11 Fun Hairstyles to Consider for New Year’s Eve

hairstyles for New Year's Eve

new year's eve hairstylesWhile it signifies the conclusion of one year and often causes us to become nostalgic, New Year’s Eve also serves as a springboard for coming days. And really, what better way to celebrate days gone by and the days ahead than by looking as fabulous as possible?

Once you’ve figured out what you’re wearing (which truly depends on what you’re doing as well as your accessibility to warmth), start planning your makeup and hairstyle. I spoke with several hair stylists — including two at Joico International and another from Farouk Systems — about some fun, New Year’s Eve appropriate hairstyles worn by celebs in recent months. Let the photos and experts’ corresponding guidance below help you pull off perfect New Year’s Eve hair.

Embellished Bun

embellished bun hairstyle for new year's eve bun hairstyle with accessory

To recreate this sweet, nape-nestled bun, start by parting your hair per your usual routine. Next, Farouk Systems creative artist Danielle Bucco-Regazzi says to create a loose, low ponytail.  “Place your fingers on top of the rubber band, then roll the ponytail over your fingers and start placing your bobby pins.” Finish with a light hold hairspray and vintage glitzy embellishment.

Retro Glam

hairstyle for new year's eve

The holidays are a great time to pay homage to retro glam fashion. The same applies to your hair. For this one, set your hair in large hot rollers. Next, Bucco-Regazzi says to remove all the curlers except for the top front roller (this will be your retro poof). After combing through your hair, remove the last roller and re-roll around your finger. Secure with a bobby pin and maximum hold hair spray.

Voluminous Ringlets

long hair with ringlet curls

To get this kind of volume, apply a volumizing mousse to your hair before blow drying. Also use a large metal brush to encourage lift and volume at the roots, noted Joico’s celebrity colorist George Papanikolas. “After drying each section, grasp the ends with the brush and roll the hair under, stopping half-way up the strand,” he advised. “Direct the heat at the brush to create a plump curl.” Once dry, twirl the bottom half of each section around a 2 in. curling iron and brush through curls gently after they’ve cooled.

Super Slick Pony

sleek ponytail for new year's

“You can never go wrong when choosing this sexy super sleek pony,” noted Bucco-Regazzi. Before you start, make your hair as straight as possible (a professional grade flat iron should do the trick). “To create that perfect pony, hook a bobby pin onto rubber band, smooth hair back with flat brush and center the pony tail,” she instructs. “Wrap the rubber band around the pony and anchor in bobby pin.” Spray firm hold hair spray to keep fly aways at bay.

Stick Straight Hair

long straight hairstyle

This minimalistic hairstyle may seem simple, but it takes real effort to get stick straight locks. Begin by applying a heat protectant product before blow drying and flat ironing. Next, section hair off (starting with undermost layers) and straighten one section at a time. Finish with a serum or gloss spray for maximum shine. When applying serum, focus on the ends, which can look parched from heating products.

Refined, Polished Pixie

pixie new year's eve hairstyle

If you’re rocking cropped locks, opt for something sophisticated and polished this New Year’s Eve. “The perfect Pixie calls for finding your favorite pomade or hair wax,” says Bucco-Regazzi. “Freely work it through your hair and style with your flat iron to give it the polished look you see on Ginnifer.”

Glamorous Side Curls

new year's eve side swept curled hairstyle

We typically see Blake Lively with carefree locks, but these are more polished and defined curls. To recreate this perfect New Year’s Eve ‘do, begin by drying hair with a round brush, stretching and smoothing the ends and building volume at the roots. Next, Damien Carney, Joico International artistic director, says to divide hair into vertical sections and mist with a heat protectant. “Wrap sections around a large curling iron, directing the hair away from the face,” he advised. “Begin in the back and work around to the sides, creating the tightest portion of the curl in the mid-lengths and ends.” Let hair cool, then rake with serum-doused fingers and create a deep side part.

Playful Updo

loose new year's eve updo

Keep your New Year’s Eve light and fun with this casually styled updo. Begin by curling your hair and then pull it back gently, allowing for some front fringe to fall naturally. Next, Bucco-Regazzi says to make a pony tail, but “don’t pull all the way through. Start randomly pinning the hair from the half ponytail and finish with volume spray.”

Slick Bun

sleek bun new year's updo

Going from the office to a New Year’s Eve party without much time in between? Opt for a slick bun. “Slick buns are great for those day to night looks,” noted Bucco-Regazzi. “Simply smooth hair back as if you were going to ponytail it.” For this particular look, divide hair into three sections after you’ve formed your pony tail. Create a center bun and then two additional buns on the top and bottom, securing with bobby pins as you go. Finish with a gloss spray for max shine.

Deep Side Part

Scarlett Johansson hair

We recently dished on the deep side part being a trendy hairstyle, so why not ring in the New Year with it? To create a look similar to Scarlett’s, divide your hair into medium-sized sections and use a large barrel curling wand on each. Start the curl in the same place for each section to get the retro-inspired wave seen here. Comb through and apply an anti-frizz serum once cool. Next, create as deep of a side part as you feel comfortable with and then use “bobby pins that match the color of the hair to secure the roll behind the ear,” says Carney.

Glossy Low Waves

glossy wave new year hairstyle

“Glossy low waves are so easy to achieve when using your curling iron,” noted Bucco-Regazzi. For a look like Taylor’s, she recommends holding the iron vertically and curling only the lower portion of the hair. Follow up with a serum to reduce frizz and a medium hold hair spray to maximize hold.  Tip: Apply a mousse before blow drying for extra volume.

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