63 Gorgeously Curled Hairstyles You Have to See Before You Curl Your Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Curled hairstyles are super trendy right now! So grab your wand and get ready to be inspired!

Adding curls to any hairstyle automatically makes it feel more glamorous and put together. Whether you have short or long hair, luscious curls can be added to any length and look extra gorgeous.

So before your next hair appointment or special event, take a look at these photos of the cute curled hairstyles!

Mid-Length Curled Hairstyle with Inner and Perimeter Layers and Texture
Instagram @aoki_hair

#1: Mid-Length with Inner and Perimeter Layers

Consider a mid-length hairstyle with inner and perimeter layers. If you have thick curly hair, it can help you to get inner and perimeter layering. This way, you can de-bulk without a lot of top layers that will create fullness. You will create a softness through the hair and a nice perimeter shape. Style with a curl cream or balm for a moveable hold.

Woman with undone curls and long layered hairstyle, styled for a natural, relaxed look.

#2 Undone Curls

These undone curls beautifully complement curly hair and long layered haircuts, creating a relaxed and natural look. The soft waves, achieved with a large curling wand, add movement and texture to the hair without appearing too structured. This style is ideal for those with medium to thick hair and is perfect for a casual, effortless look. Use a lightweight mousse or gel to enhance the natural waves and a flexible hold hairspray to maintain the style throughout the day.

Woman with highlighted curls and long layered haircut styled for a natural, voluminous look.

#3 Highlighted Curls

These highlighted curls perfectly complement curly hair and long layered haircuts, adding dimension and vibrancy. The soft blonde highlights enhance the natural curls, creating a voluminous and textured look. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this style frames the face beautifully and adds a youthful, lively touch. Use a curl cream or balm for definition and a flexible hold hairspray to maintain the curls throughout the day. This style is perfect for those looking to add movement and brightness to their hair.

Woman with purple curls and long layered haircut, styled for a party.

#4 Purple Curls

These stunning purple curls perfectly complement curly hair and long layered haircuts. The vibrant violet shade adds a playful yet sophisticated touch, while the soft, voluminous curls create a sense of movement and depth. This style is ideal for those with medium to thick hair who want to make a bold statement. Use a curl-enhancing product to maintain the definition and shine of the curls. It’s a high-impact look that’s perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

#5: Curled with Burnt Orange Tones

The hairstyle features burnt orange tones. Ask for a voluminous style, with hints of 90s supermodel blowout and Hollywood glam if you love the style. The hairstyle can be achieved either in a salon or at home. You will need to freshly wash your hair, use a super solid root-boosting spray like Lift from Hairstory, and a round brush. Also, a blow dryer with both hot and cold settings is necessary. Start by sectioning your hair into vertical Mohawk clips. Then, begin the blow-drying from the bottom, gradually working your way up. Set your hair in a curl using a cool shot for added body and shine.

Thick and Voluminous Golden Blonde Curls
Instagram @romeufelipe

#6: Thick and Voluminous Golden Blonde Curls

Thick and voluminous golden blonde curls are a stunning and glamorous hairstyle that radiates luxury and beauty. These luscious curls are created using a 1-inch wand iron and the appropriate hair products. To make sure your style lasts all day, use two styling aids. Start by applying a foam or a mousse onto your hair before blow-drying. Finally, set the hairstyle with a flexible hold hairspray. The thick and voluminous curls add an opulent feel, making this hairstyle perfect for special occasions.

#7: Champagne Blonde Hairstyle

If you want a fresh look, try this champagne blonde hairstyle. The off-center part makes the style unique and chic. A champagne blonde shade adds warmth to your hair and complements many skin tones. Loose curls make your hair soft, full, and lively.

#8: Curled Balayage

Give your blonde a boost with a gorgeous curled balayage! All you need to rock this look is to ask for a bright, buttery balayage, then finish with a curling iron.

#9: Center Parted Long and Curled

The center-parted long hairstyle is a classic and elegant choice that complements various face shapes. When styling, it’s better to use a curling iron with a larger barrel to achieve loose, flowing curls that add movement and softness to the overall look.

#10: Wavy Thick Hairstyle

Transform your strands into a wavy, thick hairstyle. If you have a natural wave, you can learn to utilize and embrace it. Try taking the length up a bit to make it more manageable, and ask for some medium layering to encourage your waves. Use a curl-enhancing product. I recommend using a metal barrel round brush to dry your hair. If you can, try twisting the section, you’re drying with the brush to smooth and shape each wave. Use hairspray to set the style.

#11: Dark Rooted Blonde Balayage

First, let’s talk about this dark-rooted blonde balayage hairstyle with a side part. So you can ask for this look or recreate it yourself! This hairstyle is great if you want to add body while also creating soft curls that have movement. For added texture and dimension, go for an all-over curl or focus on face-framing sections. To keep your curls intact all day, use a hairspray with a flexible hold. Try Living Proof Style Lab Flex Hairspray. Make sure to use your fingers instead of a brush when styling.

#12: Tousled Golden Blonde Curled Hair

If you want a hairstyle to compliment your natural curls, one of the best tips I can give you is to add shorter layers. This style allows you to keep your length while removing weight to allow your curls to spring up. The side part adds some asymmetry and frames the face. While the collarbone length keeps the hair from being too heavy or long. Ask for your stylist’s recommendation on product and styling to get the most out of your style.

Red Curls Curled Hairstyle
Instagram @aoki_hair

#13: Red Curls

My favorite thing is that it looks like controlled natural curls there is volume without frizz. For styling, use a 1″ wand or the Curl Bar by Hot Tools. Use a heat-protective setting spray for firmer curls. To get wide waves, spread the curls horizontally instead of brushing them.

Long Curled Hair with Long Curtain Bangs for Ladies with Glasses
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#14: Long Curled Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Long curled hair with long curtain bangs is a great look for ladies with glasses! It’s perfect for framing your face and giving you a more feminine look. Make sure to keep your curls moisturized, as they can quickly dry out. Also, use strong hairspray to keep your curls in place all day. You can use a curling iron to get tighter curls and more volume if you have time. For the best results, use a heat-protectant spray before styling. Be sure to style your bangs carefully to ensure your glasses fit properly!

#15: Textured Beach Waves

This curled hairstyle is best described as textured beach waves. My favorite thing about this look is that it looks effortless and anyone can wear it. When styling, use a 1-inch wand to curl, leaving the ends out. Add some texture spray for the finishing touch.

Bob Haircut with Bangs and Curls
Instagram @inanikaschair

#16: Bob with Bangs and Curls

Craving for a bouncy-looking short hairstyle? This chin-length bob with bangs and curls will satisfy your needs. Hair foam and gel will be ideal for adding definition to your darker locks.

#17: Curled Vintage Glam Style

Opt for vintage curls. In order to achieve this vintage Hollywood glam style, you definitely need the length of your hair to touch your shoulder or longer. The whole point of the style is to have big, soft, luscious curls. I also recommend this look for medium to thicker-haired clients. Thin-haired clients can still achieve this look, but you may want to consider clip-in extensions to really create that fullness!

To create curling iron hairstyles like this one, I sectioned the front and sides away from the back. I started at the nape or bottom of the head and clipped the rest of her hair out of my way above the section. The reason I start at the bottom as opposed to the top is so I don’t bump into pieces that are already curled, which could lead to re-curling everything again. Starting at the bottom allows for quick, clean styling. Each section going up the head was about an inch thick and an inch wide.

#18: Very Long Blonde Curled Hair with a Side Part

Very long blonde curled hair with a side part is a glamorous hairstyle that can be worn for a variety of events. For instance, a side part with tight, bouncy curls would look amazing for a wedding or prom. Looser curls are a great casual everyday look. I personally recommend using heat only a couple of times a week to prevent damaging your long hair.

#19: Medium-Length Curled Ends with Balayage Highlights

Medium-length curled ends with balayage highlights are a simple but elegant look! To keep your hair curled all day, I highly suggest finding a strong-hold hairspray. Your style will be locked in all day.

#20: Blonde Curled Blowout Bob

Be ready for any occasion with a blonde curled blowout bob. A trendy blonde bob is one of the most striking hairstyles that will never go out of style. If you have curly hair, a defining gel and defuser will be helpful to keep your curls looking full of life. If you have straight hair, a small curling iron will do the job, but don’t forget the heat protectant.

#21: Gray Balayage

Gray balayage on dark hair is the best way to blend natural grays while still coloring your hair for fun. Like most balayage applications, this will allow your hair to grow out easily. So you don’t have to worry about covering your gray hair as your roots grow out. Be sure to ask for a color-depositing conditioner to use at home. It helps to maintain the cooler tone.

#22: Amazing Side-Parted Chocolate Hair

Consider the rich and charming shape of side-parted chocolate hair. Opt for long layers and a chin-length face frame. It will enable you to curl or set your hair in a beautiful tumble of waves. The side part will give you a nice lift on the top. If you want to keep your hair a chocolate brunette, a sealer can be applied every 6 to 8 weeks. The sealer gives a semi-permanent glossy color.

#23: Dark Blonde Curled Hair

I get asked by clients all the time how to get a look like this at home. All you need is a curling iron and a brush. The best way to ensure your curls stay all day is to let your curls set for about 20 minutes. Then, brush them out and spray them with hairspray.

#24: Stunning Blonde Balayage Curls

Go for a trending style with stunning blonde balayage curls. One of the biggest advantages of having balayage is its natural look and soft grow-out. Balayage is one of the most natural lightening techniques you can do. It requires little upkeep but the results are stunning and beautiful.

#25: Long Brunette Curled Ends

Be a trendsetter with long brunette hair and curled ends. Either styled with a blow-dryer and round brush or a big barrel curling iron, big bouncy hair is always trending. Thick hair can be heavy and pull out the curl. To avoid this, have your stylist take out weight so it’s lighter and holds the style better. Use some working hairspray to finish.

#26: Perfectly Curled Mid-Length Hair

Perfectly curled mid-length hair looks good on all hair types and faces. You should try to leave lots of darker tones mixed in with a blonde color to create dimension in your hair color, making your curls pop that much more. If you want to have your curls hold their style all night long, make sure to wait before brushing your curls out and letting them cool for a few minutes, then grab the strongest hold hairspray you can find and dance the night away.

#27: Super Long Blonde Curled Ends

Be ready for any occasion with super long blonde curled ends. If you need to have more body and volume on top, I suggest cutting long layers and removing some weight. If you wear your hair without layers, your hair will not hold a curl and will fall flat. Use a big curling iron to get a big bouncy mane for a glamorous look.

#28: Side-Parted Curled Hair

Try side-parted curled hair if you’re looking for a gorgeous look that is simple! Definitely go for this style if one of your factors to consider is styling time. Throw a few curls in your hair and you’re ready for the day.

#29: Extra Long and Extra Thick Curled Hair

Be ready for any occasion with extra long and extra thick curled hair. The best way to prep your hair before you curl is to use a heat protector to prevent damage. You can use a large barrel curling iron to get big voluminous soft curls. When you wear your hair curly, your stands will have more movement and body for a dramatic look.

#30: Perfect Curls for Medium-Length Hair

If you want perfect curls for your medium-length hair, then look no further! If you want to use a good holding product then my top picks would be a good mousse and a good holding hairspray. Your stylist will be able to easily pick the product that will work best for you.

Dark Red Curled Bob for Older Women
Instagram @soubecas

#31: Dark Red Curled Bob for Older Women

If you’re an older woman, consider a dark red curled bob. Don’t be afraid to rock your beautiful natural texture. Cutting your locks shorter will take off dead weight and make your curls big and bouncy. Having short layers will give your hair body and lift right at your crown for a volumized style.

#32: Creamy Blonde Perfect Curls

Have the perfect creamy blonde hair color with curls and make your hairstyle really pop. When you curl your hair with the curling iron it gives your fine hair the illusion of body and fullness. Curling often, however, can be damaging so make sure you are using a heat protector and do conditioning treatments weekly.

#33: Effortless Blonde Curled Long Hair

Blonde curled long hair is beautiful but definitely not effortless. You will need to take time to dry and curl your long locks but the payoff is an enchanting style. I recommend face-framing layers, which will be helpful to achieve soft curls. If you like to wear your hair up, the shorter pieces around your face look amazing left out.

#34: Soft Curled Shag

A softly curled shag is one of the most requested cuts this season. With this style, you’ll have lots of layers, and tons of texture, and you’ll get to work with your natural texture. Don’t forget to ask your stylist which styling products work best with this cut. Working with your hair type, they will know what products work best for you. Could possibly be a cream, mousse, or pomade.

#35: Side-Swept Curls

These side-swept curls are ready to make a statement! Achieve this stunning look to grant you a more defined, less frizzy hairstyle. Cut your dark hair where it reaches beyond your collarbones for a better shape and bouncy edge, creating stunning hairstyles for curly hair.

Sleek high ponytail with curls
Instagram @florina_scurtu

#36: Sleek High Ponytail with Curls

Sleek high ponytails with curls emit young and playful vibes. Girls with thick hair can easily pull all or some of their hair up and jazz the style up with some large curls. For a clean sleek look, use a pomade gently throughout the hair when combing and brushing into the ponytail.

Cascading curls for a wedding
Instagram @zielbridal_

#37: Cascading Curls for a Wedding

Cascading curls for a wedding make a soft, glamorous style that feels and looks airy and light. Bridal artist Kayla VanderZiel of Minnesota used a 1-inch curling iron to create it.

“Once the curls cooled, I sprayed a movable hairspray to open up each curl with my fingers. I did a light horizontal and diagonal pulling for soft, voluminous curls,” she points out. “This technique gives the style extra security that it’ll last a day.”

Long Curled Hairstyle With Lowlights
Instagram @cos_by_kir

#38: Long Curled Hairstyle With Lowlights

Stylist Kirsten Borst took this long and luscious brown hair and gave it some lowlights and curled it for an elegant overall look. A length like this looks great with a beautiful high ponytail, too.

Blonde balayage with curls
Instagram @paris_mcelroy

#39: Blonde Balayage With Curls

Featuring blonde balayage with curls for everyone who appreciates classic beauty! Amp up your long hair and achieve this gorgeous color melt by hand-painting. Notice how highlights and babylights help out to form a dimensional illusion here.

#40: Curled Asymmetrical Hairstyles

This curled asymmetrical hair isn’t your conventional cut and style. It’s a 180-degree chop with bright red ends to lighten up dark tresses.

#41: Curled Hairstyle With Soft Layers

Be a total babe by pulling off a long and curled hairstyle with soft layers. Match this with a bright blonde balayage to appear graceful all the time.

Silver Curled Hair With Purple Roots
Instagram @beautybartay

#42: Silver Curled Hair With Purple Roots

A showstopper, indeed! This medium-length silver curled hair with purple roots offers so much vividness. The combination of voluminous waves and the popping colors will give you satisfaction.

Asphalt Grey Curled Hairstyle
Instagram @nanathelen

#43: Asphalt Grey Curled Hairstyle

This asphalt grey curled hairstyle provides a smoking hot edge. Looking so stylish on mid-length chop, this is how you elevate your dark root and dense hair.

Swirly Blonde Hair
Instagram @ronascimento13

#44: Swirly Blonde Hair

Spice up your tresses with voluminous waves and an added radiant shade! This swirly blonde works well with your cut that grazes your collarbones. It exposes the depth of your natural black base, showing off a dimensional result.

Purple to Pink Curls with a Side Part
Instagram @winnipeghair

#45: Purple to Pink Curls with a Side Part

These purple to pink curls with a side part on medium hair were created by hairstylist and colorist Patricia Belding of Winnipeg. “This is my take on galaxy hair. Deep purples and magenta definitely pair so well together,” explains Belding.

Curled Layered A-Line Bob
Instagram @_ninamonique_

#46: Curled Layered A-Line Bob

This curled layered A-line bob was created by hairstylist Nina Monique of Suisun, CA.

“This short curly hair is great for almost any face shape,” says Monique. “The way the front of the hair shapes and slims the face makes it a great cut for round or square face shapes. You can even wear this style straight.”

Products that create volume and texture are going to be the best to use for this cut.

This style is great for just about any hair type. “How long it takes to style depends on your hair type,” she adds. “It will take less time for women with fine and thin hair to style than it would for women with thicker and fuller hair.”

Natural curly hair works great for this style as long as it’s properly cut according to the amount of curl in the hair and styled with the right products.

#47: Fun & Bouncy Curls with Purple Tones

“These are fun and bouncy curls,” exclaims stylist Bethany Prickett of Brisbane, QLD. “I love that the client has layers of various purples tones through her hair. This creates depth and adds pizazz to this common hairstyle

To recreate this look, Prickett says you will need fairly long hair because when curling your hair the curl will end up a bit above your natural length. “This look was created with a normal GHD (not thick plate) iron, curling the hair all in one direction,” she explains.

She adds, “if you have frizzy but soft, thin hair, you will need to blow dry White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold into the hair. This will ensure the curls do not drop too much and stay perfectly bouncy without the crunch.”

Versatile Curls hairstyle
Instagram @hair.by.l

#48: Versatile Curls

I love this haircut and I feel like it is really versatile.

Blonde Curls hairstyle on a bob cut
Instagram @hair_by_emmah

#49: Blonde Curls on a Bob Cut

This is a full head of blonde foils on a concave bob, finished off with some curls.

#50: Go-To Curls

This is my favorite go-to hairstyle with curls for women with straight hair that just want a little something different. I used a 1-inch iron to create the soft curls. My advice for women wanting to achieve this look would be to use a heat protecting setting spray. I love Redken Hot Sets! I sectioned the hair into four parts, then took one-inch sections to curl. This look is a little time-consuming, but it’s well worth it. It works on any hair type and looks great with short hair as well!

Flirty & Pretty Curled Hairstyle
Instagram @beautyby_mick

#51: Flirty & Pretty Hairstyle

My favorite thing about this style is how the different colors throughout the curls catch your eye and add more texture and dimension to the look.

#52: Curled, All-Over Blonde

This curled, all-over-blonde is simply gorgeous. I used a 1 1/2-inch Marcel Hot Tools curling iron to create the waves, curling away from the face. I ran my fingers through the curls once the whole head was curled and cooled. We set the finished look with Kenra Hairspray #25. I have created curls like this on all hair types, even kinky curly hair. Hair that is shoulder length or longer is recommended for this particular look.

#53: Curled Away

Display the subtle layers of your ombre locks by slaying a curled away hairstyle. If you have an olive skin complexion, the light brown shade will look flattering on you.

#54: Curled Bob

It’s so easy to fall in love with this curled bob. The added texture truly makes a difference. I popped some teasy highlights and a deeper glaze for added dimension and warmth.

#55: Medium-Length Tousled Waves

A messy-textured style will do you great! Incorporate tousled waves to your golden blonde mane, and you won’t regret it. These bring out unpredictable flows, giving your mid-length chop a life.

Braided and Curled Half Up
Instagram @theupdodarling

#56: Braided and Curled Half Up

It’s the diamond infinity braid that makes a curled half-up even better! Extra texture creates a softer finish, ideal for a dark-rooted platinum blonde shade. This proves that updos with curls create the perfect curled hairstyles for prom, homecoming or graduation. Indeed, braids and curls make a gorgeous combination!

Retro Curls
Instagram @ruubyapp

#57: Retro Curls

When you say voluminous hairstyles, retro curls are at the top of the list. These big bold curls are unbeatable, especially if done on long, smooth, and blonde tresses. Its luscious result is totally a hair goal! This certain fancy hairstyle can be your go-to look for any formal or casual party.

#58: Lightly Curled

One of the easiest and most nifty methods to show off your long hair’s dimension! Here’s a subtle brunette balayage that works well with a lightly style. Feel free to turn it into a half updo, creating one of the most romantic styles to try.

#59: Polished Curls for Long Hair

Choose these polished curls to carry out movement and more body to your hairstyle. This is the look that will secure a lavishness to your lengthy, dark locks.

#60: Vintage Curls

The best thing about vintage curls is they can amp up your natural beauty without wearing a regular look. Inspired by an old Hollywood trend, these are a lovely upgrade for your long and platinum blonde hair.

Chic and Carefree Pin Curls
Instagram @beautybyskye_x

#61: Chic and Carefree Pin Curls

Pin curls on your opulent blonde tresses? This idea is the definition of gorgeous hair inspiration. Optimal for your long and thick locks, the richness of your blonde will make them look fuller and neat.

#62: Long Loose Curl

A hair trend made by long loose curls grants a dramatic finish, and that’s true! Take it from this long curly hair, which can complete your ultimate bombshell look. You’ll be amazed by how the light brown shade appears remarkable with so much volume.

Big Loose Curls
Instagram @king.karenn

#63: Big Loose Curls

Time for balayage and curls! A dimensional blonde isn’t too exciting if not paired with any loose curl hairstyles. Get some big loose curls to emphasize texture and the hair’s mid-back length.