36 Most Ideal Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Glasses

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The most flatting haircuts and hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses are designed with added volume, texture, and layers. The ideal styles are easy to prep in the morning and would suit most face shapes.

Shania Tan, a stylist from Chicago, identifies her best go-to look for older ladies who wear frames. “A shoulder-length bob cut is a versatile choice. It’s not too long, and not too short either, which makes it very easy to manage,” she states.

Such a mid-length cut could turn into any ‘do. Bring it up in a ponytail, a half-up and half-down style, or you can leave it as it is with some face-framing layers.

The only downside of this hair trend affects ladies with textured tresses. Tan points out how this hair type acts on exposure to humidity, causing frizz.

Consultation helps you achieve your hair goal. Discuss the best haircuts for over 60 with glasses that would enhance your facial features and match your hair texture. Show a picture of your preferred look to your stylist, ensuring you’re on the same page.

Be knowledgeable about the after-care routine. “Ask what products are good for protecting your hair from any kind of damage,” Tan suggests.

Got an upcoming appointment? Choose from these photos of trendy hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses, and jazz up your look!


#1: Mid-Length Gray Curls

Do you look for ways to wear your hair with eyewear? Mid-length gray curls may be the answer! This flattering cut gives your curls the volume treatment while creating a fullness that aging hair loves. Don’t forget to talk to your stylist about an at-home in-shower toner to keep your gray curls as bright as possible.

Layered Bob Hairstyle for sixty year old ladies

#2 Layered Bob Hairstyle

This layered bob hairstyle is perfect for sixty-year-old ladies looking to add volume and movement to their hair. The layers create a soft, feathered effect that frames the face beautifully, while the side-swept bangs complement glasses effortlessly. This cut works well for fine to medium hair density, giving a youthful and modern appearance. It’s a low-maintenance style that can be easily managed with minimal styling products.

Curly Bob for Curly Hair for women passed 60 with Glasses

#3 Curly Bob for Curly Hair

Nothing says curly hair like a curly bob. A bob with a side part is ideal for 60-year-olds because of its low maintenance and wash-and-go style. This look is convenient for curly hairstyles. Less length creates a tighter curl, so feel free to amp up curly hairstyles for over 60 with glasses.

#4: Red Streaks with Glasses

If you wear statement glasses, bold red streaks and texture can accentuate your overall look! The bold, textured look is excellent for emphasizing specific features. You can enhance the look further by adding a daring, textured bang for a more radical style.

#5: Barbie Blonde Loose Curls on Long Hair

You can pull off the Barbie blonde loose curls look particularly well. It works best on long hair. The curls are flattering for women with natural curls. The style leans more towards a platinum look but is less varied in color. Ask your stylist to lighten your hair until it reaches a bright, almost platinum, blonde shade. To style your hair, apply some mousse or curl-enhancing cream. Then, let your hair dry naturally or speed up the process with a diffuser.

#6: Babylights on a Mid-Length Cut

Try these babylights on a medium-length cut if you want a low-maintenance look! The dimension gives so much depth to this look. If you are interested in this look, I suggest you talk with your stylist at your next salon visit to go over your options.

#7: Defined Loose Curls

Defined loose curls can be a great option if you wear glasses. This hairstyle offers a touch of playfulness and movement to aging hair. And it still allows for a more mature appearance. Ask for a defined loose curl look. It’s important to keep the layers light and uniform. This will make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

#8: Gorgeous Off Center Part on a Shoulder-Length Bob

Consider a shoulder-length bob with a gorgeous off-center part. A longer bob is very versatile. You can curl it, wear it up, or down. Be aware of your style and how it will look if you wear glasses. It’s beneficial to have a side part of you have a round, pear, or long face shape.

#9: Icy Messy Bob Cut with Layers

When I suggest a hairstyle for women over 60 with glasses, the icy messy bob cut with layers is one of my favorites. It’s an edgy look that exudes confidence yet still maintains an air of sophistication. This style is perfect for any face shape and compliments your aging hair. I suggest adding longer layers around the face to soften the look. To finish off this style, use lightweight mousse or wax to give it more texture and hold.

Peachy Pink Face-Framing Bob Cut for 60-Year-Olds with Glasses
Instagram @soubecas

#10: Peachy Pink Face-Framing Bob Cut

Rock a peachy pink bob that perfectly frames your face and get ready to turn some heads. This peach and pink blended hair color is a great color choice. You’ll get lots of longevity with this shade of pink, as you wash your hair it starts to fade into a paler, softer pink. I highly recommend that you wash less often and with cooler water if you want your color to last longer.

#11: Blonde Pixie with Extra Long Bangs

In my opinion, one of the best ways to wear your hair as a mature woman is a side-swept pixie. Especially when paired with a complementary color! The cut accents all the right features from the cheekbones, and eyes and will show off your glasses! Wear your hair with volume and texture to keep a fresh and modern look, and use a texture spray applied to dry hair.

#12: Textured Bob with Blonde Lowlights

A bob with blonde lowlights will create dimension and fullness. The different tones of blonde will enhance this classic bob cut. Have fun with the texture by using a texture spray and placing your hair where you feel your best!

#13: Helen Mirren-Inspired Bob

The celebrity Helen Mirren-inspired bob is a polished and poised style. A varying length in fringe for short bob hairstyles for over 60 with glasses or point of swing around the face can be customized based on the facial structure.

Tapered Cut for Round Frames for women 60 and up
Instagram @nadia.cutshair

#14: Tapered Cut for Round Frames

A tapered cut can be easy to keep hair away from the face to showcase round frames. This crop is perfect for older women who wear frames as they still look sassy! Edgy hairstyles like this one are just wash-and-go, no need to style.

#15: Short Bob with Bangs

A short bob with bangs can open up the features of the face. The wispy bangs can fall at or below the eyes, concealing the forehead, making it easy for an old woman to style as it grows out. Length for point of swing can vary as can the layering of the bob. These hairstyles can be kept classic with a blowout or smoothed with a flat iron.

Long Bob for Salt-and-Pepper Hair for women passed sixty
Instagram @thuy.anguyen

#16: Long Bob for Salt-and-Pepper Hair

The perfect trendy hairstyle for women over 60, looking to embrace their gorgeous, salt-and-pepper hair color is an evenly cut, graduated cut. Long bob hairstyles can be styled any way and look absolutely gorgeous on all face shapes.

Wedge haircut for women over 60 with glasses

#17 The Wedge

This stylish wedge haircut for women over 60 offers a chic yet manageable look. The short layers in the back provide volume and lift, while the longer front layers frame the face beautifully, making it perfect for those with glasses. This cut works well for fine to medium hair density and is ideal for straight to slightly wavy hair. One unique aspect is its ability to add a youthful, yet sophisticated touch, making it a versatile choice for everyday wear.

#18: Medium-Length Layered Cut

A medium-length layered cut with long bangs works great on full face shapes or if women wear eyeglasses. Fringe can be kept at or below the frame while layers showcase features like natural color, highlights or natural texture of hair. Maintenance of layered hairstyles at the salon can vary between 8-12 weeks.

Round Bob with Bangs for ladies over sixty
Instagram @nina.wella

#19: Round Bob with Bangs

A round bob with bangs is perfect for fine-haired women past sixty looking for a youthful look. These hairstyles give instant body and volume. It’s also ideal for a medium texture. Blow-dry for added lift or air dry.

#20: Asymmetrical Pixie for Round Faces

An asymmetrical pixie is a perfect cut for round faces. The symmetry to one side helps elongate and slim down cheekbones with hair falling longer toward the face. Pixie haircuts make the best short and sassy style that still has some length to play with.

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Short Spiky Haircut for women over 60
Instagram @rstyle78

#21: Short Spiky Haircut

A short spiky haircut is great when you want an effortless style that requires no styling. Perfect for the busy 60-year-old with spectacles that want to rock a spiky style! These hairstyles for short hair over 60 with glasses are a wash-and-go type!

Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle for ladies 60 and over
Instagram @thedressupmom

#22: Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle

A shaggy mullet is not for the faint of heart. This mullet is for the bold woman looking for something to match their already daring style. Medium-length hairstyles like this show off the natural curls and waves of the tresses. Keeping it short around the face is a great way to let your favorite pair of eye frames or earrings be the star.

Chin-Length Bob with Large Frames for 60-year-old women
Instagram @anakumizaki

#23: Chin-Length Bob with Large Frames

Short haircuts, like a chin-length bob, are an ideal style for older women who wear large frames. Consider stacked layers in the back if you have thick tresses to add fullness and a soft fringe that is cut above your glasses to flow seamlessly into the rest of the haircut.

Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie for a lady over 60
Instagram @amyhair

#24: Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie

Inspired by the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, pixies are a timeless and classic cut. Short hair is easy to maintain and style. Using a texture spray or pomade, apply to dry locks to create that textured lived-in look.

#25: Edgy Choppy Layers

There’s no better way to say edgy than choppy layers that work well with fine straight hair. Look 10 years younger by adding tousled layers around the face.

#26: Feathered Bob with Small Frames

If you are looking to complement small frames and thick silver hair, a feathered bob is the perfect solution. Wispy ends throughout the cut make a woman look younger and frame the glass rims nicely. When styling hairstyles, blow-dry with a round brush away from the face for a feathered back look.

#27: Angled Bob for Grey Hair

Angled bob haircuts are ideal for gray hair and women 60 and over. When a bob is angled it adds character and class to the cut. The more dramatic the angle the edgier the look. This short grey hair is a perfect complement to wearing glasses.

#28: Grey Long Pixie Cut with Fringe

Fringe adds style to any grey long pixie cut. A long pixie is longer than a pixie but shorter than a bob. Opt for long pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses when the length of the cut is above the ears.

Shoulder-Length Shag for 60-year-old ladies
Instagram @cheerupsalon

#29: Shoulder-Length Shag

Shags that are shoulder-length add amazing volume and movement to wavy hair. You can wash and wear this cut or curl the layers with a styling wand.

#30: Slicked Back Pixie Cut

Enhance your features with a slicked-back pixie cut. Slicking back a pixie opens up the face and is optimal for allowing those shades or eyewear to be center stage while flashing your amazing hairstyle.

Long Shag Cut for ladies passed 60
Instagram @tiffmccoll

#31: Long Shag Cut

Rocking a long shag cut has been all the rage. Loose waves on long hairstyles are flattering for all face shapes. A shag cut with feathered bangs is basically lots of layers varying from very short to longer layers.

Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair for women in their sixties
Instagram @caronw06

#32: Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Fine hair requires a little finesse and short hairstyles are perfect for that. When using products to style fine hair, less is more. A lightweight styling cream or texture spray will do the trick.

Short Shaggy Hairdo for women past 60
Instagram @idhairdressing

#33: Short Shaggy Hairdo

Hello, short shaggy hairdo! Don’t forget to determine the length of the shag according to face shape. If your face shape is round you want a longer cut, but if face shape is more oval go for a shorter shag. These create a feathered look, which can be achieved by flipping out instead of under with a styling wand or round brush.

Wash-and-Wear Pixie for Thin Hair for ladies past sixty
Instagram @amy.farrahhair

#34: Wash-and-Wear Pixie for Thin Hair

Let’s compliment that fine hair with a wash-and-wear pixie. Wash-and-wear pixies are fast and easy. Add volume to fine hair by piecing out sections of hair with a texture spray or pomade of choice.

#35: Low-Maintenance Hairstyle

A low-maintenance hairstyle cuts back on styling time and how often you need a haircut. As we age, the low-maintenance haircut is key. Avoid fringe that is too short or too long. The perfect length when wearing glasses is right at the brow line or below the frames so you don’t obstruct your view.

#36: Sassy Pixie for Thinning Hair

Let’s get sassy with the perfect pixie for thinning hair. A sassy pixie is ideal for thinning hair. By accenting those frames with short hair, women over 60 feel young and vibrant. The choppiness of the cut adds fullness to fine hair.