30 Slimming Hairstyles for Women with Full Faces (for Plus-Sized Women)

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Medium-Length Curly Hair with a Side Part
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#1: Medium-Length Curly Hair with a Side Part

Curly hair with a side part is perfect for women with naturally curly tresses. A medium-length haircut will allow your natural curls to bounce. Ensure your curls are away from your face to let your facial features glow!

Long Choppy Pixie Cut for a Fat Face

#2 Long Choppy Pixie Cut for a Fat Face

Try a long choppy pixie cut for a fat face to narrow your cheekbones and slim down a full jawline. The crown’s long fringe and choppy pieces visually elongate a chubby face. This unique style for round faces looks best on women over 50.

Slimming Pixie Cut for a Round Face Shape

#3 Slimming Pixie Cut for a Round Face Shape

A slimming pixie cut for a round face shape looks amazing with a side-swept fringe. Adding a deep side part transforms an ordinary pixie into a slimming cut for chubby faces. For an extra wow factor, consider enhancing this haircut with blonde tone.

Thick Mid-Length Hair with Bangs for Fuller Face Shapes
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#4: Thick Mid-Length Hair with Bangs

Get a thick mid-length haircut with bangs for a 70’s style vibe. This style is great for balancing and elongating your face shape, offering a slimmer look. Thick hair gives volume that could widen your face. Yet, adding layers moves this volume upwards, making your face seem longer. Ask for shorter, shag-style layers with added textures to reduce weight in the hair. Give the style some spark with full bangs or curtain bangs that blend into the haircut and frame your face.

#5: Mid-Length Balayage with Glasses

Amplify your beauty with a mid-length balayage. A mid-length cut suits all face shapes well. Keep the haircut around the collarbone level to bring a slimming and elongating effect on full or round face shapes. Brightness and focus can be added to your face by enhancing your cut with balayage. For low upkeep, ask your stylist to leave more of your natural hair color at the roots to add depth. Adding depth or dimension to your hair helps make lighter blonde sections more noticeable. Enjoy a hairstyle that makes the lighter sections of your hair stand out.

#6: Curly Fringe on a Curly Cut

If you have curly hair, often, you can feel like styles can be boring or uninspiring. Curly fringe on a curly cut is the perfect way to start a fresh new hairstyle. I suggest finding a stylist who specializes in curly and textured hairstyles. Ask for a softly rounded shape with longer bangs. Cutting your bangs dry first can help guide the stylist. It’s important to note you want the bangs to sit lower and below the brows.

#7: Flattering Lob for Women Over 50 with a Full Face

If you’re searching for a flattering lob for women over 50 with a full face, look no more. This piecey chin-grazing bob softens the jawline and balances full faces. Adding textured bangs to cuts for round faces narrows wide foreheads.

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#8: Mid-Length Beach Waves for Women Over 40

Perfectly tousled mid-length beach waves for women over 40 are a must-have. A shoulder-skimming length with added texture is the perfect cut for round faces. Finish with undone beach waves, starting the waves at mid-length and leaving the ends out of the curling iron.

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Razored Shag with Curtain Bangs for Full Faces
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#9: Razored Shag with Curtain Bangs for Full Faces

Go for a razored shag with curtain bangs to slim a round jawline. This shaggy razored cut has cascading layers and is a flattering haircut for round faces. Choose eyebrow-skimming curtain bangs that gradually dip longer across the cheekbones.

Cute Pixie with Side-swept Bangs for Women with Double Chins
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#10: Cute Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Women with Double Chins

Look no more if you’re interested in a cute pixie with side-swept bangs for women with double chins. Pixie cuts for full faces look best with longer side-swept bangs and jaw-grazing pieces. Schedule regular maintenance cuts every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair style fresh.

#11: Layered Bob for Women Over 60 with Chubby Cheeks

Go for a beautiful blonde layered bob for women over 60 with chubby faces. The perimeter skims the base of the neckline, perfectly balancing the layers throughout the cut. Add texturized wispy bangs or soft face-framing pieces to complement this chic haircut for full faces.

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#12: Mid-Length Inverted Bob with Long Bangs

A mid-length inverted bob with long bangs is a must-have cut for round face shapes. The a-line perimeter and side-swept bangs are must-haves to slim your jawline. Ask your stylist for a rich chocolate brown hair color to show the beautiful texture.

#13: Asymmetrical Pixie for Older Women with Chubby Faces

An asymmetrical pixie for older women with chubby faces deserves a standing ovation! This fun short hairstyle for round faces is not only slimming but youthful, too. Try adding some face-framing highlights for a pop of color.

#14: Undercut Bob for Women with Thick Hair and Chubby Cheeks

Try an undercut bob for women with thick hair and chubby cheeks. Undercuts are an amazing haircut option to remove bulk and reduce styling time. Asymmetrical cuts elongate the head shape making them perfect styles for full faces. To achieve the piecey separation, try Amika Got Grit Dry Texture Paste.

#15: Medium-Length Bob Cut for Women with a Double Chin

A medium-length bob cut for women with a double chin is an extremely flattering haircut. The slight angle forward shape falling below the chin creates a slimmer jawline. Add some dimensional balayage for a beautiful lived-in look.

Choppy Wavy Side-Parted Bob Cut
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#16: Choppy Wavy Side-Parted Bob Cut

Opt for a choppy wavy side-parted bob cut to slim a round face. The deep side part adds height to the top of the head, which elongates the face. A bob cut for full faces that falls just below the chin is an ideal length for round face shapes. Add loose beach waves to your wavy hair, and finish with IGK Beach Club Volume and Texture Spray.

Edgy Pixie Bob for a Plus-Sized Woman
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#17: Edgy Pixie Bob for a Plus-Sized Woman

An edgy pixie bob for a plus-sized woman is a classic haircut that offers various styles for round faces. Keep the back shorter with a slight angle forward to elongate the neck and narrow your cheekbones. Ask your stylist about texturizing to achieve piecey separation around the face.

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#18: French Bob with Angled Bangs for Women Over 70

Consider a French bob with angled bangs for women over 70 if you’re looking for a youthful cut with a touch of sass. Bangs pair well with haircuts for full faces because they make shorter faces appear longer. Consider soft honey-blonde highlights to blend greys and warm your skin tone.

Long Curtain Bangs for Women Over 30 with Round Faces
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#19: Long Curtain Bangs for Women Over 30 with Round Faces

Try long curtain bangs for women over 30 with round faces to give the illusion of a narrow shape. Center-parted curtain bangs on haircuts for round faces thin out a wide forehead and add facial symmetry. You will want to visit your stylist every 4-6 weeks to maintain the length of your curtain bangs.

#20: Sleek Long Bob for a Round Face

A sleek, long bob for a round face touching just below the collarbone elongates a round face. A middle part with a blunt perimeter is a slimming haircut for chubby faces, giving the illusion of thicker straight hair. Add some beachy blonde dimensional highlights to complete the look.

Slimming Collarbone-Length Haircut for Chubby Faces
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#21: Slimming Collarbone-Length Haircut for Chubby Faces

Go for the wow factor with this beautifully slimming collarbone-length haircut for chubby faces. If you’re trying to achieve the slimmest facial features with a new haircut, an angle forward center-parted bob is an absolute must. This beautiful honey-coral copper color completes the jaw-dropping look.

#22: Long Shag Cut for Women with Full Face Shapes

A long shag cut for women with full face shapes is a heavily layered haircut that camouflages wide cheeks. When searching for slimming cuts for chubby faces, consider a center-parted curtain bang that tapers into the long layers. Styling options for shags are endless, but a go-to product is sea salt spray, which creates a perfectly un-done texture.

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#23: Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs Hairstyle for Full Faces

Try an asymmetrical bob with bangs for full faces if you’re looking for slimming hairstyles for chubby faces. The exaggerated angle forward length tapers a full jawline while also giving this bob an edgy vibe. Add a soft side-swept fringe to lengthen a round face.

#24: Short Bob for Women with Curly Hair and Round Face Shapes

Consider a short bob for women with curly hair and round face shapes. Piecey bangs and balanced curls create a perfect, harmoniously blended style for full faces. Diffuse or air dry with Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream.

#25: Face-Framing Money Piece for Shoulder-Length Hair

A face-framing money piece for shoulder-length hair is a fun option to add bold color contrast. Due to the length falling below the chin, shoulder-length hair is an absolute go-to for finding a slimming hairstyle for chubby faces. Add beach waves to create textured separation between the dark and light hair.

Slimming Angled Bob for Round Chubby Faces
Instagram @lenina_yin

#26: Slimming Angled Bob for Round Chubby Faces

A slimming angled bob for round chubby faces is an extremely flattering hairstyle. An angle forward shape creates vertical length to a round face shape and is the definition of perfection for slimming styles for chubby faces. Finish with a round brush, blow dry, and Reference of Sweden Ocean Mist.

#27: Low-Maintenance Pixie Bob for Plus-Sized Women

A low-maintenance pixie bob for plus-size women is one of the best go-to hairstyles for full faces. A pixie bob enhances cheekbones and narrows the jawline. Consider enhancing this haircut with dimensional honey-blonde highlights.

#28: Tousled Chop for a Round Chubby Face with Thin Hair

A tousled chop for a round chubby face with thin hair is a stunning combination of angles and texture. This asymmetrical haircut is a go-to hairstyle for full faces due to the diagonal forward elongating shape. Internal texturizing with a blunt perimeter adds bulk to fine strands.

Textured Shaggy Cut for a Soft Jawline
Instagram @salon01carmel

#29: Textured Shaggy Cut for a Soft Jawline

Try a medium-textured shaggy cut for a soft jawline. Tousled layers frame the face and detract from wide jawlines. This slimming style for chubby faces is completed with a seamlessly blended curtain bang.

#30: Slimming Haircut for Women with Chubby Faces

Long layers are a slimming haircut for women with chubby faces looking to elongate their features. Layered hairstyles for round faces are most flattering when layers fall below the chin. Add a swoopy curtain bang to highlight your cheekbones beautifully.

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The trendy slimming haircuts for chubby faces vary in the length and shape of the cut. These types of cuts create a slimming effect, trimming down any harsh angles. It promotes an instant boost of confidence in women.

Elongate your round-shaped face by opting for a haircut that frames it. Stylist Kristi Benigno of Charlotte, NC, urges “adding curtain fringe bangs, layers or a side part to do so.”

Studies have shown that an oval face shape symbolizes perfect facial symmetry. Benigno points out how women with round face shapes seek haircuts that mimic a thinner shape. “They are looking for haircuts that create the illusion of a thinner face,” she says.

Adding a curtain fringe causes an instant glow-up as it enhances the cheekbones. It frames the face, highlighting your best facial features, making you look thinner. If you’re one of the women who aren’t into bangs, long and swoopy layers will do the magic, too!

Benigno guarantees that women can wear any length they decide. “No need to have long tresses,” she elaborates. “A short pixie hairstyle with bangs or even a shaved head is beautiful on fuller faces.”

Embellish your new hairdo with a playful gradient of colors to spice up your look. “Adding colors directly enhances the new cut,” Benigno says.

Benigno advises women to show their stylists a photo of their chosen cut. It’s vital to select a photo with a model having similar facial structures as you. This way, it would be easier for the stylist to create a cut specific to your preference and suitability.

Check out these popular images of slimming haircuts for chubby faces. It will give you an instant boost of confidence!