48 Flattering Hairstyles for Women with Big Foreheads

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The most ideal hairstyles for big foreheads are cut in a way to reveal less of the forehead and draw more attention down towards the eyes. Typically, bangs or face-framing layers are the best way to balance out a big foreheadMichelle Harrison, a stylist from Victoria, BC, suggests that women with big foreheads need vertical framing, wide foreheads need horizontal framing, and tall and wide foreheads need both. If you’re considering bangs to hide your large forehead, then have a conversation with your hairstylist about the various ways you can get them cut, upkeep, and if they would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Check out these inspiring photos of flattering hairstyles for big foreheads and bring your favorite one to the hair salon.


#1: Classic Long Sultry Layers

These long layers offer a stunning look, especially for those with a broader forehead. This style shapes and highlights the face. The curtain bangs blend into the longer layers, focusing on the forehead and cheekbones. A round brush or curling iron can be used to add sleek curls. For styling, use Reverie milk.

One-length bob short cut for women over 70 with a big forehead

#2 Short Cut for Women Over 70

This elegant one-length bob is perfect for women over 70 looking to enhance their natural beauty. The sleek, straight cut frames the face beautifully, softening the forehead area. The style is low-maintenance and easy to manage, making it ideal for fine to medium hair types. The precision of the one-length bob adds a timeless and sophisticated touch, ensuring a polished look with minimal effort.

Face-Framing Fringe for Big Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#3: Face-Framing Fringe

Bangs and face-framing hair not only provide a stunning look but also play a crucial role in enhancing facial features. If you have a large forehead, consider soft textured bangs that can help deemphasize it. The fringe length should suit the shape of your face and your overall style.

Modern Shag with a Middle Part for Big Foreheads
Instagram @richiemiao

#4: Modern Shag with a Middle Part

A modern shag with a middle part works great on any hair type you might have. You’ll want to start with a small amount of layering but lots of texturizing. Texturizing is where you’ll get most of your movement and definition. The shorter pieces will push out the longer pieces of your hair and create the perfect storm of texture. After your hair is dried and curled, add a pea-sized amount of pomade throughout your hair, you’ll get even more texture and add shine.

French Braid with Wispy Bangs for Big Foreheads

#5 French Braid with Wispy Bangs

Try a French braid with wispy bangs for a whimsical, low-key style. Wispy bangs are also wonderful for disguising your forehead.

#6: Waterfall Bangs

It’s better to create a gorgeous haircut that compliments your forehead rather than getting a haircut that doesn’t suit your face shape and emphasizes your features. Having a long textured bob with a soft, long bang can give you perfect fringe and balance to your face shape. This hairstyle is also great for hair with finer and thinner textures that need more volume and dimension from different hair lengths.

Thick Fringe on Short Hair for Large Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#7: Thick Fringe on Short Hair

A thick fringe looks great on short hair. If you have a wide forehead, a full fringe can soften its appearance. To soften your fringe’s texture, add layers and finish with point cutting or a razor. This will create a beautiful, eye-accentuating curtain and help balance any minor facial asymmetry. For this style, try curtain, bottleneck, or a full bang over your brows.

Gorgeous Choppy Fringe Bangs for Big Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#8: Gorgeous Choppy Fringe Bangs

A choppy fringe is a great option for women with big foreheads looking to add some stylish flair to their hairstyle. This type of bang can help create the illusion of a smaller forehead by drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. The choppiness adds texture and movement to the overall look, making it perfect for those who want to add some edge to their style. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, a choppy fringe can be tailored to suit your specific hair type and desired aesthetic.

Chest-Length Straight Cut with Curtain Fringe for Big Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#9: Chest-Length Straight Cut with Curtain Fringe

If you aim for a rounder face appearance, a full fringe serves the purpose well. However, a curtain fringe is also a good choice. It’s softer and grows out easily between cuts. Chest-length hair is effective. It isn’t lengthy and it won’t make the look appear weighed down.

Short Red Hairstyle
Instagram @hair.by.lirian

#10: Short Red Hairstyle

You could try a short hairstyle and a deep red color for your hair this winter. If you style the front of your hair towards your forehead, it will make your face look softer and conceal any hair loss. During your next salon visit, ask which shade of red would best suit your skin tone.

Sleek Extra Long Angled Bob Cut for Big Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#11: Sleek Extra Long Angled Bob Cut

If you are considering a shorter hairstyle, an extra-long bob is a good option. Show your stylist exactly where you want the front, which is the longest part, as this will guide the overall cut. To achieve a mirror-like shine, use a frizz-taming blow-dry cream. After using heated tools, apply a shine mist for that final shine.

Long Slob Haircut for Ladies with Big Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#12: Long Slob Haircut

Check out this sleek bob, often referred to as a long bob. Slobs are suitable for both fine and coarse hair, look best when worn smooth, and can also be curled to add dimension and wave. Your stylist will consider your neck length, cheekbones, and chin shape to tailor a bob that perfectly suits your body.

Red Balayage with Waterfall Fringe for Big Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#13: Red Balayage with Waterfall Fringe

You can enhance your red balayage with a waterfall fringe, which may even change the perceived shape of your face. If you’re self-conscious about your forehead, a fringe is a perfect solution. It’s also a good choice for those who prefer to wear their hair up. Fringes add softness and texture to your hairstyle. Ask your stylist about the ideal fringe length for your hair texture and daily style during your next salon visit.

#14: Visible Long Layers on a Mid-Length Cut

If you want shorter layers around your face, ask for a forward graduation. This style is short at the top and gradually gets longer towards the corners. The shortest recommended length goes from the chin to the lip. Going shorter than that can disrupt the face frame. Use a round brush to dry your hair inward towards the face for a classic shape. Keep the back simple, preferably without layers, to highlight the front shape.

Sweeping Chocolate Side Bang for Large Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#15: Sweeping Chocolate Side Bang

You’ll love the stunning look of a sweeping chocolate side bang added to your long haircut. A side bang will modernize your style and accent your features beautifully. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe to about chin length and add a light layer for a flowing piece that will move away from the face. The chocolate color will complement your facial features and create a glossy and deep shine. Blow dry your hair with a medium round brush. Curl your hair with a 1-inch iron for a gorgeous finish, if possible.

Voluminous Brunette Hair with Sweeping Fringe for Big Foreheads
Instagram @studio_mostton

#16: Voluminous Brunette Hair with Sweeping Fringe

If you have a big forehead and desire voluminous hair, trying a sweeping fringe could be the perfect solution. This style adds body to your locks, creating the illusion of fuller hair. The sweeping fringe helps frame the face and diverts attention from a larger forehead. To get this look, you should opt for a cut that reduces weight from the sides but keeps length to protect the curls. Start with wet hair and apply a volumizing mousse. Then, use a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, careful not to create frizz. Lastly, dry it with a diffuser to boost the curls’ natural pattern.

#17: Sweeping Fringe for a Mid-Length Cut

A mid-length cut can be enhanced with a sweeping fringe. A haircut is a great way to balance your hair with your face shape. Women with longer, rectangular faces often look great with soft bangs that are either swept to the side or kept wispy. However, if you have a more square face shape, you should avoid excessive bangs to prevent making your face appear boxy. Taking the rule of thirds into account is key.

#18: Long Curtain Fringe for Blonde Hair

Add a long curtain fringe to your blonde bob haircut. It gives it elegance and variety. Face-framing layers add softness to your face. They also give more size and volume to your hair. Use light, body-adding shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids if you have fine hair. They add body and don’t weigh your hair down.

Dark Ginger Mid-Length Chop for Big Foreheads and women with longer face shapes
Instagram @studio_mostton

#19: Dark Ginger Mid-Length Chop

Give this mid-length chop a try! This is a great option for thick or fine hair. Don’t forget to ask about the proper styling products for this look at your next salon visit.

Side-Parted Bob with Curls for Women with Big Foreheads and glasses
Instagram @the.graceful.hairstylist

#20: Side-Parted Bob with Curls

Give your hair a big volume boost with this side-parted bob with curls. It’s almost got a vintage look to it! Try and avoid over-curling your hair to achieve this look. Think soft and voluminous!

Side Bangs on a Pixie Cut with Sideburns for Big Foreheads
Instagram @se_augusto

#21: Side Bangs on a Pixie Cut

To really make it your own, you can opt for a shorter nape length that shows off the neck and adds a bit of drama. The sideburns will provide a nice balance to the forehead. The side bangs will draw attention away from the forehead creating a unique look. Make sure to use a bit of product to keep the bangs in place and set the look with a bit of hairspray to give it a perfect finish.

#22: Wash-and-Wear Layered Shag

A layered shag is a great haircut to add texture and movement to your hairstyle while framing your long face shape and complimenting most hair types and textures. A shag with layers is a great low-maintenance haircut if you prefer a wash-and-wear hairstyle. Shag haircuts work best with hair that has some natural wave or curls but can be cut to work with any hair texture you might have.

#23: Brunette Shag with Thin Fringe

When it comes to trends, the medium brunette shag with a thin fringe is not only trendy but here to stay. One of the easiest ways to add shape and curvature to your face is to add a bang and face frame. Whether you have a long face shape, receding hairline, or a forehead you’d like to minimize, this cut will help shorten your face and draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Style with a volumizing mousse and a round brush to get lasting volume and add a wave with a large barrel iron.

Soft Ginger Curtain Fringe for Large Foreheads
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#24: Soft Ginger Curtain Fringe

A soft ginger curtain fringe is a great addition to a shaggy cut. If you’re looking to minimize your forehead or change the shape of your face, adding a fringe can completely change your look. Styling a fringe can be as simple as using a round brush and blow-drying under towards your face, then flipping the sides back away from your face.

#25: Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs help provide coverage in the extra large area of your head between your eyebrows and hairline, without being too heavy. The most common haircuts for women with big foreheads include a fringe to hide the forehead seamlessly.

Long Hairstyle for Women Over 50 with Large Foreheads
Instagram @glamorousaging

#26: Long Hairstyle for Women Over 50

A long hairstyle for women over 50 is achievable when done correctly. If you’re a woman with thick or dense hair, make sure to have some layers integrated into your tresses to achieve a lift. Face-framing layers are vital so as not to lengthen your face. For an easy, lived-in look, style your long hair swept to the side with no definite partition.

Sweet Low-Maintenance Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @mal.hair

#27: Sweet Low-Maintenance Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Low-maintenance shaggy hair with curtain bangs is a soft and effortless look with lots of added hair volume. This haircut is one good example of cuts for big foreheads that are perfect if you want to hide your forehead. To get this haircut, ask your stylist for soft layers and heavy curtain bangs.

Big Hair with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#28: Big Hair with Blunt Bangs

Big hair with blunt bangs makes a bold statement. It goes out well for women looking for a style for thick hair types. In cutting your fringe, make sure your stylist cuts a substantial amount. You need to have full dense bangs to balance out the thick texture of your tresses. Style this cut with a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo for an airy, tousled finish.

#29: Face-Framing Bangs

Consider face-framing bangs if you are a little concerned with the size of your forehead. It’s the go-to cut for big foreheads, and it’s playful and flattering when paired with other hairstyles. The length of the fringe can be tailored to your face shape. Ask your stylist about the best option for you, considering your lifestyle, personality, and needs. Style your new fringe with a texturizing paste or cream to keep them in place all day long.

Pixie Bob for Women Over 30 with Big Foreheads
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#30: Pixie Bob for Women Over 30

If you’re a woman over the age of 30, a short pixie bob cut is a complementing haircut if you have a tall forehead. This look is great for a variety of face shapes and hair textures. The extreme graduation and layers can be tailored and personalized depending on your preference and needs. Style with a round brush and a volumizing spray or hair mousse for a chic and polished finish.

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See-Through Bangs for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @inwooxx

#31: See-Through Bangs for Mid-Length Hair

See-through bangs paired with mid-length hair are a perfect choice if you’re a woman with a sparse hairline. To add, it’s a cut for a big forehead. Keeping the fringe longer also adds versatility to different styling options. You may opt to wear them forward or pin them up. Keeping your hair at a medium length balances out your wispier bangs and keeps your look proportional.

Braided Bangs for a Big Forehead
Instagram @adorabeautys

#32: Braided Bangs

Consider braided bangs if you have a big forehead. Adding a fringe is an easy and flattering way to customize your look. Bangs may require a little more maintenance, so talk to your stylist about the best option for you.

#33: Cute Pixie Cut with Bangs for Women Over 60

If you’re a woman over 60 try a pixie cut with bangs to get a youthful-looking glow. This style is perfect if you have fine hair or thinning hair, and especially if you have a receding hairline. Style your haircut using a small barrel curling iron or a thin round brush and some medium-hold hair spray for a stylish and polished finish.

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Trendy Cornrows for African-American Women
Instagram @handsnheartss

#34: Trendy Cornrows for African-American Women

If you’re an African-American woman, cornrows are a low-maintenance style that looks trendy and stylish at any time of the day. Aside from a lengthy initial appointment, braids stay for a while, and daily styling is a breeze. Ask your stylist to play with the length of your hair to achieve a fun, stylish, and sophisticated finish.

Beautifully Razored Cut with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @randa.rivera

#35: Beautifully Razored Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

A razored cut with long curtain bangs is a cut designed for a woman with a big forehead. The cheekbone-length layers conceal parts of your forehead without the commitment of a full fringe. Curtain bangs accentuate your eyes and lift the rest of your facial features, giving you a youthful-looking vibrance. The razored texture makes for an easy, beautiful grow-out.

Elegant Ponytail with Thin Bangs
Instagram @pinkage.global

#36: Elegant Ponytail with Thin Bangs

A ponytail with thin bangs is great on casual or elegant occasions. Thin, wispy bangs and a long curly ponytail offer a stylish and polished finish.

Edgy Shag Cut with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#37: Edgy Shag Cut with Blunt Bangs

An edgy shag cut with blunt bangs is a simple and bold haircut. Blunt bangs look best with naturally straight, thicker hair.

#38: Chic Long Bob with a Middle Part

A long bob with a middle part is a great hairstyle if you have a big forehead. To get this haircut, ask your stylist for a blunt straight bob.

Amazing Asymmetrical Cut for Wide Foreheads
Instagram @eblackdoeshair

#39: Amazing Asymmetrical Cut

Certain styles for big foreheads need to create facial balance, especially with a side part. To get this haircut, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical bob with a side part.

Messy Pixie Cut with Fringe
Instagram @haircomesandy

#40: Messy Pixie Cut with Fringe

A messy pixie cut with fringe works well if you have wavy to slightly wavy hair. The perfect style for a big forehead has come easier as the years go by. Make sure you leave the layers long enough to accentuate your curls. It will give you a soft and messy finish. Add a soft curl booster like Ringlet by Redken for added texture.

#41: Pixie Cut with Fringe

A pixie cut with fringe hairstyle can work for you. Ask your hairstylist to leave your bangs a tad longer to balance out your facial features. Enjoy easy styling with this short layered hairstyle. Make sure you bring the top forward to maximize the fringe on your face. A haircut for a big forehead coupled with a dark hue complements each other well.

Flattering Layered Bob for a Huge Forehead
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#42: Flattering Layered Bob

The key here is to create a thick fringe to camouflage your forehead. Soft layers throughout your bob and around your face complement each other. Choosing the perfect hairstyles for women with big foreheads is vital in providing symmetry to your look.

Classy & Effortless Ponytail with Bangs
Instagram @erika_mew

#43: Classy & Effortless Ponytail with Bangs

A ponytail with bangs is a great hairstyle choice. The fringe hides your forehead seamlessly while keeping your look classy and effortless. Dry shampoo can be used to keep your cut looking fresh. Make sure that your eyes aren’t irritated by the length of your fringe.

#44: Classic French Bob with Micro Bangs

A French bob with micro bangs is a chic cut. If you have a long face shape, you’ll want to keep the bob lip length. It evens out your facial features. Keep in mind, micro bangs are cute, but if you have cowlicks in your fringe, they might present problems when styling.

#45: Voluminous Large Side Bangs

Voluminous large side bangs offer an alluring look that can complement you well. Ask your hairstylist to cut a deep fringe to help create a thicker side fringe. Style your hairstyle by bringing your top forward and slightly to the side for a dramatic finish.

Charming Androgynous Haircut with Fringe
Instagram @randa.rivera

#46: Charming Androgynous Haircut with Fringe

Try an androgynous haircut with fringe and revamp your image in an instant! The short layers all around make this cut easy to style. Blow-dry with your fingers for a messy shape and add some texture wax. The fringe makes it a good haircut if you’re a woman with a big forehead and a long face shape. Keep in mind shorter hairstyles will need trimming every 4-6 weeks.

Shaggy Medium-Length Hair for Women Over 40
Instagram @_hair_by_sar

#47: Shaggy Medium-Length Hair for Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over the age of 40, shaggy medium-length hair is a fun haircut with tousled, loose waves. The medium-length layers frame your face and give you a lived-in style. If you have slightly wavy shoulder-length hair, you can let your hair air-dry or blown-dry straight or curly with an iron. A shaggy cut requires low upkeep and only needs trimming every eight weeks. Shags are one of the best haircuts for big foreheads.

Stylish Side-Swept Bangs for Long Hair
Instagram @mina.luvcraft

#48: Stylish Side-Swept Bangs for Long Hair

If you have long hair, side-swept bangs are a popular choice. The side-swept bangs can be styled by blow-drying with a round brush. Do not rotate the hairbrush too much. Instead, try gently pulling the ends to the side so you’ll get a more stylish finish.