29 Youthful Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Grey Hair

Hairstyles for women over 60 with grey hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

There’s a variety of hairstyles for women over 60 with grey hair that are low-maintenance and youthful-looking. It can be a long or short-length cut and must suit one’s face shape.

The right hairstyle offers confidence while making sure the hair is manageable. Depending on its actual color, it may also provide a whole new hair texture!

Stylist Anna McKenna from Salina, KS gives her older clients’ hair new life. And, she shares the most vital aspects a 60-year-old woman with grey hair needs to know before opting for a fresh chop.

“First is knowing what the cut or style will entail with your lifestyle and maintenance,” she notes. “You won’t like your gray hair if it’s an overgrown style that appears outdated.”

She adds, “Second would be what looks best with your face shape. It must balance your face shape and profile.”

McKenna continues by saying that the third key factor is to learn how to jazz up your locks. “Ask questions about how to style it. Know how to create the look in-between appointments, and with what tools and products.”

Her favorite product for natural gray hair is Redken Graydiant Shampoo. She explains, “it’s a toning shampoo without turning your natural white or gray to a purple kind. It helps keep the tresses from yellowing out.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspirational photos of hairstyles for women over 60 with grey hair!

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Long bob with side-swept bangs for women 60+
Instagram @nellcarmo

#1: Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

The beauty of a long bob with side-swept bangs is in the way the shape sweeps the face and covers forehead wrinkles. Longer layered bangs graze the face, which not only adds a softening effect but also elegance to grey or white hair. Having it a little longer than chin-length avoids emphasis on the jaw area (if this is an area of concern).

Naturally Gray Spiky Long Pixie for a Lady Aged 60
Instagram @iamleahpearson

#2: Naturally Gray Spiky Long Pixie

For women aged 60, a modern hairstyle can be a naturally gray, spiky, long pixie cut. It’s a fabulous style that suits her natural hair color. The spiky texture adds a youthful and edgy touch to the pixie cut, while the longer length allows for versatility in styling. For those with nature’s gray or silver hair, this haircut enhances their natural beauty. To style, I recommend applying a small amount of texturizing product to damp hair, then using your fingers to tousle and spike the hair as desired.

Very Messy Curls for Ladies Aged 60 with Grey Hair
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#3: Very Messy Curls

Experiment with letting your hair form natural, messy curls, allowing your hair’s texture and color to become vibrant. To style grey balayage hair, start with a hydrating conditioner. This will keep your curls moist. Then, use a soft hold curl gel. This will reduce frizz and define your curls.

Salt and Pepper Very Short Pixie for 60-Year-Olds with Grey Hair
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#4: Salt and Pepper Very Short Pixie

A salt and pepper very short pixie will make you look youthful and stylish. Cut your aging hair short and it will be thick and healthy, and easy to manage. You won’t have any trouble with hair sticking out when you wear your glasses. That’s because this cut is tapered around the ears. So go bold with a short pixie and make your life less complicated.

Natural-Looking Makeover for 60-Year-Olds with Grey Hair
Instagram @hairby_caseyw

#5: Natural-Looking Makeover for Grey Hair

Aging hair can have its challenges. My advice is to decide your level of maintenance realistically and aim for natural grey hair. A stylist is skilled at lifting the hair and lowlighting for maximum wear. The key here is to match the natural pattern as it grows in.

#6: Silver Feathered Layers

Silver feathered layers like these are stunning. I encourage you to wear your natural color when it makes you feel sexy! Do not confuse white-silver hair for a lack of beauty.

grey blunt bob for women over 60
Instagram @stylistmatrix

#7: Over 60 Grey Blunt Bob

The grey blunt bob for women who are 60-years-old and older features a very classic length. It’s a cut that draws attention towards the jawline and cheekbones. For styling maintenance, use a flat iron and slightly bend the hair towards the neck. Finish off with the OI Oil by Davines for added shine and softness.

Gray Balayage Bob with Darker Roots for Women Over Sixty with Grey Hair
Instagram @belarosesalon

#8: Gray Balayage with Darker Roots

Gray balayage with darker roots Is the modern solution for natural grays. This hair color can be lower maintenance than your typical gray coverage. To get this look, consult with your color specialist if you are a good candidate for this type of color.

#9: Beautiful Bob with a Side Bang

For a timeless look, try a bob with side bangs. A bob cut is a classic cut that never goes out of style. Add a side bang to frame the face while adding a soft touch.

#10: Modern Short Bob

A modern short bob is fitting for every age and every hair color. The foundation for a bob can be taken in any direction. If you want less hair, fuller-looking hair, volume, or texture ask your stylist what type of bob would be best suited for you.

Mid length wavy hair for women over 60 with grey hair
Instagram @kmello86

#11: Mid-Length Wavy Gray Hairstyle

Mid-length wavy hair is best styled with lightweight products. Adding layers can take excess weight off your waves to create a more voluminous, medium-length style.

Short layered hairstyle for ladies over 60 with grey thick hair
Instagram @suzannebell

#12: Short Layered Hairstyle for Grey, Thick Hair

A short layered hairstyle for grey, thick hair is the type of cut that will fall right into place when dried. Finish with a glossing polish to add definition and add piecey texture to the front and back.

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Layered bob for grey thin hair for women over 60
Instagram @angstoghair

#13: Layered Bob for Grey, Thin Hair

A layered bob for grey, thin hair is a smart choice if you would like your hair to appear thicker. Medium layers add fullness and body to fine tresses. Add bangs to this cut to soften the face. Thin hair should be trimmed every 3 weeks because even a little length will weigh it down.

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Short grey-haired bob for older women with glasses
Instagram @brianhickman1

#14: Short Grey-Haired Bob for Older Women with Glasses

A short grey-haired bob is a smart look for older women with glasses. A classic cut, it looks best smooth and simple and works great on any hair type. To blowdry mousse and a round brush will do the trick.

layered salt and pepper long bob hairstyle
Instagram @nikkibartram

#15: Layered Salt and Pepper Long Bob

Try a salt and pepper long bob that’s layered if your hair lacks movement. The layers enhance the different tones, add shape, and flicks to straight hair. Adding side-swept bangs would finish this gray hair style flawlessly.

wavy gray lob for older women over 60
Instagram @ash_winslow

#16: Wavy Gray Lob for Older Women

Rock a wavy gray lob for older women in their sixties by adding piece-y layers to complement the hair’s color and shape. To achieve the salt and pepper hair color, ask for highlights and lowlights that create movement and depth. For styling, add soft waves with 1/2″ barrel curling iron to boost dimension and movement. Then, finish it off with R Co Trophy texture spray.

#17: Long Layered Brown + Grey Hair

Long layered brown and gray hair is a flattering style for older women who want volume, movement, and texture. It’s an alternative to transition from a natural color to gray. For finishing touches, use R CO Death Valley dry shampoo for a style that will last all day.

#18: Black and Silver Balayage for Senior Ladies

A black and silver balayage for senior ladies will blend grays with highlights and lowlights for contrast. The trick is to add lowlights to your long hair that will match the natural hair color. Ask the colorist for a technique that will work best to achieve it.

#19: Choppy Bob for Graying Hair

Give a choppy bob for graying hair a chance if you want a versatile trend and playful appearance. It looks great whether it’s straight, curly, or if you prefer, wash-and-go. The choppy texture adds fun to a jaw-skimming bob and flatters most face shapes.

curly wavy hair for women over 60
Instagram @mslameylynn

#20: Curly Wavy Hair for Women Over 60

The beauty of curly hair for women over 60 is that it adds more volume and helps disguise thinning hair. The bouncy nature gives a more youthful appearance, too!

#21: Short Spiky Pixie for Gray Haired Women

The short spiky pixie for gray-haired women screams confidence and sassiness. This gorgeous chop is made by salon owner and stylist Teresa Adams of Arizona.

According to Adams, razor and texturizing shears are the best tools to use on short gray hair. “I don’t over texturize grey hair as it can make it look more coarse and frizzy.”

This short haircut for older ladies who get tired of coloring their gray locks and just want to chop them off. “It’s easy to style and looks great all the time! She can dress up this style, or make it sassy to match her personality,” says Adams.

It does the trick to make older women look younger!

To prep the hair before a blowout, Adams suggests Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again and Young Again. These are smoothing cream and oil that make the gray hair shine.

She uses a Dyson blowdryer and a boar bristle smoothing brush to dry and flatten the locks.

“Then, I mist the hair with my favorite texturizing spray like Bedroom Hair. It’s light but has enough hold to last, and it smells amazing! Sometimes, I follow up with a little more pomade on the ends to piece it out even more,” Adams explains.

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shaggy cut for thick grey hair
Instagram @rute_boazhair

#22: Shaggy Cut for Thick, Grey Hair

The shaggy cut for thick, grey hair is excellent for older women who love soft looks! It has layers that carry out extra movement and texture. Some stylists recommend a mousse to add extra volume and definition to the layers. This shag for women over 60 also comes with middle-parted bangs that frame the face well.

#23: Textured Shag with Gray Ombre Hair Color

A textured shag with gray ombre hair color gives the tresses fullness and texture. It looks so much better with loose curls, showing off a voluminous style. The ombre is such a chic addition, too. It makes this entire hair idea younger-looking.

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#24: Naturally Grey for Older Women with Fine Hair

A short hairstyle that’s naturally grey for older women with fine hair shows off confidence. It can be a short graduated bob like this made by California-based stylist Krystal Aguiar. She created clean, precise lines for the perimeter and light texturing at the ends.

This hairstyle has a ton of versatility. Depending on the texture, it’s easy to manage, which older women love. Aguiar explains, “It can be worn straight, round-brushed, or wavy and curly.”

She suggests a styling cream or a curl cream when enhancing the style. Such a product will boost the texture, for sure. “Now, if you plan to blow out or heat style, use a root lift and a heat protectant,” she adds.

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grey pixie with wispy bangs for women over 60
Instagram @stacy_stylist

#25: Grey Pixie with Wispy Bangs for Women Over 60

Grey pixies with wispy bangs for sixty-year-old women create a short haircut and sassy look! This chop by stylist Stacy from North Carolina is the best example of this kind of hair trend.

“This style says ‘I am sexy, bold, brave and confident enough to explore my femininity,'” she describes. It suits a woman with a big personality type who’s outgoing and daring.

To create such a look on shorter hair, Stacy mainly uses her imagination and hands. “I use these to mold the hair into positions that I think are interesting and creative.”

Stacy’s number one advice to those who want to try it is to “Consult. Ask questions and never assume.” If you’re one of these ladies, discuss your lifestyle, time availability, and job with the stylist.

Lastly, Stacy says, “Buy the pro styling products and tools suggested by the stylist.”

#26: Feathered Grey Bob

A feathered grey bob is an ashy-colored short haircut that displays a lot of movement. Hairstylist Rachel Taylor from Pensacola, FL brought this gorgeous layered hairstyle to life!

Bobs are a very stylish look that all mature women can rock. It can be tailored for thin, medium, or thick hair,” Taylor points out.

She advises using a 2/3-inch round brush and a thermal smoothing styling product to achieve this bob with feathered layers. “Over direct all sections to get a maximum volume and height.”

#27: Curly Bob for Women Over 60-Years-Old

The ideal curly bob for women over 60-years-old can show off a bouncy texture and definition. This beautiful haircut is created by stylist Jennifer Peters of Shear Intensity Salon.

This chop is for women who want to try a longer pixie cut, but can’t pull it off because their hair stacks up on itself and takes over. Peters added a hidden undercut to it. “This helps to remove extra weight and bulk if the tresses are thick,” she notes.

Peters suggests “always use shine serum and a smoothing cream” when wearing this cut. She adds, “Wrap your curls around your fingers to direct your curls the way you want them to go. Don’t touch your silver hair once it’s dry because it’ll expand and frizz!”

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transformation back to natural grey for ladies past sixty
Instagram @david.oshell

#28: Transformation Back to Natural Grey

Transform your hair back to natural grey when you are ready to have less maintenance and you find that your roots seem to grow too fast. Natural grey is a huge process the first time, but it allows you to grow your natural color out without hard lines of demarcation. Expect a bit of upkeep at first to help keep the silver or grey tone but the upkeep will gradually reduce as it grows out. For best results, and to avoid brassy tones, use the Unite Blonda purple shampoo at least 1-2 times per week.

very short grey bob for 60-year-olds
Instagram @leasmartstyle

#29: Very Short Grey Bob

A very short grey bob is an amazing haircut for plus-size women over 60. This cropped layered cut adds a ton of volume to the crown, while the long sweeping fringe beautifully frames the face. If you’re looking to accentuate your natural color, then try a greyish toner to capture the true essence of salt and pepper hair.

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