25 Age-Defying Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Grey Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Dimensional Light Gray on Fine Hair

If you wish to transition into grey due to aging or create a grey shade, adding dimension to your lighter silver gives a beautiful depth and makes your silver hair more reflective. In a salon, creating this color requires two steps. First, lighten the hair with bleach. Then, use a few toning processes to change the blonde hair into a silver tone. One should incorporate fine baby lowlights in a darker grey tone. A stylist can brighten your hair using a quick toning process if it is already naturally grey.

Salt-and-Pepper Grey Short Wavy Hair for Ladies Aged 50
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#2: Salt-and-Pepper Short Wavy Hair

Consider a short, wavy hairstyle in a salt-and-pepper color. Sometimes, you only need a trim and brightening to enhance your style. To brighten up naturally salt-and-pepper hair, start by adding some blonde highlights. Then, lift these highlights to a clean blonde. Finally, tone your hair with perfect silver shades. This approach creates a naturally bright color in your hair without looking artificial. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain and style at home. Add some curls for a bouncy, bright style.

Grey Highlights and Mid-length Swoopy Layers for 50-Year-Old Women
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#3: Grey Highlights and Swoopy Layers

For women over 50, a style with layers that flip away from the face is best. It provides both a flattering look and a lifting effect. These wispy layers add softness. Your stylist will shape them based on your face and head shape to find the best length. If your hair is mostly grey, consider adding depth. A slightly darker, warm-grey lowlight can make your color pop and shine.

Grey Choppy Pixie Cut for Older Women in Their 50s
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#4: Grey Choppy Pixie Cut

Grey hair looks great with a pixie cut, as its natural color provides texture and definition. There are many styling options for pixie cuts, but for a softer look, I’d recommend feathering towards the face.

#5: Medium-Length Soft Layered Hair

A mid-length layered cut looks good without causing sag. The layers add motion and spring to the hair. For a long-lasting style, use heated rollers.

Icy Grey Blonde Pixie Crop for Ladies Over Fifty
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#6: Icy Grey Blonde Pixie Crop

If you have fine hair, a cropped pixie will give you a full head of hair to work with and style. To achieve the look of a full crown of hair, I suggest an undercut. Then, the crop can fall over the sides, offering this style a rich texture and dynamic aspect rather than a flat, bowl-like shape. For a cutting-edge, modern pixie crop, incorporate an icy blonde color into your grey hair.

Neck-Length White Grey Hair with Waves for Ladies Over 50 and Up
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#7: Neck-Length White Hair with Waves

Use anti-brass shampoo occasionally to prevent your white hair from turning yellow. Hair tends to become thinner with age, so a shorter cut can help add volume. Adding waves is another great way to create fullness.

Grey Long Hair with Wispy Layers on Ladies Over 50
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#8: Long Hair with Wispy Layers

Long hair can still be stylish past 50 with regular cuts and proper home care. Since mature hair often needs more moisture, keeping it hydrated is also important.

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Micro Wedge Bob for Grey-Haired Women Aged 50
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#9: Micro Wedge Bob for Grey Hair

A wedge bob creates a build-up in the hair, giving it a fuller shape. Ensure you maintain the length at the sides for a transition from short to long, creating a softer feel. I recommend drying your hair with a round brush to achieve a precise, rounded style.

Grey Shoulder-Length Hair with Long Bangs for Women Over 50 and Up
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#10: Grey Shoulder-Length Hair with Long Bangs

Grey shoulder-length hair with long bangs is a great style for women over 50. If your hair lacks movement, this is the style for you. You can get a fresh look by styling your hair to your shoulders with long bangs and face-framing layers.

Middle Part Grey Hairstyle with Soft Layers for Women Over 50 and Up
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#11: Middle Part Hairstyle with Soft Layers

Try soft layers with a middle-part hairstyle. Soft layers will enhance any hairstyle. Part your hair in the middle to complement the symmetry of your face.

Light Ash Grey on Feathered Haircut for Older Ladies Aged Fifty
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#12: Light Ash Grey on Feathered Haircut

Whether your ashy grey hair is natural or dyed, you can keep it looking youthful. Use good hair products, like those that add moisture. For instance, hydrating shampoos and conditioners will nourish your hair, whereas shine mists can add gloss. For a modern look, grow your hair slightly longer. Add layers in the middle length of your hair to give it movement and bounce.

Medium Grey Swoopy Haircut with Volume for Women Over 50
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#13: Medium Swoopy Haircut with Volume

A gorgeous layered full-volume cut appears soft and lively. It looks polished and stunning, especially with the natural greying process. To recreate a hairstyle with height and long lengths, heated rollers are necessary. Start by adding a volumizer before drying. If the hair is frizzy, smooth it with a brush. Use the larger rollers at the crown and fringe area. Once cooled, shake out the hair and add hairspray.

Mid-Long Layered Silver Grey Hair with Subtle Waves for 50-Year-Olds
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#14: Layered Silver Hair with Subtle Waves

Silver hair might require help to keep its ashy undertones. Platinum shampoos can prevent brassiness. However, use them carefully. Too much too often could produce excessive ash, resulting in a darker look.

#15: Straight Wispy Pixie Cut

A pixie cut may suit you if you have thick, straight hair. This style is very short at the nape and around the ears. An undercut may also be an option. This approach removes extra volume. Additionally, adding layers that follow the head curve creates an attractive outline. The process also enables weight reduction. A longer fringe can balance the cut and give a softer appearance.

#16: Long Rounded Bob with Shorter Layers

A bob hairstyle can thicken your hair, and added layers can increase height. Together, they create the illusion of more hair. Use a round brush to dry your hair. You can also use Velcro rollers to create lift.

Very Short Hair with Deep Side Part for Grey-Haired Ladies Over 50
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#17: Very Short Hair with Deep Side Part

A deep side part can give a short style, undercut or not, a dramatic difference in length on the two sides. You should ask your stylist to work on the longer side, starting from the fringe to its longest point, to give it shape. If you choose an undercut, ensure it’s short enough to show a distinct difference.

#18: Side Part Bob with Natural Grey Pieces

A deep side-parted bob is a classic, chic look for a more mature client. Shorter jaw-length haircuts around the face are great. They add a slight lift and make your hair look thicker. If you like embracing natural grey, ask for grey highlights. These strands will mix with your hair to create a harmonious look.

Medium Gray Hair with Subtle Layers for Mature Women Aged Fifty
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#19: Medium Gray Hair with Subtle Layers

Embrace your natural greying process. You can still keep a longer cut. The key is regular care to make your hair look healthy and not aged. If your hair looks a little dehydrated, a clear gloss could help. This non-pigmented semi-color treatment can add shine. Regular trims and proper home care for your hair are also necessary.

#20: Sleek Lob Cut with Full Bangs

A smooth bob looks chic, and a full fringe focuses on the face and frames the eyes beautifully. This style will be easy to maintain if your hair is naturally straight. For those with wavy or textured hair, using a round brush and an iron can help achieve a smooth finish. Turn the iron plates towards your face to get your hair ends to tuck under.

Light Grey Classic Short Bob for Women Aged 50
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#21: Light Grey Classic Short Bob

This light grey, classic short bob is a youthful hairstyle. Natural grey hair can be stunning with its reflective shine. Show off this gorgeous color with a classic bob. This bob style doesn’t require layers. Instead, an under bevel helps tuck the hair under easily.

Messy Bob with Side-Parted Bangs for Ladies Over 50 with Grey Locks
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#22: Messy Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

Bring life to gray hairstyles with this cute, textured bob. Short, choppy side bangs and piecey face framing flatter round and pear face shapes. Natural grey doesn’t mean boring. This color can adorably enhance your personal style.

Side-Swept Silver Long Waves for Women Over 50
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#23: Side-Swept Silver Long Waves

The look of beauty can greatly differ when you’re in your 50s compared to your 20s. Embracing natural grey hair can be beautiful and empowering. Maintaining long hair, styled with big curls and swept to the side, can enhance your features and add life to your overall facial appearance.

Long-Length Straight Layered Grey Hair for 50-year-olds
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#24: Straight Layered Grey Hair

Consider a straight layered grey hair style. If natural gray is your shade of color, it can boost your overall style confidence. Experiment with your hair by adding layers to create a sleek style. Adding such layers gives fine hair more movement and body while maintaining the length.

#25: Choppy Tapered Short Pixie

Firstly, let’s consider a chopped, tapered, and short pixie cut. One way to highlight your gray hair is by shaping it into an easily styled pixie cut. Thick, coarse grey hair can be a bit tricky to blend. So, it’s essential for your stylist to add texture and softness to the style. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to leave a bit more length at the crown and bangs. This will give you more hair to work with. You can then use a curling iron or round brush to create added body.

When it comes to hairstyles for women over 50 with grey hair, the journey is all about embracing the silver strands that symbolize a rich tapestry of experiences. Nadine Boulter, a seasoned stylist with a wealth of knowledge in crafting looks for mature women, offers her expertise on how to make grey hair not just accepted but celebrated.

Meet The Expert

Nadine Boulter
Nadine Boulter
Nadine is a hairstylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Strangeways Hair Salon in Leigh-on-Sea, UK

Finding the Perfect Style

“Going Grey is fabulous,” states Boulter. She emphasizes the importance of finding a hairstyle that flatters the shape of your face and requires minimal upkeep. “If your hairstyle demands a lot of styling time, it might not be the right fit for you,” she explains. The ideal haircut should highlight your features and easily fall into place.

Style by Face Shape

Boulter shares tailored advice for each face shape. If your face is round, she suggests styles that extend beyond your jawline. For oval faces, she recommends the sharp lines of a pixie cut. Square-faced individuals can benefit from layered, collarbone-length styles that add bounce. A textured bob is her choice for long faces, while heart-shaped faces look best with pixie cuts or styles that offer plenty of movement.

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

To manage and enhance grey hair, Boulter recommends a lineup of effective products. Wow Dream Coat for achieving a smooth, shiny finish; Taming Elixir by Sebastian (Wella) for pre-blow-dry care; Texturizer by Wella for lightweight movement; and Hed Shine by Fudge for an added gloss.

Heat protection is crucial, she notes, endorsing Thermal Image or Trilliant by Wella and suggesting the use of Ghd stylers. Washing hair no more than twice a week and sleeping on silk pillowcases can also help in maintaining hair health and reducing frizz.

Blotting your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it helps prevent frizz. Starting with drying your fringe can simplify the styling process. Using a nozzle on your hairdryer is beneficial for directing heat and minimizing frizz, while finishing with a cold shot can set your style effectively.

Pictures of Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Grey Hair