21 Chic Volumizing Haircuts for Women Over 40 with Fine Hair

Hairstyles for fine hair over 40
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best hairstyles for women over 40 with fine hair give an illusion of thickness and volume. As we age, it’s vital to wear a chop that’s not only stunning but must be low-maintenance, as well!

Stylist Tia Wilson of Goldsboro, NC recommends a classic bob. It’s chic and versatile to help you stay on trend while ensuring that it’ll work for your natural texture. With this haircut for fine hair, you can rock curls or wear your tresses straight!

“Go for a blunt cut,” Wilson suggests. “Too many layers and over-texturizing will make your hair appear thinner. Stay away from a shag,” she adds.

Make sure to find a hairdresser who you can trust with precision cuts. “A great stylist knows where to add the right amount of texture to provide the perfect movement for your hair,” says Wilson.

Once you pick out your desired cut, talk to your stylist about the styling and upkeep. Ask what hair products and tools you must have, and how to utilize them. “Make sure you leave the salon educated and confident in your new look,” Wilson points out.

Here are the best photos of the best haircuts for women over 40 with fine hair looking to add more volume!

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#1: Balayage Highlights on a Sleek Bob

Balayage highlights on a sleek bob can really bring some fullness to your look. If you have finer hair, then look no further because this is one of the best styles! You must finish your hair with some volumizing products to really show off the dimension.

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#2: Sleek Blunt Cut Bob with Highlights

If you want brightness around your face, I suggest highlights and face-framing bangs. A blunt perimeter will give your bob a sleek finish. It works great for fine to medium hair density with a naturally straight texture.

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#3: Creamy Blonde with Dark Roots

Bring your complexion to life by trying creamy blonde with dark roots. Warm tone blondes always reflect light and warm up your skin tone. Having darker roots brings easier maintenance for a more natural look, offering less time at the salon. To keep blonde hair healthy use a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

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#4: Wavy Hair with a Deep Side Part

Wavy hair with a deep side part is a great way to show off highlights and depth through color and movement framing the face. Medium-Length hairstyles for thin hair for women over 40 these days are the same hairstyles for women under 40. Use your natural curl pattern or a curling iron to create soft waves that fall just under the collar bone. Avoid hair feeling “stringy” by keeping it trimmed every 6-8 weeks and adding texture spray or sea salt spray.

Choppy Layers and Side Bangs on a Bob for Women Over the Age of 40 with Fine Hair
Instagram @ilhankull
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#5: Choppy Layers and Side Bangs on a Bob

Choppy layers and side bangs on a bob look spunky and fun. Straight hairstyles for thin hair on women over 40 with a round face can be low-maintenance because side bangs can grow out well and blend with the front choppy layers. Choppy layers can create texture and volume while accentuating the oval shape of one’s face.

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Middle-Parted Lob with Curls for Women Over 40 with Thin Hair
Instagram @elainebeleza_
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#6: Middle-Parted Lob with Curls for Thin Hair

The best hairstyle for women over 40 is a middle-parted lob with curls for thin hair. It’s a modern and cool short hairstyle for fine hair on women over 40 with glasses. Keeping balanced abundance on either side with a middle part, and lots of movement and volume through the curls. Framing stylish glasses, lobs are known for feeling up-with-the-times without too much time spent blowdrying.

Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob for Ladies Over 40 with Thin Hair
Instagram @ellada_2016
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#7: Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob

When looking for a fun haircut that isn’t seen around every day, try a chin-length asymmetrical bob. Hairstyles for 40-year-old women with fine hair are no longer kept within a certain comfort zone. Keep your fine hair at chin-length on one side and play with technical layering on the other. Pair with baby bangs for an extra edge, as long as your hairline will allow. Find a technical cutting expert and go wild!

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#8: Sleek French Bob with Blunt Bangs

A sleek French bob with blunt bangs is edgy and fun for 40-year-old women with straight hair that can hold a good shape all day. With straight hair, a blunt bob with bangs is the perfect match. No fighting for volume as the sleek look is the goal. Starting a little bit shorter with bangs can buy a week or two before they feel too long which makes it easier to stretch cut appointments from 4 weeks to 5 or 6 weeks.

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#9: Asymmetrical Pixie on Ladies Over 40

Asymmetrical pixies on ladies over 40 are a fun way to keep visual interest. Hairstyles for very fine hair for women over 40 can sometimes feel limiting, but when there’s some asymmetry involved it takes a typical pixie into a Sassoon-looking piece of art.

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#10: Tousled Hairstyle with a Middle Part

A tousled fine hair hairstyle with a middle part screams bohemian vibes. Long hairstyles for women over 40 are more encouraged than ever. Don’t be afraid of a bold middle part – they are back in action and welcome all ladies to rock it.

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#11: Messy Bob Cut for Older Women

Messy bob cuts for older women keep the feeling of being weighed down at bay. Layered bob hairstyles for women over 40 can complement almost any texture. Having a stylist’s guidance on which products will work best with natural texture can help avoid frustrations while going for a messy look. Gives the benefit of looking fresh and light by embracing layers and getting rid of too much length.

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#12: Long Layered Haircut on 40-Year-Old Women

A long layered haircut on a 40-year-old woman with finer hair is a fabulous way to exude youth while keeping volume and movement. Long hairstyles look best when they are round brushed, curled, or scrunched to enhance natural texture. The idea is to create movement and body so fine hair may need a gxood texturizing spray. The bigger the round brush, the more volume there will be.

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#13: Layered Curly Hair with Wispy Bangs

Layered curly hair with wispy bangs is a great way to add softness without weight. Mid-length hairstyles for fine hair on women over 40 can keep hair looking full without feeling short. Flip around the top layers for volume while having some length for that younger feeling. Even wispy bangs require some styling and product for hold, typically a light spray should do the job.

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#14: Neck-Length Bob Haircut

An elegant neck-length bob haircut is good-lookin’ year-round, especially in the warmer months. Having a neck-length bob is a super low-maintenance hairstyle for fine hair on women over 40. As time goes on, hair tends to become thinner and more brittle. Keeping it a little shorter can bypass ever having to notice that it doesn’t grow as fast as it used to.

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#15: Textured Stacked Bob with an Undercut

For those with a wild side, go for a textured, stacked bob with an undercut. Get rid of too much bulk at the bottom with an undercut, maybe a cool pattern shaved in there, too! Short haircuts for women over 40 don’t have to be simple or feel plain. If there is texture in the finest hair, use it by creating a stacked bob. A super fun way to show off that undercut is to bring it up higher on one side (or both) and keep the front layers tucked behind the ear.

Medium-Length Fine Hair with Loose Waves for Women Over 40
Instagram @hair.byjuliee
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#16: Medium-Length Hair with Loose Waves

Medium-length hair with loose waves can be incredibly versatile. Movement and curl give lots of visual interest and keeping fullness in the front can compliment fine hair on women over 40 with a round face. Keeping more hair forward frames the face nicely, giving off the visual shape of an oval. Another benefit is being able to pull it all back properly into a bun while drying, let it loose once dry, and see how nicely those loose waves take shape.

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#17: Mid-Length Shag with Curtain Bangs

When looking for a flexible style, a mid-length shag with curtain bangs is a flirty and chic style. Shaggy hairstyles for fine hair on women over 40 are a fabulous go-to for volume, texture, and style. Scrunch it, round-brush it, curl it…whatever the desired method is, shags can deliver success to them all. Face-framing layers can be brought up to be considered curtain bangs which is a super fun way to have softness if a ponytail is the style for the day.

Textured Pixie Cut for Women Over 40 with Fine Hair
Instagram @zinoveva_elena
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#18: Textured Pixie Cut for Women Over 40

Rock a textured pixie cut for women over 40 that want modern, edgy vibes but don’t want to mess around with fighting to get volume. Pixie hairstyles for women over 40 that have fine hair can be incredibly liberating as it gets lift, movement, and stays that way with minimal styling. Pixies pair best with a light styling mold for fine hair followed by a firm to strong hold hairspray.

Pixie Shag with Bangs for Ladies Over 40 Years Old with Fine Hair
Instagram @suzygrifa
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#19: Pixie Shag with Bangs for Mature Women

Trying a pixie shag with bangs for mature women can be a confidence boost. Short hairstyles for a 40-year-old woman are bolder than ever. Forty is the new 30, so when some length needs to go, it can still be shaped into a youthful feeling shag but tailored to the individual. Adding bangs is a great way to soften lines around the face and attract attention to one’s eyes.

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#20: Long Tousled Curls with Bangs

Long, tousled curls with bangs are forever feminine. Hairstyles for fine curly hair on women over 40 can use their curls to enhance their style. Bangs can easily be round-brushed or curled with an iron while still complimenting a natural curl. Curtain bangs are a great way to blend into a natural curl as the longer areas can usually cascade right into the lengths of the fine hair.

Classic Angled Bob for Women Over 40 Years Old with Fine Hair
Instagram @bobsbybrinley
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#21: Classic Angled Bob for Fine Hair

A forever go-to for fine hair is a classic angled bob. Bob hairstyles for fine hair on women over 40 are an easy way to keep volume without using a ton of product. A good stylist will know how much texturizing to do based on hair type, hair density, and time allowed on a daily basis to style it.