Oui Oui, Mon Amore: French Hairstyles for All

french hairstyles

You don’t need a boarding pass to Paris to fall in love with the French. All you need is a good hairbrush, quality hair products and a few good hair tutorials inspired by the (arguably) most romantic country in the world.

Fact: I’m a longtime, self admitted Francophile, so it’s only natural I compile a list of hair tutorials that pay homage to the country of love. After you take a looksie at these fabulous — and easy to recreate — French hairstyles, I know you’ll have at least developed a little crush on the country, as well.

French Roll Twist and Pin

Umm…can we pause for a second while I recover? This style is too gorgeous for my eyes. And as a fellow wavy/curly haired lady, I love that this tutorial specifically embraces textured hair. The “French Roll Twist and Pin” hair tutorial comes to you from the fabulous Christina of Hair Romance and all the details are included in her blog post. It’s repetitive (read: easy) and will definitely make heads turn to get a glimpse of yours.

french hairstyles roll and twist tutorial

Fancy French Wrap Ponytail

I absolutely adore this glammed up ponytail look for an evening shindig or summer soiree. It’s elegant and sophisticated without looking too overworked. In other words: effortlessly chic! The wrapped style requires longer hair, especially if you want to achieve maximum wow factor. Don’t hesitate to use temporary extensions for extra length, though. This tutorial comes from of YetAnotherBeautySite.com, but I also liked this easier version from Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube.

french braided ponytail hairstyle

Draped French Plait

Not to be confused with the fancy dinnerware your mother brought out for the holidays, the French Plait is none other than a French braid. This particular French braid — done up by Ashley of The Shine Project — is similar to your basic version, but is instead draped, providing a more relaxed and carefree vibe. Check out the YouTube video for all you need to know.

draped french hairstyle braid

1960s French Twist with Flowers

Talk about dreamy. This chignon French twist hairstyle avec fleurs (that’d be “with flowers”) is definitely garden party appropriate. The tutorial comes from Rubi of She Lets Her Hair Down and, per usual, is accompanied by a gorgeous illustration by the woman herself. Have no fear, though, every step of the process is thoughtfully written out to ensure a perfect finished product. Oh, and P.S. — if you don’t have any fresh flowers to nestle in your coiffure, try a vintage hairpiece as Kate of The Small Things does in this tutorial.

french hairstyle twist with flowers french twist hairstyles tutorial

The New French Twist

If you’re looking for an updated version of the French twist, try on the “New French Twist,” brought to you by OnceWed/Martha Stewart. It’s as lovely as can be, but feels slightly less nostalgic than the above style. That’s partially because it’s less textured, but also because the volume is minimized and it has a more unkempt and effortless vibe to it. I love it for a summer wedding or gala.

new french hairstyle twist

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