35 Perfect-Fitting Hairstyles for Women Over 70 with Glasses

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Blonde Short Cut with a Deep Side Part

70-year-olds who wear glasses should consider a blonde, short cut with a deep side part. This simple style looks sharpest when dried flat, so avoid creating too much volume. When blow drying the roots, pull them toward your head instead of upward. Try not to curl the ends under – this cut looks the most stylish with a straight bottom. Blondes do have more fun, but be prepared to get a touch-up about every 4-5 weeks.

Salt-and-Pepper Short Shag with Bangs for 70-Year-Olds with Glasses

#2 Salt-and-Pepper Short Shag with Bangs

Try a salt-and-pepper short shag with bangs if you are looking for a short hairstyle that is both fun and flirty. A wispy hair style like this pairs perfectly with modern eyewear. It’s simple to style this cut if you have straight hair. Ask your hairstylist for some tips on maintaining and styling this cut on wavy hair texture.

#3: Sassy Bob and Bitty Bangs

If you want a fresh and youthful look, think about getting a sassy bob with bitty bangs. These can nicely shape your face, even if you are 70 and wear glasses. This haircut creates a playful, modern look perfect for mature women. For the best look, have the bob cut longer at the front and shorter at the back. This will nicely highlight your features. Bitty bangs give your look charm. They won’t hide your face or your glasses.

Cute Short and Messy Cut with Natural Color for Ladies Aged 70 with Glasses
Instagram @dinh_hairsalon

#4: Cute Short and Messy Cut with Natural Color

Ask about a cute short and messy cut with natural color. For women in their 70s with glasses, a cut that is easy to maintain and stays out of your eyes is a must. Wear your hair swept to the side to keep it out of your face, and try an asymmetrical bang for a soft effect around the eyes.

French Micro Bob for Ladies Aged 70 with Eyeglasses and wispy thin hair
Instagram @styledbyjenae

#5: French Micro Bob

A French micro bob is a beautiful and edgy way to spice up any traditional short style. My favorite part of the micro bob is the framing of the cheekbones. I love that this hairstyle perfectly hugs the face in a flattering way. Avoid going this short if you have a more round face, you may want to take the style longer. If your aging hair is difficult to style, it might be time to take the leap and cut some off! Try the French bob for a fresh new take.

Razor Cut Shag for Natural Curls for Women Aged 70 with Glasses
Instagram @felix.lynn

#6: Razor Cut Shag for Natural Curls

Ask for a razor cut shag for natural curls. As your aging hair starts to thin out naturally, you will want to add some body and movement to the hair. Ask for a razored shag with crown layers for the most lift. Use a texture spray like Hairstory Undressed Hair Texturizing Spray. It will help your curls form a nice texture to work with.

Thin Pixie for Women Over 70 with Glasses
Instagram @hairboned

#7: Thin Pixie with Glasses

Go for a thin pixie with glasses if you’re over 70. A tousled pixie gives a feminine vibe and volume to fine hair. If you wear glasses, a clean hairline around the ears is a great option so it’s less likely to stick out funky. You’re looking at maintenance of 4-6 weeks.

Edgy Pixie for Women Over 70 with Silver Hair and Glasses
Instagram @b.uniquehair

#8: Edgy Pixie for Silver Hair

As long as you’re happy for your ears to be on show, an edgy pixie cut will look amazing on your aging hair. It will create thickness and body while also giving texture. If your hair is silver, avoid using a matte finishing product. It will take the shine away.

Blonde Piece-y Pixie Cut
Instagram @i.go.to.char

#9: Blonde Piece-y Pixie Cut

A blonde piece-y pixie cut is a beneficial look for those with fine hair or those looking to add more dimension and texture to a low-maintenance style. Adding blonde highlights or baby lights to your pixie cut gives the hair lift and the look of fullness, perfect for lifeless hair. Visually the color, in addition to short textured pieces, helps to shape and soften facial features. Ask your stylist about customizing the tone of blonde as well as length to best compliment your skin tone and hair texture needs.

#10: Feathered Pixie for Older Women with Glasses

A feathered pixie for older women with eyeglasses is a soft style with more length than the traditional pixie haircut. Leaving hair on the tips of the ears and a bit of length at the back will give you a youthful, feminine glow. Shorter bangs look stylish and complement rectangular face shapes. A feather razor is used to cut your hair and give your hair an added layer of texture.

#11: Gray Pixie Bob for Edgy 70-Year-Olds

Try a gray pixie bob for edgy 70-year-olds, and you’ll feel younger than ever before! Bobs have strong lines at the bottom, which give the style a bold, clean shape. Add some layers to create width and interest.

The added graduation at the nape area gives a stacked shape. This style is versatile and can be blown straight with a medium round brush or curled with a 1-inch iron. Upgrade it in an instant by tucking some of your gray hair behind the ear.

Short Shaggy Cut for Older Women with Small Rims
Instagram @jikaiahstylist

#12: Short Shaggy Cut for Older Women with Small Rims

A short shaggy cut for older women with small rims emphasizes the delicacy of the face in a laid-back way. Women over 70 hairstyles can be modern while shaggy and plucked at the ends of the hair.

#13: Silver Long Pixie for Mature Ladies with Glasses

A silver long pixie for mature ladies with glasses will beautifully show off your neck and jawline. It’s one of the perfect cuts for women over 70 with glasses. The longer length of the pixie makes it versatile enough to keep it smooth or give it some volume with curls. Adding bangs helps to hide forehead wrinkles, lines, and crows feet, too.

#14: Lob for a 70-Year-Old Woman with Large Rims

A lob for a 70-year-old woman with large rims helps add volume and fullness to limp hair. This lob is the perfect option if you are looking for women over 70 haircuts that you can embrace and that will bring your hair back to life.

Grey Textured Bob for Older Women 70+
Instagram @kenyohoffman

#15: Grey Textured Bob for Older Women 70+

A grey textured bob for older women 70+ is a great way to add movement to limp hair. The texture made through layering is a flattering cut for women over 70 with glasses.

Short Bob with Layers for Women with Large Glasses
Instagram @foil_and_fern

#16: Short Bob with Layers for Women with Large Glasses

A short bob with layers for women with large glasses consists of bold, edgy cuts that offer a youthful-looking glow. Women over 70 hairstyles should accommodate the presence of any eyeglasses. Have the clients wear their glasses when cutting. This way, you’re certain that the fringe is slightly above the eyeglasses.

#17: Shaggy Long Hair for Older Ladies with Glasses

Shaggy long hair for older ladies with glasses can work wonders for you. The softness of the shag is very flattering, especially for women with round face shapes. It’s vital to do a consultation for this cut while wearing glasses for your stylist to plan out perfectly how to recreate this cut in a way that would flatter you best.

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Mid-Length Cut for Women with Small Glasses
Instagram @christiesalon

#18: Mid-Length Cut for Women with Small Glasses

A mid-length cut for women with small glasses is a perfect choice for women who don’t want to chop their hair too short. Women over 70 haircuts are a gold standard. To achieve this, ask for a slight angle around the face to create a soft backward sweep that accommodates your eyewear. A side-swept fringe works well to keep that hair away from the face and soften any harsh facial lines.

Long Bob for 70-Year-Old Women with Glasses
Instagram @hairbykamo

#19: Long Bob for 70-Year-Old Women with Glasses

The beauty of a long bob for 70-year-old women with glasses is that it’s an elegant length for mature women, and draws attention to the shoulder/decolletage area. Those that wear glasses may prefer a length with which takes the attention away from them. Try it with a side parting to add some softness around your frames.

#20: Spiky Pixie Cut for Women in Their Seventies

Go for a spiky pixie cut for women in their seventies to totally push the grandma look aside and rock some cool hair. The spiky pixie looks awesome on white hair, don’t be afraid to draw attention to your locks. Emphasize your style with Aveda’s control force hairspray to keep your hair rocking all day long.

#21: Classic Pixie with Bangs for Mature Women

Try a classic pixie with bangs. It’s for mature women that want a softer subtle shape on fine hair. A pixie doesn’t need to be overly textured or harshly styled, a clean shape with soft outlines, with bangs that follow the curvatures of your face, and lenses is a timeless look and easy to maintain day-to-day.

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Asymmetrical Bob for Women 70+ with Glasses
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#22: Asymmetrical Bob for Women 70+ with Glasses

An asymmetrical bob for women 70+ with glasses is a timeless haircut. Try adding a pair of eye glasses to give more creativity and color to the look.

French Bob for Classy Women with Glasses
Instagram @xiphiumsalon

#23: French Bob for Classy Women with Glasses

A French bob for classy women with glasses is great for an old lady that wants a timeless cut that makes you look half your age. When it’s angled correctly, it can add a lot of bounce, volume, and texture to your tresses.

#24: Wash-and-Go Short Haircut

A wash-and-go short haircut is easy to style and maintain. Try some leave-in conditioner after washing the hair, adding an extra layer of texture, bounce, and volume.

#25: Flattering Voluminous Curls for Women Over Seventy

Flattering voluminous curls for women over seventy looks best when paired with natural hair curls. Try adding some accessories to give a sophisticated yet fun look, like a pair of glasses.

Layered Bob for Older Women with Large Frames
Instagram @hairbyer_ika

#26: Layered Bob for Older Women with Large Frames

A layered bob for older women with large frames is a popular hairdo. The stacked back gives a bob haircut some finesse. A layered bob, on the other hand, works for women with varying hair textures. The curlier the hair, the more round brushing is needed. Bobs are a good haircut for women over 70 with glasses and will work on almost all face shapes.

#27: Younger Pixie Bob for 70-Year-Olds with Glasses

A younger pixie bob for 70-year-olds with glasses is a good choice for women with fine and straight hair. The long layers on top give a smooth, polished finish. If you don’t like flat hair, this cut might not be for you. A pixie bob is shorter than the traditional bob and will make you look 10 years younger. Ask your stylist for a balayage to enhance your hair color, especially if you have thick hair.

#28: Low-Maintenance Cut for Women with Thinning Hair

You’ll want to try a low-maintenance cut for women with thinning hair. Hair can start thinning out as we age, and a great haircut can make a huge difference. A short haircut can make hair look thicker and fuller. If you have a receding hairline in the front, ask your hairstylist to leave the entire fringe area longer and brought forward. The rest of the haircut should be cut short and worn forward to show less scalp.

Very Short Pixie for Women in Their 70s
Instagram @blondriot

#29: Very Short Pixie for Women in Their 70s

A very short pixie for women in their 70s can take years off your appearance. A long hairstyle can drag your face shape down, and short hair can give your appearance a lift. As a bonus, short hair is quick and easy to style. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair short but leave some length on top for the illusion of added volume. It benefits women who have eye wear and will look best when the hair is pushed off the forehead.

#30: Timeless Medium-Length Cut for Women Over 70

Consider a timeless medium-length cut for women over 70 and enjoy a soft hairstyle. Medium-length hairstyles are a good choice for women who want to feel like they still have some hair while putting it up in a bun. The option of styling it towards or away from the face is a great benefit. It allows women with any face shapes to wear it. It’s moderately easy to style with a medium-sized round brush and 6-8 week hair trims.

Short Bob for Women Over 70 with Glasses
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#31: Short Bob for Women Over 70 with Glasses

Opt for a short bob for women over 70 with glasses. Many women don’t realize that there are so many versions of a bob. There are layered bobs, one-length bobs, and undercut bobs. If you are looking to soften your look, a layered bob with wispy bangs is what you need. Bob haircuts for women over 70 with glasses come highly recommended.

#32: Pixie Haircut for Senior Women with Small Frames

You’ll want to try a pixie haircut for senior women with small frames. Wispy short layers should have a textured cut for a lived-in style, suitable for wavy to straight hair. Pixie haircuts can be dried by pulling with your fingers backward, forwards, or even to the side. Spectacles with a small frame suits this cut the best.

Youthful Looking Pixie for Women Over 70
Instagram @preo.hair

#33: Youthful-Looking Pixie for Women Over 70

Choose a youthful-looking pixie for women over 70. Make sure you dry your pixie haircut forward, not backward. A pixie haircut dries in minutes with a round brush and a bit of hair mousse, providing a luxe, polished finish. Narrow eyeglass frames are recommended if you have trouble with hair around the ears sticking out.

#34: Short Haircut for Elderly Women with Curly Hair

Try a short haircut for elderly women with curly hair. You’ll have quick and easy styling and upkeep with this bouncy cut. Chin-length cuts perk up your face and soften unwanted facial wrinkles. Ask your hairstylist for medium-length layers that will air-dry into a pretty, soft curl. Your eyeglasses will work well with this style since the sides aren’t too short around the ears.

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#35: Short Curly Hair for 70-Year-Olds

If you’re looking for an amazing haircut to compliment natural grey hair, then try short curly hair for 70-year-olds. The short cropped cut is cut in a beautifully rounded shape to give maximum volume to the curls. A deep center part adds extra height and enhances the natural peppered lowlights in the front hairline. Pair with a fashionable tortoiseshell frame to complete the look.

Popular ladies hairstyles for women over 70 with glasses vary from short to long and straight to curly. They complement the geometry of the spectacles along with women’s distinct facial attributes. These cuts smooth out harsh facial angles and lines, offering a timeless radiance.

Jessica Morgan, a hairstylist from Tucson, AZ, aims to lift women’s confidence with each cut. With older women, wearing spectacles is a necessity for daily living. “It’s vital that they wear glasses upon hair consultation since it’s an added accessory to the cut,” she says.

Most women over 70 want to look stylish with no work. “I remind them that if they want something different, they must be willing to switch things up,” Morgan says. “As a hairstylist, you need to be firm in instilling the value of hair upkeep and styling to your clients.”

Morgan points out that women over seventy think that cutting the hair shorter creates volume. “Volume doesn’t come from haircuts,” she says. “Volume comes from the careful styling of the hair with the wise use of hair products.”

Before your next salon visit or hair appointment, browse through our slideshow of trendy photos of ladies hairstyles for women over 70 with glasses.