30 Best Haircuts for Women Over 50 With Thick Hair

Hairstyles for thick hair over 50
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Haircuts for women over 50 with thick hair are created to make the hair more manageable and light. Usual haircutting techniques involved are layering and razor cutting. With that desirable volume, the goal is to take advantage of the luxury of styling options you have!

Finding a hairstyle that works with any length of hair and texture you want is the first step. You can start by getting inspo from Goldie Hawn, Alfre Woodard, and Meg Ryan’s luscious haircut styles for women over 50!

Canadian hairstylist Candace Cheers chats about her tricks when cutting thick hair. “For a lady over 50, I love to contour around her face shape and have more volume in the crown area. I would ask where their troubled areas are with their hair. Also, I’ll talk about where they would like to see more movement and volume,” she tells us.

Be up front and have a discussion with your hairdresser to achieve a fitting haircut! The part you need to ask about is the upkeep, the products and tools needed, and when your next appointment should be. It shouldn’t matter if you desire long or short to medium-length hairstyles. Each of these questions are important!

Candace is a huge fan of the Davines product line – especially their texture spray. According to her, “it simply gives a not-so-perfect look that’s more fun and youthful!”

Her final piece of advice for these women’s hairstyles? “With being a woman over 50, life is about fun and easy. Learn how to properly style your hair and what products to use to keep it looking sassy!”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of the best haircuts and hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair!

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#1: Layered Short Bob for Thick Hair

If you need to revamp your dense mane in a dramatic way, a layered bob is a short hairstyle to consider. It’s a layered short bob for thick hair, looking perfect on a lady around 50 years of age. Throw in some texture to the graduated layers, and you’ll have the volume of your dreams. Whether natural or not, a dimensional brown shade will give you wondrous results, highlighting your natural beauty.

Thick Feathered Bob Style for Ladies Aged 50
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#2: Thick Feathered Bob Style

Consider the thick feathered bob style. It could be the perfect choice for ladies aged 50 who seek a chic and youthful look. The layers in this haircut contribute to a sense of volume and movement. Feathered edges add a soft and feminine touch. This style works ideally for those with thick hair, as the layers reduce the weight and heaviness. Style this bob by starting with dry or just damp hair. Apply a volumizing mousse to increase texture and body. Blow dry the hair with a round brush, and make sure to lift the roots for extra volume. Finish the style with a dash of lightweight hairspray to hold it in place.

#3: Thick Feathered Layers

For women over 50 with short hair, thick feathered layers are a great choice. They give a fresh and youthful style. The layers in this haircut create volume and movement. So it makes your hair more playful and fun. The thickness of the layers adds fullness to the hair and gives it a more voluminous and lively appearance. This style works best for women with thick hair because the layers help to remove some of the weight and make the hair easier to manage. Thick feathered layers help add texture and dimension to your hair. They make it look more lively and attractive.

#4: Thick Wavy Bob with Side Swept Fringe

If you have thick hair, try a wavy bob with a side-swept fringe. The length of a wavy bob will remove the excess weight that drags your hair down. The thick wavy bob provides more volume and body for a glamorous look. If you can, try styling your bob with hot rollers for a more elegant look.

Thick Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Ladies 50 and Over
Instagram @beto_fariaa

#5: Thick Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A pixie with side-swept bangs for thick hair is a fun and textured cut. Perfect for women wanting a short cut, a bang can draw attention to the eyes and flatter the rest of the face.

#6: Sharply Angled Jet Black Bob

Aging hair doesn’t have to be boring or the typical bob. Avoid the average haircut with a change in style like a sharply angled jet black bob. It has a draw with its high gloss shine and structured style. This gives the wearer a staple of style.

#7: Blonde Feathered Bob

Ladies looking for a low-maintenance style, with thick hair and who are over 50, can easily rock a feathered bob. Feathered simply means blended layers and blonde hair coloring helps natural gray hair to seamlessly blend.

#8: Graduated and Feathered Layers

Graduated and feathered layers are a great way to keep overly thick hair light and fluffy. Graduation is a simple and easy-to-style way to reduce bulk and remove length at the nape area while feathering is ideal for removing excess weight and thickness. Feathered layering creates a soft frame for any face shape or hair texture.

inverted bob for a woman over 50 with thick hair
Instagram @spinhair

#9: Shoulder-Length Inverted Bob for Thicker Hair

Need new hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair? Here’s a shoulder-length inverted bob that works great with your desired diamond blonde hair color. With a subtle fringe, it gives an impression of youthfulness, even in your 50s. Turn your thick, straight hair into a blonde bob for a change!

#10: Wavy Lob with Ombre

A wavy lob with ombré is great for naturally curly and wavy textures. An ombré shows off the cut in a fun way. Great for women over 50 looking to keep some length and having a lower maintenance shorter style. If you are looking to grow out your gray, a style like a wavy long bob helps you get to that goal sooner with having less hair to grow out.

#11: Short Layered Shag for Women with Gray Hair

A short layered shag for women with gray hair can give a youthful vibe and boost style to the hair. The layered shag adds texture and an edgy feel, plus shaping around the face, which can balance out the older feel gray hair can bring.

#12: Pixie for Short-Length Hair

A pixie for short-length hair can really make denser hair more maintainable, in both washing and styling. Thick hair can really weigh the hair down, so working a shorter length can lift the hair allowing more texture and movement to your style.

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#13: Long Pixie with Feathered Layers

Rock a long pixie with feathered layers if you love the short texture but still require some length to fall around your face. A pixie can feel like it exposes so much of your face and hairline, however maintaining some length to cover your ears and jawline can be the perfect cure to still embrace a shorter style. Opt for feather-like layers to allow softness around the face and a lighter effect to the hair.

#14: Feathered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Try a feathered hairstyle for thick hair for an airy feel to your layers. Thicker hair can still feel bulky after it has been layered, so discussing with your stylist to add a feathery feel to your layers can lighten the feel and look to your style.

#15: Tousled Shag for Medium Hair

A tousled shag for medium hair is great for women who love movement and height. Adding shaggy layers brings width up to the face, which we lose when our hair is long. Layers can add a more youthful appearance and lift the face.

white pixie bob for 50 year old women with thicker hair
Instagram @hair_motif

#16: White Pixie Bob for Women with Thick Hair

A good haircut for thick hair is the white pixie bob, which is perfect if you’re a lady over 50. It’s the color that suits your age, and the chop that’s easy for you to style. Now, pixie cuts are how you give life to your thick tresses!

short bob for 50 plus year old woman with thick hair
Instagram @wrighthairco

#17: Short Salt and Pepper Bob for Women Over 50

Short hairstyles for women over 50 like a salt and pepper bob is an eye-catching trend! The contrast looks amazing and will class up your natural greys. If you’re a woman who’s over 50 and with thick hair, opt for a neck-length graduated cut. The chop lessens the bulkiness of your locks while giving you that younger look.

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short curly bob for older women over 50 with thick hair
Instagram @nataliapetcu_

#18: Short Curly Bob for Women with Thick Hair

Some short haircuts display sophistication to the fullest! Take a bob hairstyle, for example. It’s a short curly bob for thick hair over 50, which works well on your neck-length, dark tresses. The key to its bouncy and fuller-looking finish is to use a sea salt spray when styling your curly hair.

Lob with Side Swept Bangs for thick haired women 50+
Instagram @jleighhair

#19: Thick Lob with Side Swept Bangs

If you’re sick and tired of styling every morning, why don’t you try a thick lob with side-swept bangs? Side bangs look simple and stylish on a straight, thick mane. Pops of honey and silver create a dimension, which adds shine and fullness to your locks. With a long bobs trendy color and neck-length chop, sure, you’ll want to change your look ASAP!

#20: Blonde Cropped Hairstyle for Thick Hair

An alternative way to achieve a lovely jaw-length style with much-needed volume is here! Freshen up your look by applying enough mousse to your blonde-cropped hairstyle. It suits a golden shade of blonde and features wispy bangs for thick hair to offer you a younger-looking payoff.

#21: Choppy Pixie for Older Women with Thick Hair

You gotta love the texture in a gorgeous choppy pixie cut for women with thick hair. Layers add more details to the thick hairstyle while they boost the dimension of these bronde locks. Consider a choppy pixie hairdo when you have straight and thick hair, and you’ll look amazing no matter what!

grey pixie with undercut for woman in her 50s with thick hai
Instagram @hairbyhideki_

#22: Grey Pixie with Undercut for Women in Their 50’s

If you’re considering short haircuts for women over 50, a grey pixie with an undercut, defines sassiness! With the gray hair blending into the dark strands, the entire style happens to be low maintenance. And because the short pixie is trendy and fashionable, a styling routine every day isn’t necessary.

#23: Youthful Mid-Length Shag for Thick Hair

A youthful voluminous shag, partnered with baby bangs, to frame your face like a total darling! One thing to love about a mid-length cut is that it removes length and weight from your dense, medium-length hair. To benefit you, it also adds texture to dark brown hair, making the curls look very light and gorgeous.

Hairstylist Michaela Perdue of Blacksburg, VA created this soft shag with baby bangs for thick hair. “The texture and top layers add so much movement without sacrificing the length,” says Perdue.

Get a good texture spray for styling a shag. “In this picture, a flat iron was used to style, and the curls were broken up with Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer,” she explains. “A shag can truly suit all older women, but women with natural texture who want to bring their natural curls to life benefit most.”

Taking off the extra weight allows natural curl and wave to have body and volume. A shag can truly be a wash and wear style or one that requires little effort for older women. It even gets better with 2 and 3-day old hair!

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messy beach wave for 50 year old women with thick hair
Instagram @kimswannart

#24: Messy Beach Waves for Women with Thick Hair

Opt for messy beach waves if your thick tresses need a bouncy finish. A textured style with bangs does a better job on a length that falls at the neckline. Spritz on a texturing spray to boost the movement and shine of your dark blonde mane.

This textured, wavy hairstyle was created by hair stylist Kimberly Swann of Savannah, GA. “The style maintains itself along with the help of a shaped and textured cut. Taking care of your hair with good conditioning masks and leave-in conditioners are all firsts on the list,” she explains.

Swann recommends you look for a stylist you can best communicate with and has experience in these cutting techniques. “Try All-Nutrient styling products, including the Motion Soft Gel and the Straight Smoothing Cream, mixed, for hold and frizz. Sometimes if more body is needed, add the ELC Bobo volume foam too,” she adds.

An important tool also needed to make the most of the body and curls is a diffuser attachment to your blow-drier. For conditioning, a popular hair mask to use after every shampoo is Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask. How to properly apply these products really matters for the beach waves style as well.

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Flattering Feathered Lob with Wispy Ends for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair
Instagram @sidneystudio

#25: Flattering Feathered Lob with Wispy Ends for Older Women

What a flattering feathered lob with wispy ends that’s ideal for women over 50! Give your thick mane new life by getting a lob hair style, best with a shoulder-grazing chop. Pair it with a highlighted silver blonde shade, and rock that dimensional result. If you’re not into subtle highlights, ask your stylist about a balayage or ombre instead.

Blonde bob with bangs for chin-length thick haired women over 50
Instagram @jeanniejachman

#26: Blonde Bob with Bangs for Chin-Length Hair

A blonde bob with bangs for chin-length hair looks good with a shag upgrade. Proof? Here’s one by stylist and colorist Jeannie Jachman of Michigan.

A blonde bob haircut is a juxtaposition of structure and movement. “I used scissors to create a clean perimeter and a razor for soft, textured layers,” says Jachman.

straight long bob for woman over 50 years old with thick hair
Instagram @beautybybrandz

#27: Thick Straight Long Bob Style

Now, in your 50s, your hair goal must be something that appears iconic. Choose a gorgeous thick, straight long bob for your next revamp. Opt for a long hairstyle that goes beyond shoulders to show off your bronde’s dimension even better. A dark root is a great choice to achieve a low-maintenance result.

A thick straight long bob is trendy but mature. It was created by licensed cosmetologist Brandie Rivas of Clearwater, FL. “The lob is a great ‘in-between’ bob haircut to where it is low maintenance but still versatile enough to style different ways,” she says.

Discuss with your stylist how a hairstyle for women over 50 is able to be customized to your long hair texture and daily styling routine. “Whether to make the angle of the bob cut more or less drastic completely depends on how often you are wanting to keep up with the cut. For styling, it is great! A smooth style or beach waves will work perfectly with a straight bob haircut,” explains Rivas.

#28: The Perfect Textured Cut for Thicker-Haired Women

An a-line cut is a very lived-in style, so the texture and styling are everything. It was created by Emily Cornell, a hairstylist in Greensburg, PA. “The hair is mainly cut dry to really shape out the shattered pieces and personalize it. Textured cuts for thick hair have the versatility of wearing it straight or with flat iron curls (as shown),” she explains.

The style is ideal for women with fine or thick hair. It’s a fun style that is completely current and on-trend. An a-line cut is great for businesswomen, moms, grandmas, and women with active lifestyles.

To achieve the style, Emily suggests you try Evo MacGyver Mousse at your roots for volume. “Eufora Pure Polish is a lightweight gloss that adds shine. When the hair is dry, use Eufora Full Effect to add a ton of volume and texture to those fun pieces. It has silica in it, so it won’t leave the hair tacky and can still break down,” she adds.

Medium Thick Layers with Bangs for older women
Instagram @thesmaavcut

#29: Medium-Length Thick Layers with Bangs

Curl specialist Sherrie Virtue of Montréal, QC created a medium-length to long-layered haircut with bangs for women over 50. “Layering removes some thickness,” she explains, “there are shorter layers on top and some framing the face. The cut gives you volume and texture, yet still maintains fullness. But, the style isn’t recommended if your hair is on the finer side.”

Long hairstyles are easy to maintain. It’s versatile, meaning you can wear it straight, curly, or with movement. It’s better suited for older women who will be able to spend a bit of time styling their layered cut. You will need at least one styling product to maintain a long layered cut with bangs. When blow-drying at home, you can turn your head upside down for added volume at the roots. Use hot rollers or simply add product, scrunch, and air dry your long locks.

#30: Long Thick Hair with a Side Part

Long thick hair with a side part can be significantly more manageable than thick hair with a middle part. By offsetting the balance by using a side part, thick-haired women can avoid the dreaded triangle shape that happens with long thick hair. With so much density, thick hair can tend to just fluff out rather than keep a style, utilizing a side part creates volume that doesn’t overtake the face.

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