34 Cute & Easy Graduation Hairstyles for Girls

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Sleek Wavy Half-Up Style with Face-Framing Layers

A half-up style with face-framing layers is great inspo for any graduation hairstyle. This chic half-up hairstyle is perfect for any bridal party. The sleek and polished waves are sure to last all day. If you don’t like having hair completely pulled out of your face, try adding a few tendrils. It will give you a soft face-framing effect.

Vintage Half-Up Pigtails for Girls Graduation Day
Instagram @hairwithjesss

#2: Vintage Half-Up Pigtails

The vintage half-up pigtail style will make your hair look flirty and fun, much like Y2K hairstyles did. You can easily recreate this style at home using hair ties and a water-soluble gel for its sleek definition. Start with securing two high pigtails. Next, slick down a large fringe and fasten it around your face to finish.

Short Platinum Pixie for Graduation
Instagram @hairxjo_

#3: Short Platinum Pixie

short platinum pixie is a great way to explore short hair. This style can make thin hair look thicker or reduce the heaviness of thick hair. You can maintain the soft and feminine look of pixie styles by adding texture around the hairline and ears. You can accentuate this style by using matte clay or styling cream.

#4: Long Bob with Bronde Balayage

Check out this long bob that’s enhanced by a bronde balayage! Ask your stylist for a shoulder-length cut and a low-maintenance, sun-kissed color. These dimensional highlights are the perfect accent for this versatile, shoulder-length cut, making it perfect for year-round wear.

Center-Parted Medium Wavy Hair for Graduation
Instagram @julianoasmar

#5: Center-Parted Medium Wavy Hair

If you ever wanted to try a center-part hairstyle, consider this medium-length style as your go-to. It features long layers combined with brushed-out curls. This hairstyle is not only simple but also elegant, suitable for dinners, graduations, or weddings.

Chest-Length Blonde Straight Hair with Textured Ends for Graduation
Instagram @hairbychel.c

#6: Blonde Straight Hair with Textured Ends

Are you preparing to graduate? You can’t make a mistake choosing blonde hair that’s straight and has textured ends. The super sleek hairstyle is not only popular, but it’s also professional too!

Shoulder-Length Side-Swept Hairstyle with Glam Waves for Graduating Girls
Instagram @daisyree.torres

#7: Side-Swept Hairstyle with Glam Waves

side-swept hairstyle with glam waves is a gorgeous way to add a bit of drama to your graduation hairstyle.

#8: Long Blonde Hollywood Waves

You will walk the graduation red carpet with this Hollywood style. Your stylist will curl your hair in vertical sections. Once the curls have set, your stylist will brush them into the gorgeous S pattern of classic waves. Your cap will be nicely pinned in with a bobby pin, perfectly behind your teased-up bangs. It will cover the crown of your head without ruining the style.

Graduation Half-Up Bun with French Braid for Girls' Long Hair
Instagram @_hairbyemilie_

#9: Half-Up Bun with French Braid

The style includes a half-up bun combined with a French braid. For a gentle and comfortable style to wear throughout a graduation day, start by curling all of your hair. Next, add a crown French braid to keep hair out of your face. First, finish the braid by turning it into a messy bun to get a relaxed, boho look. After that, apply extra hairspray to hold the style during humid, outdoor summer graduations.

Long Voluminous Bronde Curls for Graduating Girls
Instagram @jewlez.stylez

#10: Long Voluminous Bronde Curls

Try a bronde color with long voluminous curls for a beautiful graduation style. The cascading curls show off her length, while the bronde color is shiny and rich.

Long-Length Crown Braid with Half Bun Style on Blonde Hair for Graduation
Instagram @elizabeth.r.beauty

#11: Crown Braid with Half Bun Style

For a simple graduation style, you can do it at home or show it to your stylist. This style works best for curling some gold and texture throughout. Starts by putting your bun in through the crown. Then directly under that, do two braids on each side, leaving out face-framing pieces. After each side is braided, you can fasten it to a bun or wrap it around for more texture. Finish off with a hairspray like O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray.

#12: Layered Waves with Middle Part

Consider a blowout with layered waves and a middle part for your graduation. A blowout with waves will help to create a lot of volume and body to the hair, which gives you a fuller look. Ask your stylist for waves that curl away from the face. This helps keep your hair out of your face while opening up your whole look. Wearing your hair down will make you more susceptible to humidity and frizz. Try using Amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray, to keep your hair protected and frizz free all day.

Mid-Long Romantic Half-Up Bubble Ponytail with Waves for Graduation
Instagram @twistedprettyy

#13: Romantic Half-Up Bubble Ponytail

Creating a bubble braid is a simple way to make your hair look more gorgeous. First, you will want to prep the hair with all-over curls. This creates some extra texture and hold to the hair. Then section the top portion of hair through the crown, creating a half-up pony. Use clear elastics every inch and a half down the braid. Pull apart in between as you go to make the pony fluffy and bubbly. Finish off with some baby’s breath to create a romantic style.

#14: Wavy Low Pony with Side Braid

A simple ponytail can be made fancy with side braids. Prep your hair with a texture spray so the ponytail and braid will have grit. Section out the piece you want to braid and secure your ponytail with elastic. Do a braid on the front section you left out and secure it with another elastic. Pull pieces of the braid out to fluff up, then add to the ponytail. Curl the rest of your ponytail with a one-inch iron. Finish with a strong hairspray for an all-day hold like Loreal Tecni.Art Infinium 4.

Low Braided Bun with Loose Strands for Graduation
Instagram @hairby_emy

#15: Low Braided Bun

Give this low-braided bun a try! This would be beautiful for graduating from school. The braids give this look tons of depth.

Graduation Style Bumped and Twisted Low Ponytail for Mid Back-Length Brunette Hair
Instagram @salonbee

#16: Bumped and Twisted Low Ponytail

Give this bumped and twisted low ponytail a go! This would be a great look for a graduation. The low ponytail keeps the hair controllable throughout the day.

#17: Easy Low Pony with Loose Waves

Try this easy low pony with loose waves if you want a graduation look. This look offers softness and texture!

Graduation Thick Low Bun Hairstyle with Twists
Instagram @carvhair

#18: Thick Low Bun with Twists

A thick low bun with twists is a perfect style for graduation. Soft volume in the crown is a flattering way to add balance to your overall style. I recommend adding twists for an extra level of elegance.

Formal Half-Up with Long Tousled Waves for Graduating Ladies
Instagram @hairdobyabi

#19: Formal Half-Up with Tousled Waves

Give this formal half-upstyle a try with tousled waves. Be sure to use a good texture and hairspray to keep these curls all day into the night.

Voluminous Curls for Medium Half Upstyle on Female Graduates
Instagram @the.styliset

#20: Voluminous Curls for Medium Half Upstyle

Try this half-up style with voluminous curls if you have medium-length hair. This look gives you a controlled style with tons of volume.

#21: Long Braided Half Up with Beach Waves

This long hair braided half-up style with beach waves is stunning! This would be a great look for graduation or a beach wedding.

#22: Wavy Half-Up Hairstyle with Loose Twists

Give this wavy half-up hairstyle a try with loose twists. This is a great look if you like to wear some of your hair down but still need your hair controlled and in place fur an event. The loose waves give this look lots of texture.

#23: Easy Half Twist Hairstyle

Try this easy half twist hairstyle. This look could be worn to a formal event but could also be dressed down for a more boho everyday vibe.

Two-Braid and Middle Part Graduation Style with Rings for Long Waves
Instagram @hair.bykriszti

#24: Two-Braid Style with Long Waves

For a fun festival look, try this two-braided style with long waves. Mixing fun and trendy braids with an elegant wave is perfect for any music event. I love the idea of decorating your braids with hair jewelry. Try adding in a fun hoop or gems for extra pizzazz.

#25: French Twisted Low Bun

A French twist low bun is a classic beauty. This traditional hairstyle can be customized to any length and density of hair. This style is ideal if you want a hairstyle to be long-lasting. I recommend using a lightweight hairspray as you pin the hair up. And apply the spray in a layering method to build the structure on itself.

Medium-to-Long Brunette Overlap Half Updo for Girls' Graduation
Instagram @analise.hair.artistry

#26: Brunette Overlap Half Updo

Try this half-up overlap upstyle on brunette hair. The woven look technique gives the hair a ribbon-type look to it. It’s classic and chic.

#27: Messy Braided Half Updo

A messy braided half updo is perfect for a beachy wedding vibe. This hairstyle is perfect if you’re in a humid climate. If you add a soft texturizing spray to your waves, they softly transform into looser curls as the day goes on. Securing your braids with bobby pins is also a great idea for longevity.

Half-Down Braid Style with Loose Curls for Graduating Girls with Medium Hair
Instagram @allcutupsalon

#28: Half-Down Braid Style with Loose Curls

An easy way to level up your style is with a simple half updo. Part your hair where it suits your face shape, and then Dutch braid each side. A Dutch braid is where the hair is French braid, and the pieces are flipped out instead of under. Secure with bobby pins, and you’ve got yourself a simple style. Finish off with curling the rest of the hair for movement and texture.

#29: Half Dutch Braid Hairstyle

When doing your French braid, start with a texturizing powder. Try the one from Hairstory for extra grit and hold. Braid to the bottom of your occipital bone and secure with an elastic. Fluff out your braid by pulling slightly on each section. Curl the bottom of the hair outside the braid, and you have a cute style. Plus, it will be out of your face all day and night.

Easy Face-Framing Half Up Style with Soft Waves for Girls' Graduation
Instagram @emavauk

#30: Easy Face-Framing Half Up with Soft Waves

Here’s an easy face-framing half updo with soft waves. Start your style with Loreal Level 2 hairspray for hold and style memory. Curl your hair with a 2-inch curling iron to create more waves instead of curl. Secure a portion of your hair back with an elastic, leaving out two pieces around the fringe to frame your face. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide the band and secure it with a small bobby pin.

#31: Half Updo with Double Fishtail Braids

Try this half updo with double fishtail braids if you want a show-stopping style. This gorgeous style is full of texture and will get the attention you’re looking for. This hairstyle is perfect if you have very thick or coarse hair. Braids are not only a beautiful way to add movement to a hairstyle, but they’re also a great tool for controlling thick hair. Considering utilizing braids for your next event.

Messy Twisted Updo with Loose Strands for Girls' Graduation
Instagram @hairbyellie_

#32: Twisted Updo with Loose Strands

A twisted updo that’s easy with loose strands is the perfect hairstyle for an event like graduation! This style will fit perfectly underneath your graduation cap and hold the style all day long. Be sure to leave a few tendrils of curls around your face for a complimentary look.

#33: Pull-Through Braids and Twists with Soft Waves

If you want a romantic hairstyle, try pull-through braids and twists with soft waves. This delicate hairstyle is perfect for your graduation ceremony. You’ll have all the texture that will lay beautifully under your cap. Any time you’re incorporating braids, I always recommend using clip-in extensions. This will give you the most dramatic results and the hold to last all day.

Long Middle Part Boho Braids for Graduation Day
Instagram @shawnzyb.hair

#34: Middle Part Boho Braids

This middle parted boho braids look is gorgeous. This would be a great look for graduating from any school.

Graduating is an important milestone in your life, and you want to look your best on this special day. One crucial aspect to consider is your hairstyle. To provide expert advice on graduation hairstyles, I interviewed Danielle DeAmelio, a renowned hairstylist with years of experience in the industry.

Meet The Expert

Danielle Deamelio
Danielle DeAmelio
Danielle is a master stylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Raina’s Hair Color Studio by the Sea in Swampscott, MA

Working with Your Natural Hair Type and Texture

According to Danielle DeAmelio, the key to achieving a stunning graduation hairstyle is to work with your natural hair type and texture. Rather than fighting against it, embrace and enhance it. Danielle emphasizes the importance of using products specifically designed for your hair type to achieve the best results.

For those with fine/thin hair, Danielle suggests using a curling iron to create curls and adding volumizing products to maximize hair strands and create body. This combination will give your hair a fuller appearance, making it more voluminous and luscious.

If you have thick hair, Danielle recommends pulling it back into a sleek style. Smoothing products will help add shine and combat frizz, ensuring your hairstyle looks polished and well-groomed.

If you have naturally curly or coily hair, Danielle suggests working with your curls rather than trying to straighten them. Using a strong-hold gel and curl cream will help keep your curls under control, allowing you to create a long-lasting style that showcases the beauty of your natural texture.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Danielle emphasizes that the most important factor is how confident and comfortable you feel. However, if you wish to consider your face shape for a balanced look, she provides some helpful suggestions:

  • For a long face, avoid long, straight strands that can elongate your face further. Opt for soft face-framing layers, which create the illusion of a shorter face.
  • If you have a round face, embrace longer flowing strands around your face. This technique will help elongate and slim your facial features.
  • A square face can benefit from a soft, side-swept part. This style elongates the face and brings balance to the overall appearance.
  • Those with an oval face shape are fortunate, as they can rock almost any hairstyle and experiment with different looks.

Styling Tips and Must-Have Products

Danielle emphasizes the importance of choosing a hairstyle that will last throughout the day, especially considering the cap you may need to wear during the ceremony. High ponytails and all-up styles may not be suitable in this case. Instead, opt for low loose curls or styles that are lower down, ensuring your hair looks beautiful even with the cap.

Danielle recommends a couple of must-have products to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle. The first is the Air Control hairspray by Aveda. This light-hold hairspray provides excellent hold without making your hair stiff or crunchy, allowing for easy styling.

The second product is a volumizing tonic by Aveda. Applying this tonic before blow-drying not only adds volume to your hair but also detangles it and acts as a heat protectant, ensuring your locks stay healthy and protected.

Photos of the Most Stylish Hairstyles for a Graduation