25 Must-Try Feathered Haircuts Women Over 60 Are Rockin!

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Short-Length Graduated Bob with Feathered Bangs for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @salonnaman

#1: Short-Length Graduated Bob with Feathered Bangs

Ask about a short graduated bob with feathered bangs. You will want softly textured layers to cascade in your hair for a well-blended bob. Slide cutting helps to slice out the hair for a softening texture. Trendy graduated bobs have lots of texture, so they don’t look like a bowl or a helmet unless that’s your goal.

#2: Sassy Short Hair with Feathered Choppy Layers

If you love short hair, try this sassy cut with feathered layers. This is a great cut if you have a natural wave in your hair.

#3: Soft Layered Pixie Cut with Tapered Nape

A soft layered pixie cut with tapered nape is a great transition between a bob and a pixie haircut. I love this style because it allows you to explore having short hair. All while still preserving the length around the ears and eyes. You can also have fun styling this haircut as well. You can let it air dry with a bit of product or play with a round brush for some extra volume.

Short Layered White Feathered Lixie with Swoopy Bangs for 60-year-olds
Instagram @carlos.ambrosioo

#4: Layered White Lixie with Swoopy Bangs

A layered white lixie with swoopy bangs has lots of texture and layering for the best movement and style. I recommend this haircut for anyone wanting to go shorter but loves the bob shape. With the thick bang and length around the ears, this style is flattering on different face shapes! Try adding a pop of color to the mix for an edgy finish.

#5: Extra Short Hair with Feathered Piece-y Layers

Try this short haircut with feathered piece-y layers if you love many layers. This look is so easy to style!

#6: Classic Wedge Bob with Subtle Layers

Try this classic wedge hair cut bob with subtle layers for an easy-to-style look! This cut is versatile and can be worn with fine, thick hair.

#7: Wavy Platinum Bob with Flicked Layers

Do you have natural textured blonde hair? This wavy platinum bob with flicked layers would be a great look for you. It’s got tons of texture and movement.

Feathered Mini Gray Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers for women over the age of 60
Instagram @covet.salon

#8: Gray Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers

Consider a gray pixie bob with choppy layers. For a soft look on older women, try an over-directed layered style. This created more layers through the back of the head with longer pieces around the face, giving a youthful look.

Voluminous Long Feathered Layers and Bangs on Older Ladies Past 60 with Brunette Hair
Instagram @mels__cuts

#9: Voluminous Long-Feathered Layers and Bangs

Go for voluminous long feathered layers with bangs. For finer hair textures, volume is usually a desired outcome. Try soft layers that frame the face and can be easily styled with a round brush and volumizing mouse. Longer face shapes look great, with layers starting right around the hollows of the cheek.

#10: Neck-Length Cut with Short-Flipped Layers

Try a short neck-length cut with flipped layers. For a modern shaggy vibe, try a layered short style. Balance your face shape with the layers framing your face. Curl with a curling iron and set with a strong hold hairspray.

Textured Shoulder-Length Cut with Feathered Chopped Layers on ladies over sixty
Instagram @salonbythesea3

#11: Textured Shoulder-Length Cut with Chopped Layers

shoulder-length cut with choppy layers is great for women who need lots of texture and volume. Adding crown layering makes it easy to give yourself blowouts and get lots of texture and volume. Like a 1-and-a-half inch, a smaller round brush creates a little bend in the hair.

#12: Multi-Layered Straight Haircut with Silver Highlights

Asl for a multi-layered straight haircut with silver highlights. It’s a wonderful way of transitioning into your natural hair color. Embracing your silver can be difficult and scary. However, with some highlighting, this will make your transition less painful. It’s important to note you must lift the hair with bleach first to achieve a silver-like effect. The tone or toner is what makes the overall appearance silver.

#13: Salt-and-Pepper Bixie with Soft Layers

Here’s a salt and pepper bixie with soft layers. An on-trend style for women of all ages that crosses between a bob and a pixie. Ask your stylist for a feathered layer, soft and swept back away from the face. A razor cut or lots of texture will help this style look effortless. Wash and style easily with a little from Cult + King Set Spray for a light hold and heat protectant.

Short Beige Blonde Feathered Pixie Hair for ladies in their 60s
Instagram @elhair57

#14: Beige Blonde Feathered Pixie Hair

Opt for a beige blonde feathered pixie cut. For women in their 60s, try a bixie with textured layers to create a soft style. Framing the face with some layers will bring out your features and highlight the pixie style.

#15: Swept Feathered Layers for Lob Cut

Here’s a swept feather layered lob cut. If you’re looking for a longer bob with body, ask your stylist to keep your length around your shoulders with layers. Crown layers will give you the most body, and following the head shape will give you a balanced look. Style up and away from the face for an uplifting, swept effect.

Very Short Grey Feathery Stacked Pixie on Grey-haired Women over 60
Instagram @susanhm62

#16: Grey Feathery Stacked Pixie

For a flattering shape that builds up from the nape, ask your stylist for a graduated stack. This gives your hair body while having a tapered nape if you desire. The length around the sides will be longer, and the sides layered. So it will be light and easy to style back away from the face and sprayed with some O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray.

#17: Face-Framing Feathery Long Bob

Ask about a face-framing feathery long bob style. A soft layer that sweeps up and away from the face will give you a lifting effect and balance a round face shape. Face-framing curtain bangs can be styled forwards or backward. And they have different styling options. If you wear your hair pinned back for an upstyle, try pulling out your face-framing bits to frame the face.

#18: Sandy Blonde Inverted Bob with Wispy Layers

A sandy blonde inverted bob with wispy layers is perfect for 60-year-olds. Try soft wispy layers if you want to level up your bob. Fine hair textures create body and movement. Pair with feathered side bangs or a wispy full bang to finish off the style.

Short Fluffy and Choppy Feathered Hair for Mature Women Over Sixty
Instagram @wmctc_salon

#19: Fluffy and Choppy Feathered Hair

If you want volume and texture, try this fluffy choppy feathered style! It will complement your features because of the added volume to give you a gorgeous on-the-go look.

Medium Shag Cut with Feathered Ends on 60-year-old Women
Instagram @fabiogrisanti

#20: Medium Shag Cut with Feathered Ends

This medium shag cut and feathered ends are great if you enjoy lots of layers in your hair. This look can create dimension because of all of the added texture.

#21: Shaggy Feathered Layers with Blunt Bangs

This cut with shaggy feathered layers with blunt bangs is great if you have fine hair. Ladies over 60 should opt for this cut if they are looking for a fun and sophisticated look!

#22: Messy Pixie with Feathery Layers

Try this messy pixie with feathery layers! It’s super stylish. You can add texture by using a texture spray, especially if you have straight hair.

Short Stacked Feathered Bob with Soft Layers on Women Aged 60
Instagram @danamorrishair

#23: Short Stacked Bob with Soft Layers

Give this short stacked bob with short layers a try if you need to add volume to your hair. You can wear this look with lots of texture or also very sleek.

Jaw-Length Feathery Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for women over 60
Instagram @shear.fun.with.lauren.elyse

#24: Jaw-Length Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Try this jaw-length layered bob with side-swept bangs if you want a cut to compliment your jawline. It can add shape to give you a stunning style!

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#25: Tapered Pixie Hair with Choppy Bangs

Try this tapered pixie haircut with choppy bangs for an easy-to-manage style. It gives you subtle volume in your crown.

Feathered haircuts for women over 60 can be a great option for a fresh and modern look. To help you make the most of your hair, we spoke with Teryn Tucker, a hair expert with years of experience working with clients of all ages and hair types. Here’s what she had to say.

Meet The Expert

Teryn Tucker
Teryn Tucker
Teryn is a haircutting specialist at Alchemy Hair Salon in Orlando, FL.

Choosing the Right Haircut for Your Hair Type

According to Tucker, feathered haircuts work best for people with fullness in the back and sparse density in the front. Here are some specific recommendations for different hair textures and thicknesses:

  • Fine/thin hair: Can help create the illusion of volume and texture.
  • Thick hair: Can help create definition and natural texture.
  • Aging hair: Can help soften the hair’s overall look.
  • Naturally curly/coily hair: Can help create shape and definition.
  • Wavy hair: Can help create movement and texture.
  • Straight hair: Ccan help create volume and texture.

Choosing the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

In addition to considering your hair type, Tucker recommends considering your face shape when choosing a feathered cut. Here are her recommendations:

  • Round face: Keep layers shorter and lift them upwards to create lift and softness around the face.
  • Square face: Keep fullness through the top and feathered layers coming toward the face. Lengths below the jawline work best.
  • Long or angular face: Full feathered layers can help add fullness and definition from cheekbones to the jawline.
  • Heart face: Soft side bangs and feathered layers settling below earlobes or longer can create balance for prominent cheekbones and narrow chins.
  • Oval face: Layers sweeping away from the face look best.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve chosen the right feathered haircut for your hair type and face shape, Tucker recommends the following styling tips and products:

  • Avoid styling the top with a part. Instead, blow dry forward, allowing hair to disperse naturally.
  • Spray underneath for extra lift.
  • Run fingers upward from nape to whirl for a better lift in the crown.
  • Use Aquage Spray Wax for better hold, spraying it into the areas you would like to appear fuller, defined, or feathered.
  • For shorter layers and feathered “flicks,” Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer gives a touchable hold. Use wet and/or dry. This versatile Creme pairs well with wash-and-wear haircuts and on-the-go lifestyles.

With these expert tips and tricks, you can confidently choose and style a feathered haircut that makes you feel beautiful and confident at any age.

Pictures of Popular Feathered Haircut Ideas for Women Over 60