21+ Slimming Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 40

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Flattering hairstyles for women over 40 and overweight are designed to help create the appearance of a slimmer look.

Stylist Emily Hamilton from San Antonio, TX shares her go-to look to flatter a round face shape. “I would go with a minimal or non-existent face frame. I suggest a long bob with a long A-line cut to elongate the face and the neck.”

A lob makes a cute asymmetrical look when parted to one side. And with the precise length that hits the collarbone, you can pull it up into a half top knot or a half messy bun.

There’s no wrong haircut for plus-size beauties. Note that any lady can rock any chop and style as long as it’s tailored to her face shape.

The only drawback to these hairstyles is the maintenance. Hamilton states, “Make sure to ask your stylist how often you must come back to the salon. It’s a great discussion when considering your budget.”

Invest your time every two months for a refresher. To space out salon visits, Hamilton suggests consulting your stylist about an undercut.

Sport the right look to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Check out these images of the trendiest hairstyles for women over 40 who are overweight. Pick your faves!

Extra Long Hairstyle with Layers for Plus-Sized Women Over Forty
Instagram @randa.rivera

#1: Extra Long Hairstyle with Layers

An extra long hairstyle with layers will totally transform your hairstyle. This will bring your hair back to life and give your hair shape, texture, and natural volume. Having shattered shorter-to-medium layers throughout your hair will help give your hair a little lift of volume and layers around your face will give your hair shape. Sometimes a simple change can totally transform your life (and appearance!)

Face-Framing Balayage for Women over 40 with Glasses

#2 Face-Framing Balayage for Women with Glasses

This face-framing balayage for women over 40 with glasses beautifully highlights facial features while adding dimension and depth to the hair. The soft layers around the face complement the frames, drawing attention to the eyes and creating a balanced look. The balayage technique provides a natural, sun-kissed effect that’s easy to maintain. Perfect for medium to thick hair, this style offers both elegance and practicality, making it a flattering choice for those seeking a modern and chic hairstyle.

Long Layered Haircut for Women Over 40

#3 Long Layered Haircut

This long layered haircut for women over 40 features soft, cascading layers that add volume and movement, perfect for medium to thick hair. The layers around the face create a flattering frame, ideal for oval or round face shapes. The subtle highlights add dimension and a touch of brightness, giving a youthful, refreshed look. This style is great for those who want to maintain length while adding texture and shape, making it easy to style for any occasion.

French Bob Cut for Women with Plump Faces
Instagram @apincurledperfection

#4: French Bob Cut

A French bob cut for women with plump faces gives an automatic youthful appearance. Fine and medium-textured hair is the easiest to style with a bob. Soft bangs help conceal wrinkles. Keep your hair at or past chin-length for a slimming effect.

#5: Textured Blunt Cut

Instantly slim your face with a textured blunt cut. The blunt long lines around the face add length and are great for round or heart shape faces. To add more height at the crown, release some weight creating volume. Finish off with texture spray to get the perfectly tousled style.

Shoulder-Length Long Bob for Overweight Women
Instagram @overtbeauty

#6: Shoulder-Length Long Bob

A shoulder-length long bob haircut for overweight women is a great choice if you have a rounder face. Having length that falls below the chin helps elongate the face. Lobs are also great for a 40-year-old-woman looking for something youthful and easy to manage.

Low-Maintenance Bob for Women Over 40 with Thin Hair
Instagram @shinesalon_la

#7: Low-Maintenance Bob for Thin Hair

A low-maintenance bob for women over 40 with thin hair is the perfect length for fuller denser ends. To style, blow-dry it for added volume at the crown or wash and go for simplicity. For added texture use sea salt spray. A bob length still gives length to play with, making it the perfect style for plus-size women.

#8: Inverted Bob

An inverted short bob for women in their 40s gives an edge to your cut without any more maintenance. The inverted length in the front slims down any face shape. Ask your stylist for a longer length towards the front to create an oval face shape. Inverted bobs are one of those hairstyles that will elongate every face shape.

#9: Chic Layered Bob with Bangs

A chic layered bob with bangs is, and always will be, a classic. A soft fringe gives a beautiful frame to the face which softens the style. A bob with bangs style can work with almost any hair texture. Low maintenance and cute. Who could ask for more?

Beautiful Ombre on Long Hair for Women Over Forty
Instagram @desanj1

#10: Beautiful Ombre on Long Hair

A beautiful ombre on long hair for women over forty is an amazing style to try if you’re looking for something soft and modern. Ask your stylist to give you a tutorial on how to curl your hair to get these soft waves. After curling, spray a layer of Redken Control Addict hairspray all over. Wait for it to dry, then run your fingers through the waves for a touchable hold.

#11: Spiky Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

A spiky pixie cut for fine hair is always a good choice. Cuts for plus-size women soften the face shape and are very complimentary. Ask your stylist if this style could work for you.

#12: Messy Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair

Try a messy shag cut with curtain bangs for wavy hair for something new. This style is perfect for women in their forties who want something current and modern. Try Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream to define your curls.

Sleek Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @olyakuzochkina

#13: Sleek Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A sleek long pixie with side-swept bangs gives instant shape and offers effortless styling. Side-swept bangs help lengthen the face, which is ideal for round face shapes. Long pixies work best on thick coarse hair types. Keeping it sleek and long in the front is perfect for thick overweight cuts.

#14: Feathered Layers and Wispy Bangs

Feathered layers and wispy bangs add so much movement and fullness to the hair. Enhance the feathered style with a round brush and blow dryer. Wispy layers soften around the cheekbones, which is perfect for overweight women.

#15: Very Short Pixie Cut

Opt for a very short pixie cut for plus-size women because it’s effortless and edgy. Perfect for the lady who wants an easy style while standing out, it gives longevity and has easy maintenance due to the undercut. Any size can rock a pixie, not the illusion of just petite women.

#16: Long Blunt Bob with Bangs

A long blunt bob with bangs for 40-year-old women is a great way to hide any wrinkles. Bangs soften round facial features and make every woman look younger. Blunt ends make fine hair feel fuller. Consider styling hair towards your face if you’re considering overweight haircuts.

Choppy Bob for Overweight Women Over 40
Instagram @hair_by_laceyt

#17: Choppy Bob

A choppy bob for overweight women over 40 is a great way to add a youthful vibe to your bob. Choppy bobs work on all hair types and give your bob a modern fresh look. Consider keeping it above your shoulders for a slimming effect. When looking for modern haircuts for women over 40, ask for choppy ends. They also offer you a younger-looking style.

#18: Asymmetrical Bob for Women with Straight Hair

An asymmetrical bob for women with straight hair gives an instant sleek look. A sophisticated cut at any age and it’s low-maintenance. Blow-dry for added volume or flat iron for a polished look when styling. Asymmetrical hairstyles for women over 40 are always flattering, even for those who are heavier set.

Razored Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @shelby.loos

#19: Razored Cut for Thick Hair

A razored cut for thick hair is a great way to get rid of bulk and heaviness in the hair. The razor creates texture and shape for effortless styling. Use your favorite texture paste to emphasize the volume. As we age we love to feel young, so rock a modern mullet!

#20: Edgy Shag

An edgy shag for ladies over 40 is universally flattering on every woman. It’s one of the biggest trends and also creates an oval shape, slimming one’s face. The texture and light layers make it easy for styling or air drying. It’s the perfect cut for overweight women over 40.

#21: Sassy Inverted Bob

A sassy inverted bob for women with double chins is perfect if you want to keep it short in the back but have more hair in the front to conceal. Perfect for thick coarse hair types for easy styling, it’s a cut that takes years off and looks great at any age. Consider keeping the length longer towards your chin for the illusion of a slimmer chin.

#22: Rounded Bob for Curly Hair

A rounded bob for curly hair is a great way to embrace your natural texture. A cut that works best on thick hair for a light and airy bounce, when styling, consider using a curl cream for shine and hydration. Bobs are versatile and ideal plus-size women hairstyles.

#23: Blonde Curls

Blonde curls for overweight women with pudgy cheeks drape softly around your face to conceal any facial issues you may want to hide. The blonde curls brighten every complexion while giving dimension. Embrace your natural curl and overweight styles! If you wear glasses, make sure you wear them during your salon visit.

Shaggy Mullet for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @chaice_hair

#24: Shaggy Mullet for Round Face Shapes

A shaggy mullet for round face shapes is perfect for women who want a hairstyle that’s on-trend! A cut that works for every hair type, the shaggy texture drapes softly around the face to keep it feminine. Plus-size women’s haircuts set the trend.

#25: Blunt One-Length Cut for Robust Women

A blunt one-length cut for robust women is a perfect way get rid of aging hair. A cut that helps keep hair healthy by keeping the ends blunt is an ideal choice for an obese woman. It’s perfect for fine/medium hair texture because it gives instant volume. Volume naturally lifts at the root, and chubby women will feel taller because of it.

Medium-Length Lob for Obese 40-Year-Olds
Instagram @hairlove_salon

#26: Medium-Length Lob

A medium-length lob for obese 40-year-olds is great for a low-maintenance lifestyle. Lobs are perfect haircuts for plus-size women and can be easily pulled back or worn down. No styling necessary or it can be heat styled for added volume.

Cute Bob Hairstyle with Bangs for overweight women
Instagram @erika_cuts

#27: Cute Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Opt for a cute bob hairstyle with bangs because it’s youthful at any age! Bangs draw attention to your eyes while the bob elongates the neck. Perfect for thin or medium texture hair for lift and texture. Consider a bob past your chin if you have a heavier face.

#28: Short Pixie Cut for Soft Jawlines

A short pixie haircut for soft jawlines is perfect for women who love short and sassy hair. This style suits women in their forties since it’s youthful yet classic. This cut is perfect if you have little time in the morning to style your tresses.

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