24 Slimming Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 60

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Blonde Face-Framing Layers and Side-Swept Bangs for Plus-Sized Women Over 60
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#1: Blonde Face-Framing Layers and Side-Swept Bangs

Knowing your face shape when going for a haircut is extremely important. Oftentimes, a standard bob and fringe haircut may not be the best look for you. If you have a more rounded face, ask your stylist for blonde hair color, face-framing layers that accentuate your jawline, and side-swept bangs. This will help even out the roundness of your face and make it appear slimmer.

#2: Very Short Grey Hair with Lilac Bangs

When you have naturally grey hair, a short hairstyle focusing on the areas around the ears gives a youthful feel. A soft texture at the top and around the face is more flattering for plus-size clients. Adding a vibrant color makes an everyday hairstyle playful.

#3: Copper Feathery Pixie with Light Bangs

Consider a light, airy, copper-colored pixie cut with thin bangs. You’ll love your appearance with the trendy layers and shaggy texture. Ask your stylist for a short pixie cut that grazes your lips with shorter layers, creating volume. Use a small round brush to style your hair away from your face to enhance your facial features and add volume to the top. A high-fashion color such as copper will make your style even more dramatic.

#4: Short and Messy Layered Cut

The short and messy layered cut is easy to care for and adaptable. It suits plus-sized women who are 60 years or older. This hairstyle adds texture and movement to the hair while providing a youthful look. The layers are carefully cut to add volume, making the hair look fuller. The cut’s messy and tousled style makes it look modern and stylish, a perfect fit for aging beautifully. This hairstyle works well for plus-sized ladies as it helps to frame the face, accentuate the cheekbones, and draw attention away from any perceived flaws.

Silver Bowl Cut for Overweight Ladies Past 60
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#5: Silver Bowl Cut

Try a silver bowl cut if you’re looking for a shorter, edgier hairstyle! Be prepared to show your hairdresser pictures of your hair goals. This disconnected hairstyle will most definitely turn heads.

Undercut with Shaved Sides for Overweight Ladies Over 60
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#6: Undercut with Shaved Sides

Undercuts and shaved sides mean less hair to style daily and maintain regularly. Mature women tend to love undercuts because it’s a cool and edgy haircut that allows for wash-and-wear hairstyling, while still looking beautiful and framing any face shape.

#7: Side-Swept Pixie Cut

A side-swept pixie cut is not only stylish but always works well with fine, thin hair. Your aging hair tends to become more fine and thin over the years, which makes it difficult to have long hair. I advise my clients to go as short as they are comfortable with to create the illusion of thickness. You can always ease into pixie hair by starting with a short bob with little layering.

#8: Side-Parted Short Curly Bob

Try a side-parted short curly bob if you want to enhance your beautiful natural curls. Short hairstyles for overweight women over 60 can make you feel youthful. Scrunch some curl-enhancing cream in your hair to define your curls!

#9: Shoulder-Length Shaggy Bob with Wispy Bangs

Try a shoulder-length shaggy bob with wispy bangs if you don’t want your hair short but want to add some volume. These youthful haircuts and perfect for older ladies who are tired of their boring hair.

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Soft Textured Bob with a Fringe
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#10: Soft Textured Bob with a Fringe

Try a soft textured bob with a fringe if you want to freshen up your style. Youthful cuts for women passed their 60s are what ladies are looking for. It’s all about low-maintenance and feeling young!

#11: Wavy Graduated Bob for Plus Size Women

Try a wavy graduated bob for plus-size women. It’s a great choice of hairstyle, especially if you have a chubby face or for women past their 60s. The long pieces in the front will elongate your face and make it appear longer!

#12: Straight Bob with Full Bangs for Thin Hair

A straight bob with full bangs for thin hair is a chic and classy look! This youthful hairstyle is fabulous for mature women who are wanting more of a younger hairstyle.

#13: Low-Maintenance Medium Haircut

Consider a low-maintenance medium haircut if you’re a woman on the go. This style pairs perfectly with women 60 and up. Smooth your locks with a straightener and add a shine serum and you’re ready for the day!

Long Bob with Feathered Layers
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#14: Long Bob with Feathered Layers

Try a long bob with feathered layers if you want movement in your hair. These are the perfect feather styles for women over 60 and overweight. Your new look will be airy and light!

#15: Medium-Length Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Try medium-length hair with face-framing layers if you want to lighten up your locks! This is a perfect style for overweight women who are looking for a slimming and youthful style. You will feel fabulous with your new style.

Short Bob with Highlights and Lowlights
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#16: Short Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

Try a short bob with highlights and lowlights if you want to add some dimension to your boring hair. This look is perfect if you have a round face or for women over the age of 60. The color will create texture and make your hair look fuller!

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#17: Layered Pixie for Women with Glasses

A layered pixie for women with glasses is a chic look that you will love. A pixie style is a go-to look for women turning 60. You will love the texture and volume created in your hair.

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#18: Soft Pixie Crop for Women with Fat Faces

A soft pixie crop for women with fat faces will make you love your hair again. You can lighten your thick hair with a pixie cut. This is perfect if you’re a senior and want a low-maintenance style!

Brushed-Back Short Crop for Fine Hair
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#19: Brushed-Back Short Crop for Fine Hair

A brushed-back short crop for fine hair is a simple but classy look that you should try. This coiffure is wanted by ladies over 60. You will feel young and classic with your new look.

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Wash-And-Wear Inverted Bob on Gray Hair
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#20: Wash-And-Wear Inverted Bob on Gray Hair

Try this wash-and-wear haircut which is a reverse bob if you are wanting a style that is low-maintenance. An inverted bob haircut suits ladies in their sixties with gray hair and is easy to style. After washing scrunch some mouse and leave to dry to shower off the texture!

Angled Bob with Tapered Back for Double Chins
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#21: Angled Bob with Tapered Back for Double Chins

Consider an angled bob with tapered back for double chins if you want to hide your jawline. A bob style is perfect for women in their 60s. It can make your face look longer and it’s very flattering.

Blonde Balayage Bob
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#22: Blonde Balayage Bob

A blonde balayage bob is perfect for a low-maintenance woman on the go! A bob hairstyle really suits 60-year-old-women and makes you feel young again. It’s classy and never gets old.

Tousled Bob with Bangs for Grey Hair
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#23: Tousled Bob with Bangs for Grey Hair

Consider a tousled bob with bangs for grey hair if you want to look and feel light and airy. These haircuts for overweight women over 60 are perfect. The layers will make your natural grey highlights pop!

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Layered Bob Cut with Side Bangs
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#24: Layered Bob Cut with Side Bangs

Consider a layered bob cut with side bangs if you want some movement in your haircut. Women over 60 and ladies with a chubby face can enjoy this look because the layers will lengthen your face!

The best hairstyles for overweight women over 60 flatter a fuller face shape, creating an illusion of a slimmer look.

Stylist Kathy Marie Walden of Gulf Shores, Alabama shares her tips and insights on this look.

“Keep your hair off your shoulders,” Walden suggests. “Make sure you have layers to produce the ability to have height in your tresses. This balances your hair to your body type,” she adds.

These cuts with layers are effortless to style with a round brush. Adding volume is also more manageable by using a curling iron. If you don’t use shampoo daily, hair is easier to bounce back into shape with just a bit of styling.

For older ladies with thinning hair, the top strands must be a little shorter in length but not longer than the ear lobe. “This secures extra volume and body to tresses,” Walden explains.

After getting your preferred chop, let your hairdresser teach you how to style it. Ask for salon-grade products that work best, depending on your hair type and texture.

It’s also paramount to know how frequently you must return to the salon to maintain the cut’s shape.

Read on if you need to see more hair ideas that would be perfect for your face shape. These images will show you the best and most popular hairstyles for overweight women over 60!