25 Volume-Boosting Hairdos for Women Over 50 With Thin Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Face-Framing Haircut with Soft Waves

Consider going for a haircut that frames your face with soft waves. A chic, long, and textured bob cut can give finer hair the look of movement and fullness. A cute way to style your longer bob is with a 1-inch barrel. Curl the hair around your face downwards and backward to create a curtain bang style. Add body to the root of the rest of the curls using a root powder, such as the one from Hairstory.

Natural Salt-and-Pepper Pixie Crop for Women Aged 50 with Finer Locks
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#2: Natural Salt-and-Pepper Pixie Crop

Pixie hairstyles can accentuate your mature features in a beautiful and feminine way. Adorn this feminine style by incorporating some longer, delicate strands around your hairline, including the areas near your ears and temples. Pair this with a textured crop top for some extra hair volume and a cute fringe. For styling, use the texturing paste to define hair ends well and to add some desired body.

Mid-Long Razor Cut Shaggy Hair with Face-Framing Bangs for Thin-Haired Women Over 50
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#3: Razor Cut Shaggy Hair with Face-Framing Bangs

Sport a razor-cut, shaggy hairstyle paired with face-framing bangs for a casual look. This style imparts body and texture to thinner, aging hair. First, gather your hair into a bun. Then, extract the parts you wish to serve as bangs and face frames. Trim these pieces to suit the shape of your face. Then, blend the rest of your hair to meet the cut parts and create a perfect shag hairstyle. If you prefer low-maintenance hairstyles, razors are perfect. They create a soft texture, allowing your hair to grow out beautifully over an extended period.

#4: Short Graduated Cut with Fringe

Enjoy a fresh new look with a short, layered cut and a fringe. Enhance your appearance with a sleek graduated bob designed with long sections that frame your face. This style brings out the shorter layers on top that are flattering for smaller, round faces. Additionally, this style includes extra long sections to style, while also featuring shorter layers.

#5: Medium Wispy Layers and Choppy Bangs

Medium-length hair with choppy bangs and wispy layers are a fashionable choice. Long textured bobs are suitable haircuts for older women with thin hair. Thin hair can look fuller with a well-rounded cut and heavy bangs. Adding in some texture at the ends adds some movement to the hair without reducing its weight. Textured bangs frame the eyes beautifully and brighten up the face.

Very Short Tapered Pixie on 50-Year-Old Ladies with Thin Grey Hair
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#6: Very Short Tapered Pixie on Grey Hair

A very short tapered pixie cut looks great on grey hair. A classic crop can enhance the appearance of your thin hair. A little wave and texture in your hair can add fullness. But, a pixie cut can create fullness in every hair texture with its fuller crown and tapered sides. You can either wear your pixie cut long to frame your face or style it to draw attention upwards for a bolder look.

#7: Sleek Medium Hair with See-Through Bangs

Medium-length hair styled sleek with see-through bangs look chic. As you age, creating fuller-looking hair can seem daunting. But with some key tips, you’ll gain confidence quickly. First, I recommend a solid blunt cut. This gives your hair a full shape and can be paired with soft, full bangs. Second, using hair color can add texture and fullness to your hair. When your hair grows out, and the color starts to fade, it may seem flatter. At that time, you should get a touch-up.

Thin Short Rounded Bob with Shorter Layers for Women Over 50 with Fuller Face Shapes
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#8: Thin Rounded Bob with Shorter Layers

If you’ve had thin hair your whole life or as you’ve aged, finding the right hairstyle is vital for volume and confidence. I suggest a short graduated bob. This style adds volume and definition to the edges of your hair. It also benefits from added bangs and shorter layers at the crown for extra body.

#9: Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers and Bangs

Pixie cuts are excellent haircuts for mature women with thin hair, providing an easy style with plenty of texture and body. When asking for this cut, request a ‘bixie,’ a blend of a pixie with feathered facial framing and a graduated bob at the back. When you want more fullness in your hair, using Cult King Hair Powder is ideal. For added volume and as a dry shampoo, apply the powder to clean, dry hair.

#10: Grey Chin-Length Bob with Side Part

Timeless looks are always a good idea. Show your simple beauty with this grey chin-length bob with a side part. It’s perfect for any age but especially suits older women looking to enhance their hairstyle.

#11: Medium-Length Layered Hair with Long Bangs

Try a medium-length layered haircut with long bangs. Enhance your facial features with a beautiful layered cut. The layered haircut compliments a person with a wider forehead and narrow jawline. If your face shape is an inverted triangle or heart-shaped, this haircut could be suitable. Focus on enhancing your facial features with a full-length layered style.

#12: Silver Blonde Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

If you are an older woman looking for a haircut suited to thin hair, consider a silver blonde bob with side-swept bangs. The silver blonde bob has variety in length, adding dimension and versatility. For a more asymmetric look, style a longer facial-framed pixie to one side. Alternatively, for a symmetrical style, part it down the middle.

#13: Straight Haircut with Very Thin Bangs

Women over 50 with thinner hair will find this trendy blunt bob beneficial. The haircut provides maximum fullness, giving a sleek and attractive look. Adding bangs can enhance the style’s depth and work with natural hair growth patterns to flatter your face.

Rooted Blonde Short Wavy Bob for 50-year-olds with Finer Tresses
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#14: Rooted Blonde Wavy Bob

Blonde stands out compared to other hair colors. Take, for instance, a blonde bob with dark roots. The bright color and wavy texture bring life to aging hair. Dark roots also help during hair growth. This makes managing appointment schedules easier.

Mid-Length Wavy Violet Thin Hair with Airy Bangs for Women Over 50
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#15: Wavy Violet Hair with Airy Bangs

Consider a wavy, violet hairstyle with airy bangs. If you are a woman over 50 and are looking for something effortless and casual this season, this might be the perfect style for you. Ask your stylist for a textured lob that creates texture at your hair tips without adding many layers. This can elevate your look, especially if you add face-framing layers. These layers can easily work with glasses while staying on trend. For a pop of color, try applying the Four Seasons Violet dye to your natural grey hair for a modern style with a violet tone.

#16: Very Short Lavender Pixie Cut

Transform dull hair color! This short lavender pixie cut is a blend of classic and edgy styles. This cut is ideal for those who cherish a timeless style but crave a modern twist. If you don’t prefer lavender, you could consider baby pink or mint green!

Shoulder-Length Wispy Haircut with Side Bangs for Ladies Over 50 with Thinner Hair
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#17: Shoulder-Length Wispy Haircut with Side Bangs

Want fuller hair? Try a shorter cut! This shoulder-length wispy haircut with side bangs is a great choice for battling thin or flat hair. With this medium-length haircut, your hair gains a lively bounce. On top of that, side bangs add shape and volume to your face.

Medium Layered Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs for Thin Haired Women Over 50
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#18: Layered Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs

A layered modern shag coupled with curtain bangs is an attractive transformation for thin hair. A shorter length mixed with textured layers adds an appealing, dynamic touch to what would be dull, lifeless hair.

#19: Choppy Layered Cut with Beach Waves

Add depth to your highlights for a more dimensional, modern color. We also provide hairstyling options for older women with thin hair.

#20: Textured Pixie Haircut

Selecting the right color enhances the depth of a textured pixie cut. A cinnamon hue, akin to ginger and spice, amplifies the texture of a short hair cut effectively.

#21: Platinum Blonde Long Hair with Swept Bangs

Fine hair may appear thinner at longer lengths and may benefit from fuller, side-swept bangs. Opting for a platinum blonde tinge may add more texture to your hair than leaving it in its natural state. This color treatment works well in blending grays that may appear as you age. Coloring your hair platinum blonde will enable easier regrowth with less visible contrast.

Pink Layered Bob with Side Fringe for Older Women Over Fifty with Thin Hair
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#22: Pink Layered Bob with Side Fringe

The hair reveals an amazing change to a vibrant pink and sassy style! First, I would lighten my client’s hair for color vibrancy. Then, I would ensure her hair is healthy enough to lift. After applying the pink dye, I would trim her hair. Adding layers can create volume and a texturized finish.

#23: Bronde Classic Bob with Money Piece

Aging, thin hair can still be trendy! This bronde classic bob with a money piece is a great example of how you can incorporate a new trend into a classic look.

Very Short Purple Choppy Pixie Cut for Ladies Over 50 with Thin Hair
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#24: Very Short Choppy Pixie Cut

Opt for a very short, choppy pixie cut if your hair is thinning as you grow older. The classic pixie cut is not only feminine and stylish, but it also creates a fuller look because of its short length. To wear a pixie cut well, you must pay attention to the details around your face. Your stylist will help you decide whether a micro fringe or more noticeable bangs would suit you best. Finally, you can use gel to give your pixie cut a sleeker, spiked-up look or use paste for a more subtle, matte look.

#25: Sleek Blunt Cut with Wispy Bangs

A sleek blunt cut with wispy bangs has both a fashionable and traditional feel. Mixing elements of popular 60s hairstyles with modern trends can help you adapt your hairstyle as your hair ages.

Choosing the right haircuts for women over 50 with thin hair can transform their look and boost their confidence. Nikki Holland, a hairstylist with years of experience, shares valuable insights on selecting styles that enhance volume and complement facial shapes. Her guidance is tailored to help women feel fabulous at any age.

Meet The Expert

Nikki Holland
Nikki Holland
Nikki is a stylist and educator with over 14 years of experience.
You can find her at Muse Hair and Beauty in Broadway, Worcestershire

The Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

Nikki suggests keeping things simple. “Go for styles with little to no layers,” she says. Layers can reduce the hair’s thickness, which is vital for adding volume. She warns against mid-length cuts with heavy layers as they can thin out the bottom of your hair. Regular trims every 5-6 weeks help maintain the haircut’s shape, keeping your look fresh and tidy.

Choosing a Cut for Your Face Shape

When it comes to matching haircuts with face shapes, Nikki emphasizes the importance of considering lifestyle factors like maintenance and styling time. For longer faces, she recommends adding texture around the face to soften lines, suggesting a pixie cut might be a good choice. For those with square or heart-shaped faces, a fringe can work wonders, but it’s important to consider the hair’s thickness to avoid removing too much length around the edges.

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

To achieve fullness, Nikki advises blast drying hair in the opposite direction of its natural fall. This technique lifts the roots for a voluminous look. She prefers shorter styles for fine hair as they appear thicker. Nikki’s top product picks include the Label.M blowout spray for its lightweight, body-adding formula, and a volume foam from the same range, perfect for fine hair needing an extra boost.

Pictures of the Best Haircuts for Women Over 50 with Thin Hair