20 Cheerleading Hairstyles for Team Players

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Two-Toned Inverted Braids with Space Buns for Cheerleaders
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#1: Two-Toned Inverted Braids with Space Buns

The two-toned inverted braids with space buns are a creative and eye-catching hairstyle that combines intricate braiding with playful buns. The use of two different tones adds depth and dimension to the braids, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Incorporating space buns at the crown adds a fun and youthful twist to the look, making it a great choice for cheerleading competitions or any outdoor event.

#2: Low Pigtails with Dutch Braids

Low pigtails with Dutch braids present a charming blend of festival-inspired hair and cheerleading trends. Dutch braids along the back add intricate detail to the classic low pigtails, creating a versatile style. This hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between playful and creative.

Cheerleaders Side Braid and Curls on Short Hair
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#3: Side Braid and Curls on Short Hair

Short hair can be styled with a side braid and curls. An enjoyable, simple method to keep your hair off your face during your high-energy routine involves a double-side braid. If you prefer a denser, fluffier braid, attempt to braid so that you flip the strands outward instead of inward. Apply some styling gel to your braid for extra hold. Then complete your look by adding delicate curls using a small curling wand for extra flair.

#4: Medium Layers with Small Braids

There are a lot of ways to bring creativity to a hairstyle. Medium layers with small braids, as shown here, are a great choice. We use a series of braids on the right side to keep the hair pressed back. On the left, we curl the layered hair with a 1′ 1/2 curling iron. This makes the hairstyle gentle yet sporty. It’s perfect for dance and cheer events. For long-lasting hold, finish the style with a flexible hairspray.

#5: Straight Low Ponytail with French Braid

This straight low ponytail with a French braid is a great way to keep your hair pulled back and look good. This style includes a French braid on dry hair that transitions to a low ponytail at the nape. It’s low-key and keeps your hair secure during most activities.

Long Side-Swept French Rope Braid for Cheerleading Dancers
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#6: Side-Swept French Rope Braid

The side-swept French rope braid is perfect for keeping thick hair in place all day. The side-swept French rope braid look is best on straight hair blown out smooth. You could apply a soft pomade to control stray hairs.

Long French Brunette Braided Style for Young Cheerleaders
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#7: French Brunette Braided Style

Look at this style, it’s a brunette French braid. To have a tight braid that can hold all day, should consider a classic French braid. For maximum tightness, braid when your hair is damp and fold it inward. This way, you’ll achieve a slick look.

Cheerleading High Pigtails with Long Beach Waves
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#8: High Pigtails with Long Beach Waves

Higher pigtails with long beach waves would be perfect for a cheerleading event or dance competition. I recommend using a deep weaver to create these waves and a texture spray for added grit. Prepping your hair this way will ensure your ponytails are full and the waves hold all day.

#9: Braided Pigtails with Scrunchies

Using scrunchies with your braided pigtails adds a fun detail with a retro vibe. Scrunchies are a great tool because they are gentle on the hair. They can also add a bit of volume.

#10: Side French Braid with Pony

Start with a side French braid ponytail. Add style to your ponytail using braids and curls. Take some hair aside for your braid, then tie your ponytail in place. Braid the set-aside hair and then wrap it around your ponytail band. Curl your ponytail ends and apply hairspray for a finished look.

Easy Long-Length Cheerleading High Ponytail
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#11: Easy Long-Length High Ponytail

A fun way to style your hair and keep it secure is with a high ponytail. A trick for the proper high ponytail is to tilt your head back so the back of your neck folds slightly with your head tilted downwards. In this tilted position, brush your hair up into a high ponytail. Once secure, lift your head back up. This will give you a nice tight pony without a lump of hair puffing out in the nape for a sleek look.

#12: Headband Braid with Face-Framing Layers

A creative way to have a headband and spice up your cheer style is with a crown braid. Divide your hair into a 1-2 inch section where you want the ‘headband.’ Then, do a Dutch braid. Pull at the hair strands to make it fluffy. Secure the braid under your hair with an elastic or use crisscross bobby pins.

Center-Parted Double Bun Hairstyle for Cheerleaders
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#13: Center-Parted Double Bun Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a fun durable cheer hairstyle, try these double fun buns. Divide hair in a quadrant, vertical and horizontal. Create a twisted bun on the top half and an upside-down French braid on the bottom half using the tail of the braids to wrap around the top bins and secure with a couple of bobby pins. This style will be sure to last through any dance routine.

Long Blonde Double French Braids for Cheerleading
Instagram @lostinbraids

#14: Blonde Double French Braids

Double French braids on blonde hair are a nice style to keep your hair in check. They are suitable for a cheer contest or a stylish beach look. A texture paste is useful for keeping your hair sections tidy while you are doing these braids.

Cheerleading French Side Braid with Side Part for Long Haircut
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#15: French Side Braid with Side Part

If you want to style your hair for an event, consider a French side braid with a side part. This braid suits most hair textures and suits hair that goes beyond shoulder length or longer. It’s suitable for many situations and events. I suggest combing the area you want to braid and then make a neat French braid on your scalp. Apply pomade or gel in your braid for extra hold.

#16: Long Wavy Pink Pigtails

Try adding waves to your long pink pigtails. Adding waves will help give the hair more bounce. I recommend using a hair spray to settle down any flyaways.

Wavy Sleek Ponytail Updo for Cheerleaders with Long hair
Instagram @frizerskisalon.cherie

#17: Wavy Sleek Ponytail Updo

A wavy sleek ponytail updo is an easy hairstyle for your next fancy event. For the best visual impact, place the ponytail high on your head. This is crucial. Curl or set your hair before you pull it up so you don’t ruin the look. Attach a bobby pin to each side of your elastic band. Secure one end into your hair and wrap it tightly around the ponytail, securing the other pin into place. This helps to prevent your hair from moving. Smooth out any bumps in your hair with a brush, then apply the elastic band and give your hair a good spray.

Cheerleading Bow Ponytail with Face Frame for Medium to Long Hair
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#18: Bow Ponytail with Face Frame

This whimsical bow ponytail with a face-framing hairstyle is a unique and youthful way to express yourself. This intricate style is perfect for any school dance or photoshoot. You need long hair to achieve this style, failing which, you may need to incorporate clip-in extensions. I always recommend prepping the hair first with a soft curl or wave. Tie your hair in a ponytail, take a small section, and fold it into a bow shape, then secure it with bobby pins. This fun and creative hairstyle will garner lots of attention and cheer.

Easy Sleek Space Buns for Cheerleading
Instagram @heleniofficial

#19: Easy Sleek Space Buns

Consider wearing sleek and simple space buns for an attractive up-style. Ensure to style your hair as smoothly as possible before you try this look. A smooth hairstyle will keep your flyaways and natural texture controlled, making them easy to smooth. I suggest you use bobby pins to secure your buns and apply a firm hairspray to finish.

Cheerleading Braided Headband on Straight Hair
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#20: Braided Headband on Straight Hair

Adding a unique braided headband to straight hair not only adds texture but also keeps your hair out of your face. Use a soft paste for a sleek braid and clean section as you weave.

Set the stage for the perfect cheer with poppin’ cheerleading hairstyles. We’re diving into this vibrant world with hairstyle expert Linda Pomilio. Get ready to discover her expert advice for every hair type and face shape.

Meet The Expert

Linda Pomilio
Linda Pomilio
Linda is a Master Stylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Carmine and Co Hair Salon in Warrington, PA.

Action Ready Hair Styles for All Hair Textures

Hear it from Linda herself- “Cheerleaders are an essential part of a team. So, their hair needs to look great. It sometimes needs to stay put so they can perform.” For long and straight fine hair, she suggests a slick, simple ponytail.

People with thick hair can rock a high-up ponytail. Linda adds: “If you want to add volume to straight hair, hot rollers offer fullness and curls.” Short-haired girls can also use a hot set. For a dressed-up feel, try a curling iron. Got wavy or curly hair? Linda advises: “Wear it naturally or go for a ponytail or pigtail.” Feel free to add a bow with a barrette or Bobby pins. Need something fancy? Try space buns or a headband braid.

Best Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Linda also offers tips based on face shape. “If you’re seeking a hairstyle for round, diamond, or heart shapes, a ponytail with hair left out should do the trick,” she suggests. Square or long face shapes would look softer with waves and width around the cheeks. Pomilio adds, “Oval face shapes suit pigtails or half up half down hairstyles. These provide the perfect facial balance.” But no matter your face shape, Linda reassures you that long flowing hair always works well.

Styling Tips To Keep You Ready for Action

You want your hair to stay in place throughout your routine. As Linda suggests: “Always set your hair with a light hairspray first. Then use an iron or curlers.” She recommends Pureology’s Soft Finish hairspray to set with and their Lock It Down spray for a strong finish. You can also use the strong hairspray for a slicked-back look.

“If you have layers that come loose, use cute barrettes,” Linda advises. Bobby pins can also help. Crisscross them to hold a big bow. Remember, a great spray goes a long way.

Photos of the Most Radiant Cheerleading Hairstyles