26 Flattering Haircuts for Thick, Wavy Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Voluminous Long Dense Wavy Hair with Middle Part
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#1: Voluminous Long Hair with Middle Part

Long hair with a middle part in a voluminous style can nicely incorporate highlights that frame the face, along with a prominent hair strand we call a ‘money piece’. This soft yet chic hairstyle is ideal for women with lots of density and length. Adding highlights to frame the face, known as ‘baby lights,’ can enhance your natural features. This technique, combined with a low-maintenance color and haircut, can be fabulous and easy to handle.

Collarbone-Length Thick Haircut with Wavy Choppy Layers
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#2: Collarbone-Length Cut with Choppy Layers

A collarbone-length haircut with choppy layers is perfect for a stylish look. Ask your hairdresser to point-cut the ends. It brings texture and helps create a messy, choppy shape. Try curling your hair with the curling iron from the middle and leave the ends straight. This technique will accentuate the texture and give you a beachy finish.

Fox cut hairstyle on a woman with medium-length tousled waves and wispy bangs

#3 Wispy Bangs and Tousled Waves

Embrace the allure of the fox cut with this example of tousled waves paired with wispy bangs, perfect for thick, wavy hair. This medium-length style embodies a playful yet sophisticated vibe, tailored to enhance the natural volume and texture of dense hair. The cut features a layered approach that strategically lightens the hair, offering both style and comfort. It’s particularly flattering for those with oval and heart-shaped faces, as the layers and bangs gracefully frame the face.

#4: Bronze Highlights and Defined Waves

Your hair will shimmer with bronze highlights and clear waves. Highlight your hair first, then use a bronze sealer for a lovely color. Keep your hair layers minimal to create defined waves. To smooth your natural curl, blow dry your hair using a mid-size round brush and spin the brush vertically. If your hair isn’t wavy enough, use a 3/4 of an inch iron and lightly comb through.

#5: Medium Blonde Waves with Face-Framing Layers

You’ll love your hair styled into medium blonde waves with face-framing layers. Cut your bang section to about chin length and add slight layers to create a soft wave around your face. Style the bang section away from your face for a trendy look. Blow dry your hair until it’s smooth. Then, curl it with a 1-inch iron. Make sure to use a soft hairspray to ensure your waves hold.

Neck-Length Thick Wavy Hair
Instagram @bettylazcano

#6: Neck-Length Thick Wavy Hair

For thick wavy hair, a neck-length cut will help remove unwanted weight and simplify styling. This length will also help your waves curl up more for additional body and volume.

#7: Long Beachy Waves and Rooted Blonde Highlights

Long beachy waves and rooted blonde highlights are perfect for thick hair. The long wavy hair style will reduce flyaways and curls. Also, the blonde highlights make the natural waves more vivid.

#8: Blonde Medium Cut with Messy Layers

A blonde medium-length cut with messy layers is a bright, beachy alternative to popular brunette hues. If you prefer blondes, you’ve got to try this style!

Layered and Tousled Wavy Style for Thick Long Hair
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#9: Layered and Tousled Long Hair

Layered and tousled long hair will give your locks an upgrade. If your long hair lacks style, adding layers and some face-framing pieces would be the perfect solution. For a modern style, ensure the section with bangs angles away from your face. You can try styling the length by utilizing your natural wave or curling your hair with a 1-inch iron. To achieve a messy finish, simply run your fingers through your hair.

Side-Parted Wavy Pixie Cut for Denser Locks
Instagram @olyakuzochkina

#10: Side-Parted Wavy Pixie Cut

A businesswoman could shine in a cute pixie crop, more specifically a wavy side-parted pixie cut. This pixie cut is great for those with thick hair textures. It allows the removal of excess weight, thereby adding movement. For further weight removal, your stylist may suggest an undercut. Defined curls can either enhance your style or be blow-dried for extra body.

Thick Hair with Layered Cut and Soft Beach Waves
Instagram @flossyhair.yadiramc

#11: Layered Cut with Soft Beach Waves

A layered cut with soft beachy waves is an attractive style. Thick-haired women can carry off this lived-in style beautifully. For soft, moveable layers, ask your stylist to use a razor-cut technique. Adding beachy waves highlights the texture of the razor-cut and tapered ends.

Rooted Blonde Choppy Lob for Wavy Denser Locks
Instagram @stebunovhair

#12: Rooted Blonde Choppy Lob

Stylists do not create all lobs in the same way. If you desire more texture in your thick hair, ask your stylist for a trendy chop. Your stylist will use razor, slicing, and texture shears to create varying lengths in your hair. Showcasing these different lengths is crucial to reveal the hair texture.

Short Wavy Shag with Thick Bangs
Instagram @davidwbullen

#13: Short Wavy Shag with Thick Bangs

Consider a short, wavy shag with thick bangs for a stylish look. If you’re a lady with medium-length hair looking for a style that will drastically change your look, try a short shag with bangs that emphasize your eyes. This haircut is exceptional when combined with waves using a razor can add extra movement and texture.

#14: Brunette Wavy Hair with Off Center Part

Consider a hairstyle with wavy, brunette hair and an off-center part. If you want a stylish hairdo but don’t want to cut a lot off, try a long, off-center cut. Thicker hair looks good at one length, especially when excess weight is removed. While layers can add too much volume, a single-length style offers a sleeker look. Waves can enhance this style.

Short Thick Hair with Chunky Waves
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#15: Short Hair with Chunky Waves

People with thick hair can wear it short too! This wavy, thick short haircut maintains a snug length around the neck. It also adds major texture at the top for a light and airy feel.

#16: Long and Thick Loose Curls

For those with thick hair, try a long layered cut with plenty of texture. This will remove some weight and let the ends move lightly. Add face-framing layers and curls to look similar to a mermaid’s.

#17: Long Bob with Messy Waves

A messy wave with a long bob could be your next trendy hairstyle. For this hairstyle, keep the length of your hair uniform. I recommend point-cutting the ends for added texture. Style your hair by curling it halfway down but leave the bottom straight. An alternate option is to straighten the bottom of your hair with a flat iron after curling it. Don’t worry if your hair is a bit frizzy. It adds to the messy look.

#18: Medium-Length Waves with Golden Highlights

If you want to lighten your hair, try a medium-length wavy haircut with golden highlights. Golden highlights will brighten your style, and a medium-length wavy chop can reduce the thickness of your hair.

Neck-Length Thick Wavy Angled Bob with Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @hair.by.laurben

#19: Wavy Angled Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

A stylish angled bob with waves, highlights, and lowlights isn’t too short at the front, ideal for those who don’t like very short cuts. Tell your stylist to cut shorter in the back and longer towards the front with a few layers. Adding a mix of light and dark hair shades can enhance the depth and dimension of your hair color. And, if you want a trendy look, curl your hair but leave the tips straight.

Long-Length Thick Voluminous Waves and Bronde Balayage
Instagram @hairbyamybee

#20: Voluminous Waves and Bronde Balayage

Go big or go home! These voluminous waves and bronde balayage are a perfectly glamorous combination.

#21: Dimensional Bronde on Tousled Choppy Bob

If you want to switch up your style, a dimensional bronde on a tousled choppy bob might suit you. With textured layers and a soft angle, this messy and chic hairstyle blends the perfect balance between casual and neat. Pair your choppy bob haircut with a striking high-contrast balayage for the best result!

Center Part Thick Long Hairstyle with Loose Waves
Instagram @salih.tunbul

#22: Center Part Long Hairstyle with Loose Waves

If you want a versatile, low-maintenance hairstyle, try a long hairstyle with a central part and loose waves. For a more edgy look, I suggest adding a bold highlight strand around your hairline. This styling tip is a great way to add contrast while maintaining a soft overall look.

Ginger Wavy Bob with Side Part and Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @komessariou.katerina

#23: Ginger Wavy Bob with Side Part

wavy ginger bob with a side part is a trendy way to achieve a soft, natural-looking texture. This beautiful blunt bob is a great style for anyone looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. To achieve this haircut, my advice is to create a blunt line along the bottom and introduce crown layers to remove excess weight.

#24: Long Soft Waves with Caramel Color

Long soft waves with a caramel color will look stunning on thick hair. This soft and sweet hue almost looks like a delicious confection.

#25: Deep Side Part Shoulder-Length Hair with Volume

If you find cutting your hair short intimidating but want a new style, try thick shoulder-length hair with a deep side part and volume. This voluminous and versatile hairstyle can help you reduce hair length without it being too short. If you want to add depth to your hairstyle, introducing a few baby highlights can significantly enhance its look.

#26: Short Bob with Thick Waves

Should you have naturally curly or wavy hair, give this short bob with thick waves a try. This cool and easy-to-maintain hairstyle complements your hair’s natural waves perfectly. With a short rounded shape at the back and varying lengths around the face, this hairstyle fits many curl patterns while preserving volume. If your hair has an inconsistent curl pattern, consider using a small curling iron. Use it to fix any straight bits around the face and top of the head.

Taking care of your thick wavy hair shouldn’t be a journey you take alone. We have Ernesto Meneses-Coverdell, a veteran in hairdressing, to guide you through choosing the perfect haircuts for thick wavy hair. This article unveils his expertise on how to embrace and showcase the beauty of your hair type.

Meet The Expert

Ernesto Meneses-Coverdell
Ernesto Meneses-Coverdell
Ernesto is a hairstylist & creative director with over 20 years of experience.
You can find Ernesto at his studio in San Francisco, CA.

Peeling off Weight and Layers

“Take off some weight and layers from your hair. It helps!” he suggests. Cut it more often to keep the wave in check. It can make a vast change in how you look and feel. But remember, don’t go overboard with thinning out your hair.

Instead, talk to your stylist about it. Show them how you want to keep the thickness you like. Meneses-Coverdell insists on a good chat about cutting depth before you sit in the stylist’s chair.

Face Shapes and Haircuts

Cutting hair to suit your face may seem like a rule set in stone. But Meneses-Coverdell thinks differently. He asks you to question the norm. Why not show off your round face with a round cut? “Forget the old-style rules. Create your own!” he urges you.

It may not be easy, but it is sure worth a try. Have a heart-to-heart with your hairdresser about your needs. Get to know your options. You may end up with a style unique to your personality.

Styling Tips and Products

For a quick and easy way to tame your thick wavy hair, Meneses-Coverdell has a neat trick – silk head wraps! A sure way to keep your hair free of knots and curls.

He also recommends a duo of products from Mr. Smith, The Serum, and The Foundation, to rebuild your hair health-wise. “Not tied to a lifestyle, they work for everyone!”

In other words, let your hair find its true form. As Meneses-Coverdell says, style it as you wish and be who you want! Love every curl and wave on your head.

Pictures of Most Trending Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair