The One-Sided Hair Trend – Easy Weekend Hair Inspiration

While one-sided hairstyles have been hot for a while now because of the fully side swept look that has been sweeping the red carpets, we feel a simple, side-pinned style is the perfect fall weekend or holiday party hair look to make you stand out in a crowd. This hairstyle is super easy to achieve, it can be styled with straight or curly hair and it works for nearly all hair lengths. All you need is some hairspray and a few bobby pins or your favorite barrette!

one-sided hair trend

charlize one-sided hair

alicia keys with one-sided hair

one-sided hair on angelina

one sided hair with longpin

Not to be confused with a fully side swept hairstyle where all of the hair is styled to one side of the head, this one-sided look is achieved by simply pinning one side of the hair up and back. This can be done with either a center or side part, but it looks more dramatic when styled with a side part. Simply brush one side section of hair up and back to one side. Use your favorite accessory for added style or simply secure the hair with a few bobby pins. Finish and set the final look with your favorite holding spray, being mindful not to use a spray that will make your hair appear crunchy.

Have a great weekend and happy hair styling!

Will you wear the one-sided hair trend this weekend?