24 Modern Ways to Style Crimped Hair

Crimped hair ideas
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The crimped hair trend is making a comeback from the runways right now!

Hair crimping adds waves in a zigzag manner usually using a crimping iron, but there are also ways to crimp your hair with the use of the handy flat iron, especially for natural hair to minimize damage.

This 80s and 90s crimped hairstyle give a good deal of volume and texture to straight hair while still being feminine and mellow.

Out of all the modern techniques to get desirable textured hair, crimping is totally the edgiest and most voguish!

How to Crimp Hair with a Crimper

Here’s a short video tutorial on how to crimp your hair.

To get the best out of this very chic hairstyle, take note that straightened hair typically produces the best crimps. Always use heat protectants when using a crimping iron.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of crimped hair ideas!

Sexy Loose Crimped Hair
Instagram @studioxosalon
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#1: Sexy Loose Crimped Hair

The loose crimped hair is a modern twist to the classic crimped hairstyle, consisting of looser curls. To recreate this look, start by dividing your hair into small horizontal sections while using your hair crimper. Work down the shaft of your hair and press to create an s-wave pattern. Wait for 3-5 seconds in between each press. Don’t forget to spritz a heat protectant spray to provide a longer-lasting hold like Chi’s Enviro 54.

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#2: Very Long and Thick Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is a great retro vibe for very long and thick hair. This style gives your hair a complex texture. It also helps add extra volume! For more volume, crimp your hair closer to the root where you need a lift.

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#3: Long Crimped Hair with a High Half Up Pony

The perfect going-out style is long crimped hair with a high half up pony. If you can, add extensions or clip-ins to make your party pony even more dramatic. Don’t forget to add sleekness to the pony with a lightweight gel or hairspray. My favorite hairspray is the Number 4. Non Aerosol Hairspray for shine and hold.

Stunning Big Crinkled Hair
Instagram @danadloveshair
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#4: Stunning Big Crinkled Hair

Crimped hair, don’t care. Give your long thick hair plenty of texture by adding gorgeous crinkles.

Casual Crimped Bob
Instagram @msebonyvee
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#5: Casual Crimped Bob

A crimped bob is a very popular hairstyle for women of all ages. When asking for a crimped bob, keep in mind that long layers are best. Use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day spray to prevent heat damage and hold the crimp all day.

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#6: 90s Crimped Hair

90s crimped hair is styled with a good old fashion hair crimper, and you can choose to add some at the roots to plump up your hair with body, or by adding a few accent pieces around your hairline. Full-on crimped hair can be supported with heat protection spray that has a hold like “Chi Enviro 54*” in Firm Hold.

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#7: Gorgeous Crimped Hair Weaves

Adding crimped hair weaves creates a dramatic effect on your overall look. To recreate this style, ask for a body wave perm or make use of a curling wand to create messy curls. Purchase a customized weave to complement your facial features and skin tone in the best light possible.

Stunning Crimp Curls
Instagram @thehairwand
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#8: Stunning Crimp Curls

Elevate your crimp curls by creating looser waves. To recreate this look, use your hair crimper or three-barrel curling iron. Add a texturizing spray to keep the style longer.

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#9: Classic Crimp in a Ponytail

A classic crimp in a ponytail is a stylish way to upgrade the classic ponytail. It offers an added layer of texture and volume. To recreate this look, use a crimper and crimp the mid-half of your hair, then tie it in a ponytail. A heat protectant will protect your hair and keep the style longer.

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#10: Loosely Crimped Hair with Green Tips

A loosely crimped hair with green tips adds a fun upgrade to the classic crimped hairstyle. Loosely crimping at the root or throughout your hair creates the illusion of added volume, texture, and dimension. Embellishing your crimped hair with some green hue at the tips creates an effortlessly stylish finish.

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#11: Stylish Crimped Medium-Length Locks

This crimped hairstyle is very chic!  For this hair crimping style, a thermal product from Kerastase was used first, then a Dyson hair dryer was used. Try the GHD crimped iron and the serum from Franck Provost to get crimper hair. This crimp hair hairstyle can be used both day and night.

Crimping Long Hair
Instagram @laceyslooks
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#12: Crimping Long Hair

Crimping long hair can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it! For the style, a mini hair crimper was used after prepping with Kenra’s heat protectant. Styling with a hair crimper gives a lot of texture and volume. The only tool you’ll need is a mini crimper, a clip, and some bobby pins if desired. The only product you need for big hair crimping is a professional heat protectant. Typically, hairspray isn’t used with crimped hair, as the iron gives your locks a soft texture. The style will last a couple of days and can be used simply for volume, texture, or a cool vibe that crimped hairstyles offer.

Bold Loose Crimped Tresses
Instagram @mckmarr
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#13: Bold Loose Crimped Tresses

Crimped hairstyles are very on-trend right now. These loose crimped tresses are great for women with long hair. Invest in great crimping irons and hair products. To achieve crimped hair, try Ouai Wave Spray. For the photo, Fat Boy Water Wax was used for the edges and to sleek into the braid. Finish the crimped style with Balmain Paris Couture Session Spray.

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#14: Deep Wave Crimped Locks

Deep waves and crimped hair go hand in hand, as you can see in the picture above.

80's inspired crimping
Instagram @thatsaintjames
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#15: 80’s Inspired Crimping

Rock 80’s inspired crimping for full-on texture and dimension. The tight zigzag crimps stack on top of each other to give a thicker effect to your hair. This crimped hairstyle is a great way to achieve volume and revive an 80s vibe to your hair.

Vivid Short Hair with Crimp
Instagram @human_fur
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#16: Vivid Short Hair with Crimp

Infuse electricity into your short hair with this absolutely edgy crimped hair cut with legendary purple and pinkish tones! Layered pieces and a subtle angle around the back make this crinkle hair a real work of inspiration.

Silky Crimped weave
Instagram @touchedbyposh
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#17: Silky Crimped Weave

Try a crimped weave to get a silky, shiny mermaid wave to your hair. Crimping hair is making a comeback with the new style of crimping irons, you won’t get such tight crimps, giving away more natural waves to hair like your hair is naturally blessed with this texture.

Vibrant Crimped Wavy Hair
Instagram @alicereyn_hair
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#18: Vibrant Crimped Wavy Hair

This photo of rippled crimp hair looks gorgeous on a lob cut (long bob). The vibrant red is also stunning on this crimped look.

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#19: Flirty Crimped Shoulder-Length Hair

There’s nothing wrong with adding some cute braids and twists for a funkier finish to your iron crimped hair.

Cute Crimped Zig Zags
Instagram @jeni_parsons
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#20: Cute Crimped Zig Zags

This hair crimp is calm, earthy, and natural with the contradiction of heavy texture.  For best results, crimped hairstyles for women with fine hair or hair that is too soft to put up easily, are advised.

Using a micro crimper iron adds a ton of texture and grit to the strands, allowing you to form them into shapes and pin them up easier without your hair falling down. It’s classy because it’s mainly pulled back at the nape of the neck but edgy because of the crimping. If you’re not one for the zig-zag braids, crimp your hair and toss it up into a bun or a cute updo!

Crimped with Fun Braids
Instagram @reneec_hair
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#21: Crimped with Fun Braids

This crimper hair is fun, dimensional, organic, and even magical. It’s Viking chic with a hint of sparkle! It’s not a popular crimping hairstyle, but it’s bold and any woman with longer hair can rock it. The best thing is getting the chance to create so much dimension and texture by mixing hair tinsel, curled, and crimped hair, and five different braids (fishtail, dutch fishtail, ponytail, DNA, bubble, and three-strand). Have hair that hasn’t been washed for at least a day or two. Those hairstyles hold better and give a better grip while trying to get the hair crimps you’re looking for.

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#22: 90s-Inspired Crimped with Bangs

This hairstyle screams 90’s crimps for hair nostalgia! The coolest thing about this is the texture the crimper gives to your hair, making it look very unique yet bold. In the hair industry, we are seeing lots of eras coming back in full swing and crimped hair is definitely here to stay.

Modern Beach waves crimping
Instagram @angelalvarado
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#23: Modern Beach Waves Crimping

Beach waves crimping is the perfect way to add glam loose waves to make long hair look fuller. 80’s crimped hair is long gone with the new technique of crimping. Crimpers have a looser wave to them making them look naturally wavy. The waves also start higher up than curling tongs giving more volume and width to your hair.

Best Crimped Hairstyle for Black Hair
Instagram @shear__love
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#24: Best Crimping for Black Hair

This particular crimp style falls into body waves usually after a week of them being done, and you don’t have to do much to it until your next touch-up. It’s an old favorite because lots of women remember getting their hair crimped in their younger years. It’s fun, but also flirty, and girls can wear crimps.

While lounging or sleeping, I recommend you keep your crimped strands frizz-free and away from fabrics like cotton as it can be drying and lead to potential shedding or tangling. A satin bonnet or pillowcase and a lightweight silk or argan oil are recommended for soft and manageable tresses. When hair crimping, the products that were used are ORS Oil sheen and Sebastian Reshaper. They give your hair a nice weightless shine and moderate to firm hold. Try the Bed Head brand S-wave crimping tool iron.