75 Different Hairstyles To Try in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Adding multiple small bubble ponytails to long hair adds detail and texture. This would fall into the category of festival hairstyles. You could add colored rubber bands to toss in a bit of color too!

Hairstyles that are different can mean different things to a variety people. For some, different hairstyles are avant-garde and showcase their inner artist. For others, different hairstyles can simply mean a small tweak from their normal style. We’ve rounded up an array of different styles to get your creative hair juices flowing. Whether you prefer to play it safe or throw caution to the wind, there’s a different hairstyle for you to try no matter what your preference!


#1: Textured French Bob with Fringe

Although you may think a French bob is a one-dimensional look, this more textured style with fringe and flipped ends can be tailored to round face shapes. You must take into account the shape of your face when selecting any hairstyle. For round faces in particular, you could add more layers that can really flatter the structure of your features. This look offers movement and texture that makes it modern yet still wearable.

#2: Blue Disco Half-Updo with Green Face-Framing Highlights

Consider the hairstyle, a blue disco half-updo with green face-framing highlights. Embrace this modernized 90’s style with the twisted butterfly clip rows. The style is modern, featuring a wavy textured soft curl and the use of bright, updated color applications. Twist your hair back and shape it into two buns at the back for a trending festival hairstyle.

Elegant gala event half-up hairstyle with soft waves and face-framing strands

#3 Elegant Half-Up Cascade for Gala Events

This elegant half-up cascade is perfect for a gala event, combining the grace of an updo with the allure of flowing locks. It’s especially flattering for oval face shapes and works best with hair that boasts volume and length. A subtle tease at the crown adds height while artfully placed strands frame the face, giving a soft, romantic appeal. A possible drawback could be the need for touch-ups to maintain the style throughout an event. For upkeep, I recommend a flexible-hold hairspray and a few hidden bobby pins to secure the half-up portion discreetly. This style is a lovely choice for those with thicker hair wanting to achieve a balanced yet glamorous look.

Long-Length Volleyball Pony Hairstyle with Braids Different Hairstyles
Instagram @graces.braids

#4: Volleyball Pony Hairstyle with Braids

To make your ponytail stand out, try something a little different. A pull-through braid gives a lovely fall shape and keeps the hair off your face. Add a unique touch to this volleyball style by weaving a scalp braid into your hair.

Different Pigtails Softball Hairstyle with Long Colored Braids
Instagram @brianasbraids

#5: Pigtails Softball Hairstyle with Colored Braids

High-plaited softball pigtails aren’t new, but you can modernize them by adding vibrant, colorful extensions. These lend to extra length as well. You can further enhance them by adding a scalp plait around the front hairline that connects to the main braid. This will serve as a focal point. Ask your stylist about the best methods to care for your new style. Also, inquire about how long it should last.

Different Bright Orange Braided Space Buns
Instagram @boskiesploty

#6: Bright Orange Braided Space Buns

Nape Dutch braids start at the neck base and are weaved on top of the hair. This style brings a new twist to the plaited look. You can enhance it by adding a Dutch braid to the crown. Now you have four braids. Twist the ends, pin them up, or tie them together for the cosmic space buns look. This look is quirky and edgy and makes for a great conversation starter.

Different Mini Side Braids on Mid-Length Curled Hair
Instagram @mymirrorszeged

#7: Mini Side Braids on Curled Hair

Try mini side braids on curled hair for a unique new style. I love braids as they have many styles and are suitable for casual and special occasions. You can do mini braids in either French or Dutch braid styles.

Different Mid-Length Cut with a Silver, Thin Money Piece
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#8: Mid-Length Cut with a Silver, Thin Money Piece

Get a mid-length cut with a thin strip of silver hair money piece in front. Add streaks of silver to frame your face if you start showing hairline grays. This style will create a contrast with your existing dark to black-brown hair. Remember, a mid-length cut with body suits those with narrow jawlines, such as inverted triangle, diamond, oval, and long face shapes.

Medium-Length Messy Feathered Hush Cut
Instagram @sirmesalon

#9: Messy Feathered Hush Cut

If you love hair with texture, try this messy, feathered hush cut! This light and airy hairstyle features a medium length with layers framing the face. You can choose to add a fringe if you like. Your stylist will razor cut and air dry your hair for a cool, chic look. Keep in mind a trim every 12-16 weeks is needed to avoid the hairstyle from getting too heavy.

#10: Swept-Back Wet Hairstyle

The swept-back wet hairstyle is uniquely elegant. We recommend this look for anyone who needs extra flair and prefers to wear their hair down. You can easily create this style at home. Start by curling your hair. Next, brush your hair away from your face to achieve a wind-blown effect. Secure this style with a high-hold hairspray such as Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine.

Medium-Length Textured Wavy Cheerleading Hairstyle
Instagram @cynful_makeup

#11: Textured Wavy Cheerleading Hairstyle

If you like to keep your hair loose during competitions, this textured wavy hairstyle for cheerleading is a great choice. It works well for photos, and you can easily tie it back later. To get this hairstyle, use a one-inch curling iron all over your hair. Then, apply a generous amount of professional-grade, medium-hold hairspray.

Different Hairstyles Long Mermaid Haircut with Blonde Ombre Highlights
Instagram @thegirlhabit

#12: Mermaid Haircut with Blonde Ombre Highlights

If you like casual styles, see this blonde ombre mermaid haircut. The picture shows a look with an earth-tone base. Lightness was added to the natural balayage for depth. It’s easy to care for this style. It suits many hair types. To keep your hair full of life and keep its length, get a gloss and trim every 12 weeks.

Body Wave Perm with Long Layers Different Hairstyles
Instagram @hairbygeet

#13: Body Wave Perm with Long Layers

If you’re trying to add life to your hair or simply want to try a new texture, you may want to think about a body wave perm with long layers. This style not only gives a natural look, but it also needs less care with the right product used between appointments. For quick drying, I suggest using a salt spray or applying a curl mousse and drying it with a diffuser. This can also add some body to your hair.

#14: Mermaid Haircut with Face-Framing Braids

Embrace your inner Ariel with a mermaid haircut with braids that frame your face! This style merges two trends, mermaid hair, and tiny braids, to craft a fancy and confidence-enhancing hairstyle.

#15: Thick Waist-Length Hawaiian Curls

Thick waist-length Hawaiian curls will make you look like a Disney Princess or storybook queen!

#16: Long Hair with Multiple Small Bubble Ponytails

Adding multiple small bubble ponytails to long hair adds detail and texture. This would fall into the category of festival hairstyles. You could add colored rubber bands to toss in a bit of color too!

Different Neat Low Chignon with Braid with Face Frame
Instagram @missysueblog

#17: Neat Low Chignon with Braid

Looking for a fun, summery updo? Try a neat low chignon with a braid! This cute hairstyle is perfect for fancier occasions or beach days.

Different Long-Length Shaggy 80s Hair with Choppy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#18: Shaggy 80s Hair with Choppy Layers and Bangs

Command the room with a shaggy 80s hairstyle with choppy layers and bangs! This retro look will surely turn heads in your direction.

Different French Braided Low Pony with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @missysueblog

#19: French Braided Low Pony

A French braided low pony is the perfect way to change up your standard ponytail. The extra detail of a loose French braid can make your ponytail fancy enough for a party.

#20: 90s Hair with a Middle Part

The signature 90s long bob hair with a middle part is a classic choice with a timeless vibe. This versatile look works well with various hair lengths and textures and allows you to embrace your unique features. The middle part creates symmetry, highlighting your facial structure and your best features. Whether your hair is long and flowing or short in a chic bob style, adding a middle part can enhance your overall look with effortless elegance. You only need to spend a little time to look and feel gorgeous!

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Mid-Length Half Updo with Medieval Viking-Inspired Braids
Instagram @bianca.t.i

#21: Half Updo with Medieval Viking Braids

The trending Viking style is easy to incorporate into any half-up style. If you want to add a wavy texture to your hair, combining braiding techniques can capture the essence of the medieval and Viking era. This style features a double French braid through the crown, a mini fishtail, and braids of various sizes.

#22: Long Hair with a Skunk Stripe

Here is a long hair style that features a skunk stripe. Fashionistas are currently showcasing the skunk stripe trend. This color block technique can shape your face and highlight your fantastic haircut. With its asymmetry, this pattern suits well on round, pear, and oval face shapes, giving balance to your features.

The Jellyfish Haircut Different Hairstyles
Instagram @juhlealmakeup

#23: The Jellyfish Haircut

Try the jellyfish haircut if you want a modern twist on the mullet. Jellyfish haircuts mix a mod bowl cut with a 1980s mullet style. This haircut is cool and trendy but may not last long because of the high maintenance shaping schedule. If you’re thinking of getting a jellyfish cut, now is the time to do it!

#24: High Stacked Bob with Layers

Try this high-stacked bob with layers if you have thick hair. Removing the fullness in the back is a great way to eliminate unwanted bulk and add volume for a perfect profile. Be sure to ask for the best styling product for this look to easily style at home.

#25: Box Braids Lob Style

Box braids continue to be one of the most stylish protective hairstyles. And a box braids lob style (long bob) is at the top. Ask your braider to add some beautiful string or yarn accents. This style is flattering on black women with square or round faces as it elongates their necks and gives them a slimmer look. Pair it with colorful hair accessories to make it look fun and unique.

#26: Mid-Length Hair with Long Flippy Layers

When looking to add lots of movement and flip with your layers, ask your stylist for a butterfly cut. Be aware if you have finer hair, this can make it appear thinner. It helps to do a disconnected cut for finer textures. Round layers work great for all-over layering.

Mohawk Bubble Braid Different Hairstyle for ladies with an edge
Instagram @danielle.ivall

#27: Mohawk Bubble Braid

Give this Mohawk bubbly braid a try for your next up style. If you are looking for an easy look that holds up all day, this is it! To keep the style all day, use a form-hold finishing spray.

Different 90s-Grunge Long Black Hair with a White Money Piece Hairstyle
Instagram @pinkdagger

#28: 90s-Grunge Long Black Hair with a White Money Piece

Go for a 90s grunge black hair color with a white money piece. If you love color blocking, the best is when you create extreme contrast in colors. A platinum or grey hue will compliment black any day. Make sure your hair is lightened to a pale yellow to achieve a blank canvas for platinum hair.

#29: Elongated Texture

Here’s an elongated texture hairstyle. Try a one-length perimeter cut with slight graduation if you want a long style with volume. The best way to style for elongation is by using a diffuser. Use it hovered above your head without disrupting the curls. Use Afterworld Organic Moisture Lock Curl Serum.

Fluff & Texture Different Hairstyles for Asian ladies with fine hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#30: Fluff & Texture

The modern shaggy look has undone texture and lots of layers. A full wispy fringe area with many internal layers gives movement and width. My best advice is to talk to your stylist about the length you want to keep, as it’s vital to the technique used. Ask your stylist to show you how to achieve the lived-in look for effortless styling.

Different Gorgeous Dark to Reddish-Orange Ombre Hairstyle
Instagram @aaashleee

#31: Gorgeous Dark to Reddish-Orange Ombre

If you are looking for a high-impact color, I suggest having a vibrant hue. If you want to play things a little conservatively, why not go for a gradual approach? The mid-lengths and ends are melted into a darker root color. Reds and oranges work well against a darker canvas. My top tip would be to use a professional color-safe shampoo to keep your color true and vivid for longer.

Thick Shaggy Cut with Bangs Different Hairstyles for women with mid-length wavy hair
Instagram @hirohair

#32: Thick Shaggy Cut with Bangs

Level up your style in a thick shaggy cut with bangs. I suggest a face frame for long-hair lovers that need a change. If you like the short fringe, start with light pieces at the eyebrow that lengthen toward the cheek. This shape complements most features beautifully. You’ll want textured medium layers throughout the rest of your hair. You can scrunch dry for a messy vibe.

#33: Blonde Curled Ends

Consider a long blonde style with curled ends. Big waves through the ends of your hair are soft and feminine. It’s helpful to do a blowout and then use a 2-inch curling iron to create this style. Avoid using firm hairspray if you want some flexibility in the hair. You don’t want it to be sticky. You want to be able to brush it and have a soft look. Definitely use heat protection, like Oway Thermal Stress Protector, to minimize damage.

#34: Perfectly Layered Tight Curls

A perfectly layered tight curl pattern is so gorgeous. A round layered cut will give you uniform layers throughout the cut that follow the shape of your head. Don’t forget how much hair shrinks when you cut curls. Ask your stylist to be conservative if you’re trying to keep the length. I advise a dry cut on tight curls so you can see the shape as you go.

Super Messy Shag
Instagram @hirohair

#35: Super Messy Shag

Blow dry hair then generously apply hairspray to mimic a breezy wind-blown effect. Ask your stylist to add bottleneck bangs for ultimate shaggy hairstyle.

#36: High Fashion Pixie

This pixie cut style is a cool modern mix look of style, color, and cut altogether. The haircut included short layers on top, more than the usual classic pixie, and pointy pieces on sides. It looks more modern when combined with an ash blonde color and this specific style.

This modern pixie cut style is not limited. It could be for every hair type and face shape. Don’t hesitate to play with your hair when you style. For example, you can draw attention by adding texture to one side or forward, by creating spikes, or by doing whatever you want that looks good on you. Also, you can get this cool modern style by using products like dry wax or cream gel to hold the textures and to make the look flexible.

Defy gravity textured blown updo rocker chick bohemian chic hairstyle
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#37: Defy Gravity

This gravity defying style will grab the attention of everyone around! It’s rocker chick, bohemian, and 100% gorgeous. Try Kevin Murphy’s Night Rider for a strong hold paste with a matte finish. This style will work for all face shapes and hair densities.

How To Style:

  1. Starting with dry hair, create a small three-strand braid in the bangs.
  2. Using a small flat iron, run iron over braid.
  3. Allow braid to cool.
  4. Create deep side part.
  5. Apply a liberal amount of styling wax.
  6. Pull hair on top of head, straight up.
  7. Set style with a firm hold hairspray.
Edgy Undercut Hairstyle with Design
Instagram @grankera.oficial

#38: Edgy Undercut with Design

This modern androgynous haircut is still very feminine at the same time.  It’s structured and playful. My favorite thing about this is the way it can be moved depending on moods and the flash of colors are what I love to create depth and texture.

If you’re having this look, I would remind people that you have to have the time to spend on it. People think short hair is easier and less maintenance when it’s actually the opposite. This needs texture products and shine, adding to keep the hair looking on point.

#39: Asymmetrical Bob

This is an asymmetrical inverted bob with a lot of texture to give it movement and volume. I love the versatility of the cut. It can be worn sleek and straight or with a little wave (as shown), or with more of a curl and teased for ultimate volume and texture.

This is a very trendy cut and is great for a client who has fine hair that is looking to get a fuller look and great volume. I would recommend this cut for women with angular facial shapes such as heart-shaped, oval-shaped, and square-shaped faces.

Different Faux Beehive Hairstyle
Instagram @david.oshell

#40: Faux Beehive

Want to recreate a mod beehive look, but don’t quite have the length? Try this modification for a unique hairstyle that gives the cool illusion of a beehive from the front.

How to Style:

  1. Prep dry hair with a texturizing spray or powder.
  2. Section off the top and create a small French twist in the back.
  3. Create a deep side part and backcomb the crown.
  4. Pull hair back and secure.
  5. Set style with a firm hold hairspray.
Picture of face framing layers with highlights
Instagram @lexistyles__

#41: Different Hair for Face-framing Highlights

This hairstyle features a super effective face-framing long wavy hair that softens a square face. Plus the blonde pieces placed beside her face did so well in brightening her look and highlighting her pretty facial features.

Different Mid-Length Blowout from the 90s
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#42: Mid-Length Blowout from the 90s

You might want to give the mid-length blowout from the 90s a try. But, be aware of a couple of factors to help take this style to the next level. Thick to medium hair, with blowout gels and a roller set, are a few key elements to keeping this style consistent.

Reverse Braid
Instagram @mihaistudio

#43: Reverse Braid

The punch of pink balayage made this reverse braid all the more alluring. Have a fresh face while keeping an interesting pattern at the back of your head.

Short Pompadour
Instagram @bearded.woman

#44: Short Pompadour

This hairstyle is for women with a lot of personality. It is daring and really good if you want to look something different. I love it when they ask for something creative. This hairstyle is usually for men, but why not?!

Also, think about how you would like to make your hairstyle every day. The cut should be adapted according to your lifestyle. Find a good professional for advice about your new hairstyle.

Deep A-Line Lob
Instagram @kat_beautylure

#45: Deep A-Line Lob

Q&A with style creator, Kat Baghdasarian
Master Stylist @ Beauty Lure Salon in Roswell, GA

How would you describe this look?

What I love about this look is that it gives the client the best of both worlds! It is edgy but girly at the same time. There are movement and body in the back but the length is maintained in the front for a nice flirty feel! The color and highlights bring dimension and add volume to any client who may have a fine hair texture.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The A-line bob does require some maintenance and styling product. To achieve the smooth a-line blowout, I used Redken Velvet Gelatine blowdry gel. Finishing product is Redken Triple Take 32 hairspray. It is not a get-up-and-go kind of style and the layers will need to be round brushed to sit properly.

Slicked Back
Instagram @gonzalito99

#46: Slicked Back

Q&A with style creator, Alex Gonzalez
Hairstylist @ Alex Gonzalez Hair Studio in Dallas, TX

How would you describe this look?

This look is for someone who doesn’t want to hide behind their hair. My client wanted something alluring but short. This cut is versatile when it comes to styling, as you can throw a wave in it to make it messy or add volume for a pompadour look. It’s definitely a look you can get creative with it and that’s why I love it.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look works best with oval face shape, but I’m a strong believer that confidence can pull off any look. This cut is low maintenance and ideal for someone on the go. No matter the occasion, a slicked-back style is sophisticated enough for the grocery store or evening gala. Doesn’t matter girl, your hair still looks good! I recommend lightweight products that have a stronghold but stay away from gel or mousse as it makes hair look wet or stiff.

Blonde Dimension for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @garageacibadem

#47: Blonde Dimension

This look was meant to create dimension and contrast while complimenting her haircut. I love that it has some brightness mixed in with a softer blonde to keep the transition to her natural color more fluid. My favorite part of this look is the placement. I can control depth and contrast by spacing and placing them differently.

Styling would take no more than a volume spray at the top, smoother on the bottom, and a round brush.

The color and cut help the hair move. The highlights around the face add brightness to any complexion. I wouldn’t put it in the “wash-n-go” category, but a 15-20 min blowdry would do it justice. I would recommend this look for fine to medium hair looking for some extra body.

Picture of a brighter and whiter hairstyle
Instagram @delorauplifted

#48: Bright Different Lob

Q&A with style creator, Delora May
Hairstylist @ Uplifted Salon in Columbia, MO

How would you describe this look?

Rolling into this year, I feel the latest hair trends are more raw, disheveled, and organic! I’m all over this! This slightly angled long bob (lob) is the perfect happy medium. I preach versatility constantly and if you’re someone looking for more of a “style” or change, I always recommend some kind of medium length haircut! I believe there’s a common misconception that shorter hair is easier, and so many people choose to take the plunge from long to a chin length bob thinking it’s going to be less work to wear and style. In all honesty, it’s really all about how much time and effort you’re willing to put into your hair! When going from long to short(er) I always suggest a lob just like this clients because of how versatile it is and how convenient a ponytail can be! At this length, you can still get your hair up into a cute bun or sleek pony and when wearing it down whether it’s messy, wavy, curly, or straight it can be very edgy!

Any advice for someone considering it?

My client has medium textured hair and I truly believe that any texture, whether it’s fine or coarse, could rock this length!

When it comes shaping and placement of color, I think that confidence and personality can outweigh the common traditions with what is considered appropriate and inappropriate for specific face shapes. I definitely take the shape of someone’s face into consideration when consulting with my clients but I don’t believe that if someone has a round face that means you can’t pull off chin length or above!

To achieve these waves I used a 1.25 in flat iron and gave her hair some bend right in the mid-strand, leaving her ends straighter, for a more relaxed vibe. Sometimes I curl in the same direction, and sometimes I don’t! I’m inconsistent and I feel like that really gives this style a more lived-in feel. I used Amika Un.Done Texture Spray and Puff Me Light to give her hair body and hold!

Awesomely Asymmetrical Different Haircut
Instagram @sarah.slays.hair

#49: Awesomely Asymmetrical

I would definitely describe this look as a copper and edgy long bob cut. My favorite part of this look is the haircut. Creating the right texture and shape with a good cut is what makes it so fun! My advice to clients considering this look is to think about their lifestyle and if they will be able to maintain their hair.

When having shorter hair actually requires more styling as opposed to having a longer length. This cut can look great straight, but fun beachy waves are always my favorite way to go! This style is great for making that dimension really pop along with the texture the haircut gives it!

#50: Unique Bright Caramel Foilayage

Q&A with style creator, Ariana Garcia
Colorist @ Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, CA

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this cook as a bright caramel foilayage.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This can be a low maintenance color. It is a great color choice for dark to medium brunettes that still want their hair light and bright, but don’t want to be too blonde.

I tell my clients to always use salon quality products (sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner) to ensure a beautiful, lasting color.

Different Hair with Tousled & Effortless
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#51: Different Hair with Tousled & Effortless

I would describe this look as tousled and effortless. My favorite thing about it is the length. My advice for this haircut is to use products to give you that messy and effortless look. My favorite go-to product is Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray.

Updated Asymmetrical Shag hairstyle
Instagram @jessicahairnyc

#52: Updated Asymmetrical Different Shag

Q&A with style creator, Jessica
Senior Stylist & Educator @ Sam Brocato Salon in New York, NY

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this look as an updated asymmetrical shag. My favorite thing about this cut is that it’s interesting while still being easy to wear.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This specific style works best on hair that has some natural texture or wave.

When styling, start with a volume or texture spray on wet hair at the roots and throughout the back. Blow dry under the hair with the nozzle pointed up, and mess up the hair with your free hand while drying to encourage the hair’s natural texture. As you work toward the top and front, blow dry the hair from side to side with a paddle brush. Don’t worry about smoothing the hair completely.

Finish by mixing a bit of wax and a shine oil in your hands, scrunching this mixture into the hair starting from the back and working toward the front. Smooth and coax the natural texture into fun flips and waves. To exaggerate the asymmetrical-ness, use some wax to slick the side it’s parted on behind your ear.

#53: Contoured Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Samuel Mackmin
Hairstylist @ Coho Hair in Perth, WA

How would you describe this look?

What I like about this look is how the color really adds a feature around the face. Just like contouring your face using makeup, I feel hair color can achieve a similar effect!

My client had her natural hair for years with no color. Instead of doing a full head, we just brightened her up around the face.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Depending on how dark your hair color is, don’t go too bright with the lightness or else the contrast will be too strong and less natural.

I styled the hair using a 1 1/2-inch curling tong from ghd, and curled the hair away from the face before combing the curls out with a wide tooth comb. I styled using a dry oil spray and texturizing spray.

Angled forward bob different hairstyle
Instagram @felix.lynn

#54: Angled-Forward Bob

My favorite thing about the angled-forward bob is the fact that it’s very customizable for every face shape and lifestyle. I believe anyone can rock a look like this. Chat with your stylist about what length and angle will work best for you. I’m a fan of a do-it-all styler such as a lightweight, argan oil-based mousse or gel. Less is more these days as product technology has come so far. Keep it simple, have fun, and remember it’s just hair! If you’ve always wanted bangs, do it. If you want to pair this look with an undercut, go for it! Life is too short to have the same look all the time.

#55: Feathered Lob

Q&A with style creator, Ryan Pettitt
Top Stylist @ Coast Hairdressing in Bournemouth, Dorset

How would you describe this look?

This is the feathered lob, a hairstyle that Wella is now adopting and including in their latest collection.

This is the perfect haircut if your hair is not thick enough to pull off a lob. The front graduation will give the appearance of volume and thickness.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you are someone that suffers the trials and tribulations of fine hair, this is your style! It is flattering, easy to style and perfect if you wear your hair up a lot. The shorter lengths fall down to frame the face nicely.

Make this cut your own with a fringe, bangs, or a long sweeping fringe!

#56: Texturized Bob

Q&A with style creator, Nicolas Flores
Hairstylist @ Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this as above-the-shoulder texturized bob. I tend to add a slight angle in the front for a more edgy look.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I always love encouraging clients to try and recreate my styles. The key to this style is starting with great products such as the Sally Hershberger 24K Wave Spray and a water based pomade. These products work together to add grip on your ends and create separation, making the hair look a bit more lived-in.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I feel this look could work on pretty much anyone. It’s an easy, low maintenance haircut that literally can be worn air dried. More and more clients are coming in requesting this short length. It’s the new “It Girl” look!

Modern Bowl Haircut hairstyle
Instagram @barcalessandro

#57: Modern Bowl Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Alessandro Barca
Stylist @ Toni&Guy Academy London in London, UK

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a bowl haircut with a modern twist. It has a really strong, graphic shape and is a sharp, precise and very disciplined haircut. It is timeless!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I’ve been working at London Fashion Week, and everyone can see how we keep the hair as natural as possible by using matte products and lightweight hairsprays.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

The perfect density for this look would be medium/fine, but it can also work with thick density, doing an undercut as the picture shows. I always like to take into consideration the suitability, so I wouldn’t recommend this style for round face shapes.

As hairdressers, we like to push boundaries, so doing precision cutting is a skill for us!

Pretty Frizz Medium Tapered DIfferent Look

#58 Pretty Different Frizz

How to Style:

  1. Starting with dry hair, mist hair with a thermal heat protectant.
  2. Using a tapered curling wand (or 7/8 inch curling iron), curl hair in small horizontal sections, starting near the neck.
  3. Continue working up until you reach the top of the ear.
  4. Using a 1¼-inch curling iron, curl hair in the crown area diagonally away from your face.
  5. Gently backcomb the crown area.
  6. Using a teasing brush or fine toothed comb, lightly backcomb the curls.
  7. Run fingers through top and underneath to blend everything together.
  8. Finish with hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

Try Bumble and Bumble’s Dry Spun Finish for a light and airy finish with soft hold.

Face Shape and Hair Density:

This style will work for all face shapes and hair types.

Slicked Back Medium Length Different Hairstyle

#59 Slicked Back

How to Style:

  1. Starting with clean wet hair, apply a volume mousse and root boost.
  2. Blow dry hair with a flat paddle brush, drying hair up and away from the scalp for maximum volume.
  3. Once hair is dry, flat iron ends.
  4. Backcomb front and back to desired height.
  5. Smooth out backcombing and set style with hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

For maximum volume and body, try Kevin Murphy’s Body Builder Mousse.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style will work for all face shapes and hair types.

Bluntly Asymmetrical Different Hairstyle
Instagram @rohit.popuphair

#60: Bluntly Asymmetrical

Love angular hairstyles? Try this angled blunt bob with a side bang for an eye-catching hairstyle. Try Kevin Murphy’s Body Guard for heat protection and sleek locks. This style will work best for oval, heart, and oblong face shapes. It will work best with medium to thick hair densities. When flat ironing hair super straight, use a fine-toothed comb to lead the flat iron. This will ensure you get the straightest and smoothest results.

#61: Banded Volume

Channel your inner Scarlett Johansson with this gorgeous up style. Try Bumble and Bumble’s Pret a Powder to add texture and volume to dry hair. This style will work with all face shapes and hair types.

Different Piled High Curls Hairstyle
Instagram @cavaliero_e_c

#62: Piled High Curls

Try this romantic up style next time you’re looking for a different hairstyle for an evening out. This style will work with all face shapes and hair types. Try Aveda’s Air Control for a flexible and workable hairspray when styling.

Lady Samurai Twisted Up Black Different Style

#63 Different Hair : Lady Samurai Bun

How to Style:

  1. Starting with dry hair, section off the bottom.
  2. Pull top section into a high ponytail.
  3. Wrap ends of ponytail around elastic to create a bun. Secure it with bobby pins.
  4. Loosely twist the bottom section up towards bun and secure where they meet.
  5. Wrap ends of twist around bun and secure.
  6. Finish style with hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

Finish the style off with a strong hold hairspray like Aveda’s Force Control to keep every strand exactly where it should be.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style will work well on all face shapes and hair densities.

All Combed Over Stylish Formal Look

#64 All Combed Over

How to Style:

  1. Starting with dry hair, create a diagonal section from just behind one ear to the opposite corner of the forehead. Clip section out of the way.
  2. Divide the rest of hair into two sections. Backcomb both sections vertically.
  3. Smooth both sections together and twist into a large French twist that starts at the neck and ends at the top of your head.
  4. Secure French twist.
  5. Take front section and backcomb at the roots.
  6. Sweep hair over to the side and arrange as desired.
  7. Smooth sections together and secure with hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

For a strong hold hairspray with tons of shine, try Moroccan Oil’s Luminous Hairspray Strong.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style will work for all face shapes and those with medium to thick hair densities.

Pretty As A Pin Up Different Hairstyle
Instagram @miss_rubyretro

#65: Pretty As A Pin Up

Looking for a way to share your love for beautiful pin up girl styles? Try this hairstyle that’s modern with a cool kick of retro rockabilly. Try Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort for a messy, beachy texture. This style will work for all face shapes and those with medium to thick hair densities.

Different Personalities for different hairstyles
Instagram @stanleyman001

#66: Different Personalities

This style will work for all face shapes and all hair densities. The long blonde stick-straight hair is definitely different.

Super Hero Long Wavy Different Hairstyle with V Cut Bangs

#67 Super Hero

How to Style:

  1. Prep damp hair with a light hold gel.
  2. Blow dry hair using a medium-sized round brush, working in small sections.
  3. Touch up curls using a 1¼-inch curling iron.
  4. Flat iron bangs straight down.
  5. Set style with hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

Try Aveda’s Confixor for lightweight hold with shine.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style will work for oval, oblong, triangle or square face shapes. It will work with all hair densities.

#68: Smooth Halo


This adorable hairstyle is a super cute way to keep your hair out of your face and still be able to wear it down and BIG. Prep hair with Davines’s No. 9 Structuring Mist for long-lasting curls. This style will suit all face shapes and hair densities.

Straight and Curly Different Hairstyle
Instagram @darmstrong2807

#69: Straight and Curly

Can’t decide whether to curl your hair or straighten it? Try both! Try Sachajuan’s Straight and Shine Spray for heat protection and shiny locks. This style work for all face shapes and hair densities. It will work best for those with medium to long hair.

Braids and Mohawks
Instagram @gianni.rando

#70: Braids And Mohawks

This adventurous and daring style is modern with a dash of Victorian-era drama.

How To Style:

  1. Prep dry hair with a texturizing spray or powder.
  2. Curl hair with a 1¼-inch curling iron horizontally.
  3. Allow curls to cool.
  4. Backcomb bangs and top to desired height.
  5. Pull sides back and secure with bobby pins.
  6. Work the front and top backwards to desired smoothness.
  7. Create a simple three-strand braid with ends and secure with elastic. Tug gently at your braid to loosen and fatten it up.

To achieve the perfect amount of airiness and hold, try Bumble and Bumble’s Dry Spun Finish Hairspray. This style will work for all face shapes and medium to thick hair densities.

Retro Waves
Instagram @iren_franc

#71: Retro Waves

How to Style:

  1. Set dry hair in medium-sized hot rollers.
  2. Allow rollers to cool.
  3. Remove rollers and apply a small amount of texture paste.
  4. Using a boar bristled brush, gently brush out waves.
  5. Finish with hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

For weightless shine, try Davines’s No. 10 Universal Polishing Coat.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style will work best for those with medium to thick hair densities and all face shapes.

#72: Heidi Braids

Looking to show off your romantic, boho side? Try this sweet style with or without flowers! Try Aveda’s Force Control for a strong yet flexible hold. This style will work for all face shapes and hair densities.

Different Greased Lightening Hairstyle
Instagram @tinietashaa

#73: Greased Lightening

Channel a girlie version of John Travolta’s character in Greased Lightening! This style will work best for oval, round and heart face shapes. It will work with all hair densities. For separation and definition, try Onesta’s Play Paste.

How to Style:

  1. Prep damp hair with a volume-enhancing mousse.
  2. Using a small round brush, dry hair away from face.
  3. Using a medium hold paste, define and separate style by raking fingers backwards through hair.
  4. Finish with a strong hold hairspray.
Different To The Side Curls for long black hair
Instagram @stanleyman001

#74: To The Side

Show off your natural curls with this hairstyle by pulling all of your curls to the side. Make the most of your curls with Aveda’s Curl Control. It really enhances curls and helps soothe frizz. This style will work for all face shapes and curly hair types.

#75: Side Bun

This exaggerated side bun frames the face and looks almost like a hair accessory. It’s perfect for those who love the artistic side of hairstyling. This style will work on all face shapes and hair densities. Try Moroccan Oil’s Treatment Oil for shine and frizz control.