27 Edgy Haircuts for Older Women with a Zest for Life

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Trendy, edgy haircuts for older women are modern cuts made to produce a timeless glow. It utilizes a rougher method of cutting to create striking layers and ends. These sharp cuts blend in, softening any harsh facial lines.

Dani Tygr, a master stylist from Beverly Hills, CA, shares her thoughts about this cut. “If the shape and texture are properly built, there’s not much to get wrong with an edgy cut,” she says. “It’s fairly low-maintenance and grows out beautifully.”

Before deciding whether to get an edgy cut, Tygr advises women to be conscious of their hair health. “It doesn’t matter what style you have, if your hair is not healthy, it’s not going to look and feel good.” Hydrating, vitamins, and monitoring hormone levels are some ways to get healthy hair as you age.

To get the most out of an edgy haircut, knowing how to style it is imperative. “It’s vital to put a little effort in styling since it’s not necessarily a fuss-free or wash-and-wear cut,” she says. “A little effort goes a long way.”

Tygr urges women to ask their stylists how they could style the cut based on their hair type and features. “Ask your stylist to show you how to style the cut specifically on you,” she says. “It includes providing you with a list of the right hair products to use.”

For styling products, she recommends the use of Kenra’s Dry Texture Spray. It’s an all-in-one styling product famous for bringing out the added texture. She also suggests Hunter 1114’s Fiber Gum for a defined, structured style.

Before your next salon visit, check out these popular photos of edgy haircuts for older women for your inspiration!


#1: Messy Pixie Bob

Opt for a messy pixie bob for senior women! Step out of the ordinary with edgy styles for older women by keeping the back cropped nice and short, turning it into more of a rounded bob. A pixie haircut is versatile as it can be worn wild and piecey or classic and smooth. Use a root boost volumizer for extra lift and added volume.

Edgy Platinum Messy Top with a Mid Fade for Older Women with textured hair
Instagram @titan_barber

#2: Platinum Messy Top with a Mid Fade

An edgy androgynous style for women who want to show off their natural textured hair. It’s a style with bangs for facial framing and crown volume for height. You will have plenty of hair to play with on this shorter fade. One of the best products for natural texture is Intelligent Nutrients Tousled Texture Matte Paste.

Edgy Pixie Cut for Older Women with Fine Hair
Instagram @mo_safi_

#3: Edgy Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Here’s a short and edgy pixie cut for women with fine, white hair. An angular style lays beautifully over an undercut. You should know that these haircuts will require regular maintenance, especially when keeping the angles sharp. Try using a dry shampoo in between washes for an easy, on-the-go look.

#4: Modern French Bob with Micro Bangs

A modern French bob with micro bangs is for anyone who feels sassy, no matter what age. Remember to add a touch of curl cream to give the style some extra bounce if your hair is naturally wavy. While this is one of the edgiest ways to rock french fringe, you should know that this section of hair will need trimming to maintain the style. Don’t hesitate to draw attention to your cut by donning a vibrant hair color, too.

Spiky Pixie for Older Women with Glasses
Instagram @awildhairaz

#5: Spiky Pixie for Glasses

A spiky pixie for older women with glasses is a hot look for mature ladies with a bit of spunk. If you’re feeling dull with your overall look since you need to wear spectacles, a spiky pixie cut is all you need. It showcases your frames in a way that flatters your face.

Long Shag with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @jikaiahstylist

#6: Long Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

A long shag with long curtain bangs is in style these days. Curtain bangs are great for covering up wrinkles and thinning hair. Styling a long shag cut is simple. All you need to do is to pin the fringe up with a hairpin.

#7: Curly Bob with Bangs

A curly bob with bangs is great for older women with luscious locks. An edgy hairstyle for an older woman coupled with fringe looks perfect. Ask your hairstylist if curly bob haircuts suit you.

Edgy Shaggy Bob with a Youthful Hair Color
Instagram @danicutshair

#8: Edgy Shaggy Bob with a Youthful Hair Color

An edgy shaggy bob haircut with a youthful hair color is an easy and classy way to look 10 years younger. Blow-dry your gray hair upside down with a volumizing hairspray.

#9: Short Haircut with Edgy Sideburns

A short haircut with sideburns is suitable for women with fine hair. Wisps of hair make it alive and show movement within the interior of the cut, while the perimeters are cut blunt for a polished finish. Styling an edgy cut for older women is easy. Rub in some matte texture paste by Moroccan oil, and you’re ready to go!

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Younger looking salt and pepper pixie
Instagram @sassybiene

#10: Younger-Looking Salt-and-Pepper Pixie

A younger-looking salt and pepper pixie is an edgy haircut for an older woman who wants to stay current. Pixie hairstyles are an easy-to-style look that is great for anyone who wants to have more time to do everything they want to do in life.

#11: Low-Maintenance Shoulder-Length Shag for Curly Hair

A low-maintenance shoulder-length shag for curly-haired older women works for all hair types from thick to fine. Keeping the hair cropped close to the head is super cute and funky. Older women with edgy haircuts featuring fringe just above the brow, set off the eyes and open up the face. If you have naturally straight hair, styling it with waves or a curl will do wonders!

Effortless Undercut Bob for Older Ladies with Prescription Glasses
Instagram @ash.snipinto

#12: Effortless Undercut Bob for Ladies with Prescription Glasses

Prepare to wow everyone with an effortless undercut bob for older ladies with prescription glasses! Wearing glasses or eyewear can be an asset to a super funky cut. There are as many styles of frames as there are haircuts, and you should experiment by mixing them up if you’re feeling fierce. Shaving one side of the head can put the focus on the frame style and vice-versa.

Medium-Length Sassy Shag for Old Women
Instagram @shear_sorcery

#13: Medium-Length Sassy Shag

Almost all hair textures can rock a medium-length sassy shag. Lots of layers add body without compromising the textured ends. Edgy hairstyles are as popular as ever, and you should ask your stylist if a shag is right for you. It’s an ideal option if the hair texture is slightly wavy, as it can be air-dried with little to no effort.

#14: Edgy A-Line Bob

If you’re a woman with thinning hair, try an edgy A-line bob. As a mature woman, you have every right to an edgier style. Keep in mind that it will require some styling with a blow dryer and a round brush. Use a smoothing serum while blowing out the hair to tame any flyaways. One option is to use large hot rollers after the hair has dried and then brush hair into place.

70s-Inspired Shag Cut with Long Bangs
Instagram @marisacuts

#15: 70s-Inspired Shag Cut with Long Bangs

Women of any age with medium textured hair should consider a 70s-inspired shag cut with long bangs. Notice the slightly disheveled fringe falls just at or below the brow. There’s nothing tame about an edgy shag!

#16: Long Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Consider a long asymmetrical hairstyle for mature women when you’re ready to ditch the longer length. A flattering asymmetrical style is an excellent option if a short, bold haircut is what you’re looking for, but aren’t quite ready for a pixie haircut.  Accentuate the textured ends by using a dry finishing spray.

#17: Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

A chin-length choppy bob for older ladies with thick hair is a good option for removing excess weight from the hair. Stay current by adding beach waves to an A-line-shaped cut. Keep the hair around the face loose and carefree. Be careful not to add too much hairspray. This style is all about movement!

#18: Tousled Pixie Bob with a Shaved Side

Choose a tousled pixie bob with a shaved side to amp up your style. The shaved side is a good choice for thick-haired women over 50 or 60, helping to get rid of bulky hair. A pixie bob is a haircut that will even look good on grandma. Blow-dry straight with a medium-sized round brush for a polished, luxe finish.

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#19: Long Shaggy Cut with Curtain Bangs

The long shaggy cut with curtain bangs is a perfect choice for shoulder-length hair. Adding some long layers and curtain bangs is a great way to add some style to one-length, limp hair. A shaggy cut can be scrunched with gel or blow-dried a bit smoother with a medium-round brush for a softer look.

Edgy pixie for older women
Instagram @kelle_stylist_

#20: Edgy Pixie

Don’t be afraid to try an edgy pixie. In case you didn’t know, a pixie haircut can work on any face shape. Style it forward for rounder faces or backward for narrow face shapes. Edgy haircuts can make you feel transformed and stylish. If you aren’t sure about your face shape, check out our face shape guide.

Edgy Mullet Hairstyle for Older Women
Instagram @verushka_n

#21: Edgy Mullet

A mullet has a longer back, and the length softens the otherwise short haircut. Blow-dry the top forward and add some texture wax to create an edgy style for older women. Coloring with highlights would also be a great addition to the cut.

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Edgy Lob Haircut with Beach Waves for Senior Citizens
Instagram @fernanducruz

#22: Edgy Lob with Beach Waves

An edgy lob with beach waves is good if you’re still always on the go. It can be pinned up, so it’s not in the way, or it can be worn down if you desire to showcase the cut even more. Ask your stylist about the best way to finish long bob hairstyles.

#23: Very Short Undercut Bob

If you want to turn heads, consider a very short undercut bob! Undercut bobs are the type of cut that’s great if you have thick, unruly hair as it is buzzed underneath. Blow out your bob with a large round brush and hit it with a dose of shine spray.

#24: Voluminous Wavy Hairstyle with Feathered Layers

A voluminous wavy hairstyle with feathered layers is a great style, especially for medium to thick, naturally wavy hair. Heavy layering and long curtain bangs are the answer to modern-day feathering cuts. Remember to add a bit of curl cream to define deep curls and add plenty of bounce.

Edgy Layered Short Bob with Bangs Hairstyle for Old Ladies
Instagram @jikaiahstylist

#25: Edgy Layered Short Bob with Bangs

If you have thin hair, you’ll want to keep an edgy layered short bob with bangs in mind. Face-framing edgy hairstyles for older women keep your style fresh, bouncy, and up-to-date. The shorter curtain-style fringe adds volume to the top while blending into fun, kicky layers around the perimeter. Use a pomade to piece out the ends for a fun finish!

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#26: Youthful-Looking Pixie Cut for Short, Thin Hair

A youthful-looking pixie cut for short, thin hair creates a volume-up appearance for the hair. It’s quick and easy to style. Older women with edgy styles would benefit from a pixie cut hairstyle as it offers a younger-looking glow.

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Older woman with an edgy undercut pixie with bangs
Instagram @thehairsmith68

#27: Edgy Undercut Pixie with Bangs

An undercut pixie with bangs is a fabulous look for women who are funky and young at heart. Undercut pixies for women with fine hair paired with fringe is a perfect choice, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss. It gives extra volume, texture, and bounce.

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