5 Major Hair Do’s That Used to be Total Hair Don’ts

Hair trends are most obvious when looking back over past decades. For example, celebrity hair stylist Vasken Demirjian —  whose client list includes the Kennedy family and whose salon has been named one of the country’s top three by Salon Today Magazine — says that the ’60s are “clearly identified as the decade of change, the coming out of structured, heavily sprayed hair of the 50s.” The ’80s were big, the ’90s were grungy and the ’70s were free flowing and hippified.

While many hair trends of these decades past (thankfully) never see the light of day again, some make a comeback later down on the road. I spoke to Demirjian and NYC hair stylist Colin Lively — 10-year artistic director for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons — about former hair don’ts that are making a mean comeback in today’s salons.

Micro Bangs

micro hair bangs

“Women in the past would have screamed bloody murder if their bangs had been cut all the way up to the hairline,” says Lively. Now, micro bangs are back with a vengeance. If you decide to go with them, note that you’ll have to do consistent upkeep to keep them looking good.

Messy Hair

messy hair
Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com

The ’10s are moving away from the pin straight hair that was fashionable in the late ’90s and early ’00s. “It is now sometimes chic to have a hairstyle that looks a little bit less than perfect and more undone,” explains Demirjian. “This look takes its cue from the runways, where the tousled look reigns.”


hair color roots

Think back to beauty icons such as platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe and redheaded Rita Hayworth. It would have been a hair sin for either of them to let their dark brown roots peek through. Today, though, the look of regrowth is actually a hair do, especially for longer coiffures. “I often have clients come in requesting to have their color start further down their strands,” says Demirjian. This makes maintenance easier, too.

Razor Cuts

razored haircut

“The blunt, conspicuous layers a la Joe the Barber precision have given way to haircuts that are more unplanned,” says Lively. Razor cuts giver hair a lighter, softer quality versus the super heavy and blunt looks that used to be fashionable. “I find myself doing many haircuts totally with razors and no scissoring,” he says.


braided hairstyle

Many years ago, braids were restricted to heads belonging to girls 13 and under. Today, though, braids are one of the hottest (and easiest) hair trends that women of all ages are partaking in. “This relates to our current times,” explains Demirjian. “Possibilities are getting exhausted for styles, so we go back and reinvent, revisit previous ideas, put a spin to it and call it trendy. Who knew braids would be a thing of trends?” From french to fishtail to basic braids, they’re all in.