22 Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 70 with Sass

edgy hairstyles for women over 70
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Edgy hairstyles for women over 70 are any short to long haircuts that carry out a bold statement. This trend is all about neat angles, fun colors, and shaved undercuts!

Rule #1: Keep the pieces softer and flirty around the face and have volume in the crown. These serve as a mini facelift, says stylist Lana Carmona of Salina, KS.

These hairstyles offer confidence and would make you feel and look great. As long as you have the correct face frame, you’ll feel fantastic about yourself.

“Analyzing face shape matters,” Carmona emphasizes. “Educate yourself or go to the salon that can. Understand which facial features and curves you must accentuate,” she adds.

When opting for a short hairstyle, be ready for a huge chop. Trust your stylist, otherwise, you will never love the result. Ask for product recommendations that would help you obtain your ideal look.

These photos are sure to inspire you. Embrace the new you with any of these popular, edgy hairstyles for women over 70.

Edgy Androgynous Pixie for Women Over 70
Instagram @emma_maue
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#1: Edgy Androgynous Pixie

Consider an edgy androgynous pixie to keep your style full of youthfulness. An edgier pixie is perfect for women wanting a textured, messy, short style. For styling use a pomade, finishing with a sea salt spray.

Edgy Mini Shag with Micro Bangs on Women Over 70 with Glasses
Instagram @kaysgroovyhair
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#2: Mini Shag with Micro Bangs

Consider a mini shag with micro bangs. These haircuts, easy to wash and wear, can still be stylish for ladies over 70, especially with a modern pixie shag. This hairstyle is textured with a razor to generate movement and make hair styling easier. Similarly, white hair serves as an excellent canvas for a wash-in toner. For illustration, the pink color can be easily washed out after a few shampoo sessions.

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#3: Very Short Pixie Undercut

Have you been looking for short, choppy hairstyles suitable for those over 70 years old? Are you seeking a hairdo that creates the illusion of fullness and body? A short tapered pixie with textured layers is simple to style. First, blow dry your hair with a volumizing product. Then, sculpt the ends with a paste for added definition.

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#4: Natural Gray Pixie Hairstyle

If you have salt and pepper hair, are above 70, and have fine hair, consider a textured pixie cut. The pixie cut features a textured hairline and delicate wispy layers, for a feminine look. As an added bonus, most people can style this cut with just a blow dryer.

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#5: Blonde Pixie Hair with Choppy Bangs

Are you looking for short hairstyles for fine hair over 70? Slightly longer strands on the top and bang area draw the eye away from fine lines and wrinkles. Consider this hairstyle if you prefer low-maintenance styling or experience arm mobility challenges.

Edgy Mid-Length Platinum Wavy Shag with Wispy Bangs for Grandmas Over 70
Instagram @raeganml_
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#6: Platinum Wavy Shag with Wispy Bangs

A platinum shag with wavy bangs gives a youthful look. It adds volume while keeping an effortless vibe. Choppy layers add edginess. The soft curls make the hairstyle suitable for any situation. For those interested in a shag, wearing it shoulder-length is best. This length style provides the most volume and shape.

Edgy Tousled Pixie with Layers for 70-year-old Women with White Hair
Instagram @hair.by.carla
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#7: Edgy Tousled Pixie with Layers

A carefree pixie cut with layers adds texture and suits anyone looking to show off their natural hair. Selecting a new hairstyle can be tough for seniors with thin hair. But by using proper styling techniques, seniors can attain a younger-looking hairstyle. Adding layered texture while avoiding overly full or excessively blown-out styles can help achieve a trendy look.

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#8: Metallic Pink Spiky Pixie

A metallic pink spiky pixie is a fun way to showcase style and personality. This metallic hue can be achieved in the salon or at home using a vibrant color-depositing shampoo and diluting it to choice, with conditioner. Styling with some texture paste can define points in the haircut for edgy or sassy styling.

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#9: Shaggy Bob Haircut

Older women who want to modernize their bob with a shaggy bob haircut should opt for this cut. This edgy haircut is perfect for emphasizing natural hair texture and shape and gives an edgy look with effortless styling.

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#10: Jane Fonda-Inspired Cut

Consider asking your stylist for a Jane Fonda-inspired cut to give an edgy style. Perfect for women who love their hair short but want a more playful look. Enhance the texture with a paste to give a messy look.

Face-Framing Choppy Layers for a Lady over 70
Instagram @wendy_srh
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#11: Face-Framing Choppy Layers

Choppy face-framing layers are perfect for opening up your face and creating more shape to the cut. Layers give a youthful bounce and look to women over seventy. It works an all hair types, too. Style with a round brush and blow dryer.

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#12: The Wolf Cut with Glasses

A wolf haircut is a perfect style to have with glasses. It gives an instant style while keeping hair away from the face. Plus, it gives the appearance of looking 10 years younger with playful wispy layers. Ask your stylist for texture around the face to emphasize the layers.

Low-Maintenance Shaggy Cut for 70-year-olds
Instagram @micolorsalon
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#13: Low-Maintenance Shaggy Cut

A low-maintenance shag is the new edgy style for women over 70. If you’re wanting more texture a shaggy cut is definitely the way to go. To create a trendy shaggy cut, style using a textured paste, finishing with a medium-hold hairspray.

Asymmetrical Cut for Grey Hair for 70-year-old women
Instagram @gwengjovikhair
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#14: Asymmetrical Cut for Grey Hair

Grey hair with an asymmetrical cut is very trendy, especially with shorter hair. Asymmetrical bobs are very edgy cuts, adding a lot of texture and dimension to the overall style.

Wash-and-Wear Bob Cut
Instagram @signedbybex
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#15: Wash-and-Wear Bob Cut

Wash-and-wear short bobs are ideal for seventy-year-olds wanting an easy, low-maintenance haircut. A graduated bob creates volume without having to spend much time on styling.

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#16: Tapered Pixie Hairstyle

Tapered pixie cuts create texture and volume for a popular style for ladies over 70. To get this style, ask for a razored cut with point cutting, giving you texture creating a classy, trendy style.

Messy Long Pixie for Ladies Past 70
Instagram @yesleuven
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#17: Messy Long Pixie

Consider a long messy pixie for mature ladies wanting a classy haircut. Longer face-framing creates a soft, glamorous look. It’s a timeless style that is very popular.

Longer Shaggy Mullet for Fine Hair for Women in Their 70s
Instagram @josh_congreve
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#18: Longer Shaggy Mullet for Fine Hair

Consider a longer shaggy mullet if you have finer hair. A shorter length around your face will add volume and fullness. 70-year-olds prefer mullets as they are very trendy and stylish while staying low-maintenance.

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#19: Short Spiky Pixie Cut

Short spiky pixies are the perfect haircut for a stylish grandma. A spiky pixie haircut is ideal for women in their seventies for added height and volume. Style with pomade and hairspray to finish.

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#20: Short Pixie Cut for Thinning Hair

Consider a short pixie for thinner hair to help create volume and fullness all around. Short pixies definitely help keep a younger-looking style for older women wanting the edgiest haircuts.

Shoulder-Length Layered Bob for Ladies Over Seventy
Instagram @acamilaleite
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#21: Shoulder-Length Layered Bob

A shoulder-length layered bob is a common style of choice for mature woman. It can be an edgy hairstyle or a polished hairstyle depending on the wearer. Layering can help create body and texture while one-length can create fullness and structure. Photos of reference during consultation will help determine style and maintenance.

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#22: Chin-Length Grey Bob Cut

Go for a grey chin-length bob haircut. Being over 70 doesn’t mean you have to stay classic with a haircut. Edgy piece texture softens your face and creates a beautiful flow. Kept right at the chin for added body works well for an inverted triangle, and heart face shapes. Easy to wash and go with wavy hair textures or added 1-inch beach waves with a curling iron or wand.