27 Most Flattering Haircuts for Women in Their 50s with a Round Face

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best hairstyles for women over 50 with round face shapes offer a slimming effect that can enhance beauty and youthfulness in their appearance. For women over 50 considering a new style, go for one that makes you feel good about yourself.

Gemma Sandercock, a hairstylist from Swindon, UK, says, “When blessed with a round face, you should steer away from harsh cuts and go for a style that offers volume and bounce. Find a cut and style that complements the roundness of your face while giving you a youthful shine.”

She adds, “A woman with fine hair needs to keep it soft around the face, blunt on the ends, and allow texture and volume. Ladies over 50 with thick hair should opt for a short, choppy, pixie look.”

When styling thinning hair, Sandercock recommends a sturdy round brush and Oway Volumizing Root Spray. The brush and spray combine to provide a healthy, voluminous finish.

Before your next salon visit, embrace your age and check out the trendiest photos of haircuts and hairstyles for women over 50 with round face shapes.

Dark Magenta Bouncy Curls for Ladies 50 and Over with Round Faces
Instagram @aoki_hair

#1: Dark Magenta Bouncy Curls

Dark magenta color with bouncy curls is a beautiful hairstyle for ladies over 50 with round face shapes. The bouncy curls create upwards volume, giving the illusion of a longer face. For additional volume on the top, spray some dry shampoo on the roots and massage it with your fingers.

#2: Professional Side-Parted Bob

Finding a hairstyle for work that suits your face shape can be difficult. However, a professional side-parted bob does well in this. If you choose this bob, ask your stylist to cut it in a way that frames the area below your jaw. This helps draw attention away from a rounded chin.

#3: Elegant Slob Haircut

Slob haircuts, or slightly angled bob cuts, combine sleek classical lines with a modern shape. They’ve gained popularity due to their easy styling abilities and flattering shape. The sharp lines of slob haircuts compliment most face shapes, making it an ideal style for anyone.

#4: Light Brown Above-the-Shoulder Cut

Looking for a way to brighten and enliven your aging hair? The light brown color will add depth to your hair without being high maintenance for most wearers. Keeping hair above the shoulders and adding layers gives a youthful look that is easy to style.

#5: Tousled Shoulder-Length Cut with Soft Waves

The tousled cut with soft waves is a timeless hairstyle that can make you look 10 years younger. This hairstyle features shoulder-length hair with natural-looking waves and a tousled texture. This adds movement and volume to your locks. The soft waves create a youthful and fresh appearance, giving your hair a touch of elegance. This versatile hairstyle suits various face shapes and can be styled for many events.

#6: Natural Salt and Pepper Pixie Haircut

A natural salt and pepper pixie cut can be a great option for women over 50 with round faces. It’s a low-maintenance but stylish haircut. The unique blend of gray and brown hues in salt and pepper hair can provide a soft and natural look that is chic. To help this haircut to be versatile, this cut can be easily transformed to suit any occasion. To keep it looking fresh, add texture with a sea salt spray and finish it off with some hairspray for hold and sheen. Remember that maintenance of such haircuts for round faces may require regular trimming to keep its shape.

White Rezo Cut Curls for 50-Year-Olds with Round Faces and shoulder-length hair
Instagram @lace_cosmo_

#7: White Rezo Cut Curls

If you have aging hair, try a rezo cut for curls. When you see your stylist, ask about your options for a look like this!

Short Cut with Full Side Bangs for Women Over 50 with Round Faces
Instagram @soubecas

#8: Short Cut with Full Side Bangs

A short haircut with full side bangs is super funky for mid-aged women wanting a youthful new style. A deep part with a tuck on the opposite side is a signature style for this haircut. Overall, bleaching and toning to a pastel pink is also a fun addition to this look.

Greying Curly Shag for Women Past Fifty with Round Faces
Instagram @demilisan

#9: Greying Curly Shag

When ditching the hair color, go for a graying curly shag. Shaggy textured layers will lift natural curly hair and make curls spring. Cutting shorter layers will take off old-colored hair faster and let your natural gray grow down for an easier transition. Style with a diffuser and curl cream for a more defined curl.

#10: The Choppy Feathered Cut

The choppy feathered cut is perfect for straight, lifeless hair that needs to look fuller. Use a feather razor to add a sassy texture and a soft edge to achieve the cut.

Long layered cut for women turning fifty with long hair
Instagram @mariobydesign

#11: Long Layered Cut for Long Hair

A layered cut for long hair will give you movement without removing too much weight from your white hair. It has an elegant curled style, giving it extra volume and bounce.

Chin-length shaggy cut with glasses
Instagram @hair_ritualist

#12: Chin-Length Shaggy Cut With Glasses

When looking for a fun cut, a chin-length shaggy bob is the perfect style for any hair type. Using a razor to achieve this look helps to soften the look when wearing glasses. When styling, use a curls mousse, texture cream, and a towel to scrunch and remove water. Let air dry, and you have perfection.

#13: Short Bob

A short bob for 50-year-old women is a great way to keep your style fresh and young. This length works for all hair types and would look great straight or curled. The side fringe offers movement around the face and can easily be parted in either direction. Use a large round brush when blow-drying for added volume and bounce.

#14: Sleek Lob Cut

The sleek lob cut is the perfect balancing style for women over 50. The long bob is great and sits just above the shoulder, disguising the jawline and narrowing the widest part of your face. A beautiful sleek style that can be a perfect everyday look.

#15: The Modern Shag

The modern shag is the popular take on the retro cut returning to the spotlight. I carefully carved into the shaggy hair to create soft petals. This frames the attributes you want to highlight on your face.

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Classic shoulder-length haircut for fifty-year-old women
Instagram @cutnj

#16: Classic Shoulder-Length Haircut for Straight Hair

A classic shoulder-length haircut for straight hair can give you the appearance of fuller-looking hair. Cutting the hair right at the shoulder level will give your hairdo a natural bounce.

The long bob for a woman over 50 with a round face
Instagram @fightingfifty

#17: The Long Bob

Rock the long bob for a round face to get a super slim shape. The length of a long bob sits around the shoulder, which gives an elegant feel but also sits below the rounder part of the face, which narrows the face. Try it with a side parting to give extra height to the hair and lengthen the silhouette.

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#18: The Razor Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

A razor cut with side-swept bangs is perfect because its sharp asymmetry will cut a rounded jawline. The hair’s softness lets it skim around the wider parts of the face, giving a slimmer feel without too much width. Style with some Defining Whip from Aveda to bring out the razored texture.

#19: Short to Medium Cut for Thin Hair

Opt for a short to medium cut for thin hair when you need to thicken up your hair. The shorter length allows wispy ends to be removed and looks bulkier while adding some layers and shaping from around the face. This lets the shape feel wider from the movement of your tresses. Plus, it’s a great hairstyle for older women battling hair loss and/or the growth of natural grey or silver hair upfront.

The mid stacked bob for women past their 50s with wavy hair
Instagram @hair_by_ti

#20: The Mid-Stacked Bob for Wavy Hair

The mid-stacked bob for wavy hair works great for mature women with a rounder face. To get this haircut, ask your stylist for a lightly textured blunt bob.

Wash-and-go long pixie cut for women over 50 with round faces
Instagram @toryb_hair

#21: Wash-and-Go Long Pixie Cut

A long pixie cut for rounder faces is a great option if you want to go short but feel you can’t pull it off with your face shape. Ask for a longer length around the face and a shorter length in the back of the face. This will shape your face and draw attention upwards.

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Short layered cut for over 50 ladies with fine hair
Instagram @hairbyannaobx

#22: Short Layered Cut for Fine Hair

Opt for a short layered cut for fine hair to get an easy-breezy messy texture to your tresses. The shorter layers give a playful feel to the hair, so you can push it around in any direction you want. This low-maintenance cut is versatile and can be worn by women in their fifties. However, if you want to hide a double chin, this cut may not be for you.

#23: Mid-Length Layered Bob

Choose a mid-length layered bob for a round face shape as your new cut. Medium-length layers create movement and softness around the face and are easy to style.

#24: Shoulder-Length Textured Cut

A shoulder-length textured cut is perfect for ladies over 50 because of the variety of easy-maintenance styling options. Also, this cut offers less volume and longer layers as the best way to elongate a round face.

Flattering short haircut for women over 50 with a round face
Instagram @splicesalon

#25: Flattering Short Haircut

Flattering short hair cuts for women over 50 often have bangs. This gives a fun and youthful look to the hair. The wispy bangs highlight the eyes and frame the face. Opt for a hairstyle with edgy hair color to combine the whole look.

#26: Medium-Length Cut for Curly Hair

Try a salt and pepper medium-length cut for curly hair that enhances your curl and keeps a balance on your round face. The medium length is perfect for round faces as it encourages the curl pattern to have more bounce without widening the hair shape too much. The length holds a little weight down, so if you need more movement, ask your stylist to add light layers.

#27: Youthful Angled LOB for Women with Glasses

An angled lob (long bob) for 50-year-old women with glasses is great for the professional who wants an easy style to achieve for work while still being able to put up in a pony on the weekends.