those with different face shapes. She mentions that for those with an oval, heart, or round face, keeping the length of the hairstyle longer, best if below the shoulders, is wise. VanderEnde says, “This hairstyle is a full look. So think about where the fullness sits, either by your chin or past your shoulders. This will elongate your face.” She adds that for those with a square or round face, you can experiment with keeping your Hawaiian style long or short.

Style Tips for Different Lifestyles

VanderEnde explains how the Hawaiian hairstyle can vary to suit many lifestyle types. For working professionals, she suggests sticking to beach waves or retaining natural texture. Want to dress up your Hawaiian look for a wedding or a night out? VanderEnde suggests experimenting with accessories. “Play around with accessories such as flower crowns or clips,” she notes.

But don’t forget about the products. She stresses the importance of using heavier products, mousses, and sea salt sprays. “Finish with a medium to strong hold hairspray,” VanderEnde adds. This will allow your curls to last all day long. So, whether you’re a busy mom, an active professional, living on the mainland, or living a retired life, you can enjoy the Hawaiian island style all day long.

Photos of the Most Attractive Hawaiian Hairstyles