29 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The popular curly hair mullet has tons of layers to boost the natural texture and body of the tresses. Sides are cut short, while the back area has longer pieces. Its cool and chic style really makes a strong impression!

Jaime, a hairstylist, barber, and artist from Camden Town, London says, “The biggest benefit of the mullet is it removes a lot of dead weight that can drag curls down. It allows the curls to be as bouncy and fresh as they can be.”

With the many variations of a mullet, face shape is one thing to consider. Jaime explains, “Cutting curls shorter can add volume or width to certain areas in the hair. This can affect how your facial structure appears.”

The compatibility of the cut is also determined based on your hair texture and type of curl. An experienced hairdresser is the best person to seek advice from.

As one of many ladies with natural curls, this is something exciting for you to experience. If in doubt, Jaime suggests getting the shag type of mullet instead. He describes it as the “longer and safer trial version” of the cut.

The popular curly hair mullet is a trend that stays forever on-trend. Browse this set of images for inspiration next time you visit the salon.


#1: Natural Curly Mullet

Opt for a natural curly mullet for a unique shape. Sculpt your hair to match your texture into a layered haircut that frames your face. Use a feather razor cut to create space between the curls and give your hair an edgy look. Air dry the beautiful shaggy cut with texture putty for a strong finish that stands out.

Modern Mullet for Curly Girls

#2 Modern Mullet for Curly Girls

This modern mullet for curly girls is a trendy option that embraces natural texture. The layered cut creates volume and movement, while the curly bangs add a playful touch. Perfect for medium to thick hair, it enhances the natural curl pattern and provides an effortlessly chic look. Styling is low-maintenance; simply air dry with a light texturizing cream. Keep in mind, the layered shape may require periodic trims to maintain its structure and avoid bulkiness.

#3: Curly Female Mullet

A curly female mullet is a perfect face-framing shape while keeping its length. The mullet cut for women shapes around the face, opening up the cheekbones, perfect for a modern, feminine feel to your curls.

Messy and Wispy Curly Mullet for older ladies with glasses
Instagram @kelly.numberthree

#4: Messy and Wispy Mullet

Consider a messy, wispy mullet, perfect for long or square-face shapes. The visible length in the back is perfect to balance out your features. A shorter angle on the sides creates a mullet shape and is great to help keep the hair off your face. Layers throughout your cut will ensure a shaggy cut that accentuates your waves. Your finish should be easy with some texture cream and minimal drying.

Curly Mullet with Curly Bangs
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#5: Mullet with Curly Bangs

Try a mullet with curly bangs for a softer feel around the face. Longer curly bangs give a lighter feel to cut instead of the shorter, sharper shapes, which can look more aggressive. The mullet cut comes in all shapes and sizes. Your stylist will help adapt and personalize the right shape for you.

Curly Hair Mullet for Thick Hair
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#6: Curly Hair Mullet for Thick Hair

A curly hair mullet for thick hair is ideal. Mullets are perfect for leaving out a texture that has too much volume. This shape is totally customizable and can be tailored to your specifications. Ask your stylist what would work best for you.

Mullet for Curly Hair
Instagram @coastal.curl

#7: Mullet for Curly Hair

Yes, you can have a mullet for curly hair. These mullets are very hip and extremely current. Go bold or subtle with length and layers, it’s all about what suits an individual’s lifestyle and needs. Your stylist will be able to guide you.

#8: Women’s Mullet for Curly Hair

A curly hair mullet screams cool and is very rock-n-roll. This cut requires minimal styling, so it’s perfect for ladies looking for a low-maintenance style. Air dry or diffuse it with a cream or mousse and tousle with fingers to break up curls for volume.

#9: Layered Mullet for Curlier Hair

Consider a layered mullet for curlier hair. These hairstyles are a trendy option for women with texture in their hair. The layers remove bulk and add airiness and movement to the hair. This shape can be tailored to any person’s needs, so talk to your stylist about the right version for you.

Curly Mullet with Bangs
Instagram @hairnerdsalon

#10: Curly Mullet with Bangs

Consider a curly mullet with bangs for a trendy and versatile shape. Mullet styles are great for all textures because they are completely customizable. Whether you go subtle or extreme, this cut is sure to be a showstopper. For curly hairstyles, air dry or diffuse with a light texturizing cream for a wonderfully effortless look.

#11: Curly Blonde Mullet

Consider a curly blonde mullet if you’re looking for something different. These cuts are super hip and wearable. This shape can be customized for every texture, length, and face shape so consult with a stylist about what would work best for you. Air dry or diffuse with a styling balm or beach spray for the perfect lived-in look.

Soft Mullet for Curly-Haired Women
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#12: Soft Mullet for Curly-Haired Women

Try a soft mullet for curly-haired women to get an airy shape for fine hair. They are versatile in shape and can be adapted to suit your texture and length. For fine hair, opt for a softer feel to your mullet to avoid over-layering the hair.

Mullet for a Curly Hair Type
Instagram @kristinn.oli

#13: Mullet for a Curly Hair Type

Choose a mullet for a curly hair type based on your curl pattern. Tight curl types prefer a shorter style, while looser waves work with longer looser shapes. It’s a low-maintenance style, no matter what kind of curls you have. Simply air-dry to embrace your natural tresses.

Short Mullet Shullet Hairstyle
Instagram @katiero.se

#14: Short Mullet (Shullet)

The short mullet (shullet) is perfect for women that enjoy more body and life in their hair. They can be amplified with volume by adding Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic all over the hair and diffusing it for full-on bouncy hair.

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Curly Mullet for Older Women
Instagram @mr_d_hair

#15: Curly Mullet for Older Women

Opt for a cut for older women with plenty of edge and texture. The movement from the reversed layers gives ample texture to your curly hair. Women with mullets can wash and go, adding Aveda’s texturizing cream to wet or dry hair, giving a light but defined hold.

Curly Brunette Mullet
Instagram @calaishairart

#16: Curly Brunette Mullet

A curly brunette mullet shows off all your curl definition with its light-reflecting properties. This style for women is full of layers that enhance the shape of your curls for a lighter, bouncy shape.

Shorter Top with Longer Back
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#17: Shorter Top with Longer Back

Get all the volume with a shorter top and a longer back to balance out a small face shape. The extra height on top balances out small facial features, making it flattering and versatile.

#18: Mullet for Curly, Long Hair

Try a mullet for curly, long hair to add more detail and movement around the face. Longer-length hair is suited to wavier hair types, while mullets for curlier hair are best kept a little shorter and softer due to the curl pattern. The best way to dry would be to apply Aveda’s Nutiplenish Curl Gelee to wet hair and diffuse it to 90% dry for extra volume.

Shaggy Curly Mullet
Instagram @yukistylist

#19: Shaggy Curly Mullet

The shaggy curly mullet is perfect for women who love longer bangs or have a large forehead. The shaggy bangs blended into the mullet shape give a mix of both styles, giving a softer approach.

#20: Curly Mullet for Women with Glasses

Try a mullet for women with glasses that shows off your frames, leaving you with an edgier finish. Shorter bangs and layers around the face give more detail to your cut and open the face area while cascading into your beautiful long curls.

Short Top Long Back Cut
Instagram @hairbykarafina

#21: Short Top Long Back Cut

Go for a short top long back cut to fully embrace texture and movement into your curls. Play around with short bangs to allow for more layers on top that softly blend into the longer length.

#22: Stylish Mullet for Curly, Wavy Hair

Be radical with a stylish mullet for curly, wavy hair to achieve the best of both worlds. Add an undercut disconnected to your style to get a clean, shorter length on the sides. Even if the mullet shape grows out with little maintenance, you may need trimming for your undercut every 4 weeks.

Curly Mullet for Women
Instagram @_antonalexeev_

#23: Curly Mullet for Women

Try a curly mullet for women to enhance the oomph factor of your curls while keeping a modern shape and length. These cuts are statement pieces that are easily customizable to your hair type and face shape. Discuss with your stylist the best shape of layering required for your desired result.

Long Curly Mullet
Instagram @so_bnhair

#24: Long Curly Mullet

Opt for a long curly mullet if you want to keep some length and you’re ready for a voluminous shape. Mullets allow you to maintain the length you enjoy while acquiring a complete overhaul of the style. Get your stylist to adjust the length of the fringe and layers to suit your face shape and curl pattern.

Short Curly Mullet
Instagram @thesanecatlady

#25: Curly Short Mullet

Try a mullet if you have fine hair to boost its shape and volume. Taking the length shorter on curly hair adds spring to your bouncy curls while maintaining some length throughout the nape area.

Curly Mullet with Fringe
Instagram @kat_leehair

#26: Curly Mullet with Fringe

Go for a curly mullet with fringe for women with tight curls wanting a layered shape. Curly fringes frame the face so softly, while the mullet opens up the face, giving balance back to the shape. Mullets work well as the length is maintained for a feminine feel, with shorter layers to give a light bounce to your curls.

Curly Mullet Hairstyle
Instagram @_victoriaslade

#27: Curly Mullet Hairstyle

Give this hairstyle a go if you want low-maintenance styling. These haircuts are layered to follow the head shape, so when styling, it just needs to be brushed in place when wet. Add Aveda’s Nutiplenish Gelee and allow it to air dry to achieve a soft flowing shape.

Curlier Mullet Haircut
Instagram @themonacut

#28: Curlier Mullet Haircut

A mullet for curly hair is approached by disconnecting the length on top to the bottom, creating a fuller silhouette on top and lightness throughout the length. To get the most out of your haircut, give your hair a good scalp shake once dry to break up the product cast on your curls.

#29: Very Short Curly Mullet

One of the most popular hairstyles that have made a comeback this year is the curly mullet! There are many variations of this style to choose from, so you won’t have a problem finding ideas. This particular length and style are great for adding extra volume and texture.