40 Hottest Fringe Bangs for Women Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Add personality and flair to your hairstyle by adding fresh fringe bangs! Bangs give new life to any hairstyle or haircut and help frame your face. From full and straight to pretty and piecey, there’s something for everyone with these fabulous fringe hair ideas!

Unlike traditional bangs, a fringe bang is a little longer, typically around the brow area. Choose your fringe based on styles that will complement and balance your face shape, then have your stylist customize the fringe so it’s perfect for you and your styling needs.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the best fringe bangs hairstyles.


#1: Choppy Thick Fringe

Are you fond of curtain bangs but keen to try something fresh? Request a choppy, thick fringe! It blends curtain and bottleneck bangs, providing a face-framing fringe that enhances almost every face shape.

Shag with Choppy Bangs for Thick-Haired Women with Natural Curls and Waves
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#2: Choppy Thick Bangs

A shag cut with choppy bangs is perfect for thick-haired women with natural curls and waves. You could use a curling iron to help create texture and add layers. It will give your hairstyle an effortless, yet polished look. To emphasize the choppy bangs, work in some sea salt spray while blow-drying them away from your face. A benefit of this style is that it can be tailored to each individual’s unique hair type and face shape.

Woman with Soft Rounded Fringe and Medium Layered Haircut

#3 Soft Rounded Fringe for Medium Locks

This soft rounded fringe is tailored to complement a medium-length hairstyle, gently curving around the face for a subtle, graceful frame. It’s a fantastic choice for those who prefer a fringe that isn’t overpowering but still provides structure and style. The lightweight layers give movement, making it suitable for those with straight to wavy hair textures. While this cut offers a refreshing update, it does require regular trims to maintain the rounded shape of the bangs, which is vital for preserving the look. The styling is straightforward; a round brush and a light hairspray can uphold the fringe’s shape throughout the day.

Long Wavy Hair with Wispy Textured Fringe on Woman

#4 Beachy Waves with Wispy Textured Fringe

This hairstyle embodies a laid-back elegance with its long, wavy texture and a light, wispy fringe that falls softly around the eyes. It’s an excellent option for those with naturally wavy hair looking to add playfulness to their style without the commitment of a full, blunt fringe. While the waves offer a voluminous silhouette, the feathered fringe keeps the look approachable and easy to manage. It’s important to note that this style might require a curl-enhancing product to maintain the waves and trim now and then to keep the fringe from overpowering your facial features. For styling, a wide-barreled curling iron can enhance the waves, and a light tousling will blend the fringe flawlessly.

Choppy and Arched Bangs for women with long, fine hair
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#5: Choppy and Arched Bangs

Choppy and arched bangs are the perfect addition to long, fine hair to add texture and movement. This style is achieved with weight removed from the sides to avoid a severe look. All while keeping the length intact to maintain the natural flow of the hair. The benefits of this style are that it not only adds dimension but highlights facial features. This look is perfect for women with longer hair who want to add edge and interest. Consider using a texture spray to style your hair to show off your layers.

#6: Peachy Color and Thin Fringe

To add interest to your fine hair, consider a peachy color with a thin fringe. The peachy hue is a soft and feminine option that complements many skin tones. Pairing it with a thin fringe adds an element of sophistication to the look and will avoid making it too severe. This style is great for those with fine hair as it adds texture and movement to otherwise flat locks. To maintain the look, I recommend using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to prevent fading. As for styling, use a volumizing mousse at the roots and blow dry your fringe using a round brush.

#7: Modern See-Through Fringe

Are you an older woman who wants a chic and fresh update on your hairstyle? A sleek bob cut with a modern see-through fringe is worth a try. The fringe adds a softness and youthful touch to the bob. It frames the face and brings attention to the eyes. This cut works best for those with straight or wavy hair. But it can also be achieved with some styling tools and products. To maintain a smooth and polished look, blow-drying with a round brush is recommended. A texturizing spray or cream can help create separation and movement for a subtle finish.

#8: Feathered Face-Framing Fringe Bangs

Ask for bottleneck bangs. They create a soft face-framing effect that covers the forehead and tapers down the brows. The best way to cut these is with a razor or slide cutting for a wispy effect.

Sleek Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @bobhairdaily

#9: Sleek Bob with Wispy Bangs

If you have straight flat hair and want to get more of a sleek style, try a blunt bob with thin bangs. Ask your stylist to texture your ends. It’s one of the best ways to avoid your ends from bulging out. A razor cut is the highly recommended to soften a choppy look.

#10: Amazing Red Hair with See-Through Bangs

If you’re looking to add bangs to your textured cut, my best advice is to ask your stylist for see-through bangs. The feathered ends give a more defined look. The shape of a curtain bang gives a short to long effect and blends into your layered cut. If you can get through the first week of training, they are really easy to style.

Mini Shag Bob with Textured Fringe
Instagram @florence.hair

#11: Mini Shag Bob with Textured Fringe

Bobs are timeless and can always be updated to be current and trendy if you wish to. For example, adding micro bangs to a short French bob can quickly take the cut from classic to modern.

#12: Textured Blunt Fringe Bangs

Textured blunt fringe bangs add softness to most haircuts and hair lengths. Fringe hairstyles are flattering on an oval, round, diamond, or triangular-shaped face. Use a styling cream or a little hairspray with a flexible hold to keep frizz down and hold your textured bangs’ shape.

Wispy Fringe with Balayage
Instagram @soubecas

#13: Wispy Fringe with Balayage

One of the simplest ways to beautifully frame your face is to try a wispy fringe with balayage. Ask for more or less texture in your bangs depending on the look you want. Balayage is a great way to brighten your face and bangs frame your face, making them a great combination.

#14: Edgy Pixie Mullet with Fringe

Ask for an edgy pixie mullet with fringe if you want a trendy new look. I suggest talking to your hairstylist about having them use a razor to cut your style. The razor will give the ends of your hair a soft, wispy, and textured appearance. To style, simply blow-dry your hair and then use a texture spray or paste to fingerstyle.

#15: Full Curtain Bangs on a Mid-Length Cut

Wear full curtain bangs if you already have a mid-length cut. This feathered, Bardot style fringe is wonderful for adding softness to your face. Pair your bangs with lots of layers to turn your look into the perfect modern shag.

lovely tousled fringe bangs
Instagram @bareeminimum

#16: Lovely Tousled Fringe Bangs

Go for a haircut with fringe bangs that are a soft and effortless style. It eliminates weight and keeps your fringe haircut longer and sweepy. The combination of short layers and a longer hairstyle will leave you feeling gorgeous and unique. If you’re considering a tousled fringe you should be prepared for some light styling to cover up your forehead. A quick blow-dry and use some texturing paste for lift and separation. The cut requires a light trim every 12 weeks to keep it fresh.

Amazing Curly Hair with Bangs
Instagram @nubiarezo

#17: Amazing Curly Hair with Bangs

Curly hair paired with bangs that are long or coily is on-trend with a “curls out loud” silhouette. Variations in this style can be worn on different densities and can best be sculpted by a curl specialist.

#18: Short Hair with Curly Bangs

Short hair paired with curly bangs gives an overall lift to your face while creating some roundness to your profile. In recreating this look, try using the sock curl technique for heatless waves, or curl your entire hair forward with a 1 3/4″ curling iron. Piece out with your fingers before finishing with hairspray.

Trendy medium-length shag with waves and bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#19: Trendy Medium-Length Shag with Waves and Bangs

These curtain fringe bangs are effortless and undone. Hairstyles for bangs are versatile and easy to style. Blow-dry it smooth for a more polished style, or let it air dry for a more lived-in vibe. When styling, finish with a dry shampoo as a dry texture spray. It also absorbs oil! It’s also totally clear so it won’t show up on your dark roots. Eye-catching fringe bangs are ideal for women who are looking for more volume and shape around their face. Bangs that don’t add more work to your styling process are great!

Perfect Face-Framing Fringe Bangs
Instagram @hayleyjoanh

#20: Perfect Face-Framing Fringe

The perfect face-framing fringe bangs can accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. The length where they graze your eyelash is pretty ideal. Not too short, yet not too long. And as your eyebrow-obscuring bangs grow out, they’ll be easy to pin or tuck behind your ears. It’s also the kind of bangs that give any haircut a serious feminine vibe.

#21: Rounded Fringe Bangs

Perfectly crafted rounded fringe bangs are a trend that will never go out of style. The bangs have a crescent shape, which curves your features, and won’t get in the way of your eyes. It then gradually falls around your brow to graze your cheekbones, which is perfect for facial enhancement.

French Fringe Bangs
Instagram @linethmm

#22: French Fringe Bangs

French fringe bangs are for women who want to change things up and bring attention to their eyes. It’s cute and makes a short haircut younger-looking. If your hair has a wavy texture, don’t forget to iron the ends of your bangs to compliment your hair’s chic finish.

Rounded Bob with Wispy Fringe Bangs
Instagram @shimon_sand

#23: Rounded Bob with Wispy Fringe Bangs

A super cute rounded bob with wispy fringe bangs is going to compliment your eye area. Fringe cut bangs work great with a bob cut as it blends around your face into the length. Haircuts for fringe bangs work best for women who want to add width to their face, as the fringe gives it a square face shape. If you want to elongate your face, go for a longer fringe that hits below your cheekbone and stay away from baby bangs.

Gorgeous Long Shag with Curtain Fringe Bangs
Instagram @onaiaziz

#24: Gorgeous Long Shag with Curtain Fringe Bangs

Pair a long shag with curtain fringe bangs to maximize its ’70 vibe! This kind of fringe bangs style is easy to maintain, which offers effortless styling! If the swoopy curtain bangs edges are curled a bit, they create a subtle movement that complements the shag. Overall, this hairstyle is ideal for ladies with thick, straight hair and not so much for women with fine hair.

Modern Edgy Shag with Light Fringe
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#25: Modern Edgy Shag with Light Fringe

Try a modern edgy shag combined with a light fringe for a more lived-in style. This haircut can also make you younger-looking with a full fringe. For prep and style, use the Good Behavior 4n1 prep spray when your hair is damp. Then, finish off your full bangs and hair with a IGK Beach Club Texture Spray.

#26: Heavy Fringe Bangs for an Oval Face

Hairstyles with heavy fringe bangs complement oval face shapes the most. It’s the fringe that gives your hair a flattering upgrade. If you’re growing out your bangs, ask for more fringe to fill in the recession areas and make a flow to the sides. It will leave the door open to go heavier on your fringe down the road.

Big Bold Fringe Bangs
Instagram @_lulupie_

#27: Big Bold Fringe Bangs

These big bold fringe bangs are a take on the Japanese Hime haircut. Women are able to grow their hair long while still having something edgy in the front. Worn up or down, long hair tucked behind your ear really shows off your front fringe. These bangs are for many different types of women. Try something different, explore new things your hair type can do. This fringe style is for women wanting to keep length, but want something different than the norm.

large side-swept fringe
Instagram @alisonallvess

#28: Large Side-Swept Fringe

If you’re an older woman who wears glasses, consider a pixie cut with fringe bangs. It’s always shorter on the sides and back with the front left longer. It’s a short, chic playful style for a woman with confidence. Plus, there’s softness of the shorter sides. The best advice about this cut is to get a tuckable length just behind your ear if need be. Maintaining your shape is important. Hair grows faster than you think. Generally 4 to 6 weeks between haircuts.

#29: Chic Blunt Bob with Fringe

Balance a blunt bob with fringe bangs to soften strong facial features. A fringe bangs haircut can hide an array of concerns on your upper face. The bob is also the best cut with a fringe that adds an element of interest to your style. Keep in mind that fringes can require an extra five minutes in the morning to control that bedhead bangs look.

Cute Fringe Bangs for Short Hair
Instagram @alissathesauce

#30: Cute Fringe Bangs for Short Hair

Cute fringe bangs added to short hair is perfect in framing round or oval face shapes. But if you have a square jawline, the best fringe to soften and balance your facial features is the long, layered one. Hair with bangs brings out softness and a younger-looking detail to your hairstyle. Have a good leave-in, heat protectant, and a hold texture spray to give your fringe an all-around cut texture.

Long Sexy Hair with Long Fringe Bangs
Instagram @fringetheory

#31: Long Hair with Long Fringe Bangs

Long hair paired with long fringe bangs are modern, feminine, and versatile. The long fringe works well on women with longer faces and larger foreheads. Cutting a fringe can be tricky as it’s easy to go short and blunt! The key is starting a bit longer and slowly working your way up to your desired length.

Short Textured Fringe Bangs
Instagram @hairbyerinc

#32: Short Textured Fringe Bangs

These short textured fringe bangs are ideal if you have a fine to medium hair texture. Using a texturizer gives them a soft piece-y effect that suits a long, wavy, and textured cut. This cute short fringe offers more shape and fullness around the face. Focus on the layering and fringe around your face and throughout the crown of your head. Doing so will debulk an extremely thick head of hair and create a cute, weightless style. Make sure your stylist educates you on the different styling methods. You should know what tools, products, and tips are needed to properly style your hair at home.

Jaw-Length Blunt Fringe Bangs
Instagram @stefab17

#33: Jaw-Length Blunt Fringe Bangs

A jaw-length blunt bangs haircut is a total head-turner! It’s a box bob matched with a short fringe. A mixture of point cutting and a little razor cutting is needed to achieve the edgy texture in your fringe area. The classic finish of this short hairstyle with micro bangs is guaranteed to complement a very dark black shade of hair.

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#34: Beautiful Side-Swept Fringe Bangs

Go for beautiful side-swept fringe bangs that look classy on luscious, chocolate brown tresses. Incorporate fringe bangs and flawless waves to your long hair to get that classic beauty. The haircut and fringe that caresses your brow is sure to give your face a flattering angle.

#35: Light Wispy Fringe Bangs

A few light wispy fringe bangs add softness to your chop. Because of its thin appearance, it’s pretty low-maintenance. Taking care of your wispy bangs is easier if it’s not too big or thick. The fringe also gives a great style to any hairstyle, so give it a try!

Choppy Fringe Bangs
Instagram @shanecraighair

#36: Choppy Fringe Bangs

Adding choppy fringe bangs brings out extra details to your entire hairstyle. They make your chop look fresher than it is. Choppy bangs also upgrade your tresses without going through a drastic change.

Short choppy fringe for round faces
Instagram @soileshair

#37: Short Choppy Fringe for Round Faces

A choppy fringe is more flattering than a fuller bang if you have a round face. Having heavy-weight lines around your face emphasizes round features while choppy layers open up your face.

Trendsetting shoulder-length shag with chopped bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#38: Trendsetting Shoulder-Length Shag with Chopped Bangs

A shoulder-length shag paired with choppy bangs creates an effortless texture. This trendy style has layers that benefit thick hair. It looks flattering for longer face shapes because of the way the layers softly frame your face.

cute chin-length bob with fringe bangs
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#39: Cute Chin-Length Bob with Fringe Bangs

Did you know a bob that ends at the chin and includes a cute fringe is the perfect style choice for longer face shapes? The fringe bangs shorten your facial features expertly and can be worn pushed to the side as well. A bob with bangs compliments any age group and is easier to style than long hair. A shorter haircut also rids you of unruly ends and makes your hair look healthier.

grey pixie with larger side-swept fringe
Instagram @renatoamissis

#40: Grey Pixie with Larger Side-Swept Fringe

If you’re a woman over 50 you can consider a grey pixie haircut paired with larger side-swept fringe. Slightly longer than typical bangs across the forehead, side-swept bangs are a bit dramatic in the side part and can be worn to hide your fine lines or wrinkles.