Work it Out: 5 Cute, Gym-Approved Hairstyles

I often write about the “standard pony” being a less than ideal option when it comes to styling your hair. I mean, sure. I get that it’s convenient and works when you’re in a rush, but should you have the time and desire to up your hair game, I recommend foregoing this overdone ‘do. Alternatively, you can always dress up your ponytail!

I’m taking things one step further this week, though, and am urging you to skip the pony even when you’re skipping rope (or running, hiking, doing yoga or whatever it is that you do to keep fit). Don’t worry, though. I’ve got you covered with these 5 cute hairstyles that are 100% gym appropriate.

Easy Low Knot ‘Do

I’m all over this easy hairstyle by Hannah Shaner of the Jada Beauty website. She calls this one the “low knot,” likely because it involves tying your hair (literally) into a knot, just “like you’re tying your shoes.” You repeat the knot tying two more times and then secure with an elastic and bobby pins to keep everything in place.

low knotted gym hairstyles

Headband Side Bun

Lauren Hartmann of, a mom and fitness lover, has mastered the art of gym hair. Her tutorial walks you through her go-to workout hair, which she says “stays in through a tough workout and looks cute while doing it.” According to Hartmann, this look is deceptively simple, which means you can recreate the look at home without much hassle.

Quick and Easy Pigtails

Pair this look with a sweatband or a baseball cap and you’re ready for some low impact action. Maybe some speed walking around the neighborhood or an early morning hike? I’ll let you decide. Danielle of the Urban Walls blog walks you through this simple look, teaching you how to get those cute, curly tendrils on either side.

pigtail gym hairstyles

Side Braid Hairstyle

While this gym-approved hairstyle is a little more involved, the end result is super cute. It’ll definitely keep hair out of your face, as well, which is especially nice when you’re sweating it up. Sarah of the SarahFit blog says that she prefers this hairstyle over a pony because hair stays in place and she doesn’t have to constantly re-do it. She says it also transitions nicely into your post-workout plans. Check out the full tutorial on YouTube.

Quick Topknot

A topknot is perfect for all sorts of workouts, not limited to yoga, pilates and strength training. You can find lots of topknot tutorials online, and once you get the hang of i,t you’ll be able to recreate this look in seconds. Today I’m featuring a topknot tutorial by Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo. I like this one because it looks a little more finessed and she breaks it down into easy-to-understand steps.

top knot gym hairstyle

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