45 Festival Hairstyles to Rock Your Look in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Middle Part Unicorn Half Updo for Long Hair and Festivals
Instagram @hairbymarte_

#1: Middle Part Unicorn Half Updo

The middle part unicorn half updo is a whimsical hairstyle that adds a touch of magic to any festival look. This style features a middle parting with two space buns, adding dimension to the hair. The unicorn-inspired elements are a youthful way to have fun with a half-up hairstyle. Add some glitter for an added element of interest.

#2: Surfer Waves and Mini Braid

Surfer waves with a mini braid are an easy way to get your hair festival ready at home. This simple yet stylish look offers major hippie, boho, and &ldquocool girl&rdquo vibes.

Medium Festival Pink Ombre Hair with Bow Tie Style
Instagram @supvalerie

#3: Pink Ombre Hair with Bow Tie Style

Go super sweet with a pink ombre hair color and bow tie style! This cute hairstyle looks like the icing on the cake.

Medium Gray Hair with Festival Mini Braids for Older Women
Instagram @kela_official

#4: Medium Gray Hair with Mini Braids

If you have medium gray hair and want a festival style, mini braids are great. They highlight your unique hair color and give a bohemian twist to your look. The mini braids add texture and dimension to your gray hair, creating an intricate, eye-catching style. Try adding some beads or other hair accessories for a touch of boho flair.

#5: Low Textured Pony with Ivory Bow

An elegant choice to boost your festival style is a low ponytail with texture. It’s styled with an ivory bow for a chic look. A low ponytail placement gives a sleek and polished look, whereas the texture adds a relaxed vibe. The ivory bow makes the hairstyle a point of attraction in a festival setting because it exudes femininity and charm. For added grip and volume, consider using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo before styling.

Mid-Length Bright Copper Hair with Top Braid for festivities
Instagram @seacombeandco

#6: Bright Copper Hair with Top Braid

If you wear a top braid and bright copper hair color to a festival, you will look bold and vibrant. The bright copper hue makes your hair fiery and eye-catching. Your hair will stay secure and away from your face with the top braid. Add small, simple accessories for more depth to this striking look.

#7: Curled Mid-Length Hair with Flowers

(Unchanged) If you’re going to a festival try adding flowers to curled mid-length hair for a romantic and enchanting style that embraces a bohemian vibe. Floral accessories add a touch of nature and femininity to your hairstyle, making you feel like a true flower child amidst the festival atmosphere.

#8: Double Braids with Bandana

If you’re looking for a cute festival hairstyle, double braids with a bandana offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. It keeps your hair off your face while adding a playful touch. The double braids add a touch of boho charm and keep your hair neatly secured, while the bandana adds a pop of color and a retro vibe to the overall style.

Long Low Pigtails with Huge Butterfly Clips for Festivals
Instagram @jamienkidd

#9: Low Pigtails with Butterfly Clips

Wearing low pigtails with butterfly clips to a festival is a playful choice that captures the spirit perfectly. The low pigtails give a carefree vibe, while the butterfly clips add a touch of whimsy. This hairstyle not keeps your hair off your face during the festival, but it also gives a charming and eye-catching look.

Festival Bantu Knots with Braids and Beads
Instagram @himenatural

#10: Bantu Knots with Braids and Beads

Bantu knots with braids and beads create a striking and culturally-inspired hairstyle perfect for a festival. The combination of Bantu knots, braids, and beads adds a unique and eye-catching element to your look, allowing you to embrace your individuality and celebrate diversity. This bold hairstyle is a stunning fashion statement and a beautiful homage to African-inspired hair traditions.

Easy Afro Hairstyle with Scarf for Festivals
Instagram @the.natural.breona

#11: Afro Hairstyle with Scarf

An Afro hairstyle with a head scarf is a powerful and vibrant choice to wear at a festival and celebrates natural beauty and cultural expression. The voluminous and free-spirited nature of the Afro beautifully complements the headscarf, creating a dynamic and head-turning look. This combination exudes confidence, celebrates diversity, and adds an element of cultural pride.

Festival Pull-Through Braided Bandana Style for Long Hair
Instagram @gee_does_hair_

#12: Pull-Through Braided Bandana Hairstyle

If you’re going to a festival, consider trying a pull-through braided bandana hairstyle for a fun and stylish way to incorporate a boho-inspired accessory into your hair. The pull-through braids add texture and visual interest, while the bandana adds a pop of color and a touch of retro charm. This hairstyle is fashionable and practical, keeping your hair off your face and allowing you to enjoy the festival experience fully.

#13: Long Blonde Hair with Top Knot and Braid

Wearing your long blonde hair in a top knot and braid to a festival is a trendy and versatile choice that offers a balance of style and practicality. The top knot keeps your hair off your face, allowing you to enjoy your time without any distractions, while the braid adds an intricate and bohemian touch to the overall look. This hairstyle not only keeps you cool and comfortable but also showcases the beauty of your long blonde locks in a chic and festival-ready way.

Festival Double Pull-Through Dutch Braids for Long-Length Tresses
Instagram @thedollslounge

#14: Double Pull-Through Dutch Braids

A double pull-through Dutch braid style is a creative and eye-catching choice that adds intricate detail and dimension to your look. This style weaves together two Dutch braids and uses a pull-through method, creating the look of complex, stylish stacked braids. Gently pull the edges of each braid section to loosen them. This gives your style a fuller and more voluminous look.

#15: Braided Buns with Accessory

The braided buns hairstyle combined with an accessory is perfect. Adding this style confers a whimsical, bohemian touch to your look. Start by dividing your hair into two parts. Braid each segment, then twist them into buns. Secure each bun with bobby pins. Next, insert an accessory. Use a flower crown, beaded headband, or necklace to develop the boho vibe further, crafting a striking hairstyle for any festival.

#16: Lavender Straight Long Bob for a Rave Party

A straight lavender long bob is the perfect hairstyle to rock at a rave, offering a unique and vibrant look. The combination of the trendy bob length and the stunning lavender hue adds a playful and eye-catching element to your festival style. Whether you pair it with boho accessories or let it shine on its own, this hairstyle will make you stand out in the crowd and embrace the rave spirit.

#17: Light Peach Curly Hair with Bangs

If you’ve got curly hair and seek a unique, fun look, try light peach color with bangs. This light peach color will nicely match your curls, adding a gentle, feminine touch. Also, the bangs will enhance your face and natural features, creating a trendy, youthful look. To get this shade, you need to bleach your hair. To keep your hair healthy, use a reparative and moisturizing deep conditioner often.

Boho Chic Updo with Flower Crown for festivals
Instagram @kmshairpro

#18: Boho Chic Updo with Flower Crown

A boho chic hairdo with a flower headband an ideal festival style that gives off an easy and free-spirit feel. With its loose and twisted hair, the Boho style gives a relaxed yet neat look. It keeps your hair away from your face and displays the detailed flower headband. Consider using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo before styling to add texture. It helps hold the Boho style better.

#19: Rosy Pink Hair with Boxer Braids

Opt for rosy pink hair styled in boxer braids. Want your hairstyle to last for days at your next festival? Try tight, pulled boxer braids. When pulled tight, these braids will stay intact. Rosy pink hair can enhance the fun festival atmosphere. The color shows up in variations throughout the hair strands.

#20: Half-Up Braided Buns with Glitter

Up next is a half-up braided bun style that includes glitter. This style is perfect for festivals, especially with the addition of glitter. Consider trying a new hairstyle, specifically the double braided buns. They are also known as the ‘fun’ Viking style. Add a braid to the lower half to complement this half-up style. You can also sprinkle glitter around the crown of your head and secure it with some gel or strong-hold hairspray.

#21: Middle-Parted Long Beachy Waves

Your hair will look stylish in middle-parted long beachy waves. To achieve this look, first, divide your hair into two parts from the middle. Then, use a waver on each of these two parts. To add extra volume to your hair, consider using a triple-barrel iron. Adding two small braids will enhance the bohemian style.

Shoulder-Length Waves with Side Braids and Bangs for Festivals
Instagram @samirasjewelry

#22: Side Braids and Bangs

A colorful way to dress up your festival braids is with binding in colored ribbons. This is simply added with a slip knot at the top of the braid. You can braid like you normally would with a ribbon attached to any section you are braiding.

Festival Halo Braid with High Wavy Ponytail for Very Long Hair
Instagram @hairby.chuy

#23: Halo Braid with High Wavy Ponytail

Calling all angels who are ready to show their halo. Create a cornrow that follows your hairline to create a halo effect with your braid. Secure the rest of the hair in a high top of the crown ponytail and finish off with a waving curling iron. Those create texture, dimension, and all the goddess vibes.

Festival Long Pastel Braided Extensions with Middle Part Style
Instagram @viistylez

#24: Pastel Braided Extensions

Give these pastel braided extensions a try! This look would be perfect for a party or festival. Have a good hairspray to ensure this look holds all day.

#25: Long Half-Up Crimped Hair

Ask about a long half-up crimped hair style. Add some fun texture to your long locks with a crimping iron. These irons are typically a few inches wide to cover more hair. Take 1/2-1 inch sections at a time, depending on the density of your hair. Finish off with a cute half-up bubble ponytail for a cute youthful style.

Messy Boho Half Updo for Festivals and Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @kam.raad

#26: Messy Boho Half Updo

Try this messy boho half updo if you need an upstyle but you’re not an updo person. It’s a cute and easy look you can wear to a festival event or as an everyday look!

#27: Half-Up Half-Down Fishtail Crown Braid

Try this half-up, half-down fishtail crown braid if you like to wear braids! This would be a good boho look or festival look. Be sure to brush the curls out to keep them loose and piecey.

Festival Loose Bubble Braids with Face Frame
Instagram @hh.extensions

#28: Loose Bubble Braids with Face Frame

Ask about a loose bubble braid with face-framing. Festival hair can be eccentric yet simple with this style. Using elastics, you will create a ponytail at the top, like a braid, and another underneath. Secure two strands around the ponytail underneath. You will follow this pattern down. Tugging the hair to create a bubble effect. Don’t forget to leave out face-framing pieces as a fun version of this style. Or, if you have shorter bangs that you want to keep out. This style can last you through the weekend.

#29: Straight Hair with Top Braids and Buns

A super simple way to spice up straight hair is with braids and buns. Dividing the hair in two through the crown, you can create French braids on each side. Secure with an elastic, then create a bun on each side. Adorn with pretty pieces or leave plain, and enjoy your festival weekend with no hair in your face.

#30: Vibrant Copper Hair with Half-Up Bubble Pigtails

Here’s a vibrant copper hair color with half-up bubble pigtails. A copper hue is bright and reflective, a color to show off at your next festival. Try Davine’s Copper color for this gorgeous hair and Oligo Pro Gloss Copper Gold Series to gloss the ends. To style, try two pigtail-style partings with elastics being secured along the way. Section by section, bring each piece into the next. Leave out a pigtail after 4-5 inches depending on the head shape. Secure elastics in even-spaced sections. Pull hair out in between sections to create the bubble effect.

#31: Pull-Through Mermaid Braids

A simple way to add volume through a braid is a pull-through method. You will need elastics throughout. Starting at the top, making a ponytail, and following through to another section. Add the prior section with the following ponytail down through the ends. Fluff out each section by tugging gently to the desired effect. Finish off with some hairspray.

#32: Half Upstyle with Boho Braids and Twists

The half upstyle with boho braids and twists is a romantic hairstyle. It effortlessly combines braiding and twisting techniques. This versatile style is ideal for any festival or special occasion. The boho braids and twists add lots of texture and dimension. This makes it an ideal choice to keep the style all day long.

Festival Top Braids and Long-Length Voluminous Waves
Instagram @hh.extensions

#33: Top Braids and Voluminous Waves

Top braids and voluminous waves come together to create a stylish hairstyle. This combination features crown braids with soft waves to compliment the hairstyle. The braids’ texture, paired with the wave, brings a fun element ready for any festival. It’s versatile and fun! I suggest using a strong-hold hairspray and gel to be sure this style stays festive-ready all day.

#34: Green Braids with Embellishments

Green braids with embellishments offer a vibrant and playful hairstyle. It’s perfect for music festivals or any live music event! The green braids add a bold and eye-catching element paired with a bubble braid is fun and exciting. This hairstyle allows you to express your creativity while embracing the carefree spirit of a festival. To make these braids dramatic, I suggest using braiding hair or extensions. It will help to give the extra long length.

#35: Sparta Braided Ponytail

The Sparta braided ponytail is a fierce and warrior-inspired hairstyle. This style combines sleekness with intricate braiding techniques to create a striking look. To achieve this hairstyle, complete the braids and secure the pony afterward. This powerful hairstyle is perfect for occasions where you want to make a bold statement. All while keeping your hair off your neck and out of your face.

#36: Long Bubble Braid Pigtails

Give these long bubble braids with pigtails a try! This look is sleek and simple, yet with a little splash of fun with the fullness of the bubble braids!

#37: Upside Down Braids with Space Buns

If you want a stunning yet fun hairstyle for your next event, try an upside-down braid with space buns. Simply flip your head over, divide your hair into two sections, and French braid each section. When the braid reaches the top of your head, put a ponytail holder at the base of the braid. Use the rest of the hair to form a space bun. Spray some hairspray, and this style will be ready for some fun!

Festival Face-Framing Mini Bubble Braids for Medium-Long Hair
Instagram @scunci

#38: Face-Framing Mini Bubble Braids

Try this chic face-framing mini bubble braid look! The mini bubble braids give this style a lot of texture and dimension. If you like this look or need more hair ideas, talk to your stylist at your next in-salon visit.

#39: Purple Long Bob with V-Shaped Braids

The purple long bob with V-shaped braids is a trendy and bold hairstyle. It combines vibrant color with intricate braiding techniques. The long bob haircut adds a modern touch, while the V-shaped braids create a unique and edgy look. This style is perfect for those looking to make a statement and find a fun style for your next festival.

Half-Down Festival Space Buns with Gems for Longer Locks
Instagram @bellamihair

#40: Half-Down Space Buns with Gems

You’ll be ready in half-down space buns with glittery gems for the weekend. Part your hair in the middle and put two small ponytails where you want your buns. Next, wrap the ponies around themselves and use a hairpin to secure them. You should try to hide the pin as best you can. Ensure you have left some hair out around the face, and curl your hair. Add some gems and hairspray well, and enjoy the ride.

Long-Length Double Braided Pigtails with Glitter for Festivals
Instagram @hairbycapricee

#41: Double Braided Pigtails with Glitter

This double-braided pigtails look with glitter is gorgeous! This gives off a fun festival vibe. The double braids give this style so much texture.

Very Long Festival Blue Rave Braids
Instagram @by.corarose

#42: Blue Rave Braids

Give this blue hair with rave braids look a try! Between the blue hair and braids, you will be making a statement!

Medium-Length Hot Pink Hair with Braids and Accessories for Festivals
Instagram @danielley.hair

#43: Medium-Length Hot Pink Hair with Braids

Try this medium-length hot pink hair with braids! This would be a fun look for a festival or concert. Try to use a medium to firm hold hairspray over the whole look to keep everything in place.

Sleek and Spiky Updo for Festivals and Parties
Instagram @hairwithlinda

#44: Sleek and Spiky Updo

Here’s a super edgy style that’s a spin on liberty spikes. Section hair into 6 partings. You will create a mini bun in each section, leaving out 4-6 inches of hair. Spray this section with hairspray and brush straight. Always blow dry as straight as possible. Finish off with a flat iron to lock it in place. Knox gelatin or Elmer’s glue works great for this technique and washes out fairly easily.

#45: Pink Boho Baby Braids and Gold Rings

Pink boho baby braids and gold rings offer a hairstyle that embraces bohemian charm. These delicate braids, often styled in smaller sections, create an intricate look. The addition of gold rings creates a touch of playful accessories. Pairing this style with a fun hair color like pink or purple can make this your next festival hairstyle!

Festival season is upon us, and it’s time to start planning your perfect hairstyles to complement the fun and energetic vibe of these events. To help you navigate the world of festival hairstyles, we interviewed Kiana Pickett, a seasoned hairstylist and festival enthusiast. With her expertise and experience, she shares valuable advice on choosing the right styles for different hair textures and face shapes, as well as provides useful tips and product recommendations. Let’s dive in!

Meet The Expert

Kiana Pickett
Kiana Pickett
Kiana is a cosmetologist with over 17 years of experience.
You can find Kiana at her own salon in Reno, NV

Choosing A Hairstyle Based on Your Hair Texture and Thickness

It’s important to select a style that aligns with your vibe, personality, and the festival’s theme. However, you should also consider location, weather conditions, and living/camping arrangements. Kiana emphasizes the significance of these factors by providing examples.

For festivals like Burning Man, which takes place in a desert environment with dusty and windy conditions, it’s best to opt for protective styles like braided ponytails, braided updos, box braids, cornrows, or knotless braids. These styles prevent dust from getting trapped in your hair and minimize damage caused by the clay present at the festival grounds. However, if you’re attending a festival like EDC Las Vegas, where camping conditions are more controlled, you have more freedom to choose any style that suits your preferences.

Considering hair density and texture is crucial. Kiana suggests the following recommendations based on different hair types:

  • Dense to Medium-Dense Hair: Rock all ponytails with confidence.
  • Thin Hair: Dutch braids, reusable ponytails, or cornrows are ideal.
  • Fragile Hair: It’s essential to prioritize deep conditioning and hair health before attempting intricate styles.

Flattering Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

To ensure your hairstyle flatters your face shape, Kiana provides specific recommendations for each major face shape:

  • Oval Face: Cornrows, high ponytails, and long box braids are great options.
  • Long Face: Embrace big Dutch braids, butterfly braids, or halo braids to add dimension.
  • Round Face: Consider cornrows, box braids, knotless braids, braided updos, braided ponytails, or Dutch braids into ponytails.
  • Square Face: Opt for Dutch braids with a side part, dutch braids into ponytails (with or without designs), or butterfly braids.
  • Heart Face: Embrace playful space buns, braided space buns, or box braids styled like a bob.

Essential Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Kiana highlights the use of Kanekalon hair, a type of synthetic fiber commonly used for creating these styles. However, she advises caution when using Kanekalon hair on thin or fragile hair, as it may cause breakage. Thicker and coarser hair types are generally more resilient.

To ensure the best results, Kiana recommends looking for Kanekalon hair brands that are pre-stretched, itch-free, toxic-free, chloride-free, recyclable, eco-friendly, and support hunger relief initiatives. Pre-stretched hair has tapered ends, providing a more natural look to the braids. Itch-free hair indicates that it is free from potentially irritating dyes, dioxin, and phthalates.

While Kanekalon braiding hair typically costs between $1.99 and $3.99 per pack, the price may vary based on brand, color, length, and texture. This hair is lightweight and won’t weigh your head down during the festival.

The longevity of your hairstyles depends on your personal care and the specific festival you attend. For events like Burning Man, Kiana suggests removing the style immediately after returning home to avoid any clay damage. On average, box braids can last 1-2 months, while Dutch braids, cornrows, and similar styles may last around 2 weeks. Pricing varies depending on the stylist you choose.

For maintenance and upkeep, Kiana recommends sleeping with a silk headwrap or bonnet, having extra rubber bands on hand, using gel or mousse for flyaways, keeping a spray sunblock for your scalp, and using a leave-in conditioner to keep your braids or hair healthy and moisturized. Box braids and most tied-down styles are washable, allowing you to maintain cleanliness throughout the festival.

Pictures of Coolest Festival Hairstyle Ideas