22 Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Round Face Shapes

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Who says we must have boring hair as we enter our golden years? Especially when famous round-faced women over 60 like Oprah and Meryl Streep rock gorgeous hairdos as they age like fine wine. Unlike some cuts that make your face look chubby, these hairstyles and haircuts for women over sixty with round faces will slim down fuller cheeks and emphasize the beauty and youthful spirit in us all!

Older ladies in their sixties can flaunt their hair in many ways, whether long, medium, or short. Most of these chops are flattering as they can hide wrinkles, forehead lines, and skin imperfections.

Manny Dominguez is a stylist from Wildwood, FL, who has worked with locks for over twelve years. This time, he shares a few tips. “For round-shaped faces, I give them the perfect balance considering their facial structure.”

“Haircuts that are easy to maintain and style, such as a bob or lob, are perfect for older women. These cuts tend to elongate the face, giving it a sharper appearance,” adds Dominguez.

Consultation is essential! Take the time to discuss your hair potential, lifestyle, and routine with your stylist.

Ideal hair products to use are medium to maximum-hold hairsprays. Dominguez recommends Control Addict by Redken. He also suggests deep-conditioning and a purple-toning shampoo for seniors with dimensional blonde colors.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of haircuts for women over 60 with round faces.


#1: Medium-Length Blonde Balayage

A medium-length blonde balayage looks stunning on round-face shapes. When booking a balayage appointment, be prepared to come with inspirational photos for your stylist and to discuss your face shape for the most flattering result.

#2: Layered Shaggy Medium-Length Cut

Shags and fine hair are like best friends for aging hair. I suggest a blunt perimeter if your hair is fine and thinning. But then going in with concave shaggy layers for texture and movement. This can bring out some waves in your hair, even if you typically have a straight texture.

Blonde Pixie Cut with Layers for 60-Year-Olds with Round Faces
Instagram @missix_makeup

#3: Blonde Pixie Cut with Layers

Try a blonde layered pixie if you want a fashionable cut and not much fuss. Styling is made easy by using some texture paste and fingers. The short layers will give texture and fullness. Do remember that short cuts do require frequent shaping.

#4: Angled Bob

An angled bob creates a slimming effect that skims the wideness of the silhouette. The slimming effect also elongates the face. Aim for a length that sits under the chin for a more modern feel when getting an angled bob.

#5: Mid-Length Shag Bob for Thin Hair

Pulling off a mid-length shag bob for thin hair and a round face helps you embrace a loose texture. The movement from the layered bob shape contours the face, hugging it in all the right places. Be prepared for wash-and-go hair with a great texture like this.

very short pixie for women over 60 with round face shapes
Instagram @studio___15

#6: Very Short Pixie

A short pixie for overweight women over 60 is easy to wear and manipulate. It has a subtle texture at the top, which breaks up the face shape’s roundness. The pixie style creates fullness to suit seniors with thin locks.

Curly hair style for senior women with round face
Instagram @whitneycoburn

#7: Shoulder-Length Curly Hair Style

A curly hair style is perfect if the hair is already designed to be curly. Medium-length hair is great because it adds the right amount of body, and the curls will look lush once it’s diffused and primed with the right products to fight frizz. Professional Tip: Use a diffuser attachment when blow-drying on low heat and flip hair over to create volume.

#8: Feathered Layers

Feathered layers blends with any face, hair texture, hair color, or personal style. The maintenance of the cut can be done every 2 months to preserve it.

#9: Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair

A pixie haircut is perfect for older women with fine or thinning hair. A pixie haircut creates a more full-looking style with multiple short and choppy layers.

Bob for women over 60 with straight hair and round face
Instagram @michelle.s_pvd

#10: Bob for Women with Straight Hair

A bob for women with straight hair can give the hair some swing and avoid it becoming lank. Cutting your bob shoulder-length or above the shoulder will allow the hair to move and swing without layering it. This is due to the lighter feel of the length.

chin-length textured bob for older women with round faces
Instagram @nellcarmo

#11: Chin-Length Textured Bob

Opt for a chin-length textured bob cut for round faces to narrow down the widest part of your structure. The textured shape will visually give definition and structure.

#12: Layered Pixie Cut

A layered pixie cut for a round face gives the illusion of a more narrow and balanced facial structure. For added texture and style, work with a She Bang-a-Bang dry spray wax by Evo. The finished hairdo will be super chic and younger-looking!

#13: Razored Shag Cut

Razored shag cuts for women with round faces are great for creating a more modern style, making hair appear thicker.

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#14: Long Choppy Pixie with Bangs for Women with Gray Hair

A long choppy pixie with bangs for women with gray hair can add asymmetry to your style to slim down rounder proportions. Lengthening your bangs to sweep one side, creating side-swept bangs, can create an illusion of wider areas. This makes a short haircut more exciting if you’re conscious of a rounder face shape.

blonde pixie bob for full faces
Instagram @chez.luisa

#15: Blonde Pixie Bob

A blonde pixie bob for full faces looks flattering with a flipped side parting. The height opens up the forehead to add length, which slims down the facial structure. The neutral blonde tones contour the face’s outer edges for a brighter appearance.

shag with curtain bangs for women 60+
Instagram @katiepdxhair

#16: Shag with Curtain Bangs

A shag with curtain bangs for women over sixty is an effortless ’70s retake. The layering and texture open up the face at the cheekbones. They create width and a fresh youthfulness. The stunning flow of length means this works for women who enjoy longer hair.

#17: Graduated Bob with Bangs

A graduated bob with bangs for seniors with round faces offers an appearance of fuller hair around the nape of the neck. For styling, use Iles Formula finishing serum for a frizz-free, easy-maintenance hairdo.

#18: Edgy Pixie Bob with Glasses

An edgy pixie bob with glasses looks great, with sharp sideburns and long layers around the crown. Add a styling wax-like Box O’ Bollox and blow-dry with a diffuser upside down. It creates movement and volume at the top.

a-line with an undercut for women over 60-years-old with thick hair
Instagram @roxxyourloxx

#19: A-Line with an Undercut for Thick Hair

An A-line with an undercut  is a bob style ideal for ladies with thick hair. Try experimenting with a graduated cut to create a youthful style. The undercut will help remove much weight underneath and create that smooth blunt finish.

#20: Short Layered Silver Wavy Bob

A short silver wavy bob is a low-maintenance option for older ladies. The hairstyle has a curl and a color that will make you embrace your natural greys! Waves are trendy and can help any hair color have a dimensional result.

#21: Long Bob with Grey Ombre

A long bob with a grey ombre is one of the hair trends that’s the best for senior ladies. It creates a more natural and polished result. The length where it hits the collarbones cuts a feminine and flattering edge.

long bob for over 60 with chubby face shape
Instagram @cindyhstyles

#22: Lob Cut

Lobs for women over 60 create an elongating effect. This haircut frames the face, which breaks up its rounded shape. When styled with soft waves, it also works great on fine and thinning hair. The long bob provides added layers, movement, and body that only a few hairstyles have.