25 Coolest Disco Hair Ideas to Try

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Disco Mid-Length Farrah Fawcett Feathered Hairstyle
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#1: Farrah Fawcett Feathered Hairstyle

Diva alert! This look is as vibrant as disco. It may make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. This style works best on wavy hair of medium texture. First, blow dry your hair. Use a product like mousse for volume. Also, use a medium-sized brush. Apply the brush with an upward pull from the base of each hair piece. After your hair is dry, curl it. You can use a 1-inch curling iron. Another way is to use hot rollers. If you use rollers, keep them clipped up until they cool down. Then, brush out your curls with a paddle or vent brush. Spray a flexible hold finishing spray to keep your curls in place all day and night.

#2: Sleek Wet Look with Thin Waves

Achieve a sleek, wet look with thin waves using L’oreal’s Wet Look Line. It’s designed to give your hair a wet look without actually being soaked. The wet look is perfect for a disco vibe, summer night hairstyles, or a night on the town. For people with thin hair, this style can look good if their hair is longer. To add a little volume to the style, go for face framing. Otherwise, it might look too flat.

Disco Textured Updo with Messy Curls
Instagram @du_katrina

#3: Textured Updo with Messy Curls

Are you ready to light up the dance floor with this disco-influenced curly updo? This hairstyle suits those with naturally curly hair that is at least shoulder-length. If your hair is straight, you can use a curling iron or rollers to get the necessary curls. Start by dividing your hair into 3 equal horizontal sections. Gently pull the top section back and fix it with a hair tie. Repeat this for the middle and lower sections. Remove any hair strands you want to keep free around your hairline. Lastly, twist each ponytail into a relaxed bun and secure it with bobby pins and hairspray.

Disco-Inspired Medium Voluminous Curls with Deep Side Part
Instagram @zacharymorad

#4: Voluminous Curls with Deep Side Part

Style your hair into a voluminous curl with a deeper side part for a glamorous Hollywood look. If you prefer to wear your hair down, curl your hair using a one-inch barrel. Make sure to curl one-inch sections all over your head for the best curl coverage. Depending on your preferred style, decide where the side part of your hair should be. For a smooth and shiny look, brush the top of your head down to the sides using a boar bristle brush. Secure it with bobby pins or any hair embellishments you like. After styling, seal the style with a strong hairspray.

Disco Vintage Long Waves with Parted Bangs
Instagram @marisambates

#5: Vintage Long Waves with Parted Bangs

Enjoy your evening with vintage long waves and parted bangs. A long angled fringe with layers around your face will help you achieve a retro look ideal for social outings. Try curling all your hair away from the face, but style the top flat for a modern look. This hairstyle suits all face shapes, making it a great way to add variety to your long hair.

#6: Glam Wavy Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Try the hairstyle of wavy long hair with curtain bangs for a trendy retro glam look. You can create this look using hot rollers and a curling iron. I recommend applying firm-hold hairspray after styling to maintain this look. This helps to keep the style for the entire day.

Shoulder-Grazing Feathery Curly Cut with Fringe for Disco Night
Instagram @naph.studio

#7: Feathery Curly Cut with Fringe

The hairstyle is a feathery, curly cut with a fringe. Natural, soft, shaggy layers and curls are in high demand due to the recent disco trend. The hairstyle features layered bangs that provide a feathered effect. These bangs can be styled as curtain or bottleneck bangs. They accentuate the eyes and blend beautifully into the layers. You can achieve this soft, touchable hairstyle using Hairstory Balm. The balm can be either diffused throughout the hair or used prior to air drying.

Retro Updo with Glam Waves for Discos
Instagram @stratulatsorin

#8: Retro Updo with Glam Waves

Try out this retro updo with glamorous waves for a 20s-inspired look. If your hair features numerous bangs and face-framing layers, you will find it easier to create this style. Divide your hair into sections by separating the fringe and side pieces from the back hair, which you should secure into a low, tight bun. Part your fringe so it compliments your facial features. Next, dampen your hair with a spray bottle and apply a strong gold gel. Then, using two fingers on each hand, create a back-and-forth wave pattern. Creating the wave pattern might require some practice, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes, using small metal clips can help secure the waves in place and let you adjust the style to your liking. Remember to allow your hair to set and dry completely.

Disco Blonde Brushed-Out Waves with Longer Cut
Instagram @claytonhawkins

#9: Blonde Brushed-Out Waves

Try the voluminous style of blonde brushed-out waves. Curled curtain bangs away from the face enhance the voluminous style, giving fullness around the eyes. Add medium layers throughout your hair. They help you curl easily and add volume. Use a 3/4 inch iron and apply Pureology’s Soft Finish hairspray next. Then, brush with a wide-tooth comb for a chic, tousled look.

#10: Voluminous Side-Swept Bob with Long Bangs

If your hair is fine or thin, a side-swept bob with long bangs is ideal. This jaw-length style will make your cheekbones stand out, giving you a lifted appearance. I recommend using a root booster and volume mousse. Blow dry your hair to keep it sexy and full the whole day.

Middle-Parted Curly Disco Short Bob
Instagram @aliciabeller

#11: Middle-Parted Curly Disco Bob

Are you ready to amaze everyone with your disco-style hair? Start by parting your hair in the center, then divide it into three horizontal rings. Begin at the bottom. Use a 1-inch curling iron to roll your hair away from your face in vertical sections. Pin each curl to add volume and keep your hairstyle in place longer. Once your curls are cool, comb them with your fingers. Apply flexible hold hairspray to ensure your hairstyle lasts as you dance the night away.

#12: Wavy Disco Hairdo with Money Piece

Farrah Fawcett, a Charlie’s Angel, inspired a disco-era look that you can imitate. To mimic this look, instruct your stylist. Ask for a cut with strong face framing and long layers. A well-placed highlight, a money piece, adds interest to this stunning look. This cut works great if your hair is past shoulder length, medium to coarse in texture, and has some natural waviness or body. To style, curl your hair away from your face using large rollers or a curling iron. Once cooled, finger-comb your curls and add finishing spray for all-day wear.

#13: Round Afro Style for Natural Hair

Nothing says disco diva quite like a beautiful round Afro! This cut suits fine to medium curly hair and medium to full density. Do you think this look suits you? If so, find a curly hair expert in your area. They can shape your curls perfectly and teach you how to get this look with your curl type. Here’s a bonus: once cut right, it’s easy to style this cut. You just need a haircut every quarter.

Medium Feathered Style with Face-Framing Fringe for Disco Parties
Instagram @evag.fashion

#14: Medium Feathered Style with Face-Framing Fringe

Start applying heat protection and a working spray to your hair, as these are essential for getting disco hair with volume. Set your hair using a large barrel curling iron or hot rollers. Section your hair vertically and comb it to the top before curling it horizontally. Once done, hold it in place with a clip until it cools. You can release the curls after curling your entire head and letting it cool. The top of your hair will be curly and bouncy, while the remaining hair will have a softer volume with tousled ends. Finish by gently combing your fingers through the curls and setting it with a finishing spray.

Disco Half-Up Space Buns for Long-Length Hair
Instagram @du_katrina

#15: Half-Up Space Buns

The half-up space buns style is perfect for a disco party! If you wear the buns close to the top of your head, as in the half-up space buns style, it will add volume!

Medium Soft Shag with Disco Heavy Bangs
Instagram @davinescolor

#16: Medium Soft Shag with Heavy Bangs

Do you need help deciding what hairstyle you should choose? This soft shag with heavy curtain bangs is a great way to add volume and movement to your hair. This cut works well for all textures and densities. Curly hair may need more time for blow-drying. Conversely, if you have straight hair, you might have to curl it to achieve this look.

#17: Side-Parted Fluffy Curls

A side part suits fluffy curls well. With a naturally curly texture, first, apply your balms and creams. Then, section off one inch, brush through and twist it into a curl. Let it set. Once your curls are fully dry, you can safely massage your scalp and lightly shake the curls. Pin down each side of the hair with bobby pins, crisscrossing them for a cute design. Add extra bobby pins for support where needed.

Disco '60s Beehive Style for Short Hair
Instagram @liddyrosebelle

#18: ’60s Beehive Style for Short Hair

This trendy haircut can give you the unique and vibrant look of a disco diva. It’s perfect if you have thick, medium to coarse hair. Start with a bob that is short at the nape. Then, add layers that are directed back to make the front look a bit longer. To style, dry your hair using a medium round brush and finish with hairspray.

#19: Fire Red Disco Curls

Wear your disco curls in a fire-red color. This style is perfect for holiday hair, prom, and themed events from the 20’s or 60’s. Using a strong holding gel, shape the classic finger wave perfectly to fit your face. It will also create highs on your cheeks and temples. The rest of the hair should be curled a few inches down from the part. Use a one-inch barrel to curl the hair, then tease it out to maximize volume and give it a soft, cloud-like texture.

Mid-Length Corkscrew Curly Cut Perfect for Disco Night
Instagram @du_katrina

#20: Corkscrew Curly Cut

The trend of a disco afro brings with it a corkscrew curly texture. Ask your stylist for rounded layers and face-framing bangs. The hair’s length should match the face shape. The next step is to cut the layers short enough to create a rounded shape. Once the curls are fully dry, fluff them a bit to create extra volume and smooth them out.

Straight Disco Ponytail with Gems for Longer Hair
Instagram @frankies.faces

#21: Straight Ponytail with Gems

Disco looks are back, baby! If you’re into disco-inspired hairstyles, then this look is for you. To create this look, slick back your hair into a ponytail with hairspray and a fine-toothed comb for a wet look. Next, you will decorate your hair with rhinestones, sequins, or your chosen gems. For your gems to stick, apply a small amount of clear lash glue to the back. Allow it to dry until it’s sticky before you stick it on your hair. To remove the stickiness from your hair, wash it with clarifying shampoo, then condition it.

#22: Sleek Middle Part Style with Teased Curls

Ask for a sleek middle part style with teased curls. Disco hair trends favor voluminous, sleek hairstyles. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl your hair away from the scalp. This creates a sleek look at the crown. Fluff your curled hair up for a full look and secure it using bobby pins. Finish with hair spray to keep your curls and tease in place and dance the night away.

#23: Colorful Shag with Textured Bangs

A colorful hairstyle with textured bangs is a modern take on a 70s disco shag with fun colors added. Blending hues of purple, red, and yellow present beautifully contrasted layers, showcasing the layering and accentuating the face with pops of yellow. Add textured bangs to your colorful hairstyle for a perfect match with your eyewear.

#24: ’70s Tousled Curls with Center Part

The style features 70’s tousled curls with a center part. This is a celebrity style that comes with perfectly soft curls. The shape of your curls is important. If you want more width at the bottom, a slight graduation is all you need. This style can be likened to a triangular shape. It would sit perfectly on longer face shapes and necks and is ideal if you desire fullness around your cheeks, chin, and neck.

Disco Medium Cut with Feathered Bangs and Layers
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#25: Medium Cut with Feathered Bangs and Layers

Ask for a medium haircut that features feathered bangs and layers. In my professional opinion, I think anyone can pull off a feathery, shaggy layers style. Choose hair lengths to suit your features, and consider factors like texture and density to create a perfect look. Sometimes, a fresh cut can inspire a new hair styling method, giving a fresh impression of your current color, too.

Stepping into the limelight of hair fashion, disco hair is a vivid dance of volume, texture, and an energetic aura of the 70s. Our guide, hair maestro Kaylee Burds, decodes the rhythm of this timeless trend. Dive into her tips and tricks to spin you into a dazzling disco diva.

Meet The Expert

Kaylee Burds
Kaylee Burds
Kaylee is a cosmetologist with over 11 years of experience.
You can find her at Fringe Hair Studio in Louisville, CO.

All About Disco Hair

According to Kaylee, the disco hairstyle comes from the 70’s and has a big, bold look. It works best on long and textured hair. While it seems perfect for those with a medium hair density, each hair type will have a unique look if styled this way. To get the look, cut the hair to a long length. Add layers and some face-framing for the full disco effect.

Consider Your Face Shape

How will the disco cut fit your face shape? Kaylee tells us that the cut can flatter just about anyone. For square or diamond faces, the style can soften the edges. If you have a long or oval face, the cut’s volume can give a fuller look. But be careful if you have a round face. Too much volume can make the face seem even more round.

Styling Tips and Tricks

How, then, should you style your hair for the disco look? Kaylee has a few tips. Use a volumizing mousse in damp hair for some added volume. Then, comb it through for even distribution. Add a bit of leave-in conditioner for moisture, but don’t overdo it. Add some working hairspray during the curling process for extra hold. Lastly, finish off with a flexible hairspray to keep the look in place.

For the styling process, use a 2-inch barrel curling iron. After curling each section, pin the curl in place until it cools down. Once all curls have cooled, release the pins and let your disco hair bounce and sway! Being a disco diva is now easy with Kaylee’s expert advice.

Photos of the Most Beautiful Disco Hair