31 Volume-Boosting Haircuts for Older Women With Thin Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

For most older women, with age comes wisdom and maturity and increased self-confidence…and often-times thin hair. And while you can’t turn back the clock, you can choose a haircut (and hairstyle) that will help make your thin strands appear noticeably fuller. When it comes time for your next haircut, make sure to have a candid conversation with your stylist. Be honest about what type of at-home maintenance you can commit to, says Penny Fair, a stylist at the Young American Salon in Villa Park, CA. “The reality of the upkeep and styling involved can make or break a cut, especially haircuts for older women with thin hair. It’s important to be practical about a haircut that suits your lifestyle,” she says.

Next, you may want to consider losing some length, especially if your hair is quite long to begin with. “Hair can be a security blanket, and so many women often think longer hair means more hair,” points out Fair.

But that’s not always the case. “Shorter, graduated shapes are better able to support volume and fullness,” explains stylist and curly hair artist Gina Rodriguez, owner of The Cultivated Curl in Fair Oaks, CA. “Before you leave the salon, be sure to talk with your stylist about how to style your new cut at home. It’s an often-overlooked but very important step,” says Rodriguez, “and can make a huge difference when it comes to maintaining your new-found volume.”

Remember that nailing the right cut is only one piece of the puzzle; the products you use play a role, too. “Products and thin hair have a love-hate relationship. Too much of the wrong product and the hair gets weighed down, too little of the right product and the hair becomes frizzy,” says Rodriguez.

She likes using a dry shampoo to help clean hair retain fullness and volume, while Fair recommends a styling powder to help create movement and make hair appear denser.

Ready for some styling inspiration?

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of the best haircuts for older women with thin hair.

Choppy pixie for older women with thin hair
Instagram @soubecas

#1: Choppy Pixie

What’s best about a choppy pixie on thin hair is that it freshens the face with its modern style. It’s suitable for both straight and curly hair but also all hair types and textures. However, it’s not a good idea for very round and full faces.

Short Shag for Women Over 50 with thin hair

#2 Short Shag for Women Over 50

This elegant, softly layered shag is tailored to enhance volume, making it perfect for older women with thinning hair. Shag haircuts for older women like this one use waves and subtle curls to add body and movement, creating a fuller look. This hairstyle is particularly flattering for those seeking a balance between style and maintenance. The layers are strategically cut to add lift at the roots, making the hair appear more voluminous. While the style is low-maintenance, a light volumizing product can help maintain this airy, full look.

#3: Full-Looking Thin Hairstyle

Your aging hair doesn’t have to fall flat! Try opting for a full-looking, thin hairstyle to pump up your locks. This wispy, airy chop will bring life to aging strands.

#4: Ashy Brownish Grey Short Pixie

A short pixie cut is a beautiful, powerful style. This cut features sharp lines around the ears and extends to the hairline. To soften the look, maintain a slightly swept fringe. For a tidy shape, regular trims are needed because even little growth can distort the look.

Silver Thin Blowout for Older Women with Thin Hair

#5 Silver Thin Blowout

Embrace the grace of aging with this silver-thin blowout. Tailored for fine hair, it combines subtle layering that boosts volume, particularly around the crown, while minimizing bulk to avoid a weighed-down look. Ideal for oval faces, the silver tone illuminates the complexion, giving a refreshing update that’s low maintenance yet chic. While it adds a lush dimension, frequent salon visits may be required to maintain the color vibrancy. A perfect fusion of elegance and manageability for our mature ladies!

Super cute short cut with curled ends for old ladies with thin hair
Instagram @pelkpeimaneh

#6: Super Cute Short Cut with Curled Ends

Rock a short cut with curled ends if you want to give your fine hair a style that will give it more fullness. It’s all about adding volume when creating shapes for fine hair. This shape is also great for women with long faces to help balance the width of the face.

#7: Trendy Blonde Side-Swept Pixie Bob

A trendy blonde side-swept pixie bob is the perfect edgy haircut. If you’re looking for something short but not ready to take the plunge into a pixie, this might be a great shape for you. This shape is really complementary to the wispy accents around the face. To keep this haircut stylish and chic, consider pairing it with a soft blonde.

Rooted Choppy Lixie Cut for Older Women with Thin Hair and Sweeping Bangs
Instagram @sacamedya

#8: Rooted Choppy Lixie Cut

Try wispy layering with blunt ends, but only if you want a sassy, youthful look that compliments the thinnest hair. The bluntness will add texture to the cut, while the sweeping bangs will give you an edgy vibe. To make the most of this cut, make sure to use a volumizing product to add body and texture to your hair. As an expert-level styling tip, make sure to use a large round brush and blow dryer.

Light Brown Long Pixie with Piece-y Fringe for Old Ladies with Thin Hair
Instagram @hair_by_hagner

#9: Light Brown Long Pixie with Piece-y Fringe

A light brown long pixie with a piece-y fringe is the perfect style choice for a more youthful appearance. If you want to wear your aging hair in a style that makes it the thickest it can be, short hair with highlights is the way to go. To achieve a light brown color, try a sealer on top of the highlights for toning. I recommend styling your hair forward with minimal lift. This will reduce seeing through to the scalp. You could add a volume mist before drying to plump up your locks.

Gray Undone Curls for Older Women with Thin Hair
Instagram @formaikolor

#10: Gray Undone Curls

When cut around areas to be aware of, like hairlines and whirls, it can be beneficial to learn to style it. Gray undone curls give your hair body and movement. So, if the texture doesn’t come naturally you may inquire about a texture service to create your style.

#11: Edgy Pixie with Long Bangs

Older women should consider an edgy pixie with long layers. A trendy pixie is your best bet if you want to give your aging hair a more youthful appearance. Cutting dead ends off will give your locks a fuller appearance that looks healthy and fuller.

#12: Brown Balayage on a Brushed-Forward Cut

Try a brown balayage on a brushed forward cut. Cutting off dead weight will make your aging hair look thicker and fuller. Layers will give your thin hair more body for a thicker and denser look. You can always opt for bangs or a face frame to soften forehead lines and wrinkles. Bangs offer you a more youthful and soft appearance.

#13: Long Wavy Pixie Makeover

Try a long wavy pixie makeover if you want a fun and flirty style. Aging tresses tend to become thinner over time. One of the advantages of having a long pixie is the volume. Plan to use a thickening product to create volume and thickness for thin hair. One of my favorites is Full Again by Kevin Murphy.

#14: Textured Crop Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with White Blonde Hair

This textured crop for women over 60 is brimming with sophistication! The layers in this crop create a textured effect. But, when combed towards the back and matched with a white blonde tone, it makes a trendy and sleek style. Keep the hair at the front volumized for an added height and to help the hair look thicker.

#15: Modern Angled Bob Cut

A modern angled bob haircut involves a clean-cut angled around your face and added layers for fullness. A modern bob looks very stylish with side-swept fringe for extra body.

#16: Texturized Choppy Bob for Finer Locks

The texturized choppy bob for finer locks has layers that offer a different flair each time you wear it. To style, a round brush can be used around the part and bang areas to give a bit more volume.

The Timeless Pixie Bob for Older Women with Straight Hair
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#17: The Timeless Pixie Bob for Straight Hair

The timeless pixie bob haircut never fails to carry out an exciting finish. Short hairstyles like this make a low-maintenance hair idea for a busy, old lady. Whether for a casual or formal event, this straight bob in pixie style can offer an impressive hairstyle.

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#18: The Feathered Bob to Create Thick Hair Illusion

The feathered bob hairstyle offers movement that thin tresses typically need. This haircut is jaw-length and features layers to make hair seem flowy, yet fuller. It’s a classic look that is best worn by older women.

#19: Graduated Short Bob for Thinning Hair

A gorgeous graduated bob looks best on elderly women. This short hairstyle offers a chic and edgy style. It even features side-swept bangs for an added youthful vibe. A short bob like this is easy to style, yet maintenance could be a bit demanding.

The Cute and Classic Wash-and-Go Short Layered Cut
Instagram @hair_tezy

#20: The Cute and Classic Wash-and-Go Short Layered Cut

The classic wash-and-wear layered cut is something that every grandma must try. This layered bob is always cute, flattering, plus it never goes out of style. The length that touches the jawline in this wash-and-wear cut is perfect because it allows fine, thin hair to appear thicker.

#21: The Lob for Medium-Length Hair

The lob for medium-length hair is optimal for older ladies. It’s easy to grow out and looks great during the process. You will love how versatile it is, too. Textured? Sleek? Wavy? You can even part it to one side to look like a long asymmetrical bob. The options to style this mid-length hair are endless.

The Layered Cut for Thin Long Hair
Instagram @hairby_vix

#22: The Layered Cut for Thin Long Hair

A layered cut for thin long hair looks very boho with long layers with fringe. The layers are ideal to give straight hair some movement and slight body. It’s nothing too crazy but enough to give the hair volume & life. This haircut for thin hair is definitely low-maintenance.

#23: Face-Framing Cut for Older Women with Glasses

This face-framing cut for women with glasses is a shag bob with piece-y bangs.

#24: Layered Long Pixie for Women Over 70

A layered long pixie for women over 70 is the best option for seniors who want their thin locks to have a fuller-looking hair. Maintaining the shape and beauty requires a regular trim every 4 to 6 weeks. Go, add a honey blonde hue to give such short haircuts for women extra wow factor.

#25: Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Round Faces

This shaggy bob with bangs for round faces includes a fringe to hide the wrinkles on the forehead easily! It offers an appearance that looks like the French bob. Getting older doesn’t mean wearing a lifeless hair style. Mature women with a round face shape appear promising in chin-length bobs like this.

#26: Texturized Cut for Thin Curly Hair

Consider getting a texturized cut if you have thin curly hair, which older women tend to not think about. What’s great about this hair trend is it looks voluminous and bouncy. If you’re a lady with thinner hair who doesn’t have much time for styling, give this curly hairstyle a try! It works for both natural hair texture or permed hair.

Sassy Texturized Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#27: Sassy Texturized Bob

A texturized bob for fine hair can look incredible. Growing older, it’s not easy to prevent thinning tresses, and that’s normal. So, when wanting to make the hair appear fuller, go for a short haircut with a lot of texture. Ask for a razor cut technique for more detailed edges, too!

Modern Wedge Cut with a Side Fringe for Senior Women
Instagram @soubecas

#28: Modern Wedge Cut with a Side Fringe

A modern wedge cut is a short-length bob with layers that adds more body to the hair. It has a classic, retro-style finish that flatters older ladies with grey hair. To give hairstyles for seniors with thin hair a younger-looking style, add a side fringe and a deep side part.

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The Short Pixie Cut for Thin-Haired Older Women with Gray Hair Color
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#29: The Short Pixie Cut with Gray Hair Color

A short pixie cut is a popular haircut among mature women with gray hair. It’s shorter in the back so that a breeze can be felt on the nape area. In pixie cuts like this, strands at the front are longer to give access to a side-swept fringe. In the end, how can you say no to trendy, sassy, and glamorous hairstyles for older women?

#30: Curled Bob with Pink Dip Dye

A curled bob with pink dip dye is a fantastic way to add a pop of brightness and color while still being age appropriate. The pink dip dye works for bringing color to the face as grey hair can sometimes wash certain skin tones out. A curled bob is easy to manage and low-maintenance, but still looks and feels young and vibrant.

#31: Mid-Length Shag with a Side Part

A shag with a side part at mid-length could be perfect for you. This style works very well with thin hair and makes it appear thicker. This cut can work with any hair texture but to get this exact style, straight hair would be preferred. Make sure to spray some Moroccan Oil Heat Protection spray on your hair before applying heat.