53 Casual Hairstyles That Are Quick, Chic and Easy for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Casual hairstyles are quick, easy, and laid-back hairstyles for women who don’t want to hassle with their hair every day. Let’s face it, we don’t always have time to create the perfect hairdo. That’s where these easy hairstyles come in. For a hairstyle to be considered casual, it should be easy to do on a day-to-day basis. Most of the time a casual style means a messy bun or a classic ponytail. Instead of sticking with the usual, why not perk up your normal routine? Get ready to get your inspiration on!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular pictures of casual hairstyles.

Casual Empowering Professional Cut
Instagram @salsalhair

#1: Empowering Professional Cut

A long layered style, either worn in the middle or with a deep side part, creates a relaxed yet sophisticated look. Adding wave texture to your style brings a sense of feminine power and movement. Layers around the face enhance the style’s movement, making it versatile for both casual and formal looks.

#2: Curls Galore

Put your flat iron down for the day and show off your swoon-worthy, natural curls! Try Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Crème for frizz-free curls with definition. This curly style will work for all face shapes and women with naturally curly hair.

How to Style natural curls:

  1. Apply a cocktail of curl crème and gel to dripping wet hair.
  2. Twist hair in different directions and diffuse on low.
  3. Once hair is fully dry, gently fluff with fingers.
  4. Finish style with a light mist of shine-enhancing hairspray.
Casual Big Curls Hairstyle
Instagram @studio_mostton

#3: Casual Big Curls

Casual big curls are fantastic to add elegance to your daily hairstyle. These soft, angelic waves provide a casual look for everyday wear while adding a stunning effect for evenings and special occasions.

Casual Blonde Balayage with Middle-Parted Dark Roots
Instagram @joeprofita

#4: Blonde Balayage with Middle-Parted Dark Roots

If you’re considering a blonde balayage, it’s important to determine when you’ll need maintenance. Natural looks often last a few months, making it a good low-maintenance option. I recommend maintaining your root color depth and choosing a slightly ashy tone. This approach ensures a softer grow-out, minimizing noticeable regrowth marks.

#5: Casual Long Hair with Bronde Balayage

Get ready to rock long casual hair with bronde balayage, a relaxed style for long hair. Combining brunette and blonde tones in a technique known as bronde balayage can be your next go-to style, providing depth to your hair. The gentle shift from darker to lighter shades in bronde creates a sun-touched effect, matching any skin tone effortlessly. The beauty of this style is its low-upkeep appeal, making it the perfect choice for busy women aiming for a refined look without spending hours in front of the mirror.

#6: Very Casual Balayage Hair Color

A very simple balayage hair color offers a subtle and natural style. This technique involves lightly painted highlights that blend flawlessly with the base color, creating a sun-touched effect. You should highlight the golden tones in your hair that naturally come out. For this, I suggest you use warmer shades such as beige and gold to enhance your sun-kissed balayage.

#7: Swept Back Wet Hairstyle

A wet hairstyle where the hair is swept back offers a sultry vibe. This look can be casual or worn for a black tie event. To achieve this look, hair experts recommend using a gel that gives the hair a wet look for added shine and to hold the style.

#8: Sleek and Voluminous Casual Hairstyle

If you prefer classic styles, a sleek and voluminous casual hairstyle would be perfect. Such a hairstyle perfectly balances a modern and fun vibe. If you’re unsure about styling such a hairstyle, don’t hesitate to ask for product recommendations and styling tips.

Medium-to-Long Natural Textured Bouncy 80s Curls
Instagram @curlhairstyle

#9: Natural Textured Bouncy Curls

It’s time to stop using relaxers on those gorgeous curls and embrace your natural beauty. Load your curly hair tool kit with a wide range of knowledge from forums and social media groups. Using gentle products and cleansers will bring your hair into curly hair alignment. My favorite brands for curly hair include Hairstory, Innersense, and Afterworld Organics. If you haven’t already tried ditching shampoo and conditioner for a cleansing cream, now is the time.

#10: Low-Maintenance Rooted Long Bob

You can easily keep your salon style low maintenance by opting for a rooted long bob. Choosing a hairstyle with a mix of rooted and melted colors with a longer bob can reduce your salon visits. Remember, you need regular salon visits to keep the color fresh, or it will fade.

#11: Feminine Mid-Length Chop with a Side Part

A feminine mid-length chop with a side part is very trendy. A casual soft cut that has versatility is the way to go. Ask your stylist to cut your hair on a center parting. This allows for flipping your hair in either direction with ease of styling. This is easy to style with some hot rollers or a curling iron.

#12: Very Long Curly Hair

This casual, long curly hair is perfect for girls who want to embrace their natural texture. It’s all about keeping the length while removing some weight to give those curls room to breathe. Doing this will give you a voluminous look that won’t shrink your curls and make the face appear shorter. To style, work in a volumizing mousse from the roots to the ends. Rake your fingers lightly through your hair, then scrunch your hair. This helps to encourage curling. Use a diffuser and a pick to fluff at the roots for even more volume gently.

#13: Sweeping Blonde Shoulder-Length Hair

Casual sweeping blonde shoulder-length hair is perfect for girls with naturally straight hair. It’s a low-maintenance cut that provides volume and bounce without much effort. This haircut is ideal for busy women who don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair. The cut’s versatility allows various styling options. Add loose waves if you can, or go for a straight look. To keep the hair healthy and shiny, use a leave-in conditioner and avoid using heating tools.

Casual Airy Internal Layers Hairstyle for women with longer hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#14: Airy Internal Layers

The airy internal layers hairstyle is great for women with longer hair who want movement. This style offers a natural-looking style that gives a laid-back yet sophisticated appearance. The internal layers give volume and fullness while still maintaining length. This makes it ideal for those who want to keep their long hair but desire more shape and style. I recommend using a lightweight texturizing spray on damp hair to emphasize the layers. Then, scrunch it gradually from the ends towards the roots. Let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser on low heat.

Casual Fresh Summer Cut for women with long blonde hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#15: Fresh Summer Cut

This fresh summer cut will refresh your look and is perfect for long blonde hair. This casual and fresh cut is all about loose layers, and subtle texture, and will provide style and volume. It’s easy to maintain and perfect for any occasion. It’s the best choice for women who crave a low-maintenance yet chic look.

Soft dimensional balayage casual hairstyle
Instagram @hirohair

#16: Shaggy Dimensional Balayage

This shaggy dimensional balayage is great for everyday wear. It’s very low-maintenance because you won’t be in the salon every six to eight weeks for a full head of highlights. That being said, I always suggest a treatment and toner between balayage sessions to maintain the color and health of the hair. To style, use a volumizing spray on wet hair, blow-dry with a large round brush, and finish it off with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron and a texturing spray.

#17: Casual Choppy Bob Style

Add a little texture to a classic bob to create a sassy new look. Aveda’s Control paste provides texture, definition, and shine without feeling heavy.

How to Style a choppy bob:

  1. Apply your favorite styling product to damp hair.
  2. Blow-dry hair in medium-sized sections, moving hair from side to side to create volume and bend.
  3. Blow-dry fringe using a small round brush.
  4. Smooth any unruly pieces with a flat iron.
  5. Apply a shine-enhancing styling paste.
  6. Finish style with a light-hold hairspray.

#18: Loose Waves on Short Hair

Add some zest to a classic bob by creating carefree wavy hairstyles like this one. Loose waves on a short haircut are perfect to be a part of your everyday hairstyles. For perfect beach waves, try Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Spray. This style will work best on oval, triangle, oblong, and heart face shapes. It will also work best for those with naturally wavy hair.

How to Style loose waves:

  1. Prep damp hair with a sea salt spray and volume mousse.
  2. Scrunch and blow dry hair.
  3. Once hair is dry, use a 1¼-inch curling iron and wrap hair around the curling iron horizontally. Leave the ends out.
  4. Finish style with a light mist of flexible hold hairspray.
Casual Messy High Bun
Instagram @stilistkana2

#19: Messy High Bun

A messy high bun has become the busy woman’s go-to hairstyle. I suggest using an antic-breakage hair tie to alleviate unwanted hair damage. My favorites have been the Kitsch Eco-Friendly nylon elastics. To achieve this, make sure to add your favorite dry shampoo for some added texture. Gather all your hair in one pony, twist into a bun and slowly piece it out for that effortless look.

#20: Full Fringe on a Casual Hairstyle

Draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones with face-framing bangs. Try Aveda’s Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil to help tame flyaway hair and add moisture to dry locks.

How to Style hair with a full fringe:

  1. Apply mousse to towel-dried hair.
  2. Blow-dry bangs from side to side using a small paddle brush.
  3. Blow-dry the rest of hair using a medium-sized round brush.
  4. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl just the ends.
  5. Smooth any frizz with a small amount of Argan oil.
  6. Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

#21: Layered Deep Side Part Casual Hairstyle

Adding just a little bit of volume to a typical down easy hairstyle gives it a more polished feeling without being overdone. Try Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray for fullness and textures.

How to Style a casual haircut:

  1. Prep damp hair with your favorite styling mousse.
  2. Blow-dry hair using fingers, lifting at the roots to create volume.
  3. Once hair is nearly dry, use a round brush to finish drying bangs.
  4. Using a flat iron, lightly smooth ends and add a slight bend to ends.
  5. Spritz roots with a volumizing dry shampoo or texturizing spray.
  6. Finish style with a flexible hold hairspray.
Casual and Carefree Shag Cut
Instagram @joeprofita

#22: Casual and Carefree Shag

This style is perfect for a post-workout meeting or if you are running a bit late in the morning.

How to Style a shag:

  1. Starting with damp hair, apply your favorite volume mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Blast hair dry using fingers. Blow-dry fringe forward.
  3. Apply a small amount of styling paste to ends.
  4. Finish style with your favorite hairspray.

Try Aveda’s Phomollient to create volume and shine without feeling heavy or sticky. Keep in mind that this look is meant to be a little unkempt. Don’t be afraid to get your fingers in your hair and really give it a ruffle!

Simple Half Updo Hair
Instagram @jamielee.stylist

#23: Simple Half Updo Hair

Looking for a way to keep your hair pulled back, while still looking fab? Try this half up style for the best of both worlds.

How to Style a half updo:

  1. Starting with dry hair, set hair in hot rollers.
  2. Remove rollers and lightly finger comb through curls.
  3. Pull top section back and secure.
  4. Finish style with a light mist of hairspray. Adding a bow is optional to give it a little accent.

When styling this casual updo, try Aveda’s Brilliant Hairspray for a medium hold with tons of shine. Cute casual hairstyles like this will work for all face shapes and hair types.

Casual Easy Romantic Look with Side Braids
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#24: Easy Romantic Look with Side Braids

This has side braids with a soft, wavy texture through the mid-lengths. My favorite thing about it is that you can dress it up or dress it down. Transform this casual, brunch-date hair into casual updos for a formal event just with a few pearl pins.

For clients, it’s important to keep in mind the density of your hair. The higher the density, the bigger and fuller the side braid will look. For women with lower density, it can be challenging to create a large braid. As far as length goes, this is a shoulder-length cut but it works for all lengths whether it’s a stacked bob or long luscious locks.

Short and Sweet Effortless Casual Style
Instagram @coupeaucarre

#25: Short and Sweet Effortless Style

Create an effortless and chic look with this short and pretty hairstyle. For this bob hairstyle, try Aveda’s Control Paste to create texture and definition without feeling heavy.

How to Style an effortless bob:

  1. Apply mousse to towel-dried hair.
  2. Blow dry hair using fingers. Lift at the root to create volume.
  3. Apply a small amount of styling paste to ends and bangs.
  4. Finish style with a light mist of hairspray.

#26: Casual Boho Ponytail in Wrap-Around Hairstyle

A simple, beachy ponytail makes an easy updo that works best if you have long hair. Longer hair can be used to wrap your hair around and hold it together. Casual updos for long hair like this messy low ponytail look effortless when styled with a lot of texture and curls.

Casual Messy Blonde Low Bun
Instagram @goldplaited_

#27: Messy Blonde Low Bun

Try a messy blonde low bun when you want to have your updo more on the casual side. One of the easiest ways to soften this look is by leaving out face-framing strands of hair in the front and on your hairline. Don’t forget to leave a few strands of hair out in the bun as well. Remember to give your look a good spray of finishing hairspray so that your look last throughout the night.

#28: Cool Twisted Bun Hairstyle for a Casual Day

This twisted bun hairstyle is simple and casual, but still classy with a slightly undone feel. The best thing about casual updo hairstyles like this one is the slightly frayed, unpolished edges with the separation in this twisted low bun.

Buns are best achieved with thicker, mid-length hair that has multi-dimensional color rather than a block color. A light-hold styling product was applied to shampooed hair that was dried with a paddle brush, ensuring not to create too much tension to the hair so volume isn’t lost assisting in the construction of this style.

Super Sleek Casual Hairstyle
Instagram @wellahair

#29: Super Sleek Hairstyle

Tired of curling your hair? Try a super sleek look for a little variety. Try Aveda’s Style Prep Smoother to get a super straight and frizz-free blow dry in half the time. This style will work for all face shapes and those with naturally straighter hair.

How to Style sleek hair:

  1. Apply a styling crème to towel dried hair.
  2. Blow-dry hair using a flat paddle brush.
  3. Flat iron hair straight
  4. Apply a small amount of Argan oil to ends.
  5. Finish style with a light mist of hairspray.
Casual Textured Blowout Style
Instagram @romeufelipe

#30: Textured Blowout Style

Love the way a fresh blow dry feels, but do you crave a little more texture? Try a textured blowout to have the best of both worlds! For frizz-free blowouts, try Onesta’s Smooth and Shine. It can also be used once your hair is dry for a light-hold separation and texture.

How to Style a blowout hairstyle:

  1. Prep towel-dried hair with a blow-dry lotion.
  2. Blow dry hair with a medium-sized round brush, flipping ends away from face.
  3. Once hair is dry, use a 1-inch curling iron or flat iron to smooth ends. Use the hot tool vertically and work in medium to large sections.
  4. Apply a small amount of styling paste to the ends.
  5. Finish style with a light hold flexible hairspray.
Pixie Cut with Side Bangs
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#31: Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Give your pixie haircut a playful edge with a full side bang and tons of definition.

How to Style a pixie with side bangs:

  1. Starting with towel-dried hair apply a volume mousse from roots to tips.
  2. Blow-dry hair using fingers. Lift hair in the crown and blow-dry fringe straight down.
  3. Apply a styling paste and style fringe as desired.
  4. Finish style with a strong-hold hairspray.

For a strong-hold hairspray, try Aveda’s Force Control. This style will work for all face shapes and hair types.

Undone Textured Casual Shag
Instagram @yukistylist

#32: Undone Textured Shag

For an easy-maintained cool-girl cut, try an undone textured shag. A textured shag is flattering on women of many different ages. Short or long, the textured layers bring movement to weighed-down hair. On bad hair days, it can easily be pulled back for a casual yet fashionable style.

#33: Messy Half Updo with Crown Braid

A messy half updo with a crown braid works with all hair lengths and textures. Simply take two sections on each side and marry them in the middle. Accessorize with floral berets for an eye-catching look.

#34: Soft Messy Bun Hairstyle

A soft messy bun hairstyle is a great casual hairstyle for women with medium to long hair. Spritz Haze by Evo for volume and texture and try adding waves to add fullness in the cute bun and leave out hair in the front to form face-framing pieces.

Casual twisted braid hairstyle
Instagram @yourbraids

#35: Casual Twisted Braid Hairstyle

Try a casual twisted braid hairstyle that is effortless and beautiful and can be worn to a party, prom, or daily with any hair texture length. Add waves to create the illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

Low twisted ponytail
Instagram @hairicome_

#36: Low Twisted Ponytail

A low twisted ponytail makes a pretty and glam style, perfect for all occasions. Stylist Melissa Howlett of Australia made it ideal on any hair color and texture, too!

To create this wedding hair, Howlett started by curling the locks using a medium barrel wand. She continues, “I added a super soft twist on one side of the head as a feature. I left pieces of face-framing strands around the face, and also added volume on the crown.”

#37: Quick and Casual Brigitte Bardot in Half-Down Style for School

“I’d consider this a toned-down Brigitte Bardot, 1960s-inspired hairstyle,” says training cosmetologist Jordyn Kunde of Plymouth, MN. “I like this medium-length hairstyle because it’s simple and not as intimidating as some vintage-looking styles can be,” says Kunde.

Kunde’s biggest pieces of advice are to pay attention to volume and the exact type of look you’re going for.

If you want something a little sleeker and to have a modern look, Kunde recommends you go with straight hair. “I think the curls make it a little more casual and beachy. More volume gives this half down a more vintage vibe. Easy casual hairstyles for medium-length hair are going to be cute no matter what you decide to do,” she explains.

faux one length
Instagram @shear_harmony

#38: Faux One Length

This faux one-length look was created by hairstylist Harmony Janney Cochran of McLean, VA.

“My favorite thing about it is how it gives the appearance of a one-length cut, but has interior layering to collapse the heaviness underneath,” explains Cochran. “This helps avoid the buildup of weight around the base that would usually create a triangular shape.”

Cochran believes this cut works best for women with naturally straight or wavy hair. “While the woman in the photo has her hair curled, I designed the cut for an air-dry-friendly lifestyle,” she adds.

Use your favorite texture or salt spray (mine is Moroccanoil’s Beach Wave Mousse or Dry Texture Spray) to enhance some movement and let your natural tresses do the rest!

#39: Boho Casual Chic Style with a French Braid Headband

This french braid headband is boho, casual, and chic. It was created by master stylist Jillian Leigh of Smithtown, NY.

“This look is great for any occasion,” says Leigh. “You can dress it up with a hair decoration for a formal event or you can wear the style for a casual night out. It’s also a great look if you would like to keep your bangs or hair out of your face for the evening.”

To style, Leigh has strict instructions:

“Blow-dry hair using Fat Muk (volumizer). When it is completely dry, I like to section it and spray each section with Fat Muk before curling. When curling the hair, I recommend a 1 1/4-inch curling iron (I use a Hot Tools Marcel Iron. Let the curls cool for 10 minutes. After the hair is cooled, take a vent brush or your fingers and brush the hair. This will not take out your curls. It will allow a softer look.

If you have fine hair or it has trouble holding a curl, use a 1-inch curling iron and take bigger sections of hair. When you’re done combing the hair, use a dime-sized amount of Muk Forming Cream, rub thoroughly together in your hands, then apply to your curls starting from the ends. This will help put down flyaways. Now we’re ready to braid!

Whenever sectioning for a braided crown, make the part a zig-zag part to avoid forming any empty spaces between the braid and the rest of your hair. This will also assure a soft look. Make the section go slightly behind the ear to avoid any bulk around the ear. Now you’re ready to French braid. Once you complete your French braid, hold the end of the braid softly to allow you to fan out the braid.

To fan out the braid, start at the top and softly pull each piece with your thumb and index finger. The motion I use with my fingers is almost as if you have a new dollar bill and you have to rub your fingers together to make sure there isn’t another stuck to it. Once you’re satisfied with your fanned braid, secure it behind the ear with a rubber band. If it seems to be sticking out or pressing against your ear, secure the rubber band down with a bobby pin.”

#40: Effortless & Chic Braided Style with Accessory for Long Hair

This is an effortless and chic look and is one of the simple casual hairstyles for long hair. It was created by freelance hairstylist Christina Repanou of Montreal.

“What I love about it is that you can dress it up or down,” she explains. “Braids can be an everyday look as well as an evening look. Adding in accessories like this one gives it that extra chic pop.”

Repanou says the best way to achieve casual braided hairstyles such as this one is by using Design.Me Puff Me, the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil, and a hot tool iron for some soft curls.

“I believe braids can be worn on anyone, you just need to find the one that speaks to you the most. Remember that braids work best on dirty hair,” she adds.

#41: Cute and Spiced Up Top Knot Twist

“This is my absolute favorite go-to easy hairstyle to spice up any casual outfit,” claims stylist Janie Periot of Manette, WA. “This is a diy hairstyle with a messy knot that looks like a twisted bun. It really opens up the face by pulling half the hair up and keeping the body in the rest of the hair,” said Periot.

“I like this high bun hairstyle best with second-day hair for an added natural texture,” she adds. “This style can be worn with many looks, but my favorite casual hair to pair it with right now would be skinny jeans, boots, a big sweater, and a chunky statement necklace.”

By using some of her favorite products (L’oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Next Day Hairspray, Infinium 3 Hairspray, and Mythic Oil), Periot can create texture, hold and shine in the finished look.

Modern Sleek Look
Instagram @lupeshair_

#42: Modern Sleek Look

This modern sleek look was created by freelance hairstylist Lupe Benitez of Bronx, NY. “It’s one of the ideal business casual hairstyles and casual updos for medium hair,” says Benitez.

“The best thing about this wavy low updo is that it comes in handy,” she adds. “You can wear this look for a wedding on a really hot day without worrying about the frizz, or if you have an event after work, you can be ready to go with a simple change of clothes!”

Benitez advises her casual women to keep their hair texture and density in mind. “This works best on thick hair. If a really thin/fine-haired woman wants this look, it can be done, but it would not look the same. Also, keep in mind that there is a lot of face showing,” she explains.

#43: Effortlessly Put Together in a Messy Low Pony

“I love an undone, rumpled look,” says salon owner and stylist Kelly Rettenberger of Madison, WI. “Leaving texture and twisting sections gives a pulled-back style a bit of loveable charm. This messy ponytail is a great way to look effortlessly put together,” she explains.

Rettenberger says Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear is the perfect pairing to recreate this pony. “Designed for beautifully undone styles, the products give natural body and texture.”

This messy low pony is great for women who appreciate the beauty in imperfection and don’t want to look like they came fresh from the salon. It’s an upgrade from the basic pony, but still just as versatile.

Versatile Textured Lob
Instagram @hirohair

#44: Versatile Textured Lob

This textured lob looks effortless and chic when wavy but can also look edgy and texturized when straight. It’s also long enough to throw into a pony when needed. It’s an ideal cut to wear on summer days or even for school.

I definitely recommend any sort of texturizing product to enhance the texture. I used Oribe Matte Waves before rough-drying the hair. After waving with a curling iron, a little dry texture spray can be used to enhance. Women with natural texture in their tresses would really benefit from this long bob because it can be really low maintenance. Because of its versatility, many women can rock this style.

Casual Middle Part with Light Curls Hairstyle
Instagram @hashtag_hair_bergen

#45: Casual Middle Part with Light Curls

Loose and relaxed curls are perfect for a casual get-together or running errands. But more than that, it can be an ideal bridal hair for a wedding day, too! And check out that center part hair! For a touchable hold, try Aveda’s Air Control. This style will work for all face shapes and hair textures.

Casual Lived-In Bob with Highlights
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#46: Casual Lived-In Bob with Highlights

This is the easiest and simplest way to get chic casual hairstyles like this bob. Add highlights to bring out dimension in your hair.

#47: Classic Blowout for Women with Round Face Shapes

A classic blowout is timeless and always stylish. Good styling tools are just as important as good styling products. Try the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer and the Full Pint Medium Round Brush to help you achieve the perfect blow dry. This hairstyle looks best on a round face shape and all hair types.

How to Style a classic blowout:

  1. Starting with slightly damp hair, apply a small amount of blow dry lotion to mid-lengths and ends.
  2. Section hair into six sections (top front, sides, crown, back left, and back right).
  3. Using a medium-sized round brush and blow dryer, begin drying hair in the top front.
  4. Blow-dry hair smooth and away from the face.
  5. Blow-dry all sections of hair.
  6. After hair is dry, apply a small amount of Argan oil to the ends.
  7. Finish style with a flexible hold hairspray.
Casual California Girl Hairstyle
Instagram @anhcotran

#48: California Girl Hairstyle

Show off your relaxed side with these perfectly undone curls! Try Onesta’s Volumizing foam for body and fullness with shine. This style will work for a girl with any face shape and hair type, too.

Simple Fishtail Braids

#49 Simple Fishtail Braids

The simplest way to create a stylish and casual hairstyle for long hair is to weave your strands into a trendy fishtail braid.

How to Style fishtail braids:

  1. Starting with dry hair, smooth hair into a side ponytail.
  2. Use a small section of hair to wrap around the ponytail holder and bobby pin into place.
  3. Divide ponytail into two sections.
  4. Take a small section from one side and pull it across to the other side.
  5. Repeat step 3 until all hair is braided.
  6. Secure with a clear elastic or a hair tie.
  7. Gently pull on the sides of the braid to the desired looseness.
  8. Finish style with your favorite hairspray.

Clear elastics are a must for fun and stylish braided styles! Try Goody’s Clear Elastics and take your braided style to the next level. This braided ponytail will work for all face shapes and hair types.

#50: Glamorous Date Night

Looking for a super simple way to jazz up your hair for date night? This is the perfect go-anywhere, casual yet gorgeous style! To protect your hair from heat damage, try Aveda’s Damage Ready Daily Repair.

Short Curls

#51 Casual Short Curls

Curls aren’t just for long locks! Add them to your short hair and instantly create body and movement.

How to Style shorter curls:

  1. Apply a thermal heat protectant to freshly blow-dried hair.
  2. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl hair away from the face in small to medium-sized sections.
  3. Continue until all hair is curled.
  4. Spritz hair with a texturizing spray.
  5. Gently finger comb through curls.
  6. Finish style with a medium-hold hairspray.

Tip: Try Aveda’s Damage Control for thermal and UV protection.

Fun and Flirty Naturally Curly Hair on Half-Up Style

#52 Fun and Flirty Naturally Curly Hair on Half-Up Style

Try this half up style and show off your covet-worthy curls. For frizz-free and super shiny curls, try Moroccan Oil’s Intense Curl Cream.

How to Style a half-up hairstyle: 

  1. Apply a cocktail of curl crème and gel to dripping wet curls.
  2. Scrunch out excess moisture with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Diffuse hair on low.
  4. Once hair is fully dry, pull back the top section and secure with bobby pins.
  5. Fluff underneath as desired.
  6. Finish with shine-enhancing hairspray.
Casual Boho Beauty with Curls
Instagram @erika_vegamua

#53: Boho Beauty with Curls

Show off your free spirit with this gorgeous, lightly curled hairstyle. For added glam, use your favorite headband. For a dry hairspray with tons of touchable hold, try Onesta’s Finish Hairspray. This boho and casual style will work for all face shapes.