26 Gorgeous Feathered Haircuts Older Women Are Getting Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Feathered Bangs

If you are thinking about adding a fringe, try feathered bangs. The feathering keeps the bangs from getting too heavy.

Feathered Grey Balayage Hair for Old Ladies
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#2: Feathered Grey Balayage Hair

Looking for an elegant, modern hairstyle? Feathered grey balayage hair is a great choice. It’s perfect for women of all ages. This hair color method adds depth to your hair and creates a beautiful gradient effect that looks good on all skin tones. The feathering technique softens and adds movement to the hair. It’s a great choice for women who want to enhance their natural texture. Feathered grey balayage works well for short, medium, or long hair. It can be adapted to match your personal style.

Ear-Length Feathery Gray Pixie and Curtain Bangs on Older Women with Thick Hair
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#3: Feathery Gray Pixie for Thick Hair

Try a feathery pixie cut with flirty, face-framing curtain bangs and side bits if you have thick gray hair. It’s for women who are looking for a fun yet modern cut. This gorgeous, heavily textured style will help give your coarse hair more movement. Try a texture cream like Cult & King Jelly, which helps to define layers, add volume, and control frizz.

#4: Feathered Lob with Wispy Layers

The feathered lob with wispy layers is a bouncy and lovely choice. The feathered layers create a light and airy look, adding movement and bounce to the hair. This lob length is versatile and perfect for those seeking a chic appearance. The wispy layers add softness and dimension. They enhance the overall loveliness of the hairstyle.

Mid-Length Feathered Cut with Butterfly Face-Frame for Women of Any Age
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#5: Mid-Length Cut with Butterfly Face-Frame

Try adding a butterfly face frame if you want to add texture to your mid-length haircut. These light fluttery layers will add movement. They also give your hair the illusion of length.

#6: Salt-And-Pepper Medium Bob with Side Fringe

Try a salt-and-pepper medium bob with side fringe if you are growing out your natural gray. The fringe will frame your jaw and cheekbones. Subtle highlights and lowlights will help you grow your natural grays easily and help your hair look good in the in-between stages.

Long Feathered Layers for a Senior Lady
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#7: Long Layers

If you like long layers, try this haircut and style. Long layers add tons of movement while still keeping fullness on your ends.

Feathered Long Hair for Older Ladies
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#8: Long Hair

Try this super layered haircut if you have long hair. The layers give this look definition and texture.

#9: Feathered Pixie Cut with Crown Layers

The feathered pixie cut with crown layers is an age-defying and easy-to-manage hairstyle. It effortlessly combines modern style with simplicity. The feathered layers create a lightweight and airy look. They add volume and movement to the hair. This short pixie cut is perfect for a low-maintenance and youthful appearance. The crown layers add height and dimension, giving the hairstyle a sense of fullness. You can enjoy a chic, ageless look that radiates elegance and grace with minimal effort. Don’t forget to get regular trims to maintain shape.

Mini Stacked Bob with Subtle Feathered Layers for Women Over 50
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#10: Mini Stacked Bob with Subtle Layers

Try a mini stacked bob with subtle, feathered layers if you want easy styling. To style this, try a technique called “flat wrapping.” It’s where you point the blow drying down the hair shaft while brushing the hair flat against your head. Use a texturizing spray like Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Flexible Texturising Hairspray to highlight the feathering around your face.

Medium-Length Feathered Hair for Old Ladies
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#11: Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length hair is underrated if you try it, you may never go long again. A length that hits below the shoulder is easy to take care of. It can still be pulled up and removes dry ends, making your hair healthier. You’ll want a face-framing layer to jazz up your style and medium layers for texture. Adding bangs to your shape is a great choice if your face is long or oval.

#12: Short Feathered Hair with Mini Side-Swept Bangs

Short feathered hair with mini side-swept bangs is an elegant and bold choice. It effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of playfulness. The feathered layers create a refined look, adding texture and movement to the hair. The mini side-swept bangs frame the face gracefully. This style is perfect for those seeking a chic and versatile look.

#13: Choppy Feathered Short Bob

The choppy feathered short bob is a cut that combines modern style with a chic touch. The choppy layers create a dynamic and textured look, adding movement and volume to the hair. The short length adds a chic and edgy vibe. It’s perfect for older ladies seeking a statement-making hairstyle. The feathered ends add a soft and feminine touch, enhancing the overall glam. This versatile style can be easily styled for casual and formal occasions. This allows you to radiate confidence and charm wherever you go.

Face-Framing Bangs on Short Blonde Feathered Bob for Older Women
Instagram @northwestsalon

#14: Face-Framing Bangs on Short Blonde Bob

The face-framing bangs on the short blonde bob elegantly frame the face. They add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the overall look. The bangs create a flattering frame around the eyes and cheekbones. Bangs enhance facial features and bring focus to the face. The short bob length offers a chic and modern style that is easy to maintain and style. The blonde hue adds a radiant and sun-kissed glow. This glamorous hairstyle is versatile and can be styled with ease.

Feathered Layers for Old Ladies
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#15: Layers

A haircut with layers is a versatile and popular style. It involves cutting the hair into different lengths. This creates layers that add texture, volume, and movement. This haircut for older ladies can be customized to suit various hair lengths and textures. So it’s suitable for straight and curly hair.

#16: Round Lob with Long Side Bangs

Try a round lob with long side bangs if you want a short style that enhances your face shape but doesn’t feel too short. Bobs are always a classic hairstyle that anyone can rock. When styling, use a blowout cream. Try Hairstory Dressed Up. This will protect your hair from heat, add volume, and hold your style in place.

#17: Textured

A haircut with texture is a trendy and modern style. It focuses on creating varied lengths and surface textures in the hair. This technique adds dimension, movement, and visual interest to the hair. Textured haircuts work well with different hair types. They can be customized to suit many people. Whether it’sa choppy layers, razored ends, or shattered edges, it results in a stylish look.

Highlights and a Feathered Cut for an Older Lady
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#18: Highlights

Try adding highlights at your next color appointment. Highlights give the hair the illusion of movement while adding softness overall.

#19: Feathered Ends

Feathered ends will jazz up your one-length hair and give it more movement. Hair moving away from your face will uplift your features and change your appearance. To take advantage of the shape, you’ll want to ask for layers in the bottom half of your style with length on the top. Try blow-drying your layers backward with a medium round brush holding it vertically. You’ll love the softness this creates.

Balayage on a Feathered Cut for an Old Lady
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#20: Balayage

Go for a balayage if you want a low-maintenance color. This color technique initially keeps a bit of your root to soften the grow out.

#21: Bob

Give this bob haircut a try! Bobs are great haircuts if you want something easy to style and fall right into place without any fuss.

Fine Feathered Haircut for Senior Women
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#22: Fine Hair

If you have short fine hair, try doing a sleeked-back pixie. This look is effortless and always on trend.

#23: Face Framing

Face framing can be done on any hair length, making your cut more interesting. To create a face frame, you’ll want your bang section cut to flow away from your cheeks. This softens your features. Your side pieces can be sliced into to blend nicely into the bang. The rest of your cut can be a layered pixie or a one-length bob. You have many options. Face framing is very popular and will compliment your face beautifully.

#24: Butterfly Layered Hair with Side Bangs

For a haircut that keeps your hair bouncy and fluffy, this butterfly layered hair would be a great option! The feathery light layers remove any unwanted weight in the hair. The side bang offers softness around the face.

Wispy Feathered Hair for Old Women with natural color and texture
Instagram @butterfly.designs__

#25: Wispy

A wispy haircut creates softness and movement in your hair. For older women, short hair with a beautiful texture is important for easy styling. Ask your stylist for a layered long pixie shag.

Short Pixie Bob with Feathery Flipped-Up Layers for Black Mature Ladies
Instagram @lookof_love

#26: Short Pixie Bob with Flipped-Up Layers

I love the edgy look of this short pixie bob with flipped-up layers. With the back of this haircut being so short, you’ll eliminate unwanted roundness in the cut. The layers keep this cut full of texture and give off a very chic vibe.

When finding the perfect haircut that complements your age, hair texture, and face shape, feathered haircuts can be a great choice for older women. We interviewed Jess Le, a renowned hairstylist with extensive experience working with older women, to shed light on this topic. She shares her expertise in this article and provides valuable advice on feathered haircuts, styling tips, and suitable products.

Meet The Expert

Jess Le
Jess Le
Jess is a hairstylist with over 3 years of experience.
You can find her at Icon Hair in Scottsdale, AZ

Choosing the Right Hair Texture and Thickness

According to Jess Le, a feathered haircut is best suited for medium to thick hair density and straight to wavy hair texture. If you have super curly hair, the feathered cut may not be as noticeable and can make finer hair appear thinner. It is important to consider your hair’s natural texture and density when opting for a feathered haircut.

Le advises, “A feathered haircut works well for someone with medium to thick density and straight to wavy texture. Keep in mind that this cut may not be ideal for super curly hair and can make fine hair look thinner.”

Considering Face Shapes and Features

Different face shapes require different considerations when choosing a feathered haircut. Jess Le suggests that feathered cuts are most flattering for those with rounded face shapes, including round, oval, long, and heart shapes. For those with square or more defined jawlines, a feathered haircut can accentuate and frame those strong facial lines.

Le emphasizes, “Feathered cuts are best suited for those with rounded face shapes, such as round, oval, long, and heart shapes. If you have a square or more defined jawline and want to accentuate it, this cut can work well to frame your features.”

Styling Tips and Tricks

To bring out the best in your feathered haircut, Le recommends using specific styling techniques and products. A blowout can give your hair movement and volume, enhancing the feathered layers. Loose waves also work beautifully with this cut, emphasizing the texture in the layers.

Le suggests, “To style a feathered haircut, opt for a blowout to add movement and volume. Loose waves can also enhance the texture of the feathered layers.”

For styling, Le recommends using a blow dryer brush and a 1.75″ curling iron. These tools can help you achieve the desired look and maintain the feathered effect. However, it’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing a feathered haircut. If you prefer a low-maintenance style, it’s worth discussing quick styling tips and tricks with your stylist or considering an alternative haircut.

Le advises, “For styling a feathered cut, a blow dryer brush and a 1.75″ curling iron are perfect tools. However, if you prefer a low-maintenance style, consult your stylist for quick tips or consider a different cut.”

Photos of Graceful Feathered Haircuts for Older Women